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  1. english zloty

    Brains Cregeen

    How do you drive this thing?
  2. english zloty

    Homelessness - Harmer to the rescue

    Not having safe secure accommodation and/or a coerced existance, i.e. sex for rent
  3. english zloty

    Cost of the TT & Festival of Motorsport?

    https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/callister-confident-on-overall-tt-numbers/ The biggest TT ever and yet we are hoping to get lucky with arrivals through the airport. Hmm Rob spouts shite shock horror
  4. english zloty

    Gravy Train Gets New Engine?

    I've heard from an anonymous source on the railways that the convo went something like Manufacturer - you don't want to do that Longworth - I'm an expert Affects design changes to cooling system Longworth - it's broken Manufacturer - told you so Longworth - help us fix it Manufacturer - nope you fucked it up
  5. english zloty

    TT2018 - entertainment, tents and that

    I don't believe they did. Eta: did HR also bid for the street entertainment which was hurriedly put together outside their door? Thought not.
  6. english zloty

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    Prince William 'so tell me about...' Rob 'I appear to have cum'
  7. english zloty

    TT 2018

    I think Guy Martin's off was the first time it (counter clockwise) was used however I have photos from the QB on at least 3 other occasions. I assumed it was to speed up the restart.
  8. english zloty

    TT 2018

    A million squid too.bargain
  9. english zloty

    TT 2018

    Woohoo we're all sponsoring the racing. Cee Gee will be happy.. http://www.ukclubsport.com/locate-im-named-sidecar-tt-title-sponsor/
  10. english zloty

    TT2018 - entertainment, tents and that

    and without full planning permission
  11. english zloty

    Chief Minister summons new MLCs

  12. english zloty

    Chief Minister summons new MLCs

    Hmmm only Manx Radio has the scoop and only one MLC worked for Manx Radio. wonders who leaked the story..
  13. english zloty

    Port Soderick paddling pool being brought back to life

    sorry to ruin this but the planning application clearly has a public right of way drawn onto it. the worst that 'should' happen is a diversion behind the lighthouse thingy
  14. english zloty

    Castle Mona Hotel - The Lunatics are taking over the Asylum

    The same 'person' who will be buying the Palace site?
  15. english zloty

    Port Soderick paddling pool being brought back to life

    Tbf would want to see dogging out of your lounge window?