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  1. monasqueen

    Plans for lord street

    Could be damaging. Sounds like something for Onchan race track. When does the fight start?
  2. monasqueen

    Horse Trams

    It's not his.
  3. monasqueen

    Ben My Chree and sulphure/NO2 emissions

    Why just pick on Ben my Chree? Manannan uses lots more fuel. Alright, it's better grade, but have you seen it leaving port, creating its own smoke screen? It's not exactly a green machine....
  4. monasqueen

    Horse Trams

    The one at Dobeln in Germany is the only other one in a proper roadway. It is a fairly recent re-creation, and only operates about 6 days a year. The one at Victor Harbour goes across a half mile causeway, and the horses (which are unshod) walk on rubber matting. A big difference between ours and all the others is that our horses go a lot faster. All others are restricted to walking pace, unless they get spooked :-0. I've been on one of ours that got spooked, and it set off at a gallop, only a short distance, till it got reined in, but it was quite impressive!
  5. monasqueen

    Plans for lord street

    It's an ideal spot for a bus station.
  6. monasqueen

    Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    Perhaps time for IOM Govt to buy Commodore. Sister ships, Ben and Clipper (Clipper is a little bit younger and slightly bigger). Both companies have fast craft that don't like a bit of wind, and make people seasick. Steam Packet freighter Arrow seems to spend more time helping out Commodore than she does helping IOMSPCo. Could an order for 2/3 new ships - Ben/Clipper style - result in a bulk discount?
  7. monasqueen

    Tourists not wanted round here!!!

    If he is looking to take holidays within the British Isles, but outside the UK, the OP would do well not to consider going to Ireland as an alternative. Children aged between 15-17 years may remain on the premises after 9pm where they are attending a private function at which a substantial meal is served.
  8. monasqueen

    Govt Pensions Revealed

    Our endowment mortgage was taken out long enough ago for it ...just... to clear our debt, but that was s far as it went. That was about 20 years ago. Just as well. I am one of those in the Govt Pensions statistics who gets less than £10,000 a year (by quite a margin) but then I have moved jobs a bit in my lifetime! Fortunately, right from the outset, I started to save for the future, not trusting any employer to provide all I needed in retirement, so I am now "comfortable". But, I now fear that those savings will be stolen as soon as I need to go into some sort of residential home.
  9. monasqueen

    Chief Minister summons new MLCs

    At least none of the latest scutch of MLCs are Masons.
  10. monasqueen

    Manx Radio

    And it turns out they haven't even got planning consent for the cafe. The Highways division have objected on the grounds of insufficient parking. (Examiner 22 May). Makes that irresponsible advert really sound good now, doesn't it. (Have many dogs fried in their cars outside yet, in all the sun we've had of late?)
  11. monasqueen

    Manx Driving

    We have our cars serviced by the dealer every year. The dealer points out any developing defects, with a timescale on when they may become problematic. An MOT would be of no value to us, as it would not give any additional information, and would add to the expense. Not all drivers have their cars serviced regularly (whether by themselves or by a dealer) and those who don't are the ones who should be targeted by on road vehicle checks. Many of these will be people who probably have no tread on their tyres, poor brakes, badly set headlights, etc... There are a number of "one eyed monsters" out there, and MOTs won't ever solve that problem - a bulb can fail at any time. The worst are those who think that their one candle power side lights can be seen in poor conditions. If the lighting conditions are bad enough for lights, then full (dipped) headlights should be switched on. Almost as bad (possibly as bad) are those who think that a bit of mist warrants fog lights, blinding the poor driver behind them. Fog lights are for fog, and they should be switched off as soon as the fog has cleared enough for other vehicles to be seen. .
  12. monasqueen

    Manx Driving

    What gets me is the number of people who indicate right when going straight across a roundabout. For roundabout technique, you need to try Cardiff, where you do not wait at all at the access points. You just find a small gap and go. It works, but you need to have your wits about you. If you do not go, the guy behind you hits your rear bumper!
  13. monasqueen

    Spineless or what

    Sorry, but Indonesia is a republic, and not dependant on any other country to my knowledge. They do not have to ask anyone whether they can destroy foreign fishing boats. Who are you going to ask for an FOI? I posted the piece, as I thought it would be rather nice if Barrule had "teeth".
  14. monasqueen

    Spineless or what

    What we need is a fishing minister with the powers of Susi Pudjiastuti in Indonesia. That country was losing vast quantities of fish to illegal fishing boats. Alright, it is a bit bigger than the IOM, and there are some 17,000 islands to monitor and protect, but the results of the lady's actions since 2014 seem to have been quite spectacular. Since 2014, over 350 illegal fishing boats have been blown up.
  15. monasqueen

    Manx Radio

    Who on earth is responsible for the latest batch of adverts, putting new words to old tunes? Williams' two new adverts for his Friday morning fuel competition are excruciatingly bad, and make me want to throw up. There are a couple of new ones from paying advertisers, too, which are equally horrendously appalling. As I switch off when they come on, I can't remember who they are supposed to be advertising. Come friendly bombs, and fall on Slough Douglas Head (after Betjeman)