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  1. The latest big steal

    I’d be interested to know the combined salary of those 4.
  2. Moorehouse Strikes Again

    And we’re supposed to take these people seriously. He gets paid for talking shit like that. It fucking annoys me.
  3. Animal ban for 'appalling' cruelty

    Maybe one held the lid up whilst the other flushed for a refill eh 2Bees.
  4. Bloody Scroungers!

    Amusing from the benches.
  5. Rapunzel

    I haven’t got any, what am I supposed to do ?
  6. Twins?

    That's not him that's his political decoy.
  7. Thanks for all your advice folks but now it seems another issue has arisen with Apple. Ordered an ipad pro last week with an extra £80 insurance 'applecare +', iten was supposed to arrive today. I got a call from Apple in Ireland today to tell me I cant have the applecare+ insurance as i'm on the isle of man. There was no movement on the matter so i cancelled the order. Has anyone else come across this at all and a workaround ?
  8. Bromans

    Why as a society do the yoof idolise general wankery.
  9. Probably a dumb question to those in the know. I'm looking at getting myself an ipad with the cellular slot for internet use when i visit my father in Lytham (a phone is not good enough for my needs and he has no internet). Before i invest in one I'm trying to find out whether the telecom shops such as 3, vodaphone or o2 will supply a pay as you go data sim for this purpose. Or are they just standard phone payg sims. Love you all Ta
  10. Captain Walter Charteris at Balaclava, Crimea

    clairvoyant bunkum. If they were even half that accurate the government would be using them for all sorts of nefarious goings on.
  11. Angela Moffatt maybe you should shut up?

    With all the touring she does with Ben Watt, I'm surprised she has time for this sort of stuff.
  12. Dire Straits

    As I recall the regular insults when I was a kid were that you were either a 'joey' or a'Jeremy'. You'd probably be suspended these days.
  13. The Things That Go On In Court.

    I didn't know you were a teacher.
  14. Death in Police custody

    Nothing much, but we've missed you.