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    No, Stu, it isn’t. The media used to separate news, fact reporting, from opinion. The distinction is still valid. However most times what is presented as news is in fact opinion. In the case of this gentleman it’s all opinion. Is his opinion worthy of even being brought to the attention of audiences, and if it is presented, doesn’t it require the most rigorous challenging and testing?
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    To quote:- "The Mother of stupid is always pregnant."
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    I have been through Ronaldsway probably 6 times in as many weeks recently. The problem is twofold - people do not slide along the metal tables after filling their trays so people behind in the queue cannot start to offload their stuff, and there is only one scanner. Those issues cannot cost 300k to solve, surely?
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    It really doesn't need 300k. For a trial period at least, make a few layout changes and turn on the second scanner. Turn the scanners 90° towards the departure lounge and extend the metal tables in an L shape from the door to the scanners. Have the body scanner between the luggage scanners and the departure lounge. FFS it is not feng shui, but simple logistics.
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    One can only hope that one of these magistrates has need of a paramedic.
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    Yes it would...£300k would probably just about cover Ann Reynoldway's redundancy payment.
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    I think the horse trams are great, worth every penny and as for holding up the traffic, it is a promenade not a speed track. I think it is fabulous that all the car spaces are going that make the prom look like a untidy car park. Build a car park on the disgrace that used to be the Villiers, build one at Summerland with reasonable charges, smart toilets etc. encourage people to rediscover those things called legs there are busses going up and down for people that cannot walk. Make plenty of spaces for badge users and make all the spaces reasonably sized, cars are wider and it would cut out a lot of door bumps etc.. I am totally for the new designed promenade and just wish they would get on with it. The world does not revolve about motorists!!!!
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    Er...do you know what social housing is all about? It's for people who cannot afford market rents for starters. Yes, means test and get rid of the cheats and downsize tenants after their kids have left home...but let's not forget the principle of why we have social housing. If the rules that exist were followed...such as maximum salary and no of people living there...90% of the problem would be sorted fairly and quickly.
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    Transfer entire public housing stock to a housing corporation charity. Charge market rents. Allow sales at a small discount and use funds to build new social, public, etc housing. pay increased benefits ( where there is already means testing ) to those who can’t afford. Don’t invent a new means test. Invest profits in additional housing. There are three things at present. Insufficient stock of right types, especially sheltered, but also in general Tenants with good incomes still getting subsidised rents Tenants staying put in larger units after family has left and not downsizing, blocking those who need 4 bedrooms.
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    Roger M is often around but I don't think he's your general Manx Forum member that has an opinion on everything and anything just for the sake of it. It seems when there is a subject that will benefit from his knowledge and research abilities he'll contribute.
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    Quite your best post for many a day John. Absolutely spot on.
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    More seriously, I have always had an antipathy to bottled water, mainly because it seems so wrong when we can drink safely from the tap for free, but choose to pay for a bottle of the designer stuff. Yet, there are people who cannot trust their water source even after walking hours to get there. It just seems consumerisation of the most vulgar and extreme. Imagine if some entrepreneurial soul decided they could bottle air and sell it? How obscene would that be while there were areas of the world where pollution is deadly? Yet, we with large amounts of disposable income could afford to buy a bottle of Alpine or North Atlantic air (possibly), even though our own air was reasonably safe, sniff it and chuck the container in a bin. Suckered in on a number of fronts.
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    I am sure the family would not consider it something out of nothing. You left that post up for 7ish hours. It was a snide, clever arse and completely unnecessary post. Ah well, at least you stay true to form.
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    It temporarily breathes some life into a body rapidly becoming a corpse?
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    For goodness sake means test...the only fair way, and pay according to the combined income of all the occupants of the property.
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    Sorry, I meant before the improvements...
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    If the Individual owned the vessel yes ,totally agree but the skippers didn't own the vessels . It's more shameful and indicitive of the shambles that is DEFA , that a supposed national government is running scared of one ruthless Scottish businessman in my opinion.
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    ...meanwhile...6 years of the railway working just fine without it, proves that they didn't need it in the first place...like many of us said. Can we please sack somebody now?
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    Ah the advantages of birth. Have various political leaders from around the world just given Charles a job for life???!!! Sorry, but that is just unacceptable in this day and age. Though the Commonwealth leaders aren't exactly an enlightened, modern lot, are they. I really hope it is at least a renewable set term, subject to revalidation. To have a person appointed due to simply the priviledge of their birth is wrong. Hereditary political leadership belongs in the history book, not at the head of the Commonwealth, which could be a useful organisation for multilateral cooperation rather than a place for Charles to go meddling, wining and dining.
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    So are many IOM Government Ministers.
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    What amazes me is the addiction we appear to have to taking into public ownership and throwing huge amounts of public money at old, decrepit buildings on the grounds that they are of "historical significance" to the Island or local area. Whilst previously allowing private owners of these "significant" (and in some cases, registered) buildings to simply allow them to rot and fall into disrepair. Govt needs to crawl out of the Sefton Group's arse and drag them through the courts to the tune of the repair/upkeep costs of the CM, IF it's such an important part of Manx history. And as such, ask why it's been allowed to get into that state when existing legislation should have prevented it doing so? Rather than having the taxpayer stump up (again). But we know that won't happen.
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    Do you know him? I’ve met him, he is funny & interesting. He has some crazy ideas but his heart is in the right place, he has great energy & I love him!
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    You are so right about gangsterism. Northern Ireland was exactly that - each side had its protection rackets far removed from 'the struggle'. It became a money earning struggle. No doubt, there were many who held the idealism, but many more who exploited the situation for their own enrichment. How better to keep it going then a few bombs or knee-capping?
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    Doesn’t the tag “terrorist” rather dignify what is essentially gangsterism? Terrorism is about trying to instill terror in your opponents and particularly in the general population of your opponents. It’s a step on from being a freedom fighter because it doesn’t restrict itself to the machinery of an oppressive state. Whilst wrong, it’s still individuals taking up arms against a state for a cause. However, necklacing was the powerful exercising control over their community through fear. It’s really little different to the mob running a protection racket. I think @Chinahand‘s earlier point about her being dehumanised by the struggle against apartheid and becoming murderous is relevant. Sometimes people with a cause, even an honourable cause, get caught up into believing anything they do is good for the cause and ultimately honourable, so become basically criminals.
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    Without getting into the black vs white argument, Winnie was a proponent of necklacing. Wasn't that a punishment meted out to black 'traitors' involving putting a tyre round the neck, filled with petrol and set alight? Sounds like terrorism to me.
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    I knew one of them once. He failed
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    If this is the greatest worry of your life I would gladly swap.
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    I was thinking the same thing this morning why does Manx Radio give this fruitcake,being kind and before watershed for the faint hearted, air space. If he did pu a deposit on the sale it is really good news if he has lost it. The Castle Mona is an important part of our heritage, as are the horse trams and the people who treat money as their god will never understand this. They will go and spend about two quid on a mediocre coffee or buy plastic bags without a qualm but mention things that matter to us Manxies, or some of us who love everything about the Island and realise the worth of our difference and the reasons why we need to treasure our history, they will never understand......let us get on with the promenade..be glad we are looking to the future instead of whining and moaning. If you do not like it get the boatvwe will not miss you, not one bit.
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    https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/people-missing-the-point-says-hm/ Who gives a shit what this attention-seeker thinks and why does Manx Radio continue to give him oxygen?
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    In the words of Jonathan King... http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=39968&headline=Cosmic:Manx flag may fly on Moon in the next 10 years&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2018 Here we go again!
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    I'm pretty sure Lxxx was being facetious
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    But remember it’s only a small minority that are milit-ants.
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    An Island without a motorcycle race. Not that unusual, surely? I stand to be corrected but Phillip Island, Vic. is the only other small Island I can think of that has one. Googling to look for 'Island Motorcycle Races' is sad in several ways. Firstly, to be doing it at all. Secondly, the results. We occupy all the top spots, of course. But ranked above the official TT site are results headed, 'The Word's Deadliest Race' and 'The Word's Most Dangerous Race' . Is that what we are? Famous mostly for deaths in a motorcycle race? Personally, I would feel better if it was scaled back, reducing both cost and benefit if that turns out to be cost neutral or positive.
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    Why would I be bothered about posts pointing out your narcissism?
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    Think about it some more. People get holidays to take throughout the year...just choosing to leave at TT might just mean them spending that money a different time of the year.
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    My apologies to Jim & Edna’s family
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    And they still can't understand why everyone is bailing out!
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    That is absolutely shocking. It reminds me of the perpetuation of the lossmaking MEA Retail, which was blowing £600k down the drain when we could actually afford to. It actually makes me sad. So little focus on what is important.
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    What nonsense. Can't report their whereabouts due to data protection?? Yet can accurately trace their whereabouts to inside our 3 which is why they were named and fined in the first place. Arrest the vessels or suspend the license of all vessels under common ownership until the fine is paid.
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    Yes, I do. There are two ways of subsidising rents. Low rents or market rent with a rent subsidy based on means.
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    I think the roundabout horses in Silverdale were still present long after the White City/Mooragh ones had vanished.
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    NATO member Turkey have been funding ISIS for years. https://medium.com/insurge-intelligence/former-turkish-counter-terror-chief-exposes-governments-support-for-isis-d12238698f52 Assad is the democratically elected President of Syria, whatever your views of their political process. Russia is an ally of Syria in much the same way the US is an ally of the UK. Assad presides over a secular state, which in itself is a bulwark against radical Islam in his country. Syria may back external terrorist forces, as the UK/US does when it suits.
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    Not sure about saved GB but they made a huge contribution to it's recovery, worked hard, paid their way, and many took on jobs the indigenous population wouldn't do. To see them now being treated so badly in the face of the hoards of what are now being let in and have broken in yet being allowed to remain, and what so many of these modern day invaders are doing is heartbreaking.
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    And start recouping the repair and upkeep costs from those who choose to wilfully inflict damage and unnecessary wear and tear to their accommodation. Rather than the ratepayers footing the bill - every time.
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    In hindsight, I do wish I'd used a fake name when I registered on Facebook and Manx Forums.
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    That bit about the Manx Advocate is true!.. I have sorted a handful out myself over the years...One noted Advocate demanded to know from me which individual in the practice had produced one such abomination and that he would then deal with it. I replied "Well actually it was your daughter"...I heard no more. Not a squeak...That ex -bank manager who became an MHK...When he was a conveyancer I sent his back two or three times always the same mistakes. Kept on getting names wrong!
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    Damn...my money was on Free Sex.
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