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Twitter Updates

Posted by ans in Manx Forums Downtime, 21 July 2014 · 4,487 views

For those who don't know, we're trying to update via Twitter. 
Basically a database table containing all the MF posts ever has fallen into a corrupt state. Due to the size, normal recovery methods aren't having much effect so I'm now looking into dumping the data out and rebuilding it from an extract. Obv...


The Revival

Posted by BarbaraG in Barbara Glassey's Blog, 10 December 2010 · 6,114 views

After pondering what to call my blog, the revival seemed to be the most apt. I thought of "Bursting with Joy" but that would have seemed a little OTT even if it would appear appropriate to those who have been through the dark days of my life. "Risen from the ashes" was another thought but that reminded me of the Phoenix. The Revival is...


Airport Security Scanners And Skull Plates! Ethnic Diversity

Posted by John Wright in John Wright's Blog, 30 November 2010 · 8,469 views

Well here we are back home after Paul has had his op in London. He now looks good, no skull deformity and is feeling good. I have to say that all the years of paying health premiums have paid off. I am ashamed to have not stayed with the NHS, which I support,and believe in passionately, but the care he got privately was really superb.

He has been given the...


Voyage Of The Damned

Posted by - Paul - in - Paul -'s Blog, 16 July 2010 · 4,851 views

(Originally written on 02 October 2008)

There I am at Heysham in the Ferry Terminal. God is having a particularly heavy pee on the port at the time. Itís early December 2006 and Iím on my way home.

Heysham Terminal Ė I wonder why Dante omitted it from his divine comedy Ė must have been too scary. Actually itís more Mines of Moria from Lord of the Rings....


Its Not Safe For Work ...

Posted by Chinahand in Chinahand's Blog, 04 March 2010 · 1,660 views

... this cartoon does a pretty good job of expressing alot of my thoughts about parts of modern life and work.

It involves a strong reaction to it - oh dear NSFW language.

The challenge in life is how to ensure the poetry this world has to offer us outweighs the frustrations life blocks us with ... and an understanding that overcoming those frustrations...


Saturday February 21st

Posted by TomGlassey in Tom Glassey's Blog, 21 February 2009 · 1,480 views

Well hi there folks and welcome to a good old beef from me after a weeks silence. Today itís the airport that is doing my head in. Well not just the airport, I guess I could say general security on the Island. Our Government has followed a policy over the last 20 years or so, that appears to be based on what everyone from...


Churches Celebrate Christ's Birth

Posted by Charles Flynn in Charles Flynn's Blog, 25 December 2008 · 1,512 views

Like millions throughout the world I worshipped the Birth of Christ at Christ-mass last evening. The number of families of ordinary people joining in the celebrations over Advent and Christmas reveals that on this island those who deny Christ's message and portray people of faith as deluded are portraying a picture of island life which does not reflect...


This Was Supposed To Be Our Time

Posted by steven ! in Red Wine and Roses, 02 March 2008 · 1,709 views

I suppose reading Tom Glassey's blog, I remembered my visits (as an escort not a patient) to the Cardiothoracic Centre in Broadgreen, Liverpool.

Broadgreen Hospital.
Christmas 2003.

Robert Owen House.

Me and a house full of women. They were all well into their 60s except one who was around 30 and more than 10 years younger than...


Walk A Mile In Someone's Shoes

Posted by Tonto in Tonto's Blog, 24 January 2008 · 1,525 views

There's 2 types of godbotherer story, one where the punchline is 'that was when I carried you' and the other ends with 'i sent a boat and then a helicopter, what more did you want?'Today I spoke to a lady whose partner is dying in the most awful way - I cannot even write what she told me about how he is suffering, truly indescribable....


Ohh .. Another Blog

Posted by Owen in Owen Cutajar's ManxForums Blog, 15 May 2007 · 1,324 views

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to mess around with the blog capabiltiies of Invision. I'm not here very often, most of the time I'm posting on my Tech/Business blog, my Hobby Blog or my Personal Blog.

Feel free to check them out ;)


Kings Of Metal...

Posted by Amadeus in Amadeus' Blog, 24 December 2006 · 1,478 views

Still listening to that "Warrior Radio" station - a strange fascination goes out from it, somehow..

As I type, it's pumping Manowar into my ears - "Hail and Kill" - rather loudly, as I have to admit. Brings back more memories - teenage years and all that. Blimey, the stuff I used to really like and listen to with full commitment -...


Blog Virgin

Posted by Squankey in Singleton life in the Isle of Man, 04 August 2006 · 2,080 views

Iím not the most experienced with forums etc and only really use the internet for research. But, when I signed up to manxforums.com I noticed this section and had long discussion with my Ďvery smartí brother to find out what a blog is! After he eventually stopped laughing, I now understood what itís all about and have decided to give it a shot. Oh...


How's This For A Title.

Posted by VinnieK in Apathy and Nicotine, 24 May 2006 · 1,224 views

Smoking dimps out of the ashtray, listening to Simple Minds and Billy Idol.

It this isn't a cry for help, I don't know what is.


The Power Of Teh Internets!

Posted by Mission in Mission's Blog, 22 May 2006 · 1,412 views

Amazing - totally, truly, fucking unbelievably amazing!

I casually clicked on a topic tonight, to view the last post by 'Politician'. In his post, he linked to a Guernsey forum. Nothing too unusual with that as a rule but I lived there for 8 years and despite my best efforts, I had yet to find an active forum over there to get in touch with...


Dum Dum Dadum Etc

Posted by Survivor in Survivor's Blog, 19 May 2006 · 1,575 views

SO! What a great few weeks it's been. Carl arrived about 3 weeks ago and we have been having an absolute blast. Been zipping round the country visiting people and places, and having a laugh along the way. When we were in Rotorua, Carl decided he wanted to do a Zorb. Now, for those of you who are not familiar with Zorbing, its where some crazy...

Wednesday Practice

Posted by in Blue Kipper's Blog, 25 August 2005 · 1,299 views

Wednesday night's practice was run in near-perfect conditions but featured a bumper number of incidents, one of which proved fatal. A total of 13 riders suffered falls, with an injury to a marshal at Ballacraine also reported. Thankfully she is o.k. and will be fit to continue duties tonight. Spilt oil caused Stuart Noon to fall at Quarterbridge, but he...


Posted by in Bill Posters' Blog, 14 July 2005 · 1,233 views

Yesterday. I paddled. I haven't done that in years. Overall, yesterday was an excellent day.

Jesus, Heorin And Femme Fetales

Posted by in Please Send Me Evenings & Weekends, 03 May 2005 · 1,756 views

I'm doing a show on mflive tonight. From 10 (unless the football goes to penalties) till 1 ish.First hour is a Velvet Underground special playing tracks by the band and the member's solo work. As well as a track from Lou & John's Pre VU band the Primitives.Plus various covers of the band's songs by Nirvana, Pavement, Galaxie 500, The...

Bean Me Day 1

Posted by in Rhumsaa's House of Depraved Shenanigans, 01 March 2005 · 1,273 views

Well I started out with a new experience for me, a coffee at Indigo Red on the way to work. It was some Latte thing and was very pleasant. Al seems quite well.In work I was made my standard tankard of Tea by one of the kind ladies I work with - bit of a setback as I couldn;t not drink it but I went and made myself a swift mug of Nescafe's finest to...

Baby Blog

Posted by in Manx Blog, 17 February 2005 · 1,387 views

Well this is it, the start of my Baby blog.No, it's not like a small version of a normal blog. It's a blog about a baby....my baby. :D We (myself and my soon to be wife) went to the Hospital yesterday for the first proper scan and it has to be one of the best experiences ever. To actually see a little human life forming inside another is just...

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