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Airport Security Scanners And Skull Plates! Ethnic Diversity

Posted by John Wright , 30 November 2010 · 8,469 views

Well here we are back home after Paul has had his op in London. He now looks good, no skull deformity and is feeling good. I have to say that all the years of paying health premiums have paid off. I am ashamed to have not stayed with the NHS, which I support,and believe in passionately, but the care he got privately was really superb.

He has been given the...


More Health Woes For Paul And Travel Problems For Me

Posted by John Wright , 12 October 2010 · 5,337 views

More health worries and silly Spanish stories
Well this is intermittent, but I never meant to make it into a diary. I am surprised at the number who read, especially with my appalling spelling. I promise I do spell check work matters. I just havenít got an IE spell check configured for the forum posts, that and losing a couple of teeth has given me a slight...


Long Time No Blog

Posted by John Wright , 10 June 2010 · 2,604 views

Well it has been an eventful 3 months. Paul went to Walton and had his plate fitted. It was a plastic affair, not titanium, so no looking forward to setting off body scanners. In and out in 4 days. I went to Spain and finalised the farm and season prepared the apartments

I got back 30 April.

& days later Paul was at deaths door again, air ambulances...


Flying Jack Russells

Posted by John Wright , 16 February 2010 · 1,330 views

Paul continues to make good progress and to stay dry.

What will I have to blog about indeed.

We have builders in at present, I am taking the opportunity of adding bed rooms and bath room so we will end up with 3 receptions including a more defined dining area,a room downstairs which can be used as either a bedroom as we get older or a reception, with a...


A Full Recovery Compliance Apart!

Posted by John Wright , 08 December 2009 · 1,168 views

After admission to Nobles and air ambulance transfer to Walton neurological centre on two occasions with ten days, the second under life threatening circumstance, Paul has made a very quick and seemingly full recovery from his three cerebral haemorrhages and two seizures.

I spent the weekend with him. He has had visits from lots of friends and family



Getting Better

Posted by John Wright , 03 December 2009 · 754 views

I spent all yesterday with Paul

He has been moved from ITU to a high dependency ward.

He should move on to an ordinary ward Friday or Monday when they stop the blood pressure drugs

He is tired, but cheerful, fully compos mentis, and quickly recovering movement on the left. (he can lift and keep both left arm and leg in air for 30 seconds)

His speech is...


Shit Shit Shit

Posted by John Wright , 27 November 2009 · 846 views

not very eloquent, I know

I have commented upon my partners drinking and its effects on me and us from time to time

My last visit to Spain was railroaded by a drunken weekend so i went alone, nothing memorable apart from 36 hours storm tossed in the Bay of Biscay and I will post about that another time.

The Farm is finished, I have paid rates and I have...


How George Single Handedly Bankrupted Fortes

Posted by John Wright , 03 October 2009 · 718 views

Just back from Spain

we now have the bolletin and the cedulla, nearly there.

Of course nothing goes smoothly, both the water and electricity have decided I need a new metre and that the electricity will need to be under grounded from the nearest sub station, 100 yards away, for which I will have to pay, water wants to re route the supply so it is in the...


To Go Or Not To Go; To Be Or Not To Be

Posted by John Wright , 22 August 2009 · 790 views

Ever since I can remember I have been interested in the theatre

I saw my 1st opera aged 8. Saddler's Wells Touring doing Wagner's epic with the ghost ship. Flying Dutchman

It was at the Opera house Blackpool. a roll of drums a change of lighting and the ship appeared out of nowhere on stage. I was hooked with the possibilities of what you could...


Friends, Acquaintances And Facebook Requests

Posted by John Wright , 21 August 2009 · 977 views

First, I do not do face book

Second I tried to do Friends Reunited

Third I am fascinated by how many people expect to have dozens of friends

I have recently had a time of reflection. My partners drinking and bizarre behaviour worsens and I am often on my own or in contemplative mood.

Recently I visited family and friends in the UK, and as a result some...