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    Yeah, it's definitely all the establishment's fault and nothing to do with self-obsessed narcissists mouthing off in a disruptive manner.
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    Personally, until I see concrete evidence, I shall file this announcement with Skelly's previous statements pertaining to the arrival of 6 Chinese banks, the 500 new jobs announced in January last and the 400 families expected to move to the Island. It's filed under "H". For Horseshit.
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    I’d prefer to see the moderating team deal firstly with the inordinate amount of vitriol & spite vented by the usual gang of Ted’s before an embargo on new memberships. Thread after thread derailed by very personal abuse & nonsense. You have to dig really deep to get to the good stuff being written by some very knowledgeable posters which is a shame. Sadly trolling & idiots are not exclusive to MF, every corner of the internet has its share.
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    It’s the typical problem throughout Government. Ask civil servants what they think they should do to save money and you get back a load of fucking clueless idiotic things because most of them are fucking clueless idiots. One Minister can’t control a Department like the DHSC when it has hundreds of useless, clueless, pricks running round every day trying not to arrive at the obvious solution to saving money - which is that there are too many useless, clueless, pricks employed in Government. Yet the Minister cops all the flack for arseholes they can’t even sack.
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    I've been a member since the beginning really and have only just been made aware of this topic which was mentioned elsewhere. I don't come in as often as I used to as it was starting to resemble (what I imagine to be) a boys reform hostels dorm. Frankly, I wish that the admins had been a lot tougher with the childish idiots who would take a good topic and completely derail it with personal insults and plain stupidity. Albert has made some interesting points above but in truth, they all require much more work from the already seemingly abused and thoroughly cheesed-off Admins. Why should they bother? People say that it's a thankless task, well I'd like to say Thank You to you all for making the effort to run this place. If MF bump off the dross, it would be great. It may even become a place of which people could become rather proud to be a member. It was a real voice years ago before things were loosened up. Politicians used to fear it, frequently with good reason. Now? It seems to be losing it's heart and will to live. Admins are abused in here and in their personal lives. That's totally unacceptable. It's approaching stalking for goodness sake. But please keep going Admin and Mods. Take tighter steps to identify each member before accepting them and introduce an R Plate system for new posters' first (say) 30 comments, i.e. all posts run through a mod before going live (more work though)? Would genuine members on here object to confirming their full ID or re-registering - adopted name to be used to post - if requested? If needed, get more mods. Be firmer more quickly with idiots and enforce your own rules which were never firmly applied. Please members, don't respond to wind-ups and trolls. This can only make the mods job more time consuming and frustrating and maybe lead to a closure. This is a great wake-up call by Admin and the Mods. Keep going and thanks.
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    After Vision Nine, Skelly is now clinging on by his fingernails. Expect a few more desperate PR efforts from him over the coming weeks. PRatt. If Quayle doesn't sack him, it will prove Quayle is just another bullshit caretaker leader till we don't have a pot to piss in.
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    Not quite, because the lower paid don't have enough funds to contribute a meaningful amount towards filling the gap. High net worth tends to be fairly mobile, so attempting to tax that means much of it will likely disappear elsewhere (with knock-on economic impact to boot). Therefore the harsh truth is that IF more revenue has to be raised to fund government spending and public sector pensions, most of it will have to come out of the pockets of fairly ordinary, middle income individuals and families. That's the essential truth that Corbyn is trying to deny in the UK and it's the issue which IoMG will need to face here. The alternative, of course, is to reduce government spending and (publicly funded) public sector pension entitlement. PS. My thanks also to Philip for clear, informed and illuminating comments. These forums are at their best when comments provide such real insight, in contrast to the usual bickering.
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    I voted for Mr Morehouse. I apologise profusely to you all, and I promise not to do it again
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    Only a fool would buy their drugs at police prices. It's almost criminal.
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    I don't think that is the case. In isolation the Rob Callister thread had been hijacked by a couple of particularly vile posters. It was obvious. As it is with the other vile posters we see here hijacking any number of threads to simply abuse people. They've no interest in the content of the discussion. The ban is a good thing. It's flushing out one by one the multiple accounts of one or two mentally deficient people and that can only be a good thing.
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    Change of forum rules makes it to the news... wow. That's great. Guess no sheep have been rescued from a field this week
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    Banning new registrations is a good idea, although a shame for the few genuine new users that may be lost during the hopefully short time this lasts for. I'd welcome a registration process that involves real ID confirmation. Still allow posting under a username, and keep details secret, but it would allow mods to identify sock puppet accounts. These are often obvious however. I post here less than I used to, mainly because if there is any interesting debate or news it's lost in all the noise. Over the few years I've been on I have learnt some things and had my views challenged. I changed my views on gender identity after a debate with LDV (a poster I once called a 'twat' regarding another matter, but one of the forum's more interesting contributors whose input is missed). Chinahand has convinced me that the earth is not flat. Tarne amuses me in a Frankie Boyle 'I can't believe he said that, but it's funny' sort of way. It'd be sad to see the forum go. It's different from Facebook, which I use quite a bit, and Twitter, which I don't get. I hope we manage to ride this storm, and the handful of knobheads who seem intent on trashing the place get bored and move on.
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    Well said, dilli. Bill and his group are superb and a credit to the Island. If someone went round from door to door giving tenners away the miserable feckers on here would find something to complain about.
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    Banned for creeping.
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    This thread is quite nice really, considering what it is about. The generally positive response from everyone to the mods concerns is good to see, it is clear that people care about the site and would like it to not just continue but improve. Some posters on here are great, Mr Sausages and TSE are consistently funny, Roger mexico posts some quality stuff, many more too. I hope that this thread and the clear desire from the sites users for the forum to continue help the mods feel a little better, and see that there is a reason to carry on. And as someone already pointed out we cant let Geoff Cornish win. That's down to all of us.
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    Oof! John, that's a bit harsh! Rambling sure, but there's nothing nasty or malicious about the druid. Personally I like that he posts here, he seems a nice fella. If I ever get to go back to Vancouver I'm going to invite him for a drink.
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    Maybe I'm old fashioned but I know of no better place to discuss things with a wide-ish community of people. Facebook seems to me a useless medium to do this, but I admit I've not much experience of it. The forum's ability to quote and have wide ranging discussions about multi-layered subjects where it is reasonably easy to follow the different currents of the discussion is to me unparalleled. Closing down new entrants is an incredibly draconian and will be the Forum's death knell if it is maintained for too long. Isn't a better system some sort of real identity registration so you can genuinely perma-ban disruptive people, and hence the threat of behave or go can have real meaning?
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    A look at the provided data. You might think that the level of grant received amongst the claimants would follow a normal distribution bell curve. Far from it. Is this money being well spent, is it necessary? There are 32 receive less than £1000 131 receive £0 - £5,000 From there it slopes off, all the way to the 5 who receive over £100,000. One, surely the daddy of them all, receives £145,983.50. Back on topic, what was the cost of Meals on Wheels? Who are the Tynwald Members who receive this grant and where do they sit on this distribution. That is, as owners of the land - Howard Quayle likes to say how he doesn't receive the grant but the tenant does. He must think we're still shitting yella. Obviously the land grant is factored into the rent he receives.
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    Come on, give the DED guys a break. If you ignore the lack of need, demand and labour, this scheme is genius. What airport gateways all have in common is: Proximity to an airport. Well ours can land the biggest planes in the world, has a market-leading navigation system and already caters for the executive jet market. Next, road links: well duh, a duel carriageway right next door. And the really exciting bit: Proximity to the rail network. Just imagine the business case already being formed by longworth. A world-class goods spur shipping out 3 sea containers an hour, and like all the best trainsets, a passing-loop commuter station for the 800 (200 will take advantage of the cycle to work initiative) daily commuters. What's not to like This has gold all over it, if you envision it right.
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    Can we avoid turning this thread into a Facebook group bashing exercise? We clearly have our own problems to fix before we start mud slinging else where.
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    Yes, he was the electorate's creature and I doubt he'd have got in anywhere else. There was Moorhouse fever among some of the voters down there. Hopelessly oversold and hopelessly under-performing since. Remember too that a lot of young voters helped put him in there next time you hear an argument for lowering the voting age. This is democracy folks and sometimes it elects idiots.
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    Just seen this quality thread! Why would I be banned? I fully comply with the MF terms of use and all I have done is put some links up to a satirical blog that is neither nasty or vindictive at all. As linking to my blog was banned by Vader on News & Politics on the direct instruction of Rob Callister I’d suggest that banning me, or not allowing me to link to my blog on here in future, would probably most likely validate the views of the above lunatics that it is Callister who is actually pulling the strings on MF. Therefore I assume that is unlikely to happen for that reason. I will still continue with the Blog though that is without doubt. There will most certainly be another out in the next few weeks which I will link on here and Twitter @CueBall_iom
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    And this is one of the many reasons reddit is so successful, users can down vote crap posts to oblivion very quickly, meaning only the good ones rise up.
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    Gone. As has been said we're rooting out the parachute accounts. Help us out, stick in a valid report if you see shit like this.
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    It probably means they’d save £23m a year by paying Vision Nine £30m a year to employ everyone they used to employ for £23m a year.
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    As a pure cynic, particularly where the SPCO are concerned the facts are that they charge as much as they can get. The offers they sing about are set by them, i.e. the advert for 900,000 offers seats, compared to what, another price they set ? The useless 5 day return offer, at least useless to most who want to go on holiday, at the height of season try booking a cottage somewhere for three days, being able to take advantage of the 5 day offer ! The dichotomy for me, I always enjoy travelling with the packet, the staff have always been fine to me, but the fact that the company is an avaricious investment vehicle for a Portuguese Bank brings us nicely back to the subject of this thread, the inability of the IOM Government to run the Island for the benefit of its residents and not to keep making huge mistakes in all aspects of service provision from the private sector !
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    I have just re-read the thread and there were two things that struck me. Firstly, the support of many longstanding and long-posting members. Secondly, that without exception, those who have posted here are not part of the problem. Debate is good, opposing views are good, it stimulates thought, but what it cannot always do, and shouldn't, is provide a winner. Views may be tested, challenged or confirmed and that, at the end of the day, is what it is about, not winning. Well, that, and a robust discursive on the origins of lilac knickers and whatever did happen to Kathy Brighton.
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    Thanks for the feedback However, please read my original post. I'm very keen to keep working and contributing, as most of my former colleagues are. I looked at both the public and private sector for a challenging second career, but the truth is that unless you are from a banking, compliance or e-gaming background, there is very, very little out there for the likes of me. I've applied for several public sector jobs, and either not made the interview or dipped at that stage. Persistence across both sectors has paid off, as I believe I've found a job where I can help make the differences we all moan about being sorely needed. And it was no walk in the park, 'nod and a wink' ol' boys together job. They ran an assessment centre, and I was really pleased that I made the grade. Believe me, there have been some jobs handed out which I really question the validity and ethics of the process applied, but this has not been one of them. Before I applied for the Nobles job, I actually made a phone call to ask, whether it was specifically a medical background they were looking for. I was assured that it was the management skills that were paramount. As it was, because of the extensive work I did with both medical and mental health services during my time running custody, I was able to evidence quite a lot of knowledge - and some real change in those areas where the interaction with the police was causing service issues on both sides. As for those of my former colleagues who didn't like me - well haters are gonna hate. I am different - I think differently, and operate unconventionally at times. Conservatism and risk aversion are the things that hold us back sometimes. There were people who were uncomfortable with my approach. That, bluntly, is their issue, not mine. I've always been outward and open on here, and am always ready to answer any criticism.
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    Although the option has not been discussed by the mods/admin, I like the idea of a joining fee as it will serve two purposes - raising revenue and detering multiple accounts. There is nothing wrong, in my view, with having several accounts, but when they are used to flout bans, troll and disrupt the forums, then they are not desirable. Raising revenue is important, I think, because the forums should cover the cost and should not be a drain on the personal resources of someone who is then exposed to possible legal action because of thoughtless, irresponsible posters. As Ans said, this is not to rattle the tin, but I think everyone should bear in mind that there is a cost to someone but contributions are voluntary, so the forums should treated with a little more respect. Off to renew my subs!
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    I don't feel sorry for him at all. The man is an idiot in a position of power. Those two together aren't a good combination. I get we have to be innovative, have to push boundaries, have to be nimble to attract investment but we need to do it sensibly, not churn out one bad idea after another just to be seen to be doing something.
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    Do not string knickers, Gladys and fish in the same sentence please.
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    Lets not get drawn into a toxic debate about specific posters, this is a general "things need to change" issue and quite honestly, while a lot of the issues originate from a very low number of posters, they're perpetuated by the way a much bigger part of the membership reacts to them. Just one theme I'd like to pick up on though - there's been a couple of people suggesting a subscription driven or "real name" registration process would make a difference. Mandatory subscription isn't a route we want to go down, with so many free to use platforms out there you'd have to ask what value we'd be delivering over them and I can't think of anything myself. Charging people also brings about different responsibilities and different expectations. The voluntary donation is a better model. The real names is more interesting. We could transfer the login mechanism to Facebook/Google relatively simply. It's not a panacea as setting up a fake Facebook account is pretty trivial so I'm not sure it solves much and one of the big advantages we have over a Facebook group is the relative anonymity. Obviously that comes with almost as many cons as it does pros but I suspect it would badly damage the variety of opinions people would feel comfortable sharing. Having a username often gets associated with keyboard warriors and that kind of activity but for a lot of people, having the freedom to present their views on controversial subjects avoids awkward conversations with family or workmates. This also carries the risk that some people are unwilling to accept where you end up being accosted in a pub by someone offended by your view on abortion, or someone turning up on your doorstep because you said they were wrong about something. I also think we'd lose that "edge" and when all you've got left is topics about knitting, as someone said before, you might as well just be on Facebook.
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    Well I for one think Bill Dale has done and is doing a fantastic job of cleaning our beaches of OUR rubbish. I thank every single person who has helped too, as it isn't the most pleasant of jobs as James just pointed out. Well Done all. You deserve this accolade.
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    Ans and John have alluded to part of the problem with personal stuff going on with the mods. But, the bigger problem is the lack of a great many posters to self-moderate. Would they say some of the things they do to a person face to face? Does anyone read what they have typed before they hit the button? There used to be interesting debate, funny quips and a feeling of community, if you can have such a thing on an anonymous forum. People used to be happy to help others with advice or even offering to turn up to help with a particular practical problem. That is sadly lacking. It would be great if that could be re-kindled.
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    I fully support the move. I may not be a moderator any more, but I can tell you it's time consuming and because I post using my own name I got not only messages but e-mails and phone calls. one poster has cost me more time and anguish over the last 4 years than all the other posters I've had to deal with. i was thinking of giving up before I got ill. The personal attacks challenging a moderating decision I made for the good of the forum were a last straw. There seems to be too much mud slinging, too much negativity, the ad hominem attacks, the antics of one or two posters, the tone of the pontless left/right debate ( actually not a debate, just the exchange of fake news factoids, Insults etc ) mean I don't visit or read much. I felt besieged as a moderator, by the constant challenges. The constant criticism,. The constant allegations that we all had multiple accounts and an ulterior agenda. ive only met two of the other mods. I've never discussed politics with them, let alone any agenda. Another mod is off Island. Another I don't actually know their name. This place has changed, so much in the last 18 months or so. I'm not sure I even want to be part of it anymore. There's no real debate, there's no fun. My perspective, for what it's worth.
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    It doesn't really matter whether it's £12 or £12k does it? It's the fact that a national broadcaster supported by public money is apparently happy to be seen to be fully supportive of a distinct political lobby group, which openly seeks to promote the interests of a particular minority demographic - no? I've no idea if there is a statement that MR is supposed to be politically neutral, but it cannot be if this is the case. How would people feel if the Celtic League Isle of Man Branch became "POWERED BY" it's newest corporate member Manx Radio?
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    To me it is quite clear that Skelly has lost any credibility that he ever had - which in itself was questionable at the best of times - and rather than having the spine to call it a day and stand down as Minister, he is continuing to perplex his new Chief Executive (he seems a decent chap) and the Cabinet Office media Officer by insisting that they still stand shoulder to shoulder with him and keep pumping out this feeble propaganda. My source within DED tells me that he is generally seen by the people that work for him as not only an idiot, but an embarrassing idiot. But, as is the way in politics - especially Manx politics where he will lose his uplift in salary if he steps down gracefully - he will try and tough it out and hold on. It is of course short-sighted. If maybe he stood up, confessed and apologised and showed remorse for his legendary goofs, then he could possibly stand a small chance of staying on the Gravy Train next time...let's face it, that is what the majority of our politicians really care about, don't they? To me there are only two types of Manx Politician - those who wouldn't be able to earn a decent living doing anything else and have substantially increased their income by being elected, and those who are wealthy enough not to worry money and just love massaging their own egos with the authority.
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    It just makes sense to have all the information in one spot. Sadly because people would abuse this, and the fact we don't have sufficient protections from stopping them, we can't do it.
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    but they expand management and contract those at the coalface. it needs to be the other way round.
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    Demonstrates the influence farmers had in the Tynwald of yester-year Has to end now
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    Howard Quayle replied: "I would love to live in a world where editorial rights could be retained." Just as much of an idiot.
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    Have you ever tried to book any freight on the racket?
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    Thanks for that. My question wasn't meant as a criticism as such; as the Teapot said, the mods' general hands-off approach is what gives the forum a little edge over others. I wasn't aware of the extent of all the bollocks going on in the background either. Or for how long. Worse for JW too, being in person. It would be a sad day if the site was closed-down. I've learned lots of things I didn't know, had some long-established views challenged and changed, and a daily guffaw or three. I would miss that.
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    We have our first winner!
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    Skelly is quoted in the paper yesterday saying this could generate 1000 jobs. What fucking mind bending drugs are they administering in the DED these days? Do they all sit round a big desk all day freebasing cocaine to see which enormous multi million pound burning piece of shit idea that has no business case behind it whatsoever they can come up with next? The Freeport was an ok idea when it was pitched and it sort of made sense to give it a go as an import export zone and that hasn’t really worked. But an “airport gateway” what the fuck even is it? A gateway to a badly run tiny regional airport in the middle of the Irish Sea. A thousand jobs? That’s just pure unadulterated bullshit. Why doesn’t Skelly just resign before we end up burning three times what we burned on Vision Nine on this nugget of complete shit?
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    You probably just grew up and developed taste buds, Carling has always been awful.
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    The Commissioner is quite right though. Some of the civil servants are so crooked that it will inevitably be abused. They need to get penalties in place first. We all know what the Island is like. Some of those nosy crooked bastards will be all over friends and families data or using it to dig dirt on their girlfriends ex or whatever. They won’t be able to help themselves.
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    gonna need a brick proof television......
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    Shoot the bastards,after a fucking good birching.