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    A cook, that was your role, I knew it!
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    So Jersey is actually looking to bring in a tighter work permit system for low wage workers just at the same time that we are being lobbied to do away with work permits by the Chamber of Commerce as apparently they are 'prohibiting growth' https://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/2017/09/16/work-permit-system-for-low-skilled-immigrants/ Seems mad that we are considering opening the gates, especially to low income workers who pay hardly anything in tax and who will suck up free taxpayer services, when a rival jurisdiction has obviously decided that it needs to put up the drawbridge.
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    3 times in 2 years I've had this bloody cheapskate round looking at my house. I know he's desperate to have it or he wouldn't keep coming back and we've had the conversation 3 times now, but the bastard just won't admit he's smitten with it and put his hand in his pocket. Wasting agent's and vendor's bloody time......... Next time he comes - and he will - we're gonna shut the curtains and pretend to be out! Tosser.
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    In this regard only we have a shared position, I too often have cause to wonder about the justice of ‘it’ all, if ‘it’ can be defined as causality, and effect, so far as the conduct of Government goes. In your interesting post, you have used the word ‘apparently’ three times, ‘appears’ once, ‘murky’ once, ‘concocted’ once. You obviously have some axe to grind large or small regarding the Irving’s, which is manifestly apparent from the composition of your post. Be that as it may. I am not qualified in the law and have ‘no dog in the fight’ to attempt to address the finer points of the judgment as handed down by the Deemster Corlett, but I do have observations to make about naïve businessmen, and failure to pay tax and national insurance by businesses on the Isle of Man. If the contention is that the Irving’s are to be held culpable and subject to public vilification because they jointly or individually failed to keep proper accounts or pay on demand tax and NI then let’s have equanimity and make all in that category subject to equal treatment. So, were the Directors of the Sefton Group who failed to pay tax and NI and who at various times claimed to Government that the company/ companies were balance sheet insolvent subject to public vilification? They were not publicly vilified. As they described it later before a Committee of Inquiry, they were valiant business warriors struggling against the tyranny of Graham Ferguson Lacey, a man Allan Bell described as a lunatic running the madhouse. They protested that they had done all they could to curb the excesses of GFL, in fact they hadn’t liked him or his business methods, and he in turn hadn’t much liked them, as they now told it. The facts are they hadn’t paid the company’s bills as they had fallen due, and the Government was a substantial creditor, however, a political decision was made not to go to the Courts to obtain a winding-up order and liquidate the Sefton Group companies. Then we have the matter of EuroManx. A company that kept no accounts or accurate financial records and was to all extents and purposes balance sheet insolvent almost, if not actually from the moment it was trading on the IOM. Those Directors kept no accounts, didn’t pay the bills as they fell due and owed the Government substantial sums of money. Ex-Chief Minister Brown described EuroManx as a company he and his administration ‘had become very fond of’. No application to the Courts to wind-up EuroManx by the Treasury or anybody else in the IOM Government was made. The final loss to the public purse is available to anyone wanting to know what that sum is by simple dint of effort to go and find it. Were those Directors subject to public vilification? No they were not. What about moves to disqualify post the inevitable court order to wind-up the Company, no, nothing was done. So who are the naïve businessmen? If being naïve is enough to visit dire consequences upon those culpable of it, then let the tumbrils roll and crowd them in, because on past events alone it would take more than one cart to carry them all Deemster Corlett in his judgment wrote that he found Mr Harding’s conduct ‘inexplicable’ and he stated that so far as Mr Carter was concerned a possible explanation for his conduct in regards with Mr Harding in the ‘conduct of the case is characterised by his willingness to bend over backwards to be fair to the Government's arguments rather than to be a fearless advocate for his own client’. Some may say that is an accurate description of someone who could be fairly described as a ‘lickspittle’. With regards to other aspects of his conduct others might say that he was self-admittedly well out of his depth, and was simply incompetent to deal with the matters he was being paid to deal with. If your face fits, is an expression often used to explain in short form the often inexplicable reasons why some are favoured and others are not. Why some are forgiven transgressions and others not, why some are made into mult-millionaires and others are laid low, why some companies are wound-up and others have multi-millions of public money provided to keep them afloat. The Irving’s case has done this much, it has given the public an object lesson of what can happen when your face doesn’t fit and people take it upon themselves to act on that. If we are to have things done in the IOM with a view to ‘justice’ , then let’s have justice applied equally. We are a long way from that as I see it from where we are standing now. As for Icarus, that is a much more apposite description to be made about the IOM Government’s modus operandi than any small businessman’s ambition that I have seen on the Isle of Man.
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    If he's unhappy with the situation he should get himself into government and try to make a difference. Oh right.
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    I can guarantee the finance officer wouldn't be the finance officer if he began questioning expenses
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    It's been a very troubling week in the end https://cueballsdiaryofasadman.wordpress.com/2017/09/08/this-week-pining-for-the-fjords-week-ending-8th-sept/ Also at @CueBall_iom via twitter
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    A lot of people are out on their own when they shouldn't be though. So-called "care in the community" has a lot to answer for in this regard. It sounds nice and progressive with the individuals' best interests at heart, but in too many cases it is simply out of sight, out of mind and "don't give a toss in the community". Many people who were institutionalised and quite content to be so were forced out onto the streets under the aegis of this revolution and a high proportion struggled badly from lack of support. Too much "in the community" and not enough "care".
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    Yes, that would be a better plan. We have far too much government, the Island seems to have developed into a tiny clone of the UK, rather than a place with government suitable to its size and population. A place this size could be run by a unitary authority, and our parliament does not require an upper chamber. We are smaller in area and in population than many unitary authorities in the UK. So get rid of the commissioners and their associated bureaucracy, get rid of the undemocratic Legislative Council and any bureaucratic support they have. Centralise everything, the Island is only 30 odd miles long and 14 miles wide, for goodness sake!
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    Lately there have been people moaning about the cost to the tax payer for to service FOI this perfectly demonstrates it is worth every penny. If only it had not been capped on the number of years it could go back to. Then, only then would the skeletons rattle and tales would be told.
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    Are we just taking all the bad points from the UK and implementing them here for a specific reason?
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    This really exposes just how clueless and running scared the administration really is. Problem: the PS Pension Liability is going to reduce the island residents into penury. Solution: import more taxpayers! Errr actually the liability will remain the same number of unaffordable £'s. But hell, if you're long gone with your overly generous pension due to being stupidly over-graded because of a propensity to create the illusion that it's somehow a country in it's own right then what the hell! After all, by then it's someone else's problem....
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    Do 'we' 'need' more people? Short and factual answer is no, we (the people who presently live here) do not need more people living here to maintain a decent standard of living. A number of examples of jurisdictions with lower population densities doing 'better' than us proves this. It is probably in the short term financial interest of a small number of people to increase the population density, however short term that will place additional strain on underfunded services if no other change is made to take that increase in to account. Long term will likely worsen the demographic time bomb we already have, as no doubt their darling key note speakers such as Mr Mellon would tell them if they wanted to listen.
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    My experience is that it works well, on the whole, and that the screw up rate is no worse, and probably better, than across. I've been to a clinic this morning. Only saw GP a week ago. Had an array of tests yesterday. Consultant had results on screen as I was with him. My GP also has them on screen at the surgery and I can see them on line via Patient Access app on my phone/tablet. Thats what costs, the staffing by skilled, qualified personnel, the technology that does talk and communicate. im now waiting a phone call from Liverpool to confirm admission time, probably Monday. Ive been given patient transfer info, but I'm going to go under my own steam, boat and take car, or fly. The place isn't over managed. That isn't where the money goes. it goes on day to day care, medicine, front line staff. We are so lucky, as 83.000 people, on a rock in the Irish Sea, to have a high tech and all encompassing service. Yes, there are bottle necks, waiting lists, and niggles, and occasionally serious errors happen. Im glad it's there, however. Anyway, you may all be lucky and I may not be posting as frequently, or I may be sitting in my hospital bed, bored, and post much more.
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    I was surprised that Tony Wild's bar bill wasn't bigger
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    I was always told that something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. Thus, if houses are not selling someone has got their prices wrong or their expectations in the wrong place.
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    Of he simply might have integrity and didn't want the ratepayers picking up the tab for the devious and stupid way the Commissioners went about it?
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    Hi Chris and thanks for the reply. I'm stepping back into the background now, I'm a nobody as we all are on here with respect to gov.im, we only pay our taxes and rates to keep our island going. I've tried to make my points to you which you have deftly not really answered and half addressed. If all you can claim in a year is the digital strategy it is no surprise people are questioning your departments role and output, I and others on here expected a long list actually... not belittling the work that's gone into the digital strategy. I looked at the FOI link you posted on the structure of your department, very enlightening. I would urge you and others here to consider the ratio of managers, exec officers, Directors versus admin and lower staff. I reckon it's 60/40 towards 70/30 chiefs v Indians. Look at it as a hard pressed taxpayer Chris and ask yourself if it shows good value! I note your comment around the transfer of staff skewing the figures. Chris if that transfer had not occurred between DHSC and DEC those front line department FTE figures would have stayed the same making your department stand out even more. Most on here would not consider your dept to be 'front line' in any way and you still imho have not justified a 7-8% rise in staff. In all seriousness though, I would urge you to read and digest this thread and the comments from Posters which have been presented respectfully and honestly and in a plain and direct manner which I thank posters for. It does confirm your recent survey that frankly, people are getting more disillusioned with gov. They voted new members in for change which simply is not happening. I expect this administration to talk a lot, delay a lot, commit a lot to committee, and long grass a lot, but achieve nearly as much as the last on, i.e. very little. In your reply you again appeared to defend social housing blockers whilst forgetting the people with no choice at the bottom who rely on you to defend their poor outlook. Don't look at rebates, don't defend delays supporting blockers, address those blatant blockers now, those with means, income, wealth, second properties. Simply start there, now, in the name of those without, with nothing, who need a start and need a house. In delaying this government is morally bankrupting itself. Force Mr Cannan to publish the economic return of our HNWI by numbers and link the tax cap to returns. Declaring and legalising worldwide income for the fee of £150k tax cap is not enough justification to make me and others on our isle pay nearly 4 times more proportionately than them to pay for our services here (3% v 11%). Us normal taxpayers need more reasons to understand why it is acceptable for us to play 4 times more. Push on the rates review but make the system and bands fair for those in the bottom bands so they do not subsidise those high bands so disproportionately. It is so blatantly unfair. Take Lisvane more seriously and address what people here want you to look at, the MLC role and it's value. It's not difficult, just do it. Address and review new MHK pensions, or you may be forcing the next PSPA chairman into an impossible position as more new MHKs come in, worse still because it is exactly the same scenario as we have now. Not enough in, for what you get out! I explained the detail earlier. I know this is one area that will never be looked at though... Most importantly, do something and do it soon. As lxxx says progress is too slow. You didn't answer this one earlier so I'll post it again.... "Do you think your dept is a good example of gov living within its means in these austere times whilst you hammer the poor (changed from sick) and those at the lower end whilst long grassing issues that might compromise those at the top of the ladder?" Remember we are all in this together. Best regards as ever
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    I bet you can't even cook
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    How many years has he been happy to take the salary and pension whilst running his own business?
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    This. In a nutshell, P.K. And we all know who the parties are. Taxation policy should have been looked at as soon as the VAT bombshell hit. You cannot remove 1/3 of income from a country, state, corporation or individual without taking stock and applying other means of replacing it if you're going to carry on in the style to which you've been accustomed. But we've tried to do just that, "fortunately" we had the reserves that allowed us to do it to date. To look at the taxation strategy to the necessary degree would have meant a climbdown from policy and a massive loss of face from its instigators (and brickbats for those instigators from their influencers). We have sacrificed necessity for egos, IMHO. Now those instigators have departed, the necessary can be addressed. Tax cap has already been looked at. I predict corporation tax next...tin hat on...
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    I could quite happily post it myself on there to be honest. Most people seem to have got the funny side of this to be honest and taken it for what it is which is an attempt at humour. I don't think it's rude or specifically attacking him at all as it's a pure parody of his own blogging style taken up a few notches and it was only ever meant to be that. It's certainly not a personal attack and from the feedback I've had (outside of the abusive stuff I've now started getting) everyone has said the tone and style is pretty much bang on. Maybe that's what is really the issue and its hit a nerve? I don't know but I saw his first post on IOM News and Politics which I was disappointed with. If I had wanted it to be vicious or nasty believe me it would have been but I only set out to entertain and that's the truth. It was just such good material to parody. Maybe there's a hint there? Also to be honest I'm disappointed that a site I like very much (IOM News and Politics) has apparently banned links to a humorous website on the specific instructions of an MHK. As has already been said above - so much for free speech. Some might assume that it doesn't exist in the IOM even in circles that claim their very existence is to be a catalyst for open and uncensored debate. @CueBall_iom
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    This whole plan is purely to fund the public sector pensions. Solution: Reduce those pension benefits by 50%+ (except, I would suggest, those below a certain threshold) Economy: Fixed. (replies including the words "turkeys" and "vote" welcomed)
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    legalise cannabis and prostitution. job done, plus it's at least as ethical as preying on addiction, ripping pensioners off and laundering money as we do now
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    "Sigh" so what you are saying is that you don't understand how the upkeep of roads is financed. The cost of the road infrastructure is met through general taxation because it is incredibly high. Therefore every tax payer pays for the upkeep of roads. If you didn't do it this way then VED would be eye wateringly more than it is now. You might want to respond about such and such MHK droning on about "road tax" and "increases to pay for roads" but that isn't how it works. So if you want to piss higher up a lamp post than a cyclist about his/her contribution to the upkeep of roads make sure you are paying more income tax than he/she is first.
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    its never exactly busy in there these days, i suspect it was barely ticking over and having to find 90k now will be the last straw. shame it wasn't owned by the sefton group cos there just wouldn't be a money problem then.
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    Being prepared to spend time on your knees, hands cupped and mouth open awaiting the cumming of the lord opens doors? I thought it only got you a Ministerial post! That being said, any person who either lacks the intelligence to see through the comical fiction on which all religion is based, or who lacks the decency to not abuse those have been indoctrinated to believe, without question, those works of fiction is most definitely unfit to comment on either morals or lifestyles. By their subscription to and promotion of any religion they show themselves to be unfit to hold any office with the exception of one within their own cult. The choice to abort should be only for the pregnant woman to make. This woman's comments regarding rape make me feel physically sick, her saying that some may claim they have been raped in order to be allowed to abort shows just how twisted and sick minded she is.
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    Anti-abortionists invariable believe that life begins at conception probably because they think it blocks further discussion on so many inconvenient contra-arguments. Unfortunately it also means that a clump of cells that has no viability unless they move to a different place and successfully implant, have more rights than the person in whose body they find themselves.
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    The inhumane lack of compassion would be stunning until the realisation that she is, probably, blinded by religious fundamentalism.
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    There's one of Parkinson's Laws that states something along the lines of "The larger and more expensive the item, the less time people will spend taking about it - and the smaller and cheaper, the more time". I think he formulated before he came to live on the Island, but he'd certainly find plenty of examples here. In this case while everyone is fulminating over Watterson spending £3.79 on paracetamol[1][2], the real story about where the £16K went is being left undiscussed. According to the Falklands Islands Government: The official arrival date for delegates, invited observers and guest speakers is Monday 11th February, with departure on Friday 15th February. However, some delegations have chosen to arrive early, on Saturday 9th, in order to have the opportunity to explore the Islands further. While the Manx delegation did arrive on the 9th, they actually stayed on till the 16th, extending by three nights overall (see p 6 for original schedule). This explains why the hotel bills (pages 11, 19 and 21) covers seven nights but only includes charges for three. According to the press release above: The delegate’s respective branches meet travel costs, with the Falkland Islands responsible for local costs, so the Falklands would have paid the other four nights. So the Tynwald delegation had decided to extend their stay by three nights and it was paid for by the taxpayer, though apart from various nebulous 'meetings' that could have taken place any time and laying a wreath (ditto) it's difficult to see what they needed the extra time for. The trouble with leaving on the 16th was that they were already on a very tight timetable to get back to the Island for Budget Day on Tuesday 19th. They were travelling back via Santiago, Madrid and London City. When it was announced that there was "a threat of strike action by air traffic control in Spain" on the return they panicked and got the travel agent to arrange flights back via Paris and Manchester (see page 7). This cost an extra £7,195.05[3] as obviously the idea that such an important event as the Budget could take place without them was unthinkable. So what was already a very expensive trip became a lot more so. Still I'm sure that lessons have been learnt. [1] That's the link for the FoI reply I forgot to supply in my previous comment with all the receipts from the participants. Subsequent page numbers refer to this document. What actually worries me is what Watterson was smelling like after two days travel if he didn't buy any deodorant till he got there. [2] Those who are worried about Mr Watterson's vision after he had "lots of prodding around with a cue tip" in his eye according to IOM Newspapers, can presumably be reassured that rather than him getting into a fight with the local pool team, it's just that our press doesn't know that Q-tip is a US propriety brand of cotton buds. [3] It's not clear what happened to the fourth member of the party, the wife of the Clerk of Tynwald, Roger Phillips. She may have made her own way back using the original flight to Madrid, given the actual effect of the strike (which seems to have been of airport workers rather than ATC) appears to have been rather limited.
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    That job could have been written for someone who has just left the police force and was looking for something to do with his time.
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    Policies and approaches live on for far too long after their political perpetrators have departed. Too many on this Island still signed up to and believing Bell's Bullshit. Time for a reset on outlook - with a serious injection of realism. Property ownership is not a guarantee of endless rising equity on this Island. And hasn't been for quite some time.
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    I met an individual at the week-end who I recalled as being a cheerful , well-motivated person who enjoyed working in the NHS .They apparently got on well with other staff and seemed well liked by patients and enjoyed their job - for which they they had spent a good number of years in training. They looked upset .They had not worked for some time and told me of their plans not to return to the job "and just want to get out of it and do something else". Why?Apparently they are harried by "management".They went on to describe how the' triangle " of management in the NHS has become distorted. It has not just become an inverted triangle, but at middle management level there has been considerable "lateral" growth in "sideways promotions" and job creations to produce what this person described as a management structure that now resembled a sort of round-edged plump "diamond shape " .This management bulge bears down on the few at the "sharp end" who, now short in number, and with fewer being recruited or retained become under increasing pressure to do more with less. The impression this individual gave is that moral is low and that the issue of expenditure - important to us all , is not so much at the patient/NHS interface sharp end - be it with nurse,doctor ,technician etc., but at this management bulge, who have little or no patient contact and whose roles seem hard to define yet reputedly pay rather well.
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    No, it isn't the case that only the vet's opinion applies; all opinions are legitimate. But which carries the more credibility when the point at issue is the fitness of a horse to undertake a particular physical activity? The opinion of a specialist equine vet, or the opinion of a goon making a protest?
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    I think you're right. There have been several serious injuries though, including 7 major trauma calls on Wednesday alone with 3 off-island transfers. We've managed to fill the major trauma centre's trauma ITU again, and I know that many of the injuries have been life changing, if not ending. I don't know whether to say 'well done to all concerned' or 'FFS, isn't it about time this mayhem was canned?'. Or perhaps both.
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    It doesn't really matter where they come from, or via where. The UK has its own controls. The fact it's incompetent in operating them in a way you want, and that the figures it produces are wrong and meaningless is down to the UK, not the EU.
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    Callister's smug moon face is pretty horrendous too. From what I've seen from lurking on the IOM politics group, I think that Corrin has banned any mention of Buster's past on the basis that "it's in the past". Which is yet another hilarious example of the hypocrisy on that site when it comes to free speech. Buster is a convicted conman and from his postings on there he also appears to have narcissistic personality disorder, assuming that everyone wants to hear his view and that every post is somehow about him. Corrin is basically his enabler on there. The sensible part of me wants to just leave the page but the voyeur in me secretly enjoys the absolute fuckwittery displayed by the chief protaganists on there.
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    I visit the hospital regularly at various times of the working day. I assume you don`t, otherwise you would not come out with claims like "the hospital car park in its is rarely full". Not only is it full but every grass verge is fully parked.
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    She has a strong Glaswegian accent. She is a very accomplished self made business woman. I hope she does spend some of her time here.
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    Her religious belief was probably what got her the job as Head of Pregnancy Advice. Being a good Christian opens a lot of doors on the Isle of Man.
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    I have just called the Liverpool Royal to get an idea of when my next appointment in Orthopaedics and Trauma is scheduled, as I have an increased pain level. I was told that it hadn't been scheduled yet as they had been awaiting a report which had now arrived. She then told me that there is a long waiting list for appointments and I wouldn't be seen until November! Well, once I had stopped laughing, I told her that would be fine. It wasn't the fact that I could be seen so soon in comparison to the island, just that the NHS secretary thought that a two month wait was excessive.
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    I don't know what you do for a living, but if you're not a writer you should be. That is brilliant.
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    Perhaps luckily before he went on to kill or seriously injure some other person or himself.
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    Thanks. That's nice of you to say. This weeks has just gone up. https://cueballsdiaryofasadman.wordpress.com/
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    Place is riddled with manx nationalists. They don't even have hairstyles let alone cash machines
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    But charging everyone for something just because a small minority abuse it, just makes matters worse. It's making the innocent (and sick) pay for the guilty and well. If there is abuse, it can't be beyond the wit of the lawyers to write a bye-law to clamp down on it and the security staff to keep an eye out for persistent offenders. And, as with all these 'clever' government schemes, there seems no consideration of how much this 'saving' will actually cost to administer[1] - either by taking on extra staff or contracting out to an independent company, who will end up retaining a lot of the takings (and no doubt end up with a recently retired DHSC official on the Board). That's before you start to add on Furthermore there is bound to be endless scope for embarrassing stories of individual patients badly treated. Richard Butt must be rubbing his hands at the prospect of all those front page sob-stories. So politically it is storing up a lot of future trouble. The Scottish Government abolished such charges where they could and the Welsh Government is doing similar. So moving the other way, especially when the Hospital is out in the countryside and doesn't have a great bus service, looks a bit foolish. [1] It would be interesting to know if the Hospital Shop is making enough profit to cover both the FTE four staff required to run it (plus associated costs) that Chris Thomas said have been taken on since taking it 'in-house' and the payments that they got from Westminster Garage for rent.
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