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    You get the impression that Humbles got her support by wandering around Prospect Hill (where presumably she works some of the time), pestering MHKs to back her like a small child getting sponsors for a charity event. Whether the later ones knew she already had enough to stand would be an interesting piece of knowledge and they might be annoyed they had 'used up' one of their 'supports' on someone who didn't need it. If MHKs stick to the spirit of the law (rather than the mess of words they have produced) and only support five, Allinson, Baker and Harmer already seem to have used theirs up and Ashford, Caine, Hooper, Perkins, Shimmins and Thomas all have done four. I reckon there enough spare supports going for another ten. One of the defining characteristics of MLC elections is that they are perpetually changing the rules to stop it looking silly and/or crooked. And each time they do they manage to produce an outcome that looks even more ridiculous and bent than the previous one. So I have high hopes of what, with this multiplicity of candidates, is already promising to be what is technically known as a 'clusterfuck'.
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    For what it's worth (which isn't much) after being diagnosed with what was said to be inoperable big C, (cancer that is, not clap) life changed and when I pushed for any and every possible chances I was offered radical treatment, some experimental and some that seemed more a matter of plumbing than anything ones mind gets concentrated in new directions. Having been filleted and replumbed, fed poison, several times, and being progression irradiated to the point of being able to light up any room that I entered I was more interested in just sitting on the sidelines and watching rather than get involved. For some odd reason very recently I felt like engaging in the fray once more and so I have. Prozac? Trust me when undergoing the horrors of chemo it would take a hell of a lot more than a few happy pills to make things look good.
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    I vote for that. At least the PS pensions and lump sums should be capped at £25k p/a in addition to the state pension. Simple as that. Nobody needs more. In reality it will be the last thing to suffer. It's immoral to be cutting vital services to the most needy so that we can continue to pay some fat cats two or three times the average working wage for sitting on their well upholstered backsides doing nothing maybe for decades after a career of overpayment. Once retired, everyone's contribution to the economy is the same - at an end - so there is no justification for such largesse being bestowed on a privileged group.
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    Seven cinemas. I wonder if they could make just one a non-eating, non-txting, non-crinkling-a-can-of-fucking-coke cinema.
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    That’s because the entire population has now been nominated.
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    Ok, no idea where that's coming from. I've no idea who you are and don't want to know either, but in the space of about twenty posts you appear to have gone into total meltdown. Whatever is happening it can't be good for your health.
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    If Moorehouse was a sheriff, he'd have arrested no one and shot himself in both feet by now.
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    If I were an MHK I think I would avoid social media like the plague, nothing nice is ever said about them and it must wind them up and distract them from the job in hand. Actors and actresses are always advised to avoid reading reviews after a performance as it takes away from their presentation. However, what is this to do with Jason hater of seagulls and squirrels? I had high hopes of the new batch of MHKs but so far all they seem to care about are fur and feathered creatures, and the goats of course, makes yer wonder...
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    Just give 'em the planning permission and tell 'em to get on with it for goodness sake. It's looked like a bombsite for half a lifetime.
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    Getting the Champagne out .......... 772 more people than 2005 !!!!! So spent roughly 90 million...... security area shambles / having to bribe staff to come in ....... new / old radar a disaster ........ saved millions on costs errr nope... more destinations err nope ...... There's spin and there's spin !!!!!! Cheers !!
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    Am I the only one to be concerned that there are candidates, who, if elected, will be nearly 80 by the end of their term?
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    £1 yes, then they tore down the bus station so the funfair would have a home for one TT in 2002! I think it was one of Cretney's stunning ideas at the time? One day someone will write his autobiography, "How a turnip rose to power!"
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    I don't need "moral guidance" from anyone , particularly those who claim to be in the "religion business" ...... thank you
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    There's been a mix-up...Manxy is referring to the Norwegian Association of Shed Architects who are currently claiming to have designed the famous shed owned by Godred Crovan located at the foot of Sky Hill where he stored all his weapons. This is indeed a lie. Archaeological evidence has proved beyond doubt that King Orry's shed was designed by Kjartan Ragnarsson the famous Manx Norse shed designer. Remains of his workshop have been found beneath Jurby airfield. Due to his speed of working he was know as "Go Kjartan". Other NASAs of interest to Manxy are Numbnuts And Stupid Arses, an association for people posting bollocks on internet forums and No-one Actually Seems Agitated, an association for people ignoring bollocks posted on internet forums.
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    What?! Why on earth would the Royal Marines deploy 7 highly trained men, “undercover” in civilian clothes, to patrol the coastline of the Island in the late 90s. You’re in the wrong thread...go and join the rest of the unhinged in the flat Earth “debate”.
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    For the same reason that they didn't elect Michael Moyle, when he let his name go forward, a few years ago. The MHK's do not want anyone too smart in there, to spoil their fun. The overall list of chancers, most of whom have never shown any interest in holding public office before, shows that the whole thing is a compete charade.
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    I'll bite, as I respect the views of Snaipyr, Woolley and Dilli. As far as I know, the station doesn't do 'advertorials' as such. If a furniture shop has a sale they could sponsor a live OB, but I'm not aware of anything else - I've certainly never been asked to get someone on TH because they're a commercial client, although other presenters do sometimes have sponsors on (Sure, MT et al). The likelihood is probably more that an advertiser has a contact in the sales office and can ask them to 'put in a word' that they're happy to field experts for talk shows or news comment - but ANY organisation can do exactly the same thing (incredibly few do!). When I was a staffer and had time to work up stories more I had a list of 'go to' contacts - for legal stories John Wright was always very helpful, as was Kevin O'Riordan (then at Simcocks). I don't think either advertised on the station. Bernard Moffat was another regular, and Dr Helen Nightingale the psychologist - and before people moan, when you've got a deadline looming you need to know who will give you a good quote quickly. On the abortion issue, I've been worried that the vast majority of people seem in favour of reform and choice, and the pro-lifers run the risk of being marginalised as meddlers, religious zealots or plain crazy and offensive people. Whilst every fibre of me disagrees with their position, I'd be failing my audience if I didn't allow them and their supporters a say, and I guess my colleagues feel the same way. To be honest, the more I hear from them the more entrenched my views have become - so a part of me thinks that giving someone enough rope is sometimes the better option.
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    I like to think I keep in touch with local affairs and politics. I read my 3 local newspapers every week, have done for many years. I also colour that with 'man down the pub' politics. I think I have a varied working and social life. There's only 2 or 3 of these people I have ever heard of, and that has been only in an incidental way. Ah well. Maybe it's like when you lift the outside door mat and all manner of things start running out and about that you didn't know were there. Perhaps an unkind analogy, I don't know.
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    Can I be the first to reminisce about the time OMD played the Villa.
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    WHO is this fucking nutcase?.
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    Welcome back TJ - I thought you’d been dead for 7 years.
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    This year's deficit £39m - next year's projected deficit £67m. Public Sector Employees Pension Reserve to be completely exhausted in four years time. No problems?
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    Not as yet, but has until Friday, might be keeping the excitement going by waiting until the last hour. As for this imminent budget coming up I swear I could hear a drum roll in the background when Howie was banging on about it, one might even be tempted to think something new or faintly interesting was going to be announced. It will be the same old. ...difficult times ahead...that of course is directed at us....cannot expect services to remain the same.....that is us again...blah, blah, blah, work harder for longer....us.....all due to Brexit, the world turning round, Trump, plastic bags, goats, squirrels, seagulls. Nothing at all to do with black hole pension pot, scallop raiding or a weak government. Carry on as usual Captain Mannering.
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    Barry, you’ve been had. For many years the Governors driver was/has been a civilian role. I’m talking 40+. They double as valet, frequently, and drinks server at Government House functions. And as for press coverage, let’s be clear, you wrote a letter and they were so desperate to fill the pages they published it.
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    Quinoa, quinoa? Who TF eats that? I would rather eat damsel fly eggs. Stick to lard - you know where you are with lard.
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    Get some Manx Broth down you boy, that cures everything.
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    I have posted now for some years that the management of the airport only know one way to manage, and that is with a cheque book. I remain of the opinion that the skill set required to actually manage a problem, and the one to solve it via cash are two different things ! We pay massive management salaries to these people and quite honestly they are crap !
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    Why wasn't this done last time? When are they finally going to fire someone? Jesus F Christ on a bike, how much more mismanagement can you fit into a rural airfield?
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    None of the above thanks. But hey! we don't get to vote! Corkish keeping quiet. Bet he's shitting himself with this competition. At least 3 that have achieved something other than eating all the fuckin pies.
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    Well, I was not disappointed after all, there could be 20 by the end of the week, do not forget the three musketeers have not indicated whether they will be up for another term. The excitement is excruciating, not, at the end of the day the ones who appear the most docile and obedient will be chosen, bit like choosing a dog really, especially one of the nodding variety.
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    What a great advert this thread is for Manx Forums. A few years ago the debate would stand half a chance of some decent analysis but clearly no longer. I don’t know which is worse - Facebook or this - I can only assume it’s the same people under different guises......ok ok Facebook is worse, but still, you get my drift.
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    Nice piece here at The Guardian to coincide with London Fashion Week: Catwalk label’s postage stamp collection features Finella dress worn by Duchess of Cambridge
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    I get confused watching one screen at the cinema, nevermind seven at once.
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    The way I read it, you made it your business when you re-posted inaccurate information...just saying
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    Balanced view? In the fucking Guardian? Hmmm....
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    Agreed. The site needs a feeder road that will support lots of lorries, and doubtless they will want to come and go to/from both sides of the village. The feeder road will need to go through the site, and if this then becomes a Ballasalla bypass, no doubt the new residents will complain that the road is too busy, and a death trap for their children. This will be a group of little boxes, with no facilities on site or even within a short walk, as is the way with new estates, unless there are plans to include shop, pub, school, etc..., at which point it becomes a ghetto - for whom?
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    No, it’s simply the delay in WiFi signals reaching Ramsey.
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    No he didn't - https://www.gov.im/media/1352029/review-of-the-functioning-of-tynwald-gd-2016-0047.pdf "I cannot support the direct election of Members of the Legislative Council." He called for basically the current voting system except with a Nominations Committee instead of MHKs making the suggestions. Which sounds even less transparent and democratic than the current "process".
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    Those words could be rearranged but still maintain total accuracy...DANDARA WILL FUCK ALL FOR PAY...or FUCK DANDARA FOR ALL WILL PAY
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    Of course if it was planned for near Glen Mona it’d be the Corrany bypass. (I’ll get my coat).
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    Earth and moon from 40 million miles distant. Taken by the OSIRIS-REx, an asteroid-hunting space craft moving away from us at nearly 20,000kph...
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    Last Autumn I wrote on this thread that if: In any other country, parliamentarians would be calling for Longworth to go, but here the gravy train seems to be the only one that's same to go on.
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    Then three ideas come along at once...
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