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  2. "Bono Delays Album..." How is this a bad thing again?
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  4. I think you will find that the Birch went as a result of a local person (Tyrer from Castletown) taking a case against the United Kingdom at the European Court of Human Rights (Non-EU organisation by the way)...The case is Tyrer v UK ... The UK is responsible before the (Non-EU) Council of Europe for the Island's human rights and of course the UK was embarrassed by a case being brought against it by someone from the Island. They did not really need all that! They could have well done without it! As a result the Birch was suspended. Later Tynwald tidied up that and other contentious items of legislation. ie Death Penalty, Gay wotsits etc. I give a link...It contains an account of the actual birching of the 15 year old Tyrer..
  5. Of course they do, it's hilarious, he's a nutter.
  6. So Buster writes ... "What i still cant my head around is how Kate and only very seniour offices can spennd circa 826k last year for travel accommodation and expenses Te actual cost has jumped considerably since Kate took office. 826 k was the very similar amount that Kate wanted from the script charges. I had been told by 2 buisness men that they had seen Kate in the Dorchester having breakfast. It would have to be the use of these super luxurious hotels to get the total cost near 826k. I heve been told that Kate uses private planes and her and her husband fly out friday night and return early Monday. The cost of hiring a private would inflate the cost so the 826k becomes more attainable, plus she wont be seen by passengers at airporys. For such a huge finacial cost to be picked up by us Howaed must arrange for the breakdown to be published and this would stop these explanations being taken." Do you think people just tell him any old shit to see if it ends up on-line?
  7. Thanks Woolley - I couldn't be arsed responding. But 'nuanced' and me in the same thought? Shame on you!
  8. I'm not completely sure, but it looks like the answer is neither. It looks more like it is paid yearly in arrears. The Remuneration and Allowances page on the Tynwald website refers to an "Annual sum for expenses": That the order in turn links the rate of increase to the level of civil service pay is another incentive on Tynwald not to hold back with the pay rises. Before that time I think a separate order had to be made by Tynwald each time they wanted an increase, which of course drew attention to the fact they were giving themselves more money. This way they get it automatically and don't have to say what they spent it on. All the references seem to be to an annual payment, which being expenses would normally be in arrears. The Order was made under the Payment of Members Expenses Act 1989, Section 3 of which simply states "The Treasury shall pay to each member of Tynwald such annual sum by way of expenses as may be prescribed". However Sections 1 and 2 seem to refer to the supplementary payments made to Ministers, Departmental Members and so on, and I would imagine they would be included with the basic salary. So it could be that the £7K is also split monthly and the 'annual' bit is just legalese. Incidentally, as far as I can see, under Section 7(2) it also looks if these 'expenses' are exempt from income tax.
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  10. Eh? Why am I getting brought into this circle jerk?
  11. Or maybe he could practice the art of shutting the fuck up.
  12. That "ship", to coin a phrase, left years ago. Without the finance sector, a lot of families would suffer. A mass exodus off the island would result in a massive increase in houses for sale but without the prospect of any buyers.
  13. Aye, I wonder what it would actually settle at if the finance sector disappeared and the main income was effectively tourism again. Scots islands have subsidised ferry don't they?
  14. Look stupid more like...
  15. It's obvious somebody without a brain has asked the question...
  16. I might not disagree with you but if we had the same relationship with the UK as the outer Hebrides have I reckon your idea of a population of 4o or 50k is generous. The isle of Lewis which I believe is more than twice the size of the IoM only has a population of about 18,500 and the whole of the outer Hebrides which I believe is over three times the size if the Island has a population of about 26,500
  17. Would you believe they didn't have any? What sort of outfit are they running?
  18. Hells bells Tarne. Taken you a while to catch up
  19. You'd do well to remember that
  20. The UK is chucking 350 million into the EU every 2 minutes funding a nuclear defense force. Etc etc. We shouls be better placed than them to balance books.
  21. What do you mean "scale model"? Can't you buy and actual Dacia Sandero for £2.50
  22. And you can buy a sturdy pair of can crusher boots from a well known local engineers merchants for just £5 - yes that's correct just £5!! The only restriction is that you must have size 8 feet, but but but there is also a large selection of working trousers and other things (work jackets, overalls & chemical coats) for the bargain price of £5 - actually I have just remembered that there are also t-shirts for just £3.50.
  23. Confirmation that the central Government have taken direct control of the Catalan Police Force (Mossos D'Esquadra) and that thousands of external police from outside Catalunya have been moved into the region, billeted on cruise ships in Barcelona. The situation is becoming very serious, with plenty of unfortunate echoes of earlier times. I think there is a genuine possibility, if not probability, of mutiny within the Mossos D'Esquadra and the Guardia Civil being called on to impose the will of the central government. Personally, I do not think Brussels has a hand in this. The current coalition government led by Mariano Rajoy, and the previous PP government led by the same man, have been unequivocal in stating that any independence poll organised by the Catalan Government will be illegal and simply trying to stamp out Catalunya's independence claim. In my book, a more conciliatory approach, and selling national unity to Catalunya, would have been a great deal better. The EU has nothing to gain from a crisis of these proportions, neither does it have any jurisdiction in what is an internal Spanish matter.
  24. He was happy with his scale model Dacia Sandero?
  25. How many reserve accounts do you have on here?
  26. I don't disagree with you or Aristotle on the "wouldn't it be better if there were less people here" bit.
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