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  1. craggy_steve

    Game of Thrones - what next?

  2. craggy_steve

    Red Cross lose contract for patient transfer

    It only has the drivers if they were being paid to be idle, otherwise it will have to pay for the additional man-hours, and as the SAVE report http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/opqp/sittings/Tynwald 20162018/2018-GD-0030.pdf explains on p24 "Crew schedules and terms and conditions of employment – it has been identified that in comparison to other bus operators Bus Vannin’s salary costs are high." - so it is not a given that the Gov't labour for driving and maintaining the buses will be cheaper than the Red Cross. Yep, you are that green Dilli Charities do not in general provide for free services that public sector organisations are obliged to provide, such as patient transport, instead it is common for charities to provide such "3rd sector" services on a semi-commercial* basis because the additional volume helps to create the critical mass needed in order to make the real charitable purposes economically viable. *semi-commercial because the income from such a service helps to amortise fixed / establishment costs inherent in providing the charitable purposes. I would be surprised if Bus Vannin can genuinely provide the same service at lower real cost than Red Cross, but if they can use the extra business to absorb overcapacity in their fleet and drivers, and they already have suitable adapted vehicles and appropriately trained staff to cope with "special assistance" passengers then they made be able to price it more cheaply.
  3. craggy_steve

    Some rich fellas living here these days....

    IoM and other e-gaming provider jurisdictions just lost a few online gamblers as the Swiss vote to ban offshore (i.e. non-Swiss) online casino operators from providing online gambling in Switzerland https://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/vote-june-10--2018_reform-of-swiss-gambling-law-set-for-voter-approval/44165026
  4. craggy_steve

    Manx Radio

    Might just be a mode setting on the desk given that you're all digital. My 1970's Neve broadcast desk had lovely slow VU meters, which I used to run at 100% for speech and c. 70% for (compressed, pre-recorded) music to get a perception of equivalent loudness.
  5. craggy_steve

    Manx Labour Party calls for direct democracy

    Thought out by whom ^^^^^^ ? Sound's good in principle but kinda implies the ability to think
  6. craggy_steve

    Snail race

    Mine / Uhtred's supersnail still in the lead after four days of frenetic action, how long can it keep up this pace?
  7. craggy_steve

    Wrong book studied for exam

    From my recollection of Eng Lit 'O' I would expect that they have been significantly disadvantaged doing an exam based on a text which they have have not previously read and analysed - but how can Cregeen be at fault? presumably the other state schools on the island studied the correct text or we would not be hearing only about CRHS. Seems crazy.
  8. craggy_steve

    Snail race

    I must have picked Uhtred's, it's winning so far
  9. craggy_steve

    Children's Champion resigns

    This battle has been ongoing a few months, since some folk became uncomfortable with her first report. I'm glad she has stuck to her principles, demonstrated some integrity, and stepped down. Done the right thing and should be applauded for it.
  10. craggy_steve

    Economic Development Fund has only had limited success.

    All we've confirmed is that you are gullible enough to be taken in by marketing spin, for BT's definition of Fibre Broadband coverage to the subscriber which does not align with _any_ accepted understanding or standard for fibre to the subscriber. Go across, order your Fibre broadband, and then ask them to show you the fibre entering your premises. What we have also proved is that your claim that "its made sod all difference in the uk, more wasted money...." was utterly, completely and comprehensively false because the UK is currently achieving Fibre Broadband coverage of c. 3.69%. Almost all the rest is copper to the premises irrespective of what the marketeers say. Fibre to some box down the road and then copper for the last mile is not "Fibre Broadband", it's copper. Has been for 20+ years and still is.
  11. craggy_steve

    Economic Development Fund has only had limited success.

    BT marketing folk claim 80% coverage of fibre - that is to say 80% coverage of fibre to the cabinet or exchange to which subscribers are then connected by ordinary copper - not fibre to the subscriber's premises. Anyone can weasel their words - but only the ignorant are fooled. Using the same principle one can just as well claim over 99% coverage, because over 99% of landline telephony in the UK is "fibre" - because the UK telephone exchanges are almost all interconnected by fibre optic. Unfortunately the 10 miles of 50-year-old copper connecting the rural subscriber to the exchange still means they get noisy, crackly phone calls and sub-megabit data speeds. BT will also tell you that my old work premises in a small town on the Yorkshire / Lancashire border cannot have fibre - which is rather odd given that I had a large bundle of fibre blown from Leeds (approx 30 miles of fibre) to connect us in 2005. OK, so it was our fibre, not BT's, but it was BT we contracted to install it. Only a fool actually believes the twisted truths of the snake oil merchants. Fibre is fibre. If your premises are connected by copper wire instead of fibre optic then you're not on fibre, even if the fibre cabinet is only 50 yards down the road.
  12. craggy_steve

    Economic Development Fund has only had limited success.

    Upload: Many small software developers have their development / test systems on premises - in a small office or at home, only moving code and data to commercial cloud / datacentre once it is working. Most digital content creators (music, photo, video etc.) work on a local system and only upload product when it is ready for release. Have you tried uploading a terabyte of big data via xDSL? I think it takes about 280 hours error-free on VDSL+. Plenty of occasions doing big data analysis in the cloud when I have had to wait 2 - 4 days for my dataset to upload so I can crunch the numbers for a client using AWS servers. Download: Yep, fat pipes into the home / office are appealing for domestic consumption, but there are many multi-million pound mansions in rural UK, owned by successful business folk, which due to their rural locations have poor Internet connections (ADSL running at 1Mbps etc.) and thus inhibiting their owners from working at home. Can't VPN onto the company head office systems, can't videoconference etc. Bandwidth is an enabler. It has a greater impact than is immediately apparent.
  13. craggy_steve

    Is Julie Edge undemocratic

    Then CT is clearly wrong - which is not a great surprise, he can be very lazy in his responses. The intent of the act is unequivocal. 8 Right of access to information held by public authorities (1) Subject to this Act, every person who is resident in the Island has a legally enforceable right to obtain access, in accordance with this Act, to information held by a public authority. 9 Requests for information (1) A person who is resident in the Island and who wishes to obtain access to information held by a public authority may request the information. (2) The request for information must — (a) be in the form required by the Chief Secretary; and (b) be accompanied by the fee for making a request for information (if any) prescribed by regulations. (4) The Chief Secretary may specify different forms for requests to different public authorities. (5) The form must — (a) require the applicant to provide the following information — (i) the applicant’s name; (ii) an address for correspondence; and (iii) an adequate description of the information requested; 14 Public authority may request additional information and fees (1) A public authority may, by notice — (a) request from an applicant information that — (i) the public authority reasonably requires to identify the information requested; or (ii) if the public authority believes on reasonable grounds that the applicant is not resident in the Island, proves that the applicant is so resident;
  14. craggy_steve

    Is Julie Edge undemocratic

    3 Purpose The purpose of this Act is to enable persons who are resident in the Island to obtain access to information held by public authorities in accordance with the principles that — (a) the information should be available to the public to promote the public interest; and Section 4 Freedom of Information Act 2015 Page 8 AT 8 of 2015 c (b) exceptions to the right of access are necessary to maintain a balance with rights to privacy, effective government, and value for the taxpayer.