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  1. With all the touring she does with Ben Watt, I'm surprised she has time for this sort of stuff.
  2. As I recall the regular insults when I was a kid were that you were either a 'joey' or a'Jeremy'. You'd probably be suspended these days.
  3. I didn't know you were a teacher.
  4. Nothing much, but we've missed you.
  5. My prediction is no one will get convicted. Solely because a lump of the jury won't really understand the ins and outs of the crime so won't want to call guilty. These sorts of crimes need specialist juries.
  6. If you want to be taken seriously, wear a sash.
  7. Isn't it the authorities responsibility to ensure the roads are safe for all users. Be it cars, motorcyclists, cyclists or pedestrians ? Or is there legislation in place to prevent certain users at this time of year ? If it's allowed I'd like to see someone take a horse across, that'd be a larf.
  8. I would. I'd even listen to some of her waffle beforehand if it guaranteed me a shag. But I'm no misogynist, just a sex pest.
  9. Buy a woodlouse magnet from Felton's in Ramsey
  10. My conservatory is 4.5m x 3.5 and similar to you it has dwarf walls around. I have just had the old roof ripped off and replaced with a fiberglass flat one to make it in to a 'sun room' for all year round use. The roof cost 1.5k and I would guess each window would cost around £400 each (x4) plus a door at £500 if I had to replace them. If you want the details of the lad who did my roof pm me. He's a Rhumsaa lad living I'm Kirk Michael. Top quality work.
  11. Obviously not a fan
  12. Worse than - Conning the elderly or infirm out of savings. Beating someone senseless and taken the contents of their pockets Breaking in to someones house and taking their possessions Ripping people for their pension funds Encouraging people to develop gambling addictions and taking them for everything they have I'm sorry but in the big picture this theft really is at the lower end of the scale,
  13. With the nature of the islands main employment revolving around how we can either hide, take or dodge financial laws it's a wonder we don't have an epidemic of enormous proportions of people stealing whatever the fuck they want whenever they want. We are in the main a Judgmental bunch of hypocrites who are constantly looking in the wrong direction to point the finger of blame.
  14. A big ring flash always makes for better box shots