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  1. thought this business 'decamp' would have attracted more attention, perhaps he prefers a tax haven
  2. SPCo playing games

    seems to be the going rate :-(
  3. 2018 phone book

    1. never runs out of battery 2. still works in a power cut 3. still works on New Year's Eve 4. still works when you live in a bad spot (like reports of Governors Hill etc) 5. doesn't get stolen 6. doesn't get lost / left on a bus / back seat of taxi etc.
  4. http://www.heraldscotland.com/News/15711593.Michelle_Mone_s_partner_moves_his_tax_avoidance_business_to_Panama/?ref=twtrec
  5. Single Resident Record - Is it me?

    even the IoM data registrar doesn't trust the Government / CS to keep data secure, let alone the public :-(
  6. Do the OAPs get a free ride

    winter heating allowance is only if you are on benefits xmas bonus was slashed in half a couple of years ago
  7. Deepwater for Cruise Ships

  8. Deepwater for Cruise Ships

    afaik - the cable is used a lot, for months at a time when the gast turbines are undergoing maintenance the Island runs solely on the interconnector cable, so it is crucial it is safeguarded. I don't know if there is much export these days, there used to be times in the day when the UK grid price was high that it was profitable to export for the peak demand, but not sure if that's still the case (will have to ask my mole !)
  9. Construction site opposite Spring Valley

    which is what I thought odd, that the Mayor of Douglas opened Curry's store, the braddan boundary is along the hedge behind them :-o
  10. Do the OAPs get a free ride

    the problem is they don't appreciate what they were born into, harking back to the war is the world OAPs were born into so hardly irrelevant, it was a fact of life. Transistors wre only invented 70 years ago, and most OAPs left school never having seen a computer
  11. Deepwater for Cruise Ships

    in the words of the song "right down the middle"
  12. Do the OAPs get a free ride

    OAPs these days were not the 'pampered generation', they grew up waking to ice on the inside of the bedroom windows, had a coal fire and no central heating, walked to school, didn't have a car, maybe had a pedal cycle, their parents struggled to bring them up on wartime rationing, didn't have a gadget in their pocket costing a year's wages just for keeping up with the Jones's and telling the world 'I'm on the bus' They also didn't start work on a wage where they could afford to buy a house and didn't waste years at Uni to get a job nothing to do with what they studied for. They didn't have a year's holiday swanning around the world getting drunk before thinking about earning a crust in their mid 20s, Today's OAPs had worked for 10 years by then and were qualified with a trade It's today's youngsters who expect to be pampered and the world owes them a living, but waste most of what they are paid. They reap the benefits of what today's OAPs have developed for them. Take away technology and see how they get on with slide rules, log tables and ready reckoners, (or hammer and chisel instead of power tools) don't just press a button and let technology do all the work whilst you drink your overpriced coffee
  13. Deepwater for Cruise Ships

    did anyone mention that their new pier crossed the power interconnector cable coming ashore at Port Skillion and so couldn't dredge it any deeper for their boats ?
  14. Construction site opposite Spring Valley

    didn't Jacksons think the Island population was 300,000 ?
  15. Deepwater for Cruise Ships

    if someone want to build a hotel they find a site and raise the funds does a harbour facility have to be funded by government ? let private enterprise fund it if they believe their own hype