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  1. Somewhere there's an interview with the guys who built the replicas, I can't remember exactly why they didn't crash a real Ferrari - it was more than just the cost.
  2. You see the dashboard - Smiths Industries guages.
  3. FWIW there's a strong possibility that I'll be heavily involved in the receiver side of the next deep space mission using the dishes at Goonhilly, just 5 miles from here. Contracts being negotiated with NASA / JPL soon.
  4. The car which crashes out of the window is a MG B kit car, a real Ferrari was used in some shots though. The clue - well, I'll let you find that out.
  5. WRONG!
  6. Clever, but what was the actual car?
  7. And what red car(s) do we have here?
  8. Another Ferrari - or is it? Name the film, car etc.
  9. Inflation, House prices.
  10. Woot! Crew rescued and taken to hospital.
  11. What is needed is tax revenue in the short term and a smaller CS in the long term. What is needed right now is a good CM, sadly none on the horizon.
  12. Agreed about lifestyle, but bringing in accountable management is essential.
  13. Ouch .
  14. It's not local news if you trade in seashells etc.