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  1. monasqueen

    Manx Driving

    We have our cars serviced by the dealer every year. The dealer points out any developing defects, with a timescale on when they may become problematic. An MOT would be of no value to us, as it would not give any additional information, and would add to the expense. Not all drivers have their cars serviced regularly (whether by themselves or by a dealer) and those who don't are the ones who should be targeted by on road vehicle checks. Many of these will be people who probably have no tread on their tyres, poor brakes, badly set headlights, etc... There are a number of "one eyed monsters" out there, and MOTs won't ever solve that problem - a bulb can fail at any time. The worst are those who think that their one candle power side lights can be seen in poor conditions. If the lighting conditions are bad enough for lights, then full (dipped) headlights should be switched on. Almost as bad (possibly as bad) are those who think that a bit of mist warrants fog lights, blinding the poor driver behind them. Fog lights are for fog, and they should be switched off as soon as the fog has cleared enough for other vehicles to be seen. .
  2. monasqueen

    Manx Driving

    What gets me is the number of people who indicate right when going straight across a roundabout. For roundabout technique, you need to try Cardiff, where you do not wait at all at the access points. You just find a small gap and go. It works, but you need to have your wits about you. If you do not go, the guy behind you hits your rear bumper!
  3. monasqueen

    Spineless or what

    Sorry, but Indonesia is a republic, and not dependant on any other country to my knowledge. They do not have to ask anyone whether they can destroy foreign fishing boats. Who are you going to ask for an FOI? I posted the piece, as I thought it would be rather nice if Barrule had "teeth".
  4. monasqueen

    Spineless or what

    What we need is a fishing minister with the powers of Susi Pudjiastuti in Indonesia. That country was losing vast quantities of fish to illegal fishing boats. Alright, it is a bit bigger than the IOM, and there are some 17,000 islands to monitor and protect, but the results of the lady's actions since 2014 seem to have been quite spectacular. Since 2014, over 350 illegal fishing boats have been blown up.
  5. monasqueen

    Manx Radio

    Who on earth is responsible for the latest batch of adverts, putting new words to old tunes? Williams' two new adverts for his Friday morning fuel competition are excruciatingly bad, and make me want to throw up. There are a couple of new ones from paying advertisers, too, which are equally horrendously appalling. As I switch off when they come on, I can't remember who they are supposed to be advertising. Come friendly bombs, and fall on Slough Douglas Head (after Betjeman)
  6. monasqueen

    Promenade Resurfacing

    You need to look at Statement 2 of 2 in this list. Go to the bottom, where there is a consultant's opinion, followed by photos.
  7. monasqueen

    Promenade Resurfacing

    Yes. It is in a disgusting state, caused by a complete lack of upkeep and maintenance . Have a look at the photos on the planning application.
  8. monasqueen

    New Nags Palace

    This expense would not be necessary if Douglas Corporation had not let the current building rot.
  9. monasqueen

    Road Safety Consultation

    Having been on a number of UK roads recently, "A" roads and motorways, it is rare that speeds could even come close to being in excess of the limits in force. It would be nice if you could actually increase your speed to the figure on the restriction sign..... ......incidents, accidents, road works etc.... .......and don't mention potholes. Sefton Street in Liverpool is at least as bad as the Prom was before the resurfacing. (Heading south/north from/to the Pier Head). The M6, both north and south, through the road works areas, have horrendous holes in the middle lane, where the original lane markings were erased and filled in, and the fillings have all dropped out. IOM roads are wonderful in comparison!
  10. monasqueen

    Cregeen on a school spending spree!

    You're not allowed to smack kids nowadays.
  11. monasqueen

    Manx Radio

    The BBC is getting into hot water over its requirement that presenters have their own service contracts, and some of the presenters are not too happy with the fact that they are treated as self-employed, so they do not qualify for sick leave, etc.... It looks as though the HMRC are getting very interested about the tax aspects of people who are claimed to be self employed, yet do specified jobs at specified times. It's very convenient for the BBC if their staff can be persuaded to account for their own tax, NIC, other expenses, holidays, etc....., and it looks as though there may be some interesting arguments looming over contracts of employment/contracts for services. Manx Radio are in danger of falling into the same hole.
  12. monasqueen

    Reynoldsway part 2. £80 million to spend on ports

    Yes, the turbine steamers were fast, but, like the current aluminium beasties, consumed vast quantities of fuel. I was thinking more in terms of what the latest technology should be able to provide in the way of "green" energy fast engines.
  13. monasqueen

    Reynoldsway part 2. £80 million to spend on ports

    The boats have got slower (with age?) Ben has been rescheduled to 3 3/4 hours to Heysham from 3 1/2 for quite some time now. She took 5 hours to get to Birkenhead this morning. Steam Packet website timings Douglas Departed at: 07:59 - Ben-my-ChreeBirkenhead Arrived at: 13:00 Ben was bought as a freighter with a bit of passenger accommodation, and was never expected to do the sort of speed/timings that should be achieved by a traditional passenger vessel. (I have been to Liverpool in under 3 1/2 hours on Lady of Mann). If "proper" passenger vessels were used we might not have so many people quite so keen on the "fast craft", which are little better than gas guzzling ego trips for those who wrote the Linkspan Agreement. The fast craft are delicate (easily damaged, and cannot go out in high winds). They are also not as fast as they used to be. Manannan was initially advertised as getting to Liverpool in 2 1/2 hours, but she rarely managed to achieve that in anything other than fair wind and favourable tides. She usually takes more than 2 3/4 hours. They "sneak off early" to give them a reasonable chance of arriving at their scheduled time, and not incur penalties for late running. Surely it should be possible to get a couple of vessels that would do Liverpool trips in 3 1/2 hours, carry passengers/coaches/freight to any of the available Irish Sea ports in comfort, and with current technology, use less fuel ?
  14. monasqueen

    Cregeen on a school spending spree!

    Shouldn't a rich Catholic philanthropist pick up the tab? Whatever happened to Gubay's pot of gold?
  15. monasqueen

    Defending the Indefensible - Chief Minister Speaks

    You can either let it rot (Castle Mona), or you can stage a "convenient" fire, or have the site redeveloped for huge profits (Majestic Hotel), or try to find someone who will care for it. Putting it on the open market does not sound right. Does it have adequate covenants to protect it? This does not bode well for the historic (and probably also unique) horse tram stables, incredibly not yet on the Registered Buildings Register, which Douglas Corporation have tried the rotting solution on. The tram shed has already rotted beyond repair.