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  1. Boatyard - Protesting too loudly?

    +1 I don't see the point. Hardly a threat to the other options on the Quay - each has their aficionados.
  2. Boatyard - Protesting too loudly?

    Been to the Boatyard a couple of times, seems popular but even when someone else is paying it just doesn't seem to tick the right boxes for me. Each to their own.
  3. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy...

    I was in Chicago when it came out, so I picked up a copy there. Yes it's dull. Intelligence work is generally dull. Like fishing - except when you're the fisherman or the fish. He's certainly no Le Carré.
  4. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy...

    Ha, they need ...
  5. New MLC looks to diversify Legco.

    Interesting phrase there Chris - First Round Voting - implies an expectation of subsequent rounds which didn't occur. Irrespective of what decided the voting, we know that you and Juan did not, you each voted for such a high proportion of candidates that it was highly improbable that your selections would not be reinforced by others - thereby effectively abdicating your selection rights in the first round. In your case you effectively voted against 2 instead of for anyone. I personally believe that in a selection process one seeks to appoint the best candidates, not to achieve the shortest process. Just saying "he'll do" to the first candidate through the door is not likely to appoint the best candidate. In that respect it could be that the new process has let us down, especially if a second round was anticipated but failed to happen. Given that you ranked your candidates - did we get your top five? (Don't answer that!) If we didn't get your top five then your lack of selectivity potentially lumbered Legco with some "OK" instead of "Good" candidates - you merely ruled out those you considered "Inadequate". I understand the desire to avoid overly prolonged process, however 5 years ago Keys managed to get it done in a half-day sitting with JT squeaking in at the last minute, and half a day is not overly onerous. The very drawn-out elections have been entertaining but uncommon. Perhaps the "new" system would be better if in the first round MHKs were each required to vote for half of the field - which would generally see the most popular candidates appointed in round one with a few rounds of squabbling to determine the runners-up. But actually having considered the impact of the new method I think the old method may have been preferable. It will be interesting to see what the candidate field is like next time if the same system is used again. I think that Tynwald does need a second branch - but one that does the scrutiny and revision job properly and independent of Gov't. That's actually a pretty tough thing to achieve in our system - might be possible if we had adopted Lisvane's recommendation, but only then if an adequate quality of candidates had presented (and in the past Keys seems to have rejected the more analytical candidates when they have been available). But if we can't do the scrutiny and revision job properly then I agree, better off not doing it at all.
  6. New MLC looks to diversify Legco.

    What gets me about the MHKs who voted for more than 5 is that each of them basically said "I don't care who gets in as long as it is not ...." - which is incredibly damning both of Legco and themselves. It damns Legco by saying "it doesn't much matter who gets in", and it damns them in saying "I'll leave it to the other MHKs to decide". I'm surprised that Thomas & Watterson, particularly, took this approach, voting for 13 and 11 candidates respectively. it basically comes down to "it's not important, let's get it over with as quickly as possible" - which is exactly what they did, however Tim Baker, David Ashford, Daphne Caine ,Martyn Perkins, Geoffrey Boot, Alfred Cannan, Raymond Harmer and Dr Alex Allison all voted for more than five candidates - essentially saying "I don't much care, I can't be bothered to choose between them". Might as well abolish Legco now if MHKs really don't care who they get. Actually if they take this cavalier approach to voting for legislation in the Keys then we might as well get rid of the Keys too.
  7. New MLC looks to diversify Legco.

    All of them will join Gov't. Tynwald has decided, contrary to Lisvane, that the job description of MLCs is to work in Gov't. See the job description in section 42 of http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/opqp/sittings/Tynwald%2020162018/2018-PP-0018.pdf. I think that's the key reason why Ramsay and Kelly were so comprehensively rejected.
  8. MLC Election 12th March 2018 - The Peoples Poll

    Jane Poole-Wilson got 22.
  9. MLC Election 12th March 2018 - The Peoples Poll

    More detail in the MR report http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/result-in-legco-election-on-first-vote/
  10. MLC Election 12th March 2018 - The Peoples Poll

    Seems MHKs views did not agree with MF http://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/clean-sweep-for-women-in-legco-elections/ I am a bit shocked by the result, far from convinced that all of the elected will contribute to the success of the Isle of Man
  11. Supertour 2018

    I think it's a great idea. Like a biker's café run except once a year instead of every Saturday; a chance for folks with a material interest in flash motors to get together and make friends, swap notes, swap arm candy etc., except they'll have to spend a fortune instead of maybe merely buying a mug of tea and a cooked breakfast, and they'll be spending it here on posh hotels, posh food, and Manx petroleum.
  12. Department For Enterprise

    Two of the 4 full-time CEO roles have already been appointed from within DfE management, and Gov't is recruiting for the other two. The 4 part-time chairs won't be CS but they will be employed by DfE. DfE claims that it has shrunk headcount lately and will fund the Agency roles from those savings.
  13. Meeting our population challenges - report

    @ans ??
  14. For Hooper read Karran

    As a come-over / stop-over / stay-over I think it would be a lot more than just those who are here for tax purposes. It would basically destroy the CSP, Banking, Insurance, Pension, e-Gaming and ICT sectors overnight, and we would lose most of their ordinary middle-income workers who would relocate to the UK or Ireland or EU because they need work. I'd probably try to go to NZ because I didn't come here for work or tax (I wish); I love the island but I came here to escape the corrupt undemocratic f**k-ups that call themselves the EU and UK Gov'ts, and I'm not unique in that. I think becoming part of the UK would see the island lose a third of its jobs and (because they are the higher-earning sectors) pretty much half its GDP. The island's success of the past 30 years has been predicated on being "British" but not being part of the UK or EU. My primary concern for IoM over Brexit is that a UK free of the EU shackles will liberalise its business and tax regulations and consequently erode the IoM's economic differentiation meaning that some current IoM-based businesses decide to relocate to the UK. You are absolutely correct that we would be one of the larger UK constituencies, but for many businesses and employees the island is not the most convenient place to live or work. It is very, very special for other reasons but our primary advantage as an economy is that we're able to differentiate ourselves from the UK - take that away and it's back to spuds & herring. We might be able to get a temporary "special economic zone" deal with the UK, similar to when Hong Kong returned to China - but I don't see HQ in the mold of Chris Patten.
  15. Budget 2018

    That's the opening bid. My bet is a "terminal" cost of 37.5M and Mrs Craggy is bagging 42M. Perhaps we should have a MF sweepstake.