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  1. No money Still no money Best option That's what will happen
  2. The problem is that the government is inept (possible exception being Alf), so the chances of them negotiating anything are slim at best. I'd go with the SPCo if they are prepared to buy two new boats to ensure continuity.
  3. Exactly. And the IOM routes aren't great revenue earners in the grand scheme of things.
  4. I agree 100%. The security of operation provided by two Bens will sadly be expensive but it's what's needed. The fast craft really should go, it's an environmental disaster. I would add that the boats should be designed for the shallow Irish Sea along the lines of the last Lady of Mann rather than a generic design which has proven to be unsuitable. hey-ho,
  5. It is very nice - I'm just to the north of the Helford passage.
  6. And apostrophes please.
  7. Not a fudge but a clear offer. There's considerable fear that if the UK leaves then another major player may leave, probably Holland. Greece would have considerable negotiating power were the UK to leave. Once the German unions get fed up with financing this Utopian dream it's anyone's guess. What pleases me is the UK banks setting up EU offices in Ireland - a clear two-finger salute to the utterly unreliable, lazy and at times unpleasant French.
  8. Behind the scenes there's a lot of negotiating happening to offer the UK a deal. Leaving the EU is by no means certain.
  9. Nurse - he's started again
  10. Yes.
  11. If you want to see the change just watch the opening sequence from 'Till Death Us Do Part' - unrecognisable.
  12. And building poor quality cars didn't help - that's building poor quality cars while not on strike.
  13. Dictating to a secretary isn't speech-to-text
  14. Trust me - he isn't liked.
  15. It's very fair to say that Rick Stein has made few friends and many enemies down here.