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  1. getting back to the subject, isn't the town bristling with state of the art cctv ? /cough
  2. and it wasn't even his car if I recall the report
  3. so what happened to the Ramsey with a street full of closed-up shops and charity shops, and dogs banned from nearly everywhere ? (and it's always windy) go to PE and it's buzzing with cafes and people on the beach and sailing, lots of doggywalk places, loads of benches to sit on in the sun and it's got lots of new Chinese granite too :-p
  4. can survive a while on stores, it's just a squall it's probably the conditions at Heysham closing the port
  5. Downsizing to smaller desk as don't need so much space now, have a corner desk for sale, ex B&B partly dismantled for removal, original assembly instruction sheet present, easy assembly. shelves for box files / storage and tower space underneath (off the floor) (one top side shelf unit not shown but is available, keyboard shelf wasn't used or fitted as preferred kb on worktop) top could be left off if you just want desktop level ? Needs to go, £20 buyer collect Douglas
  6. anyone on Manannan tomorrow check revised sailing times 13.00 return 17.15 https://www.steam-packet.com/LatestSailings?__SPCoWinID=3afd4049-e257-4dd0-a804-c7f28af432c0
  7. I rarely use the Onchan junction, but have to be very wary of a timing sequence defect on Groves Road lights, if you're coming along Spring Valley heading for QB, in the left lane with 'ahead' filter arrow on (other main group on red), if there is no-one in the right turn lane the green arrow just extinguishes without warning, meaning you are very likely to go through on red if you are close to the line. I have in the past written to highways to point this out, and would quote that in my defence if I ever had to.
  8. I might even go there is I like it :-p
  9. they did actually have to produce a second attempt at the road closing order and added the cycling ban to the on-line version but it wasn't included in the one already printed in the paper which was their first attempt, so I don't know how the legal eagles would interpret that !
  10. now 12.15
  11. there were 4 tenders ferrying back and forth (all had ais trackers)