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    There wasn't much health and safety when those boys went over the top into the barbed wire, mud and machine guns......
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    It's obvious we need the 2 railway manager jobs currently being advertised. Someone's got to pay for it, so it might as well be the sick and vulnerable.
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    Personally, until I see concrete evidence, I shall file this announcement with Skelly's previous statements pertaining to the arrival of 6 Chinese banks, the 500 new jobs announced in January last and the 400 families expected to move to the Island. It's filed under "H". For Horseshit.
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    All this penny-pinching is completely in vain as it's never going to solve the CS/PS pension issue which has come about because they are over-manned, over-graded and thus over-paid. Now stop this nonsense and solve the real problem....
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    I totally agree with you but nothing will get done until the politicians deal with the stranglehold the CS and the public sector has over everything that’s done (not done) in this Island. We have a public sector we simply can’t afford. You could put up income tax to 40% and the small number of millions that would raise still wouldn’t anywhere near balance the books as our cost base has so badly grown out of proportion with our ability to generate income to support it. Put up company tax to 10% and all you’re going to do is put people on the dole as companies shut down and go elsewhere. It’s fucking obvious to everyone except those inside the CS/PS that the real problem is the size and cost base of the CS/PS. They’d rather we sold out to the UK to get their pensions paid than accept that reality.
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    You appear to have got confused about what the job of the media is. It's about reporting and analysing what is actually happening, not what you personally would like to be happening. The media are supposed to make things difficult for those in power and subject what they say to scrutiny. Apart from anything else the IOM Government pays a ridiculous number of people to tell us how wonderful everything is. If they can't manage it, it's a bit much to expect everyone else to do the job for them. There's a tendency on the Island, both in Government and in sections of the finance sector, to announce that something is good for the Island and then expect everyone to accept this without examination and without evidence. And then get very annoyed when any scepticism is expressed. But people and the media are perfectly entitled to dissent if it looks as if all the benefits are going to a few handful of people in Athol Street or the Civil Service and longer-term costs to the rest of us are ignored. I'm not saying this is what is happening here, but it's the attitude that everyone should be quiet and be grateful is counterproductive even in the short term. As to whether this has been well-handled in a competent manner, you only have to look at that press conference and see whether that qualifies as "open, honest, and professional". After all the Government had called that press conference, not the media. The latter rightly got shirty when it was clear that Quayle and co didn't know what they were doing or what they would be allowed to report. And rather than this (possible) crisis being handled in a professional manner, it seems to have been dealt with in the normal way of ignoring it for months and years and then panicking at last minutes and trying to throw something together in as public a way as possible. If you think that Quayle's Panorama interview would somehow be magically improved by a more deferential attitude from the locals the day before, you've got a rather strange idea of how the world works. If anything his irritated reception have made him behave in a more cautious manner with the BBC, though I'm afraid he will just do his usual thing of switching between unconvincing bluster and looking like a rabbit caught in headlights.
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    I guess it's just one of those things. I thought running a business was a piece of cake until I started my own. I guess I'm a bit more aware of all the ways things outside your control can go against you now, so I have a bit more empathy in some cases. Then again maybe I'm too soft, as I've always felt if ever any of my companies went under owing people I'd probably pay them back out of my own pocket - despite the fact I run limited companies. If the root cause of this is a family issue that is very sad I think, especially if the business was still viable. I cannot see how the petrol station / retail shop / mechanic side of it wouldn't be viable given the margins (I think they own the site too don't they?), though I don't know what the relationship is with the car dealership side or how that operates, and how many people / family members are being supported / taking a slice. It is also unfortunately quite common - I know of at least one other large and well known local firm that has ceased trading this year alone due to internal family issues (from what I was told), and many more over the years. It's also entirely understandable - I couldn't work with anyone in my family for more than 5 minutes (tried it, never again), never mind for years and years, but sometimes that's just the way things pan out, especially with inherited business. I'm not saying that some people aren't total scum bags who use limited liability to basically shaft people while they sail on (Richmond Square springs to mind - I dodged a bullet on that one by pure chance), but I don't believe that is the case here (I could be wrong). I've been doing business with Raymotors for many years, and to be honest they've always been one of the most straight forward firms to deal with in the sector. I've dealt with almost every petrol station at some point over the last 10 years, though now only deal with a few - mostly due to ease of business. Maybe I am just too soft, but I think it's sad when families tear themselves apart over money, or a business that was built up by their predecessors and handed down in good faith.
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    I regard insurance companies and the banks as "the enemy" and have as little to do with them as is possible. Both have proved over the years to be devoid of any integrity and will go to any lengths to rob you IMO. Just saying.
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    Oh Quilp. Everyone was having fun bumping their gums and having a right good whine about how shit everyone was and how they could do it better. Then you come along and spoil the bitch-party with a fact.
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    Learning lessons and we are where we are has cost the populace hundreds of millions over the past 25yrs ! We should have infrastructure and public services to be proud of instead .......
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    But the trouble is that there is no guarantee that the ones who apply will be the ones you want to get rid of. And vice versa. In malfunctioning organisations it tends to be the ones who know what they are doing who want to get out, mainly because they are so fed up with trying to do a good job while dealing with unreliable idiots who at best do little and at worst spend the time playing office politics and interfering with what their more competent colleagues are doing. The real problem here is what you might call the Bell Principle which dictates that no Manx Civil Servant should ever be made redundant or sacked. Even if someones's job is no longer (or was ever) required they must still be kept on and preferably placed into another role, irrespective of their aptitude for it (and preferably with an increase in salary). And if the job is actually required but the holder isn't up to it, by no means can they be sacked or moved to something more suitable to their talents. Great care will be taken to promote them to something else that they can't do either or, failing that, expensive reorganisation will be undertaken so the useful role disappears but its ex-holder is still left hanging around because no one can be made redundant.
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    Disgrace. Cap all govt pensions at £30k pa before you cut meals on wheels. It's becoming ever more obvious that no matter how well our economy does it cannot support the dead weight that is the disproportionate cost of government. We can never cut enough. We can never tax enough. A sleek Ferrari might be good, but see how it performs when trying to tow a 40 ton truck.
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    I must be the only one on here who thinks that the lack of ethics lies with the funeral directors, trying to upsell coffins that will be burned or rot, huge cortèges etc. The huge cost of funerals is to blame for the upsurge in funeral cost insurance. Although for many poorer people, in the last century, the penny a week paid to the door to door agent did ensure there was money to pay for their funeral rather than a paupers funeral. When my dad died I could almost see hands rubbing with glee, only to be dashed when my sister and I ordered the cheapest MDF coffin and a hearse. Nothing else. No bun fight. Crem, humanist service. but two months later we had a garden party for all his friends, with the late Jim Caine, and his band playing all his favourite Jazz and blues
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    After Vision Nine, Skelly is now clinging on by his fingernails. Expect a few more desperate PR efforts from him over the coming weeks. PRatt. If Quayle doesn't sack him, it will prove Quayle is just another bullshit caretaker leader till we don't have a pot to piss in.
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    Skelly should just go and go now. It’s just undignified to stay on. Even speed reading this it’s a bonfire of vanities for the DED and we now need an FOI to tell us how much this totally failed from it’s very point of conception project has cost us. Go Skelly. Howard you’ve done one tough set of public announcements this week; time to double up and make it two sets.
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    It might just be the cynic in me but whenever I read about an initiative in government that I think sounds like a good idea I always refrain from thinking positively, as usually there is some smallprint behind the headline which means when it all washes out it'll end up benefitting a chosen few and costing the taxpayer a shitload of money.
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    Without their funding maybe they'll have to look at other options? Bought in food is very expensive rubbish, but I suppose the bigger charities aren't really that bothered about the end user, they all start out with the best of intentions ahhh, it's a terrible state of affairs really it is. People who can afford to buy a private jet scrimping on paying tax while the elderly are denied ready meals, bloody disgraceful. What kind of society is this? Where are the families of these old people? Why aren't they looking after their elders?
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    This is proof, if proof were ever needed, that Tynwald simply does not see that first and foremost they should have a duty of care towards their citizens. Therefore not fit for purpose...
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    Juan Watterson got drunk once many years ago, that has kept MF amused ever since. Rob does something amusing every week, then tells us about it. He is Onchan's gift to the Island's cynics, satirists, and amused bystanders. This thread isn't going to lapse anytime soon.
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    A film movie. Yes, that would be good. ...A sleepy little Island of just 85,000 souls (equivalent population of say, Stevenage) somewhere nestled in amongst the British Isles... Where there was the equivalent of a £5million lottery winner not one week, not two weeks..... but every week, every week, for quite a few years. Every week. Wow! You couldn't make it up. But that was the equivalent cash flowing onto the Island over and above what it earned. £5million a week. And they blew it. Blew it sky high. On a fucking Power Station and a shit shit system. And an incinerator. And the fuckiest of a big fuck off civil service. Biut even all that does not equate. Where did it all go? And why are so many of us either skint now or going to end up skint?
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    Jeez, its clear that Howard has not got a clue about VAT, how the hell is he going to answer detailed questions about it? His narcissism at always wanting to be in front of the camera will really damage this island. He should take along someone who understands what they are talking about and let them answer the technical questions. The man is an idiot, but I blame those who voted him in, just to keep others out of the job.
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    I've been told that the main attraction of the IoM for aircraft VAT is that it takes IOM C&E a significantly shorter period of time to process transactions than the UK counterpart. Same terms, just happens a lot quicker, which can be quite valuable when you're talking about the VAT amount on a modern bizjet and clearing it for use more quickly. If that's the case and there is no VAT monetary arbitrage going on then it may be the case that the ICIJ (sp?) have firmly grasped the wrong end of the stick. So everything may not be shit after all, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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    As an inspired guess, I would say the bloke who bought the Hooded Ram brewery and much else besides has bought it to do a big Wetherspoons type food/pub operation with Airbnb listed self-contained letting suites upstairs
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    I've just been to the co-op on Bucks Road to get some milk. Checked it on google maps and it's 0.6 miles away from the Castle Mona. Got away with it but it was stupid of me, just wasn't worth the risk. I'm not crazy enough to go to the Gaiety, Villa Marina, Queens pub, St. Ninian's High School, Noble's Park, Grandstand, or police headquarters though. All within half a mile. Take care out there guys.
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    It'll be chaos. There shall in that time be rumours of things going astray, and there will be a great confusion as to where things really are, and nobody will really know where lieth those little things with the sort of raffia work base, that has an attachment…at this time, a friend shall lose his friend’s hammer and the young shall not know where lieth the things possessed by their fathers that their fathers put there only just the night before around eight o’clock...
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    Despite all of the crap that was thrown around about it at the time by people who have nothing better to do, I think the bridge is fine. It does its job and it looks good while allowing a greater flow of water out to sea. OK, it doesn't look like it was built in the 18th century, but guess what; it wasn't!
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    The only real hope we have is that we were mis sold ppi when we took this out.
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    They missed a great opportunity with that bridge, should have paid the army engineers to do it as an exercise, bridge out, needs replacing in a week strong enough to take a tank, it would have been cool for people to watch.
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    Unpopular decisions should have been started many years ago. More stealth taxes to come. Public service pensions and lump sum payouts must be capped. Those earning £50k. per year should pay 25 or 30% tax on any earned income above that. The lower income earners are being screwed at present . The haves are the ones being looked after by our wishy washy government at the expense of the downtrodden have nots. The civil service numbers must be substantially reduced especially the higher grades.
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    "We choose to resurface the prom. We choose to resurface the prom in this decade and do the other things, not because they are hard, but because they are easy, because that goal will serve to waste and measure the rest of our reserves and funds, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too." (With apologies to JFK)
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    You heard correctly. According to the Tynwald Order Paper, the third item a today's sitting is: It's fairly typical of Quayle that he would fail to see how ridiculously pompous this makes him look.
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    I agree, but there is a limited pool of people available who may suit the position and training takes time. Not all jobs can be trained for in a short time, then you need experience to become proficient. If we have such low unemployment rates, where will the people come from?
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    It’s the typical problem throughout Government. Ask civil servants what they think they should do to save money and you get back a load of fucking clueless idiotic things because most of them are fucking clueless idiots. One Minister can’t control a Department like the DHSC when it has hundreds of useless, clueless, pricks running round every day trying not to arrive at the obvious solution to saving money - which is that there are too many useless, clueless, pricks employed in Government. Yet the Minister cops all the flack for arseholes they can’t even sack.
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    Just move your fucking motorhome and stop moaning. Jesus fucking christ.
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    The Isle of Man Government always suggests 'lessons will be learned'. But they never are, because no one is ever held to account and is free to move on to their next major mistake. If Quayle says his government are 'accountable' and "measurable' etc. then Skelly has to go. But moreover, the whole contract process should be overhauled and overseen by people independent of the department. The 'Mr 5%' element of this contract needs to be looked into with far more seriousness IMO.
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    This is pretty much 100% accurate. Too much of this goes on, amalgamation of divisions/departments and yet no reduction in management, the upside down pyramid created by dysfunctional leadership.
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    Murphy just likes to provide a lot of sound bites and particularly focusses on setting out his fanciful calculations in a manner that loses the average person. I would prefer we take a more robust approach with him publically.
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    Government mind police controlling MF, are you sure? The programme was the usual low quality stuff from Panorama which used to be such a good programme. The bit about the Duchy of Lancaster was just sensationalist. Most of the programme was gratuitous. As others have said, nothing was made of how they used criminal property to make the report; surely that is immoral in itself if not strictly illegal? We'll see what they turn up tonight.
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    The Isle of Man Newspapers article and indeed the Telegraph one that has been referred to elsewhere are both based on the Appleby press release that I copied in to the thread earlier and which was actually released on Wednesday. So neither was particularly speedy in reporting it, though the Telegraph did at least get some background from an outside expert. As I said in my earlier comments, the media release actually raises more questions than it answers, but at least Appleby responded to Corbyn's comments in the Commons. On the other hand as the IOM Newspapers article concludes: "The Manx government has not issued a response to Mr Corbyn’s claims". Yet again all our highly paid politicians, civil servants and spin doctors seem completely unable to respond to a high-profile news item about the Island. that isn't simple adulation. There are clearly things that could have been corrected in what Corbyn said or at least put in context. You would expect there to have been on- and off-the-record chats with journalist, reassurances and even the opportunity to sell the Island as a 'responsible jurisdiction'. Instead our leaders and their paid acolytes seems to be caught like rabbits in the headlights of the approaching Panorama programmes. Paradoxically the best time to respond is before broadcast, because it means you get your story in first and can explain context in advance. But as usual on the Island the more people we employ and the more we pay them, the less able they seem able to do their jobs.
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    He’s done that before on much more serious issues like family disputes being dealt with by social services. The man is a total fool who is clearly happy to breach anyone’s confidence in order to supply material (as that is all it is) for his ridiculous self indulgent blog. There’s no way I would ever call a meeting with him about anything as it seems that he will publish clues about your identity and what you discussed for everyone to read and speculate on. The man is clearly a self absorbed buffoon who will stoop to anything in order to give the impression that he is busy (when clearly he is not).
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    Getting rid of the MLCs and you have the money for this service, would be a popular idea with many
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    I've "followed" the last three "Houses" in particular, and to be honest IMO it's getting worse. They all stand for election on much-needed change to respond to the new challenges (to say the least). Once in there, a year in and it's just assimilation. The House and its traditions, its pomp and circumstance, " the Best Club in the World" takes precedence over all else, including its "raison d'ètre", representation of the people and the good of the Island. Lisvane-inspired change? Bollocks to that. And why not, for the extra remuneration? Let the talking shop continue. Legislation scrutiny too? With only one MLC legally qualified and some of the rest barely able to understand the written word? FFS. For the last ten years at least the IoM has been facing potentially the worst financial crisis in living memory. Even Bell (with a big hand in most of it, IMHO) had stated it could see the Island back to the 40s and 50s in economic terms. Yet we see the continual lauding and back slapping for nothing more than actionless words, time after time, year after year. Brown, Bell, Quayle. Two have taken the pensions and run with nothing to show for their time in respect of what needs to be done. That's the best part of ten years. Quayle may not need to yet, he's got his grants and the rest salted away. But the new intake are already queuing up and eagerly forming the next generation.
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    Your not supposed to mention it, given time everyone will forget all about it.
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    Some people appear to think that the UK spends all of its time worrying about the goings on in the IOM and wondering how they can shaft us for another few million. In reality we barely register above the pay grade of a few people who have responsibility to keep the constitutional and customs relationships ticking over. As for the UK thinking they can use our bottomless money pit to shore up their own finances and scheming about how they might take us for a bit more, well, come on!! This is just a few journalists with some stolen files who are going to blow some crap at the IOM. The Island should not panic.
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    No. There really are lots of porkers here. It's shocking. I was surprised to see the size of the CM on that video yesterday, and he had the nerve to tell us all we need to do something about it last week. No way this bunch are going to be living longer than their parents did. Lard arse, huge belly and a life of sloth not conducive to longevity.
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    One of the hazards of being in business that people who've never run a business don't generally appreciate. You supply goods or services very much on trust.
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    You have missed the elephant in the room, the decisions do not need to be taken in the future, they needed to be taken years ago. Government Pensions are not a new problem, if we do not fix the problem then, they will kill us. And I'm not talking about the Nurses, firemen, policemen, etc, all those who do a real job, I'm talking about all those civil servants who spend their days pushing paper from one point to another in the desparate hope of ticking off another day towards their big fat pensions. Our government is not fit for purpose Howard, it is too lardy, too wasteful, it lacks purpose and drive, it is inefficient, ineffective, and largely irrelevant, more interested in in-fighting and protecting its own departments than working towards the good of the people. As you say, we are a small island, we cannot afford the bloated government that has been allowed to flourish under successive leaderships, including this one.
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    But Mr S wasn't quoting it in an academic paper. He was using to explain a minor point during a lighthearted internet discussion. I think you've misunderstood my post. I was saying that the wiki page could be taken as reasonably accurate for general purposes because it was based on reliable academic papers and books. Naturally, if you were going to write an academic paper on the subject you would go to the original sources used in the article rather than wiki. Otherwise you get the danger of a loop - unproven assertion made on wiki --> cited in academia --> referenced in wiki to support assertion --> recited in research. Obviously, in everyday life, you need to be cautious and check that the wiki page is well sourced and hasn't recently been vandalised but it's foolish to dismiss it wholeheartedly.
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    Bullseye winners.