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    Blimey just had to wash my car using baby wipes instead. 72 flushes it took to get them all down the bog but glad to be doing my part.
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    Being Juan it will possibly have gone like this. Juan. These petty regulations and the annual notification and fee shouldn’t apply to me or my companies, I’m not bothering. I know best. Information Commisioner. Excuse me Mr Turner but you haven’t notified. Surely you control data? Juan. Bloody officials interfering and doubting my word. Ignores, then receives follow up. Sends off long ranting e-mail, very aggressive and offensive. IC. Takes legal advice. They write to Juan. Juan repeats long rants, advises himself. Refuses to notify. J. Receives summons, ignores advice, defends misguidedly.
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    Not sure of the appropriateness of the forum’s legal expert posting screenshots from my FB page. Read the t&c’s recently JW? But yes, it was me. Most impressed with the professionalism of the SP staff who helped me do what I could. Also impressed with the amount of kit/drugs they carry - puts airlines to shame. Captain and I decided returning to IOM was the best course of action. I handed over to paramedics who were waiting for us at the port, and then went back on the boat to restart my trip. Hope the chap’s OK.
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    Without investigations into matters of corruption and finding out what went on and yes learning lessons then we end up repeating the same mistakes over and over again. It doesn't matter that the personnel change if the institution that enables the corruption doesn't.
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    I'm not neccesarily disagreeing but you both are past late middle age so essentially neither are yous disproving my point.
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    ffs It's a cycle lane, I thought DOI were trying to make cars drive half on the pavement no wonder people were flashing their lights at me.
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    On a small cash strapped island such as ours you would think that responsible politicians would be asking questions to justify the huge support we give to farmers ! The original idea of farming subsidy throughout Europe was to level the playing field in respect of food production, it hasn't worked and far from being a flagship policy is an expensive mistake. Here we have gone a step further and the sole qualification to receive grants appears to be land ownership not production linked. Here is a quote from a European study of the grants system as applicable to the UK Unfortunately, the EU has become caught by powerful agricultural lobbies, and it has proved very difficult to wean Europe off these very extensive subsidies. There is no other industry which receives so much subsidy (and it is similar in the US). Yet, these subsidies have a very weak justification in terms of social benefits to society. CAP costs €59 billion per year. Powerful agricultural lobbies ... couldn't happen here could it ! I should add I am wholly in favour of grant support for local food production.
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    That’d be you then.
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    I agree "farmers" need support but the word farmer needs definition to protect the taxpayers !!!!!!!!!
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    But what shit hitting the fan? All out nuclear war, in which case we'd be toast anyway? Most of our food is flown or shipped in anyway. Even in the extremely unlikely event of those links being severed for a significant amount of time, it would take YEARS for our agriculture industry to grind back into life to any sort of realistic level and even then wouldn't be able to meet demand. So we'd starve anyway. None of the presented claims wash. None. It's just an excuse for a pampered, prima donna section of the economy accustomed to receiving even more financial pampering from a weak Govt that consists of an inordinate amount of representation from that particular sector.
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    I work in Belfast for much of the year. There is widespread 'ignorance', and I use that word not in a pejorative sense, in NI about the new easyjet service to the Island. When I mention the easyjet service to my colleagues the response is 'oh, I didn't know about that'. Incredibly the same is true for the ferry service and as for the previous Citywing service, it was possibly the best kept secret ever because very few, even colleagues who are in the airline industry, didn't know it (had) existed! So if people in the airline industry never knew about the air links to the Island, what chance for the general population on Northern Ireland and encouraging them to come to the Island for a holiday break? I believe friends and relatives at either end of the route have cottoned on quickly and have welcomed the affordability of getting home, be it in NI or the Island, to see family on a more regular basis now that fares don't require a mortgage to afford as was the case under Eastern. But as for the rest of th epopulation, I've seen NO advertising over here promoting visits to the Island. As the previous poster asks, just what is the Tourist Department doing with its budget? And I concur with his observation, again gleaned from friends and colleagues in NI, that so many of them 'would love to visit the Island'. As for getting to and from NI on a regular basis, it has become a very long and expensive exercise for what is one of the shortest air routes in the UK.
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    They recirculate money back into the economy. Banks, travel agents and car dealers.
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    Thing is Stinky, many of us DO care about that sort of thing. It's a framework for communicating accurately. Punctuation, spelling and capitalisation remove uncertainty and standardise the written form. I understand the argument that 'as long as you can make it out, it's fine' but it shows an alarming disregard for abiding by rules and making your written points properly. It also increases the chance of the reader deciding (possibly unfairly) that you're as thick as pig shit and spent your entire education wagging school or smoking behind the bike sheds. I blame social media - at one time you only saw things written by people who could do it, now anyone with a computer can and happily does display their illiteracy for all to see. And society in general where our young people are taught more about gender fluidity, safe spaces and self-empowerment than about the basics. I once worked with a very good writer who eschewed punctuation in emails because he thought it hip and trendy. His publisher disagreed when it came to books.
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    Indeed JW, had Tynwald agreed to the LIsvane recommendation that there'd be no political members for any departments then we would have at least some opposition by now: Money is at the root of this issue, nothing more.
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    Only not experiments, when they are properly integrated and form part of a viable route. I just don't get this. Say it is for commuters coming out of Gardners lane. Anyone in their right mind would pootle through that estate, come out at the gate by the school and continue their journey past Strix, and land near Shoprite. So actually, my brilliant idea of refurbishing the railway line would actually be another waste of money, as there is a safer route already in play.
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    If the farmer owns the land then I would venture to suggest that the farmer is wealthy. If the Landowner does not produce then how can "grants" be justified all the "grants" do is maintain the value of land as an "investment" . The owner of a large house with a large garden is not eligible to receive "grants" why on earth should a landowner rich enough to buy a large 'gaff' with an enormous 'garden' get monies from the public purse. I take the view that grants are given they should be based on food production .
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    Farmers need support agreed , but not holiday cottages, livery outfits and all manner of money (not food) making stuff supported by the taxpayers ! and if they don't want to keep their own property tidy then thats so much better for wildlife and for the countryside in general, nice country does not have to be manicured ! Its done in secret, no one gets to know how the money is spent, the scheme was rushed through Tynwald by farmers, and the bottom line is at the moment we can't afford it !!!
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    But they get money every year, what have they been spending it on? Where are the contingency plans? You know farmers have been farming for millennia it appears they haven’t here.
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    Really - he's one of those fucking nutcases who are whining about a cycle lane in Ramsey. Lost all credibility with me I'm afraid.
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    Agricultural policy and grants needs revisiting from top to bottom.
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    It does make me wonder when von Boot can give away the scallop beds and yet grants go to farmers. Slight lack of joined-up thinking there. Personally I think there should be no grants to farmers at all. The argument for their handouts is that food production is "strategic." Fair enough. But how can it be "strategic" if they can ship their produce off-island for sale? Time for the CM to step in and show some leadership on this contentious issue. Errr hang on a minute. If he receives said grants doesn't that mean he has a conflict of interest and shouldn't have anything whatever to do with formulating policy? You know what? I believe he shouldn't. Which kind-of limits his CM options.....
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    When you look at the land given over to farming and the amount of local produce available, you have to ask what on earth is going on? We seem to be more worried about pleasing Tesco than creating a viable market for our own food and making ourselves more sustainable and self sufficient. It's easier to pay farmers to keep the fields and hedgerows tidy than to create a proper agricultural policy. If other countries have a bad harvest, we are going to be the first to suffer, despite us having a milder climate!
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    Can someone honestly tell me what produce do these farmers actually produce. All the vegetables I see in supermarkets are imported, say for a few boxes of spuds. Look at the fields and all I see is silage production and a bit of wheat. So all these mason handouts what do they help produce?
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    The Isle of Man is one big Animal Farm. Within days of leaving our doorsteps begging for our votes our politicians are sat at the table, dressed in their suits and finery with the rest of the pigs.
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