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  1. GD4ELI

    Ben My Chree and sulphure/NO2 emissions

    I was wondering this as well. Not just the Ben but the fast craft may have problems. i wonder what CalMac will do?
  2. GD4ELI

    Hosepipe ban

    I believe that's to provide headroom for Ramsey at peak times.
  3. GD4ELI

    Lisvane sunk without hardly a trace!

    Did you expect anything else?
  4. GD4ELI

    Steam Packet to be sold

    Exactly. As long as the management of SPCo don't help themselves to over-generous salaries (see Manx Radio) then government ownership is the safest option. Two new boats will not be cheap.
  5. GD4ELI

    Manx Radio

    I agree with you there Stu, but the bloody adverts are a right pain .
  6. GD4ELI

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    And it's very expensive, I lived there for 25 years.
  7. GD4ELI

    F1 2018

    Except of course with Hamilton.
  8. GD4ELI

    Saddleworth Moor Fire.

    Could be, there is/was an easterly.
  9. GD4ELI

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    "Point 12 To extend significantly the boundaries of the town." Steal from Lezayre? Total bollocks Buster, total bollocks.
  10. GD4ELI

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    I was wondering whether the author is on some medication 'cos I've seen better prose from an 8 year-old.
  11. GD4ELI


    I found IOM Bank to be excellent - until they booted me out once I had officially moved to the UK. I tried to open an account with Barclays ~6 years ago, the initial deposit would have been quite considerable. Barclays showed no interest whatsoever, unlike RBS.
  12. GD4ELI

    Smart Meters are coming

    Your gadget uses a Wi-Fi signal. The SMART meter phones home with 2G/3G/4G/5G.
  13. GD4ELI

    Smart Meters are coming

    Poor people
  14. GD4ELI

    Smart Meters are coming