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  2. So, were you Barry Steven's apprentice?
  3. I'm not dismissing what you posted. I just think it simplistic and doesn't fully explain the culture divide. Some cultures just don't want to assimilate. Why is that?
  4. Never really followed his career, but from what I have read, he was a nice guy. Yeah, shit news.
  5. Not sure, I worked in government offices once and they had a sign up that said 'you don't have to be mad to work here but it helps' they were all totally mad in a depressed alcoholic self limiting sort of way.
  6. Yeah, but most of them were lumberjacks. They're OK, but they tend to put on women's clothing and hang around in bars and have weird work patterns .
  7. I do
  8. There was a report on the BBC today that one of the claimed issues that the bomber had with the West was that his best mate was killed by a bunch of Manchester drug dealers a year or so back who took him off the street and kicked the shit out of him. Not sure whether it's true or not. The reality is that our foreign policy is shit and we should just stay out of bombing other peoples countries and that there are lots of other issues why people get disaffected. No excuses at all as this act was just purely evil and barbaric and not even explainable to most normal people. But there are lots of factors that are blamed when people lose the plot.
  9. The grammar is a minor distraction, the gist of Twinkle's post is obvious.
  10. It's a hypothesis for people not integrating. Explain why you dismiss it?
  11. The Greeks think they're still in Calcutta, weird. Grammar is everything.
  12. They are like Greeks,untrustworthy,they think they're still in Calcutta.
  13. Generally, the 'mad' don't know they're mad.
  14. It's my bad. Paypal, an'that...
  15. The finest piece of apologism I've read in a long time.
  16. Well, I can see four tits. Which one is you?
  17. Fair comment.
  18. I don't really have strong opinions on this subject Dilli, it always seems that those who do are driven by emotion rather than common sense and perspective.
  19. Would you welcome a pakistani muslim family moving in next door? Do you reckon the racism they face day in day out might play a part with some of them not integrating? Might make them feel that they're not part of it all. Especially the weak minded, and not so bright. And then they might be more susceptible to being brainwashed into a murderous cult.
  20. But, just like you, they all have the right to vote and have an opinion. What makes you right and those people wrong.? I often call people with opposing views to me, loonies or thick, but they must feel the same way too. Just saying.
  21. Correct. Just waiting for someone to come up with the same sort of thing that will kill Mozzies, Spiders, Crocs, Snakes and them fuc***g WAAAASPS. Pretty sure we can come up with something to fill the gaps. Edit to add that I like Bees though, Insect or Human
  22. You're a bit screwed when it goes tits up with that Gatwick flight. They are often full so getting rebooked can be a nightmare.
  23. The law is going to take into consideration the opinions of bigots, loonies and lynch mobs when drafting legislation I see. It would be terrible if they are all let down by common sense.
  24. Not sure why everyone ( it seems) wants to knock Peter Murcott. His views don't suit everyone, I know, but he talks a lot of sense often. We have a guy who sits in our Government who dresses in coloured frocks and is far more radical than P.M. Very few are vocal about the bishop and how he automatically gets to sit there spouting crap. How does that work ?
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  26. It was pretty clear that it was Menzies who were handling everything at Gatwick in Paul Moulton's film. Of course if they were then going through a third party to book things, that would slow things down even more, but I didn't get that impression. They did look a bit stretched, but there's been a lot of consolidation in ground handling at Gatwick recently and they probably don't have enough people to cope with the extra work. It's possible easyJet didn't let them know when the flight turned around and didn't authorise them to start looking for hotels and transport. I wonder if the normal procedure is to hope that a lot of passengers in this situation will simply go home and spare the cost of finding them accommodation. Of course it looks like most passenger were IOM-based so that wouldn't have worked here. The conflicting information about what alternative flights would be offered is certainly not Menzies fault though - and that's really the first thing people want sorted out.
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