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  1. Isn't it the authorities responsibility to ensure the roads are safe for all users. Be it cars, motorcyclists, cyclists or pedestrians ? Or is there legislation in place to prevent certain users at this time of year ? If it's allowed I'd like to see someone take a horse across, that'd be a larf.
  2. I would. I'd even listen to some of her waffle beforehand if it guaranteed me a shag. But I'm no misogynist, just a sex pest.
  3. Buy a woodlouse magnet from Felton's in Ramsey
  4. The leopard of lime street was my fave. Can't remember which comic he was in tho.
  5. My conservatory is 4.5m x 3.5 and similar to you it has dwarf walls around. I have just had the old roof ripped off and replaced with a fiberglass flat one to make it in to a 'sun room' for all year round use. The roof cost 1.5k and I would guess each window would cost around £400 each (x4) plus a door at £500 if I had to replace them. If you want the details of the lad who did my roof pm me. He's a Rhumsaa lad living I'm Kirk Michael. Top quality work.
  6. Obviously not a fan
  7. Worse than - Conning the elderly or infirm out of savings. Beating someone senseless and taken the contents of their pockets Breaking in to someones house and taking their possessions Ripping people for their pension funds Encouraging people to develop gambling addictions and taking them for everything they have I'm sorry but in the big picture this theft really is at the lower end of the scale,
  8. With the nature of the islands main employment revolving around how we can either hide, take or dodge financial laws it's a wonder we don't have an epidemic of enormous proportions of people stealing whatever the fuck they want whenever they want. We are in the main a Judgmental bunch of hypocrites who are constantly looking in the wrong direction to point the finger of blame.
  9. A big ring flash always makes for better box shots
  10. So how much has that tactical withdrawal cost us.
  11. Buy grey rubber bins next time so they blend in with the sea.
  12. Im liking this just now. Very Pink Floyd inspired if thats your thing.
  13. I seem to recall Scotland yards finest utterly and totally convinced Colin Stagg murdered Rachel Nickell. Ultimately They rely on a software package to tell them what to do next. They're no better than other countries investigators, in fact they are probably more hindered by political correctness than any of the others.
  14. I'm with the peel lot and can't complain about their service at all. They text you to remind you of your appointment time and you can even register online to book your own at times convenient to you. You do have to wait a good 5-7 days tho.