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    If you don't like the TT why not form a group, elect a chairperson, spokesman, treasurer. Then get the treasurer to buy the 43 boat tickets for you all to fuck off on the boat tomorrow.
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    Let’s not let the facts get in the way. Hes Latvian. He was living in the UK. He came here for work, which he has lost. Waiter on a ship sounds suspiciously like seasonal steward on a ferry. Unless he’s been here 5 years ( which I don’t think he has ) he doesn’t qualify for benefits or social, or sheltered housing; and our rehab facilities are inadequate for locals. The offence is non imprisonable, so exclusion wasn’t really an option. Yes he’s been fined. As he was NFA it would be subject to a pay forthwith condition. So yes, he’ll go to prison for non payment, but not for long enough to be seen by prison psychitric services or anything to be done. He got 6 days in default. On 31st. He’d serve half. Prison doesn’t release at weekends. He’d have been released on 1st June. Transport off Island is difficult just now. i know what I’d have been tempted to do if I’d been representing him. Persuade bench to conditionally discharge him, not impose costs, condition of discharge to leave IoM and not return for 2 years, and out of my meagre Legal Aid fee ( no doubt he was represented under the duty advocate scheme ) I’d have paid for his ticket to England. Or used funds from the Law Society Charity to buy his ticket. Or even tried to persuade the bench to have a whip round. ( I’ve successfully done all three of those ) i know it just exports the problem, but on his release he no doubt still had no money still wasn’t able to afford the fare, and he may do something else that does get him excluded.
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    This sort of makes my point - are you saying that the TT ran for 100 years without such a group? I understand that motorsport is inherently dangerous, and that there will always be tragic accidents when road racing - there's talk of Dan Kneen being hit by a pheasant, that sort of thing. But there are also many examples where safety is not the prime consideration. You've said on here before about the 'stringent medical testing' that goes on to make sure everyone is fit to race. Not according to this article about Ian Hutchinson "The plaster cast was far too thick so I had some carbon fibre in the garage and made my own cast which was 2mm thick. "I didn't tell anyone what had happened, I just told them that my leg was fixed. I couldn't tell anybody, I wouldn't have been able to race. "Potentially that was stupid." So a top TT rider is admitting to flouting medical checks and riding with a cast under his leathers. This was in 2012. His 'stringent medical check' clearly consisted of 'You OK to race? Great, carry on!'. I have no reason to suspect it is not still happening, and during TT, virtually every year, I see riders come in who in my opinion should not have been out there in the first place due to recent injuries. And then there is age. I heard David Coulthard on Radio 4 yesterday, and he was asked what makes F1 drivers retire, which he did at 37. He said it was reaction time. He reckons he peaked in his abilities at around 30-31, and at 37 he just wasn't on it. We have entrants to the TT with OAP bus passes. Is this really how the organisers of the 'pinnacle of motorsport' want their event to be seen? I actually like the TT. We're having a great festival this year, particularly with the weather we're enjoying. I hope it continues for years to come. But to do so it has to be seen to be more safety conscious. At the moment it's the hero worship of the risk takers (they're gladiators! He loved to race, despite the risks! etc) and the seemingly blase attitude to general safety that will wreck it. In my opinion.
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    Radio Gawne. It's like the Young Farmer's concert on a Sunday morning. But without the young. And without the jokes. I can never hear Phil Gawne without thinking of all those £millions he managed to make us all pay for his already wealthy farming and landowning friends to receive in government grants.
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    Sorry, you’re quite right. Tetraplegia is far preferable to having to use a bit of goo-gone to remove the sticker glue on one’s return to the continent. Forget I suggested it.
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    I completely disagree - LegCo. members are just as much a part of Tynwald as MHKs. If, during a meeting of LegCo, one of these ladies voices the opinion "Whilst scrutinising this Bill I've formed the view that Government's intentions are misplaced and I'm opposed to X, Y and Z", that's completely legitimate. If, during a sitting of Tynwald, a LegCo. member asks the CM (or any Minister) a question, or stands to speak against a government motion, that's completely legitimate too. Don't let the fact that Beecroft (who does indeed have a horrible whiney voice) is indeed trying to hijack this for personal promotion, obscure the issue that Quayle is trying to bully and subjugate individuals who have every right to speak out against his government. Someone has to, because the ranks of silent, compliant MHKs most certainly aren't.
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    Even nice threads about incest end up getting all political these days.
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    Also reports circulating that a crazy man from Onchan has been enjoying VIP hospitality and posting an astonishing amount of self indulgent blog style photos of himself and the Heir to the Commonwealth.................
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    I love the Red Arrows, the display has been a part of the TT for the best part of half a century, I guess. (Someone will tell us when they first displayed at the TT, but I can remember them from childhood.) Why anyone would be sniffy about a free to the masses display, I cannot understand. Mind you, I suspect the negatives are really just a reminder that there are those of us who are far more intellectual and somewhat more superior than the rest of us. Probably the same bunch of intake who really think that the TT is just a huge inconvenience rather than an intrinsic part of living here. I have no great love or understanding of motorbike racing, but I love seeing the island alive and people actually enjoying the place.
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    We can't stop the TT even if we wanted to. We just bought the Steam Packet FFS. And we paid the profit out to the previous owners at the current level for the next 8 years. Can't have private enterprise benefiting for 111 years of shipping bikes and riders to and fro, and then the week after the government takes over we throttle the golden goose. Government would look a bigger bunch of tits than they have ever looked over any cock up in the past. End of discussion.
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    The soundbite on MR from Thomas is an absolute masterpiece of saying utterly nothing, but with the added dimension of almost being a stream-of-consciousness sort-of-English-but-is-it-really... nothing. Quite genuinely, I’m starting to admire the man for having spent this long in Keys, spoken ceaselessly, said absolutely zero, and not been called out for it. There’s a certain (useless and pointless) genius to that.
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    But is it? He wasn’t just standing on a closed road, was he? What are the consequences of breaching a road closing order? Endangering his own life. Endangering the lives of Marshall’s and police endangering the lives of racers delaying the start of a practice or race session. extending the road closing period to the disadvantage of people living on the course, wanting to drive on the course when it reopened, trapping spectators and race officials on the course ( especially the mountain )
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    They wouldn't go so fast and would be super careful if there were cyclists up there.
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    My word, you have assimilated quickly.
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    To claim mr morphet was doing this for the good of the isle of man, citing his flitting about in a helicopter as some sort of bizarre evidence, is taking it a bit far in my opinion.
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    There was a very good BBC NI documentary on last year about the world of road racing. It featured the thoughts of the riders and their families about their road racing careers. In many cases it was a way of life, not just for the rider but for the families of the riders involved too, helping them set up at meetings, assisting with the pit stops etc. The subject of rider deaths came up. Some riders admitted they were probably selfish to their family by taking part in road racing knowing the risks. Others said they didn't overly think about death, despite having close friends who had died racing. They weren't the mad individuals that some think they are, but committed racers in their chosen career. All supported by their families. There was a female rider, whose name I can't recall, who was in a relationship with Malachi Mitchell-Thomas who was tragically killed at the NW200. Yet after his death she still continued racing. Any race death is tragic. And to suggest fans just forget about the deaths is incorrect. Alot of these riders are heroes to the fans, why would they want to see them killed? Whether racing should continue on the Isle of Man is another debate for residents and government. (Although I never fully understand anyone who hates the racing voluntarily moving to an island that is famous for racing). Anyone Manx born and bred, i can see they haven't been given a choice in the matter. For the subject of roadracing itself, I think that can only be a decision for the riders and their families whether they want a family member to take part. For the future of the TT and MGP which I enjoy spectating, should there be a referendum to decide whether it continues?
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    Interesting that there is no mention of the Ballacriy incident on Manx Radio website. The loss of Dan is tragic and very sad, but the course car incident has much bigger ramifications. I cant see how things can continue tonight, if the ACU, Police and HSWI become involved. I’d expect an awful lot of work to be done in order to prove that it can never happen again before things recommence. Thoughts with all involved. That will have been a very tough night at every level.
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    Maybe, maybe not, but many people will have seen the incident and know what happened but the chances that any of the local news media will report anything except the organisers statement even if they know anymore are close to zero. Similarly the idea that they might get somebody to find out anymore seem pretty minimal. I appreciate serious accidents are unpleasant, but I do think news media have a duty to report what they know and or investigate rather than appear to wait until they get the go ahead from the organisers. Please note I am not referring to speculation, only what they are pretty certain are the facts of the matter. Nature abhors a vacuum.
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    I agree with Cretneys statement and Robertshaws opinion and I would say Ladies is you have a conscience carry on asking questions, ignore the farmer.
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    We were given all the wrong numbers in my maths exam too.
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    It's a cunning plan to identify the next generation of the island's civil service. If you can blag your way through knowing absolutely nothing about the subject matter then a job for life awaits.
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    I wish to God you would shut the fuck up, piss off and stand in the middle of a road somewhere.
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