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  1. Manx dimwits prezzie bragging in UK media

    I would like to see her in black fishnet Christmas stockings
  2. Does Liberal Vannin have a future?

    Resign Julie let's get Quirky back in
  3. Hurrah for Prince Harry

    The establishment sent Edward to the West Indies to be Governor Wonder if Harry is being lined up for the next Governor here?
  4. Ben My Chree

    Is the Ben having more troubles ? its needing a tug to help it berth tonight
  5. Ferrari Crashes At Brown Bobby

    FMN 1
  6. Port Erin.....what's the point?

    And if you go to Foxdale the café at the MSPCA is strictly cash only
  7. DoI wants to site tip on Douglas Promenade

    All the years the cliffs have stood unsupported, and now they say if they take away the unsightly remains of the swimming baths the cliffs will collapse
  8. More Wasted Cash Pt 2

    I think the farmers stopped using it, as there was too much plastic rubbish entangled in the seaweed
  9. John Bishop

    went to see John Bishop tonight thought the show was sold out but there were quite a few empty seats was funny in parts but his language was a bit rough, are the hecklers planted ? seemed a bit scripted at times
  10. Road closure CHAOS - cycling content

    From what I can gather we were not lucky to get these championships Nobody else wanted them Still Rob Callister states the Island will make millions out of running them!
  11. BBQ Gas Bottles

    Can anyone tell me where to buy the Blue Gas Bottle for a gas fired BBQ
  12. Post collection

    No I don't think the PO works on Bank Holidays but they do on senior Race Day
  13. BenMy Chree

    Correction to my previous post the Ben is heading in the wrong direction for Heysham could be a test run?
  14. BenMy Chree

    Whatever the problem was they seem to have solved it the Ben is now on its way to Heysham moving along at 18 Knots
  15. Katherine Crowe's headstone...

    Just another Rev Jo Dudley cock up she is the failed Police Woman turned Vicar she has emptied the Church forcing it to close down and now presomably she is trying to empty the Grave yard