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  2. Manx Radio

    No vested interest at all, don’t know what you’re trying to say there. Too much time - that would also be a no. I have a Manx Forum ‘content count’ of 165. Your ‘content count’ is 3621 - you clearly have more time than many! Perhaps you should spend less time on Manx Forums and more time on your radio work and clarifing facts - such as the status of your show and how it fits in with Manx Radio strategy. Speak to the MD and clarify your programme role.
  3. Salisbury Street demo.

    He certainly wasn’t happy with the way he had to sell his stake holding within the business - and other associated issues. Sadly he won’t get his inquiry as I can see the can being kicked down the road, the DHSC being obstructive and Tynpotwalders getting behind COMIN preventing any inquiry.
  4. More shootings in the U.S.

    Another school shooting in Maryland. Three injured, no reported fatalities thus far For a supposed "developed" First World country, the appear to be loosing children to gun fire in schools at an alarming rate: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/03/02/us/school-shootings-2018-list-trnd/index.html
  5. Salisbury Street demo.

    Also there are some clients who contribute towards their costs with the DSS paying the rest. But these clients are using the rooms that the DSS are already paying for, so the DSS are paying half again for something they have already paid for. And the clients aren't paying the Government for the other half of the costs that they are supposed to cover.
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  7. Salisbury Street demo.

    It wasn't his biggest gripe, by a long way.
  8. That’s a very good question, Mr/Mrs/Ms Buggane. We have all. puzzled over why the money is paid and exactly who is in receipt.
  9. And see the "Defending the Indefensible - Chief Minister" thread for other links.
  10. Richard Dawking RIP

    You must be really tall if you have to bow too.
  11. Salisbury Street demo.

    That's kind of what I meant.
  12. Lots of information on it HERE
  13. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    That must be the first time I have ever seen someone praising the Civil Service for taking on more people... Where are all the gravy train references? Don't we already have a over bloated Civil Service?
  14. Time for a Manx Boston Tea Party?

    Nobody is proposing pricing alcohol beyond the reach of the majority. This is about making very nasty cheap booze more expensive. eg - this stuff currently costs about £3.50 for 3 litres. Nobody sensible is drinking it. It contains 22.5 units. Almost as much as a bottle of vodka. At a 50p / unit minimum price it would cost £11.25.
  15. Time for a Manx Boston Tea Party?

    Hi Lurker This is just an idea, forget about the legal issues, just consider the practical cost to society. Say a smoker ends up in a wheelchair with serious heart/lung issues. Rather than treating him her with expensive drugs simply give him 40 capstan full strength every day on the NHS. He has chosen to live this way, so why not continue. Similarly with an alcoholic, give him a bottle of scotch/gin every day (about £20) much cheaper and a quick resolution.
  16. Explosion On London Underground Train

    You should have stated "speech" then instead of leaving an open end your usual ramblings
  17. Salisbury Street demo.

    That's a complete misrepresentation. The toiletries were supposed to be paid to the residents. The Department didn't pay them said they would then didn't.
  18. Time for a Manx Boston Tea Party?

    Whilst broadly I agree with your sentiment I’m afraid that these days with the improvement in healthcare over the last fifty years or so people are far less likely to just die young as my Grandfather did in his mid-fifties but live on as ‘cardiac cripples’ or surviving a stroke with chronic health problems that cost society a fortune. I agree that minimum pricing will be unlikely to have the desired effect but I await the results from Scotland with an open mind. We like booze too much; all that government restrictions will do will be to create illegal supply similar to that seen in the US during prohibition if legal alcohol is priced beyond the reach of the majority.
  19. Salisbury Street demo.

    It would seem they get paid for all room's whether they're occupied or not! His biggest gripe seemed to be not getting paid for toiletries etc on top of the £900 odd quid a week fees.
  20. Explosion On London Underground Train

    thats a letter not a speech......
  21. Salisbury Street demo.

    My understanding of his allegations is ... He and some developers set up a firm to build and run Salisbury Street. He was the care home professional that would run the finished home. It cost them £5m to buy the land from the government and build the home. As it was nearing completion the Department of Health became concerned about the running of his existing home. Rather than jeopardize the project he stepped away. The department then became concerned that there were lots of DSS only clients who couldn't afford places in private homes. Since the Department therefore needed a home, it bought Salisbury Street for £8m - Quayle saying that was cheaper than building one themselves. The running of the home was put out to tender - which was won by the original fellow. (the concerns about his existing home had gone away.) After running the home for a bit, it turns out there aren't enough DSS-only clients to fill those beds - but the Department are still paying him to provide those services.
  22. It may help to read something of the origins of the Sicilian Mafia , they do have a similar flag .
  23. Salisbury Street demo.

    Well Mount Murray was Bell who went on to become CM and Salisbury St. was Quayle who went on to become CM. There’s promotion in them thar fuck-ups.
  24. Just what is the money payed for(whats it supposed do} and why can I not know who is in recite and by how much. I will probley wish I had never asked.
  25. Richard Dawking RIP

    We all have our aspirations...
  26. Richard Dawking RIP

    I bow to your intimate and superior knowledge of this...
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