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  1. it's just a pity so many pubs are now just yuppy joints or posh nosh houses (or try to think they are but have a limited menu) :-(
  2. they'll take no prisoners in that (they'd have to get a van !)
  3. but what happens if you are away for more than 7 days ?, any sane driver carries some docs when away from home (I know you're just doing the devil's advocate argument !)
  4. in case someone crashes into them and they need to exchange detials, perhaps
  5. so this will mainly affect foot passengers, anyone with a vehicle would be carrying their driving licence + insurance, wouldn't they ?
  6. Yay, dig up the car park they made by filling in part of the harbour #circusbeach
  7. sounds more like a dare to me :-(
  8. they plan road layouts on a desk using Dinky toys then expect 16-wheelers and 4x4s to squeeze through
  9. ok, we read it the first time (fills the page I suppose)
  10. is it really relevant replying to something nearly7 years later ?
  11. perhaps that's the plan, make the roundabout big enough so every entry just sees a T-junction !
  12. looks like it's cheaper than the Island resident pass as long as you don't mind it being busy with bikers
  13. just looking for a suitable thread to append to.... BEWARE just had a dodgy looking email, "You haven't viewed your online statements" and on looking at the details, seems It is
  14. just go down through Foxdale
  15. will we see rows of parked motorhomes on any de-restricted roads (getting harder to find by the day) outside towns and villages ?