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    At midnight on the 28th May, I Ieave the Isle of Man Constabulary a bit ahead of the intended schedule on a medical discharge, and will have to make my own way in the world again. I'm fortunate enough in that my overall health is good, but hip issues have finally diminished my operational deployability to the stage that I'm about as much use as a chocolate teapot in that regard. I'm of a rank where that ability to run about and fight with the odd ne'er do well is still a occupational requirement, so its time to stand down and let others do that on our behalf. Its obviously a time of mixed emotions; the police has been a big part of my life and I leave in the most interesting of times. The world, and 'The Job' are changing at an incredible pace, and I think it will take a while to come to terms with not being a part of it all. But, there is a whole world out there, and other than a bit of surgery to navigate in due course, the future is bright and exciting. And I will dearly miss being an 'official' commentator on these hallowed forums. Its hotter than Hades some days, but I've enjoyed the banter (most of it) the challenge (all of it) and the fact that behind all the thud and bluster, there are people on here that genuinely do give a monkeys about what happens on our Island. I may or may not pop back up on here in my own name, but if not, be excellent to each other. Derek
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    Guys... i.e. Jack and Notty - I have neither of you on ignore, but I do find this 'you're embarrassing yourself', 'you're drunk and have probably shat yourself', 'you're hboy's sock', 'everyone ignores you' mindless repartee to be a bit tiresome. Can't you both just grow up a bit? Make your points, which on both sides are often reasonable, and if another storms in with shitty ad hominem attacks just don't respond. The forum would be a better place if you did.
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    Reading through the reports and listening to what was said; what seems to come though it all is the sheer arrogance of all concerned. It just exemplifies to me all that is completely wrong with the IOM and what will continue stop a proper diversified and big tax paying free market private sector developing. They are putting on an event that WE pay for through our taxes. The event relies on a huge number of people and groups who provide their time for free (from marshalls to boy scouts doing the scores), it also relies on normal residents putting up people in their own homes year after year, and without those people the event could not possibly happen. Yet clearly those (exemplified by Husseys comments) who are paid as part of this whole exercise of setting fire to millions of pounds of our money, clearly believe that it's the right for government and Departments like the DED to capitalize on the event exclusively for the benefit of itself and the people within IOMG. It's easy to imagine this fuck up is going to cost US another few mill by the time Vision Nine have been bought off as part of this mess as well. These people have fed off government salaries for almost all of their careers. Most have never taken a commercial risk in their entire lives. They probably have no idea what it's like to put your own money on the line to back an idea or an initiative and if you fuck it up its your house on the line, and your family impacted, and your car repossessed. They can play at being entrepreneurs and at being business men with our money and they don't even have to be any fucking good at it as there is no moral hazard whatsoever. If they fuck up we still pay and they lose nothing. Nobody is going to be the next Bernie Ecclestone if they're living on a £60k a year guaranteed salary, and a gold plated pension, and they'll still get it whether they lose millions or not. If they fuck up WE pay for it and their lives are not adversely impacted in any way at all. Yet they're telling many people who might have been out there and taken risks and experienced a whole variety of good and bad business decisions to create wealth that they know best. It's crazy. Anyone with any commercial experience would likely have told them that this was a shit idea 4 years ago. Now we will probably end up compensating Vision Nine after all this evidence has been heard; as there's a high chance that this has been a badly executed shit idea from a bunch of clueless civil servants from the start. But they will still continue getting paid very nice salaries until they retire. And then get very nice pensions for life. It's only the taxpayer assuming the risk for some apparently not very successful or competent people on secure salaries and benefits playing at being Bernie Ecclestone. .
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    Tea towel fire? Isn't the recommendation to put it out with a damp pan of boiling chip fat, or am I getting confused.
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    Why is free transport being provided for all but the walking wounded? Quite a few of those being transported for free, I would hazard, are perfectly fit and able to make their own way. Those who are infirm, post-operative etc should have the benefit of the free service, not everyone and their escorts. Another example of pandering when times were good, now times are tougher it is hard to turn off the tap.
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    The tendency to view population growth as an indicator of or means to achieving economic growth and/or stability is a bit worrying though. The issues and potential consequences of population growth (and decline) are so complex and variable that it's a very crude measure, and any strategy to encourage such growth is going to be vulnerable to a whole mess of potential unintended consequences. What matters isn't so much the population figure as the net economic benefit or cost of those leaving or those arriving, over both the short term and the long term, including wider economics effects such as on house prices, the upkeep of infrastructure, services, consumer demand, and so on, all of which is incredibly difficult or even impossible to tease out of the statistics with any kind of certainty or reliability. For instance, one person coming to the Island, working for five or six years, then leaving (perhaps training up a local member of staff to replace them) is probably great for the economy, another who brings one or more kids with them or goes on to have a couple of kids and then takes the whole family back across after they've received ten years of schooling is less so. Moreover, the impact of such growth is especially hard to determine when we're talking about an extra 20,000 or people in a place as small as the Island. Rather than chasing the holy grail a population of 100,000 is sometimes imagined to represent, it would be preferable to see more talk about making the most of the population we have at the moment---by increasing skills and training of people already on the Island, encouraging employers further, if need be, to take on and train more local staff, cutting government costs, increasing consumer spending, etc.---with the population being allowed to grow or decline more or less naturally in response to the state of the economy once we've got our house in order. The desire to boost the population just seems like a short-term and possibly not-terribly-well-thought-through plan based on: that's what it would notionally take, according to some crude calculation, to plug a shortfall in income tax receipts; and Jersey has a population of around 100,000, and those fellas seem to be on the ball.
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    All too indicative of the reduction of applied discipline in our society, sadly (IMHO). People's "rights" have taken precedence over basic acceptable behaviour. Unfortunately, too many of the holders of those "rights" are unaware, or have never had it instilled into them, that those rights come with responsibilities. Again, unfortunately, we have removed many of the tools (and I'm not only talking about the birch) used to instill a sense of responsibility.
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    If your economic well being is predicated on a growing tax base, but that tax base is in fact falling and not growing, then you have a problem. The last government, and this one as far as I can tell, had a 'plan' to effectively 'farm' immigrants in order to milk them for taxes. Then, there is the variant on that which tries to attract high net worth individuals on the basis of tax-capping. Again, that must surely depend on a constant drip-feed of such HNW individuals coming here. As others have commented, the infrastructure seems to be creaking trying to cope with the people who are here, so perhaps the government's policies didn't take account of the need to grow infrastructure alongside a rising population, and said rising population got pissed off and departed. If things continue as they are, servicing the PS pension liability will outstrip tax revenue and there will be sweet FA to do anything else with. Smelling the coffee might fall short as a metaphor, perhaps recognizing that we are falling from the top floor of a skyscraper muttering 'so far, so good' might be closer to the truth.
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    Anyone involved in this should be forced to resign. Religious indoctrination (of any religion) in schools should be banned.
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    Why does a thread about an atrocity which occurred only a few hours ago turn into a petty slanging match between the same old boring posters. Look at yourselves, you are being pathetic!
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    You shouldn't have a motorhome unless you have the correct means of keeping it parked. They're irritating at the best of times and shouldn't be clogging up streets.
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    In short yes it's become that desperate and money grubbing (actually the staff believe they have the right under the misplaced belief that they are being 'commercial' in order to ensure their wages are paid by any means possible). Also it's just against locals. I don't see them taking action against any of the hooky TT merchandise being flogged on international websites in the run up to the TT. That would be too difficult (and they probably can't afford to enforce their copyright in some areas either) but they're happy to send the storm troopers in locally. Skelly knows a thing or two about local gift shops don't forget. The Department is getting to the point of being an embarrassment. It spunks away millions of taxpayer money on deals like Vision Nine, it gets implicated in massively time wasting and expensive investigations like Vision Nine and its employees continue to act arrogantly under that scrutiny like they have a divine right to do what they please, it chucks our money away on any stupid deal or contract going because they all think they're Bernie Bloody Ecclestones growing the TT, but then its happy to turn round and put the boot in on local employing and tax paying businesses like Bushy's and Manx Crafters, or stitch a Manx associated charity like the RNLI up. There's only one group of people ripping off IOM Plc and it certainly ain't Bushy's or Manx Crafters. Skelly, Callister et all should be thoroughly embarrassed of even being associated with such a money grubbing bonfire of publicly funded vanity and self interest.
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    Rob: Stop letting 'Jack Carter' wind you up. If he says something factually wrong, then calmly say what it is and refute it with actual facts. Otherwise ignore him - we have enough pointless slanging matches on here as it is. [ii] Similarly stop joining in the tedious accusations of sock-puppetry. If what someone says is stupid, it's still just as stupid no matter how many voices they say it in. Again the best thing is just to ignore it. [iii] You didn't know about the decision of the DED Officers because they made it five years ago. It might be interesting to find out why it suddenly became a 'thing' (did someone send the invoice to the wrong place?) and it might be a good idea to review just how permissions are granted (and paid for), the real issue is why the Officials were slow to react and had to rely on you shouting from Canada and the RNLI intervening from Poole. These people are supposed to be the experts in promoting the Island to the world. If they can't even communicate with their own backyard, maybe it's time for a clearout. [iv] All this is pretty trivial besides the actual mess that running the TT has got into. Can I suggest that you read carefully the evidence that Barrie Baxter gave to the EPRC, not just about the shocking 5% deal, but about the general incompetence of the process as a whole and the inability to provide relevant information or even to realise that information was important. It's also worth reading the Hansard of the previous EPRC session, where other people gave evidence. No doubt your officials will try to bamboozle you by claiming that these are old fuddy-duddies who don't know the market or they are jealous or whatever, but the reality is they know what they are talking about - and your officials clearly don't.
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    The old advertising joke was, 'Viagra won't turn you into James Bond but it might make you Roger Moore!'
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    Very best wishes Derek, you had the good grace to put your head above the parapet !
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    A great loss to the IOM police force and to us . Good luck in what you aim for.
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    Yeah, pictures of Skelly and his team.
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    Break it down to brass tacks. The root cause has got to be plain old stupidity and a complete disconnect of parental imagination. Inexperienced and under-sourced kids from broken homes bringing up kids in broken homes is but one example of how it perpetuates. It produces an indisciplined, stunted, feral view of the world that amounts to self-inflicted moral and mental disablement. And it's the direct product of an out-of-control entitlement culture that rewards idleness, encourages victimhood, and compensates criminals.
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    There's too much offence seeking behaviour these days. I've even heard of someone going round trying to find someone who might be offended by an email, even though they personally weren't but didn't like the person who sent it. Kate Beecroft should be judged on her performance in government, not by what she puts on FB (as long as it's not illegal, and not being used otherwise for announcing government policy)
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    It's shocking but it's been said here before that what we are starting to see is almost a Russian style oligarchy setting itself up as services are decentralized from government. The civil servants know that their time on the gravy train is numbered so they line up lucrative "commercial" deals for themselves under the guise of trying to pass certain services off to the private sector. But they also control how the contracts are handed out and what the contract terms are. Exactly how the ex-soviet civil servants became industrialists and bank or factory owners at the expense of the state. So here we seem to have been tendering for a company to pay somebody who had been paid by the taxpayer a nice chunky salary plus 5% of the action for getting the contact that his department was tendering for. This is appalling and no wonder it's being heard in private. The Chief Minister needs to deal with this and deal with it hard. It's just taking the piss out of the taxpayer.
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    He's out of his depth. Let's hope he doesn't have to call the RNLI .
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    It's the same all over the Island Bees and in respect of public areas and property is a result of cutbacks in "coalface" workers. Usually by under-employed tiers of superfluous management keen to display "savings" to their own superiors. The "upside down triangle" staff structure has got even narrower at the bottom if not broader at the top in recent years.
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    The older generation do like the warmth but many do love the Island If government cared about tourism then the Biological station and remains of Summerland would not be in the state they are It's easiest to find excuses for doing sod-all and just spend the money on the TT & mountain road
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    Raid on DED offices? Acting on reports of terrifying incompetence?
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    I'd love to give Quayle a couple of extra acres. Same old shit, except this time they're still not cutting government staff and pensions but coming to us for 'SAVE' ideas how to keep them in gold. Jebus, they've had 11 years since the scope of government report and are still talking about avoiding slash and burn. They could have had 3 major restructures sorted in that time. We've lost 2000 private sector workers in the last 5 years (18 to 30 year olds gone from census). That means the civil and public service should have been reduced by 500 on that figure alone, nevermind dealing with excess management and bloat. We're fucked with these idiots at the helm. No time for Chris Thomas anymore either, he's lost his passion and has become an administrator and guardian of the bloat.
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    I'm surprised the fire service didn't cut roof off their car while they were there.
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    It is self interest, short-sightedness, poor planning, and thinking we still live in the 1950's, that has made Douglas the ever-worsening shit hole it is. People need to stand up against such issues, and especially our politicians need to do this. Little wonder we are losing our youngsters.
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    Even without Trevor Hussey's prolonged defence of Paul Phillips as the person without which the TT would collapse[1], we'd have an idea from previous testimony given. We know from the evidence of Barrie Baxter that the contractual obligation was for "an employee of the DED, negotiated by one of the officers of the DED" (line 80) and that it was (l 75) "a fait accompli so any negotiation must have happened in January/February 2016. One of the employees had renegotiated a package and it included 5% of the incremental revenues". This is presumably one of the three employees who were transferred to whoever the new company running the TT was to be (otherwise it would be straight bribe to a third party). The three were not named by Baxter , but they already had been in the previous evidence given by Edward Bowers at the end of March (l 393 ff) Later we do get the names (l 446 ff): As Phillips is the most important of the three, it would presumably be him who was the beneficiary. [1] You think that part of the job of the Head of Motorsport would be prevent a situation where that was true - if it is. [2] I felt the questioning from the Clerk to the Committee (Jonathan King) was surprisingly forward throughout this session. Normally the Clerk just asks for clarifications, but there seemed to be a defensiveness on behalf of civil servants at times. Incidentally the Assistant Clerk was a Ms N Lowney (relation?).
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    Stephen Fry normalises many previously taboo subjects such as mental illness (bipolar disorder particularly), religious disbelief and homosexuality. For all those things, I think he is a phenomenal figure of our age. He does it intelligently, humorously and without hysterical rant. God bless him, the delusional queer !
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    Fear not loads of alternatives !! Anagh Coar Butchers Butler's Choice, Douglas Ballaleece Farm Shop Deli @ 35, Douglas Good Health Store, Port Erin Isle of Man Farmers, Douglas Mostly Manx, Douglas Peel City Butchers Radcliffe Butchers, Castletown Tynwald Mills, St John's W.E. Teare Butchers, Ramsey Mals butchers, Port Erin Jack frost Robinsons, Cooil road
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    Govt issues warning about operating firearms at sea.
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    I'd suggest that there's not one person in the current administration who would even be capable of seeing and/or implementing anything relating to VinnieK's post. They're inextricably welded to the VAT funded dogmas and mantras of the last 20 years with the current outlook of "just keep it all ticking over like it has been, something will come along and save it". Look at the 5 years wasted by Bell and Teare. Just prop it up with the reserves and lie and bullshit the way through. Plenty on these boards, in private business I'd say, which has to be flexible and fleet of foot to survive, predicted this, as long ago as 2009/10. They were right. Whilst we continue to vote for granny farmers and those who have specialised in making a living on the public teat and their ilk - we are fooked.
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    I think we need to do the Size and Scope of Government Study again. But this time actually do it. It's the elephant in the room.
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    You wouldn't want to wake up with a luminous sheep's head in your bed.
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    ''The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing''
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    Our tax base isnt enough to pay for the size of our government
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    The defensive attitude of some on here is part of the problem. The Isle of Man is competing directly with other areas of the UK that do not have the travel disadvantage. It is an extra cost, and an extra inconvenience: even people who have the money to get beyond the cost may not also have the time. And once you talk about jumping on an aeroplane, you can also consider other locations that are 60 minutes away, and there are plenty of them. Then there is the problem of what people do when they are here. If people are seriously suggesting that a bit of rock that has broken off from a bigger bit of rock next door is drastically different in scenery, then they're blinding themselves: there are plenty of very beautiful places in the UK that have great scenery, great walks, great views. Nature has served us well here too, but we as a people have not really added much of note to it that is worth visiting outside of the 'events'. It is here that the Island lets itself down. It looks scruffy and run-down in many of the public areas, there is a lack of 'love' in our own place. People are probably too busy, or think its someone elses job, so lots of things just get left. There is a lot of good here too though. I love standing on a beach in the morning, and a mountain in the afternoon. I like seeing bits of the Yorkshire Moors and bits of the Cornish coast. I can do all of that in half an hour here. We're a microcosm of all that is good about the British Isles and we could market ourselves as a one-stop multi-experience holiday. The problem is, all this needs money and footfall. The Lake District does what it does really well, but then it is always busy, because it's only a short, cheap, car journey away for lots of people. So then we come back to the starting point: time, and money. I'm not sure how you get around either.
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    Should have built the airport in jurby.
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    Every time Chris Thomas is asked a question he's like that puppy running off with the toilet roll. He only slows down when he finds an old slipper to chew on. It was like Wallace and Gromit on the radio today.
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    There is a knock at the door. I open the door. woody2 and twinkle enter the room. twinkle begins licking the vomit from your groin while woody2 squats over your face and poos into your mouth. I leave the room. Your muffled screams get quieter with every step. It is over, for me at least.
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    A good result for the victims and potential future victims. I have to say that I agree that 18 years is lenient giving the number of offences and victims, out in nine for time served on remand and good behaviour? But in no way do I support physical retribution by the state. (I won't lose any sleep if the D Wing boys decide to meet out some summary justice though .) On on a side note; would those forum members who are always quick to condemn the Police and Attorney Generals when trials get thrown out or found not-guilty care to comment on what appears to be a very well run prosecution of complex and traumatic offences?
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    If only the generals had watched the film before planning their attack.
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    There's no secret here that the electorate aren't entitled to know. They work for us remember. The whole of government and the public sector is infected with this paranoia and there are Chinese walls everywhere. Secrecy is power and status, and keeping your mouth shut is rule number one. Whistle blowers don't last five minutes on the Isle of Man. It's always been that way.
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    There's no public mandate to increase the population to 100k, or to allow them to access the NI Fund - indeed we await the repayment of the money taken from the NI Fund to build the hospital
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    It's much simpler. The problem is biological variability, which you don't have in the mechanical world. I quote a deep infection rate of about 1% (it's less than that actually, but close enough). We take many precautions against infection, and we monitor our outcomes to make sure there isn't a systemic problem leading to a higher infection rate than is felt to be acceptable. Of course, for the individual patient that gets an infection it's a disaster, and no consolation that the previous 100 I did, and likely the next 100, are not going to get infected. Nowhere has managed to completely eradicate infection - but we all do our best to make sure the rates are as low as possible. Another aspect that leads to variation is the pattern of arthritis, and the quality of the bone stock. Replacing the hip of a 6' tall muscular man is much harder work than in a little old lady with osteoporosis. Sometimes there is bone loss, which can give rise to technical challenges in fixation of the components. Sometimes you start off with a leg length difference, and it's not just a case of putting the length back as that could kill the sciatic nerve - you may have to accept a post-op difference. I could go on. Yes, a straightforward hip could well be simpler than replacing a CV joint. But it may well not be.
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    No. The TT is turning into a load of grasping DED employees who want their salaries and pensions paid to them on the back of a mostly voluntary organised event. And who's this fucker in the news expecting 5% of the profits of the Vision 9 'deal' if that's true. This needs to stop, stop now, be investigated properly and some fucker jailed. DED NEED TO BE DISSOLVED FROM THE TT AND MGP IMMEDIATELY. Corrupt wankers.
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    As I have loved the TT since being a kid, but not really involved with it I think my perspective may be useful. It really seems that the TT of old has died and is being replaced by a modern commercial, corporatised business. This will cause a lot of resentment among the old school followers who came here for the atmosphere, the ĺove of bikes and ability to watch racing from a hedge. In the new model any way possible to generate money will be considered and ruthlessly pursued. The transition will be painful.
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