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    And yet we still need £300,000 spending at the airport so less passengers suffer less delays £80,000,000 spending on the port to process less passengers £30,000,000 on the Liverpool dock £11,000,000 on a cruise terminal i genuinely fucking despair at how much managing a total decline in everything is costing the taxpayer to be ‘managed’ by people who are basically fucking clueless.
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    Easy to increase visitor numbers - take control of the boats and discount ferry crossings massively. I suspect the SPC is the main reason for the decline as they have shareholders to answer to who are only interested in sweating their assets, and such a vital part of our economy and infrastructure should be owned by the people.
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    No, Stu, it isn’t. The media used to separate news, fact reporting, from opinion. The distinction is still valid. However most times what is presented as news is in fact opinion. In the case of this gentleman it’s all opinion. Is his opinion worthy of even being brought to the attention of audiences, and if it is presented, doesn’t it require the most rigorous challenging and testing?
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    Outside of following the actual sporting events I found the coverage intensely irritating to be honest. The edited coverage on Twitter has been good but Manx Radio yet again seemed to easily manage to turn it into a corporate wank-fest of tiresome government ‘Team IOM’ drum beating and all the other back slapping smiley faced shite we are forced to watch and listen to when ‘important’ people from government are involved in something. As for Jo Pack she is simply awful.
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    Plans look good though....
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    Don't know how "representative" I am. I am retired early and have sufficient to live a "reasonable" lifestyle, definitely not extravagant. We rarely go out for meals on the IOM, only buy food and essentials when on the IOM. We spend some months a year in UK and Europe in our campervan where we regularly eat out and buy "special" clothes etc as always much cheaper off Island. The costs here are very high.
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    You got them banned albert. Remember?
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    Good. It needs slimming down massively
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    I generally take that view with new MHKs. With the MLCs, though, they're fair game - they've taken a post on £50k year out of the public purse, that has no public input into their selection and they didn't have to go through a rigorous appointment process (they basically won an exclusive raffle) and won't be subject to the normal performance reviews and management oversight that other public employees have. During the recruitment hustings most were contemptuous of the public having a role in the election of MLCs and of the notion that the democratisation of Tynwald was necessary. If you hold the public in contempt they will hold you in contempt back. Maybe, some will turn out to be OK, two or three have been in the past decade, but when their first act is to accept a promotion and a £10k pay rise you can understand the skeptical response.
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    And only last week we had Chris Thomas on here telling us how wonderfully attractive they're making the island to people!
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    I'm sure she would love to be paid and pensioned off. We'd all love for that to happen, were it not for the fact she'd be handsomely rewarded out of taxpayers money for being an abject failure.
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    fancy nobody telling him these things aren't allowed here. it must be our fault.
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    i commend ms cubbon for presumably keeping a straight face
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    To quote:- "The Mother of stupid is always pregnant."
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    I have been through Ronaldsway probably 6 times in as many weeks recently. The problem is twofold - people do not slide along the metal tables after filling their trays so people behind in the queue cannot start to offload their stuff, and there is only one scanner. Those issues cannot cost 300k to solve, surely?
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    What a shame they took one sentence out of the entire speech as a “headline grabber”. There is nothing in that entire speech that is untrue. Enoch Powell was accurate in his view on the future of Great Britain.
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    He's tough as old boots. If anybody can battle, he can. Hope he's fighting fit soon
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    Wasn't the new build locomotive costed at £700k? The Cabbage was £400k? Plus the £250k (admitted so far) that they've had to spend? I've posted before, I reckon £1M will be burned on this. And then we'll get 10 grand for it from Costain's.
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    Many years ago, I was with Lancashire Police when Pauline Clare took up post as the UK's first female chief constable. working with her command team, she systematically went through every rank from Chief Super to Inspector. Those that were deemed 'dead wood' had it made untenable to stay. Those that had a 'bright future' were promoted. It was brutal, but it did the job and took the county forward in great strides. However it is achieved within the DHSC, doesn't matter. Its the transformation that needs to happen as quickly as possible. So far, David Ashford seems to have things happening on his watch. Lets give the guy some support, and a chance to make a difference.
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    We did but it wouldn't of made a few people wealthy beyond their dreams!
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    It has been that for decades already.
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    That’s their marketing strap line.
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    It's not just the Public Sector per se. It's the proportion of middle and upper echelons as compared to the coalface ranks. Those middle and upper stratae have been allowed to build and grow untrammelled in the empire building exercises. Jobs for mates a lot of it too. Even where no qualifications and/or relevant experience exists. And employment terms and conditions then render them impregnable. But the elected who should be sorting it out come and go and have neither the time, experience or balls to get a grip of the situation.
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    Rule of thumb in health services has always been that in acute services (ie hospitals) 70-75% of the costs are salaries and wages. The remaining amount is what pays the rest of the day-to-day running costs, of everything else such as food, heat, light, power, drugs, and consumables such as rubber gloves, reagents in the labs etc. Add into the equation that many of the services have to comply with UK guidance or the Island would not have medics here in the first place. So for example, in Obstetrics & Gynaecology (Obs & Gynae), the Royal College of Obs & Gynae say that the maximum on-call any of the consultants should be doing is 1 in 4. So that means automatically the Island has to have 4 consultants (minimum) = £1m (salary, on call, training, equipment, sundries, 'merit awards', holiday cover etc.) However, the IOM generally only produces 800-1000 live births per annum, and a 'viable unit' is seem by the aforementioned Obs & Gynae College is a minimum of 3500 live births. Statistically, 3500+ gives consultants experience of the majority of things that happen in that discipline. So, the 4 IOM consultants don't get the requisite experience they need, or if they do, not enough of them. Consequently, and unfortunately, in cases such as premature babies or those born with complications, they often have to be sent to the UK = Cost (albeit there are contracts in place for such things but those have 'floors and ceilings' and when exceeded additional costs get charged). In addition, there are some clinical specialities that there are a scarcity of consultants in the UK (e.g. dermatology, child psychiatrists) which the Island needs to run its every day service. To get them to provide essential cover, the IOM Health services have to pay high locum costs. Even if they do manage to get say 1 consultant in a difficult to recruit to speciality the Health Service stills have to pay high locum costs when that consultant takes holidays, training (CPD), falls sick etc which approximates to 8 weeks a year. I could go on but I am sure you can see where this is going. And that is before you start to look at the issues that arise in Primary Care (e.g GPs, Dentists, Opticians, Pharmacists, Physios etc). So to find our health services in dire straights is no real surprise, as evidenced by what is happening elsewhere. The fundamental problem is people are living longer and are now being treated for conditions that 20 or 30 years ago they would have died from much sooner. Also, due to innovations in care and pharmaceuticals, people are living with chronic conditions much longer than even 15 years ago. Which is great, but it comes at a cost which as a society we need to understand and are prepared to pay for. However, those that decide on how the financial cake is split, aka, politicians, don't understand health, or if they do are exceedingly naive in their understanding. They invariably come from background where it is not the done thing to challenge a doctor, far less a consultant; some of whom make a small fortune out of exploiting the situation that the IOM health services finds itself in by creating waiting lists that force patients to go privately to see them. Given our population size, and the incidence of illness, things like the UK 18 week Referral to Treatment for cancer, should easily be achievable here. And it is if you go private. Go NHS and for some specialities and the waiting list is well in excess of 12 months. So what do we do? Well a good starting point would be to : First, accept that the health services here on the IOM are 'general services' they do not provide specialisms, and if they claim to, who would you rather see - someone who is treating your condition half a dozen times a day or once a fortnight? Accept that health care costs here are going to be more expensive than the UK NHS (who is used as the benchmark) for a number of reasons some of which are touched upon above. If the Island is not prepared to pay the premium then we need to decide what we treat well, effectively and with good outcomes and move the rest to a provider either on or off-Island who can do it properly but accept this will come at a cost. However, if we cannot get things like raising prescription charges sorted out without wringing of hands and claims of how people will immediately fall over and die, our future is not healthy.
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    It really doesn't need 300k. For a trial period at least, make a few layout changes and turn on the second scanner. Turn the scanners 90° towards the departure lounge and extend the metal tables in an L shape from the door to the scanners. Have the body scanner between the luggage scanners and the departure lounge. FFS it is not feng shui, but simple logistics.
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    One can only hope that one of these magistrates has need of a paramedic.
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    Only read this thread to see who had died.. no one - you let yourself down, the forum down, everybody down.
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    It's all too easy to waste money when it isn't your own or you are not in danger of losing your job for doing so!
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    Why, oh why, do we have to copy the UK? One of the joys of living here used to be that we were a little bit different to the mainland in attitude and still held some common-sense laws on the statute book - alas, no more with a PC civil service dictating policy to the Parish Council. Speed Cameras - just where are these 'speed hot spots' where reckless drivers are causing repeated accidents? Exactly, there are none. On a daily basis 99% of drivers comply with a speed limit or drive at an appropriate speed to suit road conditions. Speed cameras achieve nothing apart from enforcing (a probably questionable) speed limit for 50 yards. The majority in the UK are nothing more than revenue collection points. Speed limits outside built-up areas are not required. There are numerous laws already in force such as 'dangerous driving' or 'driving without due care and attention' that can be levelled against drivers whom the Police consider to be contravening those laws. Those same charges can equally be brought against 35mph drivers holding up a 1/2 mile queue of traffic between Douglas and Peel. The days of 'Traa dy liooar' are long-gone. Believe it or not, some of us have meetings to attend, appointments to keep and flights to catch. Road positioning at junctions, indicating at junctions, general situational awareness - the list of poor standards over here is endless (it's no better on the mainland but we are still a relatively small community and should be able to do something about it). Lets' put some clear, black tarmac between ourselves and the UK again starting with an overhaul of the driving test combined with a revision and enforcement of driving standards combined with a compulsory 'standards check' at 70 and every 5 years thereafter and finishing with a new law that would cover all, speeders and crawlers alike at all times of the day or night and in any weather condition: 'Failure to drive in accordance with the prevailing road conditions'.
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    https://www.jobtrain.co.uk/iomgovjobs/displayjob.aspx?jobid=6977 I’ll happily give a reference
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    Davie has got a grip on things of a financial nature:
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    Where will this end?
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    There's more than enough people here already, it's just that the size of government is geared towards half a million people.
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    I'm so glad that Gawney saved the island from 3rd World-type starvation. And could you imagine the embarrassment that he's saved the UK Govt too, from having the media streaming pictures into UK homes of an Ethiopia or Somalia-like situation right on the UK's own doorstep? Flotillas of dinghies full of starving refugees trying to make it to Lancs. and Merseyside. Bob Geldof, Oxfam, Christian Aid and the UNHCR would have had their hands full trying to feed us all. Very under-estimated was our Phil. I think be should be knighted.
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    It really is galling when we are stealth taxed in ever more cunning ways, and the MHK's bang on about value for money at every opportunity, as if they have suddenly seen the light about precious public money ! why none of them will stand up and question why this is done in secret and what value it gives the taxpayer ? Manicured fields are not part of a natural 'biosphere' landscape, neither are holiday cottages, horse exercise yards and schooling buildings nor any of the other activities supported just because because they own the land. Support food production nothing else ! Of course this won't happen as not one of them has the cojones to stand up and ask how this scheme gives value for money !!
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    Ever since Longworth took over he got rid of all the time served members of staff, who knew what they were doing, and replaced them with cheaper but inexperienced members of staff ! this practice was carried out everywhere MER/BUSES/STEAM RAILWAY. Hence the fact the whole Department is a shambolic disgrace !!
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    This amounts to a similar result as capping and I've suggested it here before at £25k pa. With the state pension, nobody needs more than that after a life of very well paid employment. Lump sums capped at £100k too at the very most. This might be more practical to introduce than a tax specific to one section of the population.
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    Bungalow bob will be embellishing it a bit. to engender some sort of sympathy, a bit like eddie teare did when the disabled pensioner was going to kill him that time. I've certainly never seen anybody else any time i've been hiding in his bushes waiting for him to run the bath.
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    I don’t know whether the majority of civil servants do demonstrate that attitude (though of course MB maybe you do - I’m not disputing your statement at all) but if they do, it’s not acceptable. The old army adage holds true - you’re not saluting the person, you’re saluting the uniform. No matter how contemptible or useless an MHK may be (and we all know, don’t we) civil servants are employed to serve the government of the people. MHKs are the peoples’ representatives and civil servants have no place treating them with utter contempt.
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    Terry Liddiard made a good point on TH yesterday. Apparently this £300k includes £40k for automatic boarding card scanners which are "nice to have" at major airports but tend not to be used at smaller airports because they do not save time (being at a point in the queue that is not a bottleneck), and they do not reduce manning (because the personnel who currently perform the card inspection will still need to be there anyway to control the passenger throughput and check for liquids, give instructions for the x-ray machines etc.). It's yet another example of getting the taxpayer to stump up for everything you can think of.
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    No, having reversed into a parked vehicle we can all see he was completely in control.
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    Ms Cubbon said: ’He accepts he had alcohol in the car. ’The purpose of driving was to move the car as it was on double yellow lines. ’So he did that so as not to cause any bother and avoid a ticket.
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    Why is he even allowed to remain on the island?
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    Er...do you know what social housing is all about? It's for people who cannot afford market rents for starters. Yes, means test and get rid of the cheats and downsize tenants after their kids have left home...but let's not forget the principle of why we have social housing. If the rules that exist were followed...such as maximum salary and no of people living there...90% of the problem would be sorted fairly and quickly.
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    the farmers get paid to jolly around at home.
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    I think this weather is depressing me but here's a rant ........ We have a radar system uncertificated after about 6 years and have to run 2 it doesn't work, we have an airport on which we have blown 80 million that can't even service the few passengers that use it, we have a sewage system the envy of the modern world which doesn''t work, we bought a railway engine to make life easier on the railways, it doesn't work, we have a waste disposal service no one can afford to use, we have energy prices we can't afford ! feel free to add to the list, my point is .... If we were paying peanuts for an almost volunteer CS and Government we could shrug and say well its ok ! we aren't, we are paying massive wages for so called experts to run this place and where is it getting us, my wife this week finds out she needs to see someone at the hospital she is on the list ... three years !!!!!! Sorry going for a strong coffee have a nice day !!
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    You're only pretending to actually care though.You enjoy vicarious outrage.
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    Or maybe more criminals actually get nicked with more coppers on the street, perhaps? The little emperor, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan can pledge long millions to improve safety for cyclists on London's streets, and more funds to investigate online 'hate crime' yet can't afford to put more coppers on the beat! He was also one of those responsible for reducing (stopping?) 'Stop and Search' procedures on people suspected of carrying knives or firearms because ethnic minorities, and groups representing them cried foul on the alleged disproportionate targeting of people from Black and Asian minorities. In his favour though, he did offer all London schools a, 'Magic Wand' portable metal detector to scan for knives and firearms. All paid for from city funds, but out of 798 schools offered, only around 49 took him up the offer. Something about children's rights and the possibility of profiling therefore implying racial/cultural discrimination, according to education groups and teacher's unions.
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    ...except, it seems, if it is a Government employees pension. I know civil servants who have been well paid all their lives. They have paid off mortgages and seen their children through university, built home extension etc. Now they retire and they simply do not know what to do with all the money that pours in each month. There's only so many holidays you can go on, boats and toys you can buy etc. The scheme is obscene and the payments need to be rationalised. If that means keeping the agreement to pay that pension but introducing a tax to offset it, then so be it. But it will never happen happen. Human nature these days dictates that greed and self-interest are on an increasing sliding scale with wealth.
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    It’s a true Gérald Ratner moment. We are spending £300,000 of taxpayers cash but she has no fucking clue why. Its disgusting really.
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