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  1. Tempus Fugit

    Rally Under Threat...

    that's crazy, should have been sorted out months ago nimby interference ?
  2. Tempus Fugit

    Tesco Car Park Clamp Down

    2011 ? even Lazarus wasn't resurrected after 7 years ! why was this one trawled up ?
  3. Tempus Fugit

    Steam Packet to be sold

    is it not the PATIENT TRANSPORT contract, not 'transfer'
  4. Tempus Fugit

    Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    amazing how google can't find that website, all it finds are twitter and facebook with no recent updates :-(
  5. Tempus Fugit

    Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    just for the record, that's the forecast last night, force 9 would not make getting through the dog-leg of Heysham entrance, or turning, very easy. With all of last night's traffic and probably this morning's Manannan load it wasn't over-packed with pax, maybe the decks were full of campers and vans though. Arrow has been riding out the storm in Laxey bay waiting for the wind to drop and a vacant berth even this morning BMC was heading 160' more like going to Llandudno before turning east Arrow has been riding out the storm in Laxey bay waiting for the wind to drop and a vacant berth
  6. Tempus Fugit

    Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    Isle of Man Steam Packet Company 5 mins · **Sailing update – Issued at 17:27hrs** Forecasts confirm that the adverse weather has deteriorated further and therefore the following sailings for this evening have now been cancelled. Douglas to Heysham 13th June @ 19:45hrs Heysham to Douglas 14th June @ 02:15hrs Passengers booked on the above sailings can contact our reservation team on 01624 661661 or 08722 992 992 to make alternative arrangements. Alternatively you can amend your booking online through your online account. Following review of the latest forecast the following sailings are subject to probable disruption/cancellation. To give these sailings every opportunity to take place, a final decision will be made by the Master by 06:15hrs tomorrow morning. Douglas to Liverpool 14th June @ 07:30hrs Liverpool to Douglas 14th June @ 11:15hrs For further information on these for any of our other sailings please visit our website.
  7. Tempus Fugit

    Smart Meters are coming

  8. Tempus Fugit

    MV Karina...

  9. Tempus Fugit

    Smart Meters are coming

    what an utter waste, £18 MILLION to implement, in the hope it will make people cut down on electricity use, will cut staff from going around reading meters (and checking for meter tampering !). If the demand reduces it will drop profit which in turn will increase the price per unit - as happened last time in the 'fuel crisis' (still have my petrol ration book !) if anyone is old enough to remember (1970's), where tv closed down at 10pm etc, demand dropped so to maintain profit level the price increased, and never went back down again :-( I already have an 'Owl' device which tells me how much I am using and doesn't make me switch anything off, I've already converted most lights to led where suitable alternatives were available (not at silly prices !) but the heavy use of electric still need to be utilised for laundry, cooking etc. I fear this is just another 'because everyone else does it' exercise where we follow along like sheep .
  10. Tempus Fugit

    TT2018 - entertainment, tents and that

    this playing field is getting very unlevel !
  11. Tempus Fugit

    TT2018 - entertainment, tents and that

    I see Hooded Ram are a bit lax in getting cleared out of the bottleneck car park (on the webcam) in previous years Bushy's had to be (and were) all clear and back to a car park mode by monday morning !
  12. Tempus Fugit

    TT 2018

    good heavens above, the event has hardly finished yet pronouncements from Government on how much has been spent by TT fans, how on earth can they figure that out, with a bank holiday before the last races and a weekend, CS are not even back at work in the office until tomorrow, so exactly which hat were these figures plucked from ? I have never experienced Government react so fast, there must be an election coming up or something (it takes planning long years to say NO to anything anyone wants to do)
  13. Tempus Fugit

    TT 2018

    so the track was red flagged, and if the air-med / marshals says it's a fatality surely there's no longer a need to go like a loon to get there Cars have no place amongst bikes #redmist
  14. Tempus Fugit

    TT 2018

    I suppose they said "lessons will be learned" and other 'bs' the last time when riders were convoyed WD by TM's, but obviously not learned well enough I thought this rule was long established (like over 10yrs ago) and it's a BIG mistake putting cars amongst the bikes (like the number of cyclists hit by cars on TdF) #shutstabledoor
  15. Tempus Fugit

    Pinewood Studios for Sale?

    anyone else notice the spin-off film of Spooks the other night, credit at the start for 'Isle of Man Film'