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  2. Real Road Racing fans

    Internet threads like that often end up seeming mawkish to me. Very sort of Princess Di. Although sometimes when someone dies you will see fantastic posts - eg clips of their best moments. Eg comedians and musicians. Didn't you start this thread? Have you read the title?
  3. Flat Earth?

    go an do the research for yourself mojo and see how you feel about such questions then x
  4. We are Saved - The Airport Gateway To The Rescue!

    Couple of hundred grand costs and 2.75 million to say nothing is my guess
  5. Manx Radio

    You have school in the morning, I don't . BTW is you text and tone not what "ans" has been talking about?
  6. Real Road Racing fans

    I am a road racing fan and come to the TT or MGP when I can, and have been to the NW200 aswell. It was really sad what happened in Macau, but just because I haven't posted on the thread regarding Dan Hegarty doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about it. I just don't tend to post on that type of thread, and I am sure others are the same. That's not to say there was anything wrong with the thread, different people just deal with really bad news in different ways. Going by previous threads I'm sure there as many people against road racing on the Isle of Man as there are for. It is also good on the thread regarding Dan that no one has tried to turn it into an anti TT or road racing subject.
  7. Real Road Racing fans

    I think a thread about a raser dying is not the place for argueing about who is or isn't a real fan.
  8. Real Road Racing fans

    Its not where I would've expected to see it, I tend to just browse local news/sport, it seems to have got lost in the general wave of crap in general chat.
  9. Real Road Racing fans

    Lack of respect. Why bother commenting if you have nothing positive or respectful to say.?
  10. Manx Radio

    Give him some credit - he's quite clearly a Geraldine Jamison man
  11. Real Road Racing fans

    And this isn't a serious thread?
  12. Real Road Racing fans

    The one pint I had was not too bad considering that it was from the Fosters pump.
  13. Real Road Racing fans

    I don't agree with changing the theme of a thread into a "rant" or "whinge". It was a serious thread.
  14. Real Road Racing fans

    What was wrong with it?
  15. Manx Radio

    No one takes dilligaff seriously though he's just an old has been, Manx radio is like comfort blanket that helps the poor sod cope with the pains of old age. You wank off over Judith Ley ? Explains a lot that, be Horlicks time soon nightee night.
  16. Real Road Racing fans

    I have friends who race and you are entitled to your opinion however I find your other comments unkind and unhelpful . Perhaps you may be offended if someone made a similar comment when a member of your family or a good friend died . Hope this helps
  17. Manx Radio

    Convo closed. CBA debating with you.
  18. Real Road Racing fans

    I reckon that while the food in the Whitehouse wasn't up to much today there was nothing wrong with the drink
  19. Real Road Racing fans

    Why start a new thread? You could've had your rant on that one, bumping it up at the same time...
  20. Manx Radio

    I also doubt it because I am not a highly respected Radio Broadcasting professional - but alas neither is he
  21. Taxpayers to dig for £20M for Liverpool Dock

    I'm more of a Harrods or Harvey Nichols type chap. 4 king snob! Bet you won't get 4 t-shirts for a tenner in those shops.
  22. Manx Radio

    I was aiming that at the female,
  23. ‘Free’ Nelson Manndela

    As usual it's worth going to the original investigation to try to clarify exactly what the facts are. The ICIJ article attempts to unravel exactly what the situation is, though to some extent it's old news because it had been revealed in various actions in South Africa: As often with the division of the spoils after a death it's all incredibly complicated and involved various groups of Mandela's warring family and supporters and charities and trusts making various allegations against each other. Appleby seem mainly to have been involved in giving advice, which, like a plumber sucking his teeth and tutting, mainly consisted of saying how badly done the previous work was. Whether Mandela ever knew of the trust or was aware in detail of how it operated is a moot point. But if it was only set up in 1995 it can hardly be to "get around the difficulties of moving money in and out of Apartheid-era South Africa" as Mandela was President by then and Apartheid had ended.
  24. Real Road Racing fans

    Thread title is "Dan Hegarty", in General Chat.
  25. Manx Radio

    That's Simon Clarke isn't it?
  26. Manx Radio

    Correct it is well known that Manx Radio only retain the best talent................ Alex Brindley ARFFFFF Could you do his job better? I doubt it. I can't find fault with Manx Radio, apart from allowing adverts for windows that are voiced by non Manx people trying to sound Manx. No excuse whatsoever for that shite. Other than that MR gets a big thumbs up from me every time.
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