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  2. Yeah yeah blah blah , but would ya?
  3. Sorry to interrupt you petty squabbles children, but with the present HOK's who are proving daily to be as bad or even worse than the last lot, we are all about to get even more stiffed. Debates in this non-democracy are non existent and this will be yet another stealth tax passed through on the nod by the usual "The Ayes Have It, The Ayes Have It !! Manifestos and vague promises now abandoned for the Quayle Pounds. This present bunch are proving so ineffectual it is an embarrassment, chasing citizens off the Island at an alarming rate, whilst failing to even acknowledge what they are doing. There will be debate, but the usual suspects will proffer up their token objections and yet still vote it through !! We are truly all going to get what we deserve for placing our trust in these self interested, egotistical, wasters. DOOMED !!
  4. cant wait for the tweetbeat as it nabs its first victim. And how much of a success it is. Yet no mention of the extraordinary costs for it.
  5. Finally, someone intelligent has weighed in. Thank you for your succinct answer.
  6. you can fly to the Island from London for that if you "book properly".
  7. I left my no peel garlic crusher unwashed the other day. Donald Trumps has a point. How on earth can garlic set so hard?
  8. Because that wouldn't stand the same chance of provoking a bit of piss-awful flat earth argie bargie?
  9. I think they started that some time ago...! But before they abolished the VAT. Maybe that's the Masterplan...?
  10. Why not just say your mass is 70kg then? Keeps the mass, weight and conversion to (imperial) Slugs easier. Or just fookin Google it instead of asking dumbass questions on here and wasting helpful people's time and effort.
  11. I think we should get ahead of the game and abrogate anyway. Replace VAT with a mixture of sales & other taxes. Let's start to build up the day-tripper tourist sector for VAT/Tax free shopping. That will put bums on seats (planes & boats) and in beds. People = money.
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  13. Cleaning the bogs with Barrie?
  14. We'll, so far you've only referenced yourself here. Prove you're not being a troll and give a linked source from someone other than yourself that calls Le Pen and Front National left wing. Seems a reasonable request to me.
  15. 100 quid 1st class return Falmouth to London if you know how to book properly.
  16. Agreed, First series I've enjoyed in quite some time.
  17. Weight watchers spring break
  18. So the 24th series is finished. I think it is evolving now things have settled down. The presenters are decent and Matt Le Blanc is very watchable as the lead man. The chemistry with Reid and Harris has improved as the series went on and it seems they have a core audience there to build on.
  19. I haven't been in for a while but i didn't realise marks and spencers had a political philosophy department
  20. Pointless. Within a few posts, unless you radically change your style, your new ID will be outed as 'TPFKATJ' Anyway, back to the topic. Weight is a force that acts upon a body (by body I mean the physics sense, rather than your body) due to its presence in a gravitational field. Mass is a measure of how much matter there is. Weight is calculated by multiplying mass by the acceleration due to gravity. On the surface of the earth, this is about 9.8 m/s^2, call it 10 for ease of calculation. So if your mass is 80kg, you weigh 800N - N for Newton, being the SI unit of force. Newton's equation of gravitational attraction is F = G*m1*m2/d^2 - the famous inverse square law that states that the force between two masses is proportional to the product of those masses divided by the square of the distance between them. When one of those masses is the earth, the equation resolves to F=9.8m - unless you're on top of Everest or something when d is increased a bit (by 8000m or so, compared with the the normal value of 6500000 or thereabouts, being my estimate of the radius of the earth in metres) which reduces the figure of 9.8 to about 9.79, so not much difference. This is all an approximation though. Einstein realised that gravitational mass and inertial mass were equal, so that an observer cannot tell the difference between being in a gravitational field or an accelerating frame of reference. From this, the only logical conclusion is that a gravitational 'force' is a consequence of a curvature in 4 dimensional spacetime. So therefore there is no such thing as weight, only a tiny distortion of the space around you due to your mass which appears as a force. Hope this helps!
  21. I don't need to reference myself and yes I went to university. A nice one and received good feedback from professors.
  22. I wouldn't go as far as that, but there's a good deal of work to be done before it gets its first public airing.
  23. But it's not just the BBC is it though. It's seemingly every news source and every link from Google searches that refers to her and her party as right wing. I suppose they are all wrong and you're right? As an aside, I'm guessing you went to university? If you did i would have loved to have seen the reaction to an essay that referenced the unqualified author.
  24. Not from what I've heard. In fact, I get the feeling it's going to be a gigantic fuck up.
  25. What's to argue about? Gettafa got bent out of shape for no reason whatsover over someone being mentioned in the thread. He know's he is wrong, a poster told him why. Nice to see nothing is changing with you though. Conistently dull as ever.
  26. I get so much abuse on this forum. I might just go and create a new name and stay clear of you trolls.
  27. Oh so I have to find some BBC inbred to write it in order for it to be true?
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