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    Shut up. He's dressed up like a bellend. If my mates dressed like that I'd take the piss. If I dressed like that I'd be disappointed if nobody took the piss.
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    So as we enter 2018, I've realised that this year I'll have spent half my life (24 years) as a qualified doc. Thought it might be appropriate to share a few things I've learned over the years. Firstly, it's becoming increasingly clear that exercise, including weight training (so not just 'going for a walk') leads to far better health in one's later years. A couple of examples I came across in the past few weeks are relevant. Firstly, I entered the British Indoor Rowing Championships at the start of December. One of the competitors was 91 years of age, and he rowed 2000m in 10:46. It's sad to say that there are many 30somethings that couldn't do that. Secondly, the other day I came across a chap who was running 10km in 55 minutes at the age of 80+. Both of these men had been exercising all their life. They were fit, they looked fit, and they were still able to do all of their daily activities. Contrast that with patients I routinely see in their 60s who have led a sedentary lifestyle, and because of lack of fitness and conditioning fall over all the time, have aching joints, and need multiple pills to keep their blood pressure under control etc. Everyone knows about osteoporosis - as we age we lose bone density, particularly if you're a woman. What is less well known is sarcopaenia - the loss of muscle mass, which occurs at about 1% a year from the age 50. If you have poor muscles your joints ache and you have poor balance reactions, with obvious consequences. The only way to prevent this is to lift weights. So my top tip for everyone is to exercise. Do it regularly and start young, but whatever age you are it will be beneficial. We're all getting heavier. Cheap calorie rich nutrition poor food is easily available. Having looked through many sets of medical notes over the years, most people seem to put on 1-2kg per year. This is nothing really, until you consider that over the course of one's working life you might go up from 70kg to 110kg without really noticing it. It doesn't have to be this way. No-one should be obsessed about their weight - fitness matters more than weight in itself - and in fact the biggest predictor of being overweight in 5 years time is being on a diet now! Just watch it, and if your belt gets tight, or you creep up a couple of kgs in a month or two then back off on the booze/sweets/pies for a few weeks until you're where you were. People have too much faith in modern medicine. Yes it's great, and there are drugs and operations for everything. And we're all living longer. But we're not living healthier for longer. And being on multiple meds, or having surgery, is not as free from complication as we'd like it to be. Drugs have side effects, operations have risks and a proportion have a poor outcome (there's no such thing as an operation that can't make the situation worse!) They're all best avoided. And in many situations, Mother Nature is hard to beat! So, if you're going to make NY resolutions, choose ones that will stick. Exercise more, lift weights, don't get gradually fatter over the years. And don't smoke, and don't drink to excess. If we all did that, then the medical profession would have far less to do, and perhaps as a society we could afford a health service to look after us when we really need it. Happy New Year everyone - I'm just off out to the gym
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    If nobody has photoshopped a copy of razzle into hand by the end of the day I guess I'll have to do it.
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    Looks like Mr Moorhouse is getting the hang of this MHK thing. Question in next week's Tynwald: 23. The Hon. Member for Arbory, Castletown and Malew (Mr Moorhouse) to ask the Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture – What plans he has to review the Agricultural Development Scheme? Watch the daggers from the likes of millionaire landowner Chief Minister Howard Quayle, millionaire landowner MLC David Anderson, farmers friend and family Speaker Juan Watterson and a few other too no doubt, who have friends and family raking it in from the taxpayer. Let's see what Minister Boot has to say. My money is on "waffle, waffle...good thing......waffle, waffle......needed to sustain stuff.........waffle, waffle.....none"
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    I personally live in a private rented ground floor flat with my wife and daughter and we have another baby on the way. It costs me £850 a month rent and I earn £9.50 an hour so yes money is tight but I have no other option really. Thankfully my landlord is one of the best I have ever had if we have a problem he has someone there to fix it within an hour or two we had our boiler leak one Sunday morning and he had the gas engineer round with in two hours so not all private sector landlords are bad. I often ask myself would I want a council house and to be honest I don't think I would yes it's cheap rent but let's face it the estates tend to be full of people I wouldn't want as my next door neighbours so far now I will pay my bills and struggle on in the hope that one day I can earn a bit more money.
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    Approx 30 last time I counted and probably declining. Feckin shame. Yes trouble is there’s no fun in the job anymore, days are gone fishing one species one trip then changing over to another the next ! As your all saying in the posts above, things have changed dramatically over the years and certainly the ‘different breed’ boys have gone or ones with seaman’s qualifications have left the job because they seen the writing on the wall. Again managed different things could of been very secure for the Manx, very secure. b4mbi - I’ve said it many times before - If the DEFA aren’t careful the Scallop fishery is going much the same way as the ‘Herring industry’ did for the Manx, just one huge example; the DEFA brought in a 221kw regulation years ago inside the 12mile zone - this invited eurobeamers to be bought from Holland by the Scottish or anyone for that matter, however the director of fisheries at the time Andrew Read ( I remember him because he’s a prick, thinks he was a fisherman) was warned about this and so was his Chief exec and the Minister, however for some reason he wanted that to go through feckin back hander or something went on there,sure of it ! ‘we knew who could afford to buy them boats’ now there is around approx 7 of these owned by the Scottish who fish for Scallops and Queenies in Manx waters and you will not get rid of them ! Every year these vessels fish for scallops and Queenies only, they were bought and adapted (automated) to persecute these species, they can work the weather, they can stay at sea up to four five days, they are absolutely killing machines and the trouble is because of the combined weight of the vessel, gear and power they smash the grounds and when they ‘work together’ in bad weather seven of these vessels fishing together for two months is like 12 Manx scallopers off Peel / PSM all winter because they hammer the grounds, adding to that there is also quite a big fleet of Scallopers and Queenie vessels from Ireland too now that are fishing Manx waters difference is ideally like the Manx have regulations which suit all and vessels much of a muchness in size and power as the Manx fleet. Undeniably there’s wealth in the water but when 70% of it is getting taken elsewhere it’s not hard to work out how much is left for the measly few to rely on, this also combined with the few Manx young ones getting in the wheelhouse and ability to buy vessels it could easily decline outside the ability of any department ! Careful.
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    Which minister gave this appointment the go-ahead ? Here's your problem in a nutshell and these appointments continue to be made across the whole of Govt and the public sector. The suits who run this Island don't give a shit, they really don't. For them there is no problem, just big salaries and big pensions at the end of it. They'll be long gone when the money runs out.
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    Trust me John my wife has been a nurse for 45yrs, used to wear a starched white hat and silver buckle and she will tell you that the upside down triangle is rife throughout the health service !!
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    Lets not go off topic, but Anderson is a gravy train rider of little use, a church going nice bloke maybe, but as much good as a chocolate fireguard. Cant even sort his own issues out without having control over something as serious as the NHS !! http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=37880&headline=MLC's farm probed over pollution 16 times&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2018
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    Ho,ho,ho!! As the year draws to a close with yet another successful season of well regulated and policed scallop fishing being no doubt celebrated at the annual DEFA xmas party at St Johns by Baron Geoff with all the staff raising a glass or two then tootling off home after the works shindig, full of ""Manx to the max"" Turkey,mince pies and copious amounts of back slapping no doubt feeling all warm and cozy at a job and probably fueled by the odd seasonal snifter or two. Happy Xmas Guys!!! . Meanwhile, back in the real world ------- The pride of Manx fisheries protection the ""Barrule"" has been tied up just below the Douglas swing bridge for approx 3 weeks .,which obviously means no on the grounds policing has been taking place?? Fishermens gossip has it that the skipper of the "Barrule"" has resigned in disgust at shambolic policy and DEFA' s refusal to take action against boats that are breaking regulations! Further gossip says that ""off the record"" DEFA are quite happy with the current status quo of over two thirds off the scallop fishery being taken by off Island boats and shipped directly off Island , along with encouraging officers not to bother the visitors as it ""benefits" the local economy ???? WTF!!! Even more gossip(From the horses mouth) says that a lot of scallops caught in Manx waters and shipped directly to the UK and Irish mainland are finding their way onto the international market and directly competing with the manx caught and landed produce at a cheaper rate!! The excuse that these morons use for these occurances is that EU regs demand equal access to a common resource! How the flock is a Manx Fleet of less than a third compared to visitors boats, mostly bigger more modern with bigger horsepower, equal access ? Especially when you consider that once the allowable quota has been caught the fishery will be closed and most of the Manx fleet will go on the dole for a month or so (as happened in this years queenie fishery) while the off Island boats return to their own waters . Manx skippers estimate that more than two thirds of quota will be taken by the off Island fleet by the way! I would like just one person from DEFA , IOM gov, to come on here and explain how this shambles benefits the ""Local"" economy? F***ingh shameful that this is occuring and f***ing shameful that people are being paid out of the public purse for overseeing this rape of a Manx natural resource! Happy Xmas !!!
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    Exactly. If he is "one of our best" as someone has said, why did he make a bolt for the cushiest, non-controversial, highly paid job in Keys, where he could very easily remain ensconced for the next 30 years just by keeping his head down? I concede that it's the smart thing to do on a personal level, but it's hardly public spirited. If he is as good as people are suggesting, he has a duty to be pulling his weight at a ministerial rather than a ceremonial level. It just smacks of self-interest to me.
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    I agreed with hommy to a certain extent. Juan is intelligent and articulate. everyone has their "Cameron dick in a pig's mouth moment" and the bus thing was his. Since then however we've had the revelation of the suncream and headache pills which he claimed from the taxpayer on his falklands jolly and now we have a tropical paradise holiday on the taxpayer too. I know that CPA pay but we have to pay CPA subs so its all back to us anyway. If he was our best, he wouldn't have taken Mr Rodent's ex-jollying job, he would've been in COMIN. He's just eying the el president role IMHO and has forgotten what he was elected for.
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    The other Depts must have been well aware of it? Look at CC Gary Robert's evidence, withdrawing from the motorsport committee over what was being proposed, Ned Bower's concerns too, all some time before the shit hit the public fan in a big way. The whole thing looks like a massive ego and vanity trip fuelled by utter incompetence and the taxpayer's pocket. At least Corlett had the grace to go "voluntarily". Skelly just needs waterboarding first and then sacking.
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    You couldn’t make this shit up if you tried...
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    This is not just in the DHSC, it's endemic throughout IoM Government.
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    I’m obviously going daft. I can’t see where swordfish suggests the dispute is with Rob. Why does Rob think he does?
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    The CPA gets it's money from a magic purse. Which is lucky, coz otherwise it would have to be funded by taxpayer contributions from the various member states. And that would mean we actually were paying for Dodgers holibobs.
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    I’d do the totally obvious - review of the stucture of IOMG and headcount. It is the only thing that will make a meaningful difference; 20% off a £300M wage bill is £60M.
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    Really? I'm still trying to think of ONE positive thing he has done for the constituency of Rushen, just ONE. What is it now 4 terms? And nothing and I mean nothing has changed because of him in Rushen. His time in Government has been solely for one purpose, his own. This became abundantly clear when he immediately announced his selection for Speaker the instance he survived another election. His disregard for his constituents and constituency knows no bounds. He comes across all fluffy because he gets the bus to work and he doesn't claim expenses and pays into his pension pot, and the masses love that but for actual substance, there's more substance on the end of his bell end. And Skelly would you believe is even worse.
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    In other words - stand by for a massive hike in costs for owning a vehicle. The clowns in tynpotworld still don't understand the difference between cost cutting and raising taxes...
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    No in the new advert Jeffery has closed the double glazed windows , gone to the shed picked up an axe and butchered her as he couldn't take anymore!! .She had a voice that would grate through cheese and he wasn't getting any of the other but due to the quality of the spectrum windows nobody heard a thing! "Spectrum for all your double glazing requirements"" !.
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    What guts me is that neither Skelly nor Quayle seem to comprehend that most potential inward investors and HNW immigrants read our media as part of their due diligence. When they see it stated in Tynwald of the Minister for Enterprise that ’His grasp of such a flagship project was so light it failed to leave a mark as it trundled towards calamity like a steam train with no brakes.’ they are hardly likely to be inspired with confidence - I think all the ones I have known would run a mile. Plenty of other more credible jurisdictions competing for their business, so why take the risk of coming to the IoM when the Minister for Enterprise and his Department are portrayed as such a shambles?
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    Clearly. So, in this case, there is no financial assistance required for the landowner, no production from the landowner, and no benefit to the public who support the cost of this owners property upkeep, and all of this under the umbrella of the named 'Agricultural Development Scheme', or should that be the 'Millionaire Freeloader take the piss out of the taxpayers and IOM Government scheme' ...
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    I find the countryside care system a distasteful scheme when we have food banks popping up and an elderly population who are continually getting squeezed out of every last penny. CCS Needs a complete overhaul.
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    Ah, yes, seen plenty of those converted (someone you know in the frame pie?) Wasn't the Director of Change and Reform post itself, to whom this one reports to, originally (as Business Change Manager for DJ Dan) a limited term appointment over two years? (answer = yes) That was just shy of a decade ago. Will be there 'til the incumbent wheelbarrows away the mega lump sum to the greenhouse.
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    Beggars belief that public money is handed out to recipients who cannot be named ! surely if a scheme is in place and they apply, fit the criteria, and it is granted, then there should be no problem with saying Mr X is granted x pounds his land falls under the scheme !! The mere fact that this has to be done in a cloak and dagger fashion perhaps speaks volumes about its veracity !
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    Two things...I’ll bet Malcolm Couch has called in every pair of incontinence pants the DHSC have in stock, as he’ll be pissing himself laughing for a week, and, secondly, for all his millions in undeserved land grants, can’t Quayle buy a shirt that cost more than £4.99 and a suit that (a) fits and (b) didn’t belong to his great-grandfather. What a slob. Actually...one more thing...and I’m serious; as someone posted above, given their relative youthfulness they look appallingly unhealthy. What message does that send out about the Island’s healthcare status (not quite as bad as Quayle and Charters I grant you). Perhaps it actually illustrates what the health services are up against. Corpulent, unhealthy twats burning millions of pounds but no calories.
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    They aren't giving him the keys to the bloodbank are they? He looks ravenous.
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    Absolutely on the money, "Either we set the rules or we don't" that is the crucial point ! For too long now many of the well intentioned naive dreamers at DEFA have had it far too easy being paid good salaries for sub standard performance,stupid initiatives and countless fiasco's. And again you go back to the oft used chestnut of equal access and not being allowed to discriminate one way of the other! So what exactly are the Scots bellyaching about ? The fact that they want to be treated differently than everybody else !! It's a bit like a thief complaining that you've finally closed the front door ,when you've always let him walk in and rob you in the past . Anybody with any spine would tell the Scots to do one! DEFA need to start both legislating and enforcing policy for the benefit of the Isle of Man and it's people that is in their job description, or why are they being paid ? There's another article on MR online from Mec Vannin regarding this subject for anybody interested enough with the Scots minister stating that he wants to "avoid restrictive measures if at all possible" the bellend! I thought that was the whole point of stock management ?
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    I’m continually confused by the suggestion that we can’t afford the Nye Bevan concept of health care, or that its over managed. UK spends less as a percentage of national income on healthcare than USA, France, Germany and many other first world countries. That in itself creates the crisis of capacity and waiting lists. We have fewer beds per 100,000 than any other first world country. Over the last 4 months I’ve experienced in and out patient care in both IoM and Liverpool. The medical and nursing care has been amazing in both. The facilities and speed of access and numbers of nurses per patient at Nobles are far superior than in Royal Liverpool. Just remember that if you live in remote Pennind villages, or in Snowdonia or the Lakes, your access to a hospital with the facilities of Nobles, or leading teaching centres of excellence won’t be better or faster than we get. For a small town hospital serving an 80,000 population Nobles and DHSC offer an amazing range of services in modern, well staffed facilities. Add to that transfer for treatment which DHSC pay for, not just fares but the treatment and inpatient stays as well, we are very lucky. The Royal is literally falling apart. Little or no maintenance, ( OK they’re supposed to be moving into a new building but they’re already 12 months delayed and now put back until at least May ), anything that can be outsourced is privatised and operated by Staff on minimum wages with poor T&C and morale, nursing levels are dangerously low. The ward I was on for 10 weeks was 2 under strength every shift, and if illness caused a no show on occasion had only 2 nurses and one Care assistant to deal with 24 extremely ill patients. They coped by being constantly running just to keep still. And they were lucky nothing big went down. Twice the power in the 4 bedded room I was in failed. Neither nurses nor patients were allowed to flick the earth leakage trip, had to wait for Carillion outsourced facilities management. 6 hours and 3 hours. Equipment wasn’t being repaired or replaced. It’s all going to be new in the new place. Why bother with the old. I don’t think it’s overmanaged, here or Liverpool. That’s just too simplistic. Running a large hospital with large staff, complex equipment and up to date services is nothing like running a 1940’s pre NHS cottage hospital with basic equipment but many beds and nurses. There are clear Spanish practices at both hospitals that make delivery of service and treatment inefficient. It’s been done that way for years, why change, appears to be the attitude. My experience has been that this extends through the entire system, from consultants, registrars, nurses, right through to cleaners and porters. Porters are a real example in Liverpool. They slow everything down. They don’t turn up on time. That delays patients and clinics. But they’re demotivated, on minimum wage, and seem to be poorly managed, they disappear for long unscheduled breaks. Consultants and senior and junior doctors always ask for your history. They’ve not read your up to date notes. Wastes time. But with staffing cut to the bone, Low pay to, and morale of, the employees of the outsourced services, and nursing and medical staff stretched beyond reason changes aren’t likely to happen without strong management. Fortunately Nobles hasn’t gone down the outsourcing route for savings. But medical and nursing recruitment and retention is problematic. I think Wrighty will confirm that a large part of the difficulty with medical staff is the pension scheme and the fact you can no longer swap between the IoM scheme and the UK one. That being said it works, just. 40 years ago what I have had a life expectancy between diagnosis and death of less than a month. Now remission survival at 1 Year is 90%+ and at 10 years is 80%+. It’s the best remission, cure and survival rate of any Leukaemia. Im on an experimental treatment protocol involving Arsenic Trioxide. If I’d been resident in Merseyside, North Wales and Cheshire I’d have been home after 5 weeks and the rest of my treatment on the day care ward. So I blocked a bed because IoM don’t offer the particular chemo here, yet, and don’t have a residential facility in Liverpool. We pay for that inpatient stay. I could have gone to an hotel. I’d have got £28 per night towards that. My current treatment consists of repeated cycles of 5 consecutive days and four weeks of twice per week until June. For the consecutive days I’ve chosen to stay in a hotel, rather than 5 day return flights. For the twice a week sessions I’m up at 4.30, Taxi at 5.30, plane at 7.10 and Home on the 20.00. I’ve been stuck once and Tuesday saw a delayed take off and 45 mins hold over Ronaldsway. It’s a long, exhausting day. Transport alone is costing the taxpayer £500 a week. The cost of treatment billed by Liverpool to DHSC will be more expensive. However DHSC are sending over two of its Oncology day ward nurses to Liverpool for training in delivery. Hopefully from February I can receive the chemo here. There’ll be a saving. It’ll be easier for me. However they’ll probably never see another case requiring this type of chemo. My gallows humour has been that it won’t be the Leukaemia or Arsenic that gets me, but the travel. The annual UK incidence of Acute Promyelocitic Leukaemia is 100-120. That’s one every 6 to 8 years in IoM. It means most GP’s will never see a case in their entire career. So I’m interested in the rationing question. How do you choose who is to have what? How do you decide what services and treatments to withdraw. How do you budget for a demand led Service? Isnt the answer that it needs a shakeup, there is streamlining available to improve capacity and delivery. What is needed is the political will to say that we will maintain a world class service, free at point of consumption, and pay for it, BUT, we will streamline delivery so as to get Best value for money out of the capital and Human Resources employed.
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    With respect.....it's that standard of judgement in this and a number of other issues that have left this Island in the position it now finds itself in. With the island itself and virtually every man, woman and child saddled with public debt for years, if not generations, to come. Those who made those judgements at the time, including AB, now enjoy lucrative retirement at those same taxpayer's expense with no questions asked. Given the circumstances, IMHO, those questions should remain.
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    Rodent’s perpetual freeloading around the globe is close to becoming a national scandal/embarrassment.
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    Whoever takes the job on next should talk to the shop floor staff not the management. These ministers are being very badly advised by people trying to protect their own little empires. They are not being told the truth about what is going on at the hospital and this is why we have another resignation. You will not learn about the problems by sitting in an office. Staff on the wards are extremely unhappy and instead of recruiting nurses we get more managers. People retiring with huge payouts return to fill the job they left, on a much inflated salary. This removes promotion prospects for others who then move away to get the recognition they deserve. We are losing nurses and gaining managers and you wonder why we are overspent each year. We spend massive amounts sending patients away instead of getting the specialists to come here for a fraction of the cost. Cuts are being made at the wrong end, open your eyes and talk to the people who actually do the work.
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    I'd have to get fit before I went to a gym.
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    A bitter pill to swallow but no one will starve: cut all government salaries on a sliding scale 5% - 25% or more. Tax governmnet employee pensions, and cap at £25k. The model simply can't work anymore. Ok so there were 'agreements' 20, 30, 40 years ago. Tough. Lots of things change. (cue Government stazi on behalf of them all, tab gettafa's ip, find, drag and bury up to the neck in the sand at low tide on Douglas Beach).
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    Cut 30% off the government & Tynwald establishment What would you do?
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    Requests for information or evidence from foreign jurisdictions are the bane of my working life; fortunately I’ve only ever had to do a couple; neither of which resulted in any prosecutions. I know from my dealings that these are dealt with by the Attorney General’s with assistance from the Police; probably now the FIU. The requests have to be detailed with what information they are wanting; relating to whom and why they are wanting it, demonstrating a link to suspected criminal activity; I know that one of the ones I dealt with had to be sent back as the request was too broad. Having been on the receiving end of these requests I’ve always found the AG’s and the Police to be efficient and helpful; I find it difficult to believe that they would just bin a request without sending a response to the requesting jurisdiction explaining why. Further details (better journalism?) would be helpful.
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    Some interesting factoids in your attachment ,especially the Bangor University observations made in May 17 about "Concerns" over stock levels ! So what do they do to combat these observations ? Hand out more licences it seems! As I see it the current lot down at DEFA are admittedly well intentioned , but are weak in the face of Northern Irish and Scotch fishery pressure leading to the "Equal Access" cop out . They're also appear not to be very good at maths, as equal access does not mean -- Manx based boats and owners paying crew ,local businesses for services,taxes etc @ approx 33% Off Island boats paying very little of the above, and landing directly away @ Approx 67%. Something needs to change drastically while we still have a local based fishery left to manage and first up would be department that start by putting the needs of the Manx tax paying public first as at the moment I cannot see how DEFA and the Manx Gov are complying with their own Departmental Act which is to act in the best interests of the IOM . I would offer that giving away over 2 thirds of our fishery in our territorial waters is not acting in the best interests of the IOM,but more rank cowardice or incompetence .
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    I’ll await making comment before I hear what deal Howard’s done with Nicola but when we have a countrysideside care system throwing money like confetti at some landowner farmers with no onward benefit to you or me except maybe a garage selling a Range Rover or two, the fishing fleet which actually creates wealth without subsidy or it having a proper strong representation to lobby affectively will struggle. i really hope it’s not a case of lift that carpet and get that brush boys or it’s taking for its usual walk in the long grass.
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    Looks like a pension funding operation to me....heavily disguised as a consultation about funding road upkeep. I like the way they've admitted that the manual workforce has shrunk by 50% though. I bet the management tiers didn't shrink that much though.
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    Nothing at all about fixing our dire roads, this is all about pension provision with much more to come in all walks of life.
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    I find it distasteful when a 200 acre plot of land, owned by a multi millionaire is in receipt of CCS allowance when there is nothing produced onsite. Worse still, the land is completely private, sealed off from the public, much to the annoyance of those who wish to walk the Raad ny Foillan coastal path. All well and good having a countryside care scheme, but what's the point if the public can't enjoy the benefit of it?!
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    These absolutist moralists would even deny abortion to the woman raped and impregnated by the black cab driver currently in the news again. Their infantile morality is a dangerous one and would deny freedom and human rights to women all over the world.
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    The original purpose of farming subsidies/ grants, across Europe, call them what you will, was to stabilise farmers incomes by supporting the cost of food. Powerful agricultural lobbies amended the original policy intention to support food production, to merely reward agricultural land ownership. This has led to the destruction of some of the countryside where wildlife areas have been decimated to make more agricultural land and thus claim more benefit for the landowner. Here the policy was taken a stage further where the countryside care scheme as it was renamed, created subsidies for land which was not used for agriculture but encompassed agricultural land used for other purposes where a degree of care for the countryside could be demonstrated. The policy in its current form is difficult to justify whilst front line services go down the pan, money is being paid to non farmers to look after their own property ! no one pays me to keep my garden presentable, and if they choose to let the land they are not using return to nature so much the better, there is a niche for wildlife tourism on the island if we did more to encourage it ! The days of greedy grasping landowners has to end, farmers who are producing food for the island and selling it here deserve our unreserved support, landowners who have their fingers in the public purse for no reason other than they can, should be curtailed ! My vote for Mr Moorhouse, for which I was most apologetic, may just bear fruit yet !!
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    Can you believe this cunt. He slags swordfish off blaming him as his neighbour now wants to redeem by helping him out. Who voted this dickhead in. This man is in Tynwald court and voting on "our" behalf. Bloody frightening.
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    “Incredibly complex” = “I haven’t got a fucking clue what I’m talking about...even though I’m a stable genius”.
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    Personally I'd rather have someone with no experience of Tynwald, but a shed load of the mess that is our NHS !
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    Woody2 has got them all right. Obviously, his answers will differ from the official ones, but he prefers his gut instinct over anything printed in the Guardian.