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  1. nice to see they are planning well into the future
  2. I suppose we can read all about it in the Tynwald library
  3. were all the fireworks at 11pm tonight a celebration by HR ?
  4. not what I have read/heard, what I said above
  5. except M&S hold containers at ManxIndi's Snugborough depot until they need them
  6. fixed
  7. I find it strange that HR would consider a 'tent' was yuppy enough for them, surely it's got to be a glam-tent or upmarket marquee at least otherwise it will not fit in with the other HR establishments, or are they really trying to go down-market for the mass market ? (and they are really going to try and squeeze all they propose into a little car park !)
  8. I'm just totally disgusted that the lazy louts we call government were all asleep for the 5 minutes it took for the SSS to be passed, with nere a murmur or discussion, absolutely disgraceful, and none need bother ever coming to my door looking for a vote in future
  9. that time scale doesn't work well if companies have to build new ships for the service !
  10. maybe now he's involved with the Corpy they can get him to spend some money tidying up the derelict Africa House
  11. "loud music, plastic glasses and sticky floor", I thought for a minute you were talking about the Lido
  12. if all the freight will fit on a larger ship in one sailing, they wouldn't run a night sailing for 30pax
  13. but for ~30 pax at night and bigger ships they'll scrap the overnight trip and do it in one sailing per day, just hear the moans about that
  14. don't they all go through an indoctrination process when they get elected ? (aka lobotomy)
  15. If everyone wants to spend millions enlarging the harbour to take bigger ferries, will they be happy with one service per day because it won't merit two ? people don't seem to realise that BMC often goes out on the night sailing with ~30 passengers, which isn't economic apart from the freight If no other operator takes up the option (with SPCo still operating on their own linkspan), then SPCo can call the shots and Gov't bluff will have failed miserably Remember, Gov't can't even run a beer tent without runing out of beer