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  1. Douglas Promenade Horse Tram Tracks

    So, the nice little club that forms itself into a planning committee have approved the application for regeneration of the Prom. They're trying to hide this behind the news about Lord Street "bus station" redevelopment, otherwise why no apparent press release yet?. Nothing much commented upon, but they want to be told what sort of trees and shrubs are to be planted, and size, colour and material of the street furniture, not to mention material, colour, and finish of the tramway corridor, before any work is started. Does a pig have to advise what colour lipstick it is going to wear?
  2. Ballasalla Bypass

    Agreed. The site needs a feeder road that will support lots of lorries, and doubtless they will want to come and go to/from both sides of the village. The feeder road will need to go through the site, and if this then becomes a Ballasalla bypass, no doubt the new residents will complain that the road is too busy, and a death trap for their children. This will be a group of little boxes, with no facilities on site or even within a short walk, as is the way with new estates, unless there are plans to include shop, pub, school, etc..., at which point it becomes a ghetto - for whom?
  3. Plans for lord street

    Too much pavement space taken up. Not enough room for bus stops. Car park looks like clumsy infill. Stores will kill off a bit more of Strand Street. Apartments do not look very appealing, adjacent to cheap hotel, over stores, over car park, and probably overpriced. Tacky. How about a multi-storey car park over a purpose built bus station, with newsagent/spar type shop, café, and toilets? Too easy/useful?
  4. Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    From G E White, where White van man comes from. "Supplies where do to be flown in, but unfortunately no plane was available." Where do????
  5. responsibilities?

    The caller to the radio said that the pedestrian crossing allowed them only 4 seconds to get across the road before the lights changed. They claimed they were not sprightly enough to run. Brought to mind the elderly and disabled being told to run to their plane at Reynoldsway. Perhaps (conspiracy theory) there's a general plan to try and improve peoples' fitness?
  6. IQTest

    Interesting Question
  7. Dental Problems

    A Douglas Dental Practise is to close. Ravat and Ray will give up their contract at the end of next month. More NHS patients will no doubt be forced to go private. It sounds to me as though when they tendered (successfully) for the job, they undercut everyone else by so much, they could not afford to do the work. www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/douglas-dental-practice-to-close/
  8. MLC nominations open

    In the news today, a story about UK politicians' clubs. There are always concerns about decisions being taken, or not taken, and this quote does nothing to counter them. A lot of our politicians are "in the club". Presumably a lot of MF members are, too. Should we be concerned?
  9. MLC nominations open

    Old pals, or members of a certain backscratching mens' club (which normally means women wouldn't be considered)
  10. MLC nominations open

    We need a few more Members who are not members of the same "club".
  11. Public 'prepared' to pay for healthcare

    WHY??? Sorry, I mean why is it closing, not why is it disgusting (I agree with the latter).
  12. Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    There used to be signs saying that part of the deck space was dedicated to x number of steerage passengers or x number of cattle! When dining, you could tell how rough the crossing was going to be by the consistency of the soup - if the spoon stood up in it, you were in for a rough time! Bread and butter pudding was also a rough weather "treat". The old Ben had someone behind the scenes who was nicknamed "the pepper chef". Those were the days.......
  13. Chips, Cheese & Gravy - a Manx delicacy

    The Canadian version (Poutine) uses cheese curds rather than mature cheese. It somehow does not sound as tasty. I don't think there are many chippies on the Island that don't do CCG nowadays.
  14. Gravy Train Gets New Engine?

    The Ffestiniog Railway has an engine ("Vale of Ffestiniog") that looks very similar to "The Cabbage", and is capable of pulling their low season trains (around 8 coaches), but may be a little underpowered for the high season trains (around 14 coaches). Apart from being lower powered than the IOM diesel, it seems to work very well! The Corris Railway in Mid Wales had "identified the need for a substantial and faster diesel locomotive" (according to their accounts for the year to 31 December 2015). They acquired a 2nd hand engine in 2015, which had last worked in Austria. It was overhauled and regauged in Romania, and transported to the Corris, and the total cost was a very small fraction of what we have paid for our diesel. Like the Ffestiniog engine, it works well!! The Corris engine would not fit here, but I've heard that the Romanians have all sorts of engines of different gauges, and that they seem to do a good (and cheap) job of overhauling and regauging, to suit the buyer. Perhaps our people should have looked harder at them? They did spend some time in the country before heading off to The States. On the other hand, I suspect that a brand new bespoke engine from Alan Keef may have ended up a cheaper option. Where are we up to with the Cabbage, anyway? Will it ever work?