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  1. In a word - Very Boring.
  2. Or switching it on. 10 years or so again my ISP in the UK lost power, the generator kicked in, failed. System switched over to a massive battery (size of a big room) - battery ignited & exploded.
  3. Probably a power cut or similar.
  4. Agreed. A pint of St. Austell's 'Proper Job' is £3.80p as a decent out of town pub. The weak pound is certainly hitting prices - I notice this at my local ASDA, fruit & veg (mostly imported) going up by as much as 25%.
  5. I think the same company packages cheddar from all the regions and sells it as a cheap and cheerful option.
  6. Good-ish maybe.
  7. No they don't, they are shipped in a tray in ice. Must take a photo next time I'm buying kippers... Anyway, costs ~£5 for two big juicy specimens. Twonk.
  8. Well the packaging says Manx Kippers, Devereau's. I doubt they were smoked in Whitby.
  9. These are actually bought by ASDA from Devereau's - not sure what your point is. ETA: You unpatriotic twonk!
  10. Or even vegetarian.
  11. Which I can buy down here at ASDA and truly wonderful they are.
  12. Skilled, quality UK professionals are welcome in the EU - it will happen.
  13. It's a superb negotiating position, I for one will take EU citizenship.
  14. Norfolk?
  15. And you are?