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  1. I think this means vectoring is not enabled on your line as there is no data.but I am not sure. Are you connected to a green cabinet and do you know if it has been upgraded to support vectoring? I would be interested to know if anyone who has this router sees any data in that section.
  2. Thanks for that, but can you click show advanced at the top right, then scroll down to the vectoring section and screen shot that bit please.
  3. Can someone with the device who is on ultima / vdsl please copy and paste the vectoring stats from the router admin page , diagnostics > xDSL > show advanced, scroll down Do you get any data in those stats?
  4. Hi Joe, glad you got it sorted. Do your vectoring stats show a vce mac address, are you able to run a xdscmd/xdslctl info --vectoring on your router ?
  5. Great! What is that up from? I have tried two vectoring capable modems now, both of which report vectoring is off here. (Huawei and Technicolor)
  6. Do your modems actually show vectoring is enabled? Mine is saying it isn't and I have had no speed change after the maintenance window in which it was supposed enabled on my cabinet. In the couple of weeks leading up to that I also noticed that G.inp had been disabled but in my case it has increased my ping and lost me about 4 -5 mbps on throughput with it off.
  7. I am with sure and have a openreach huawei hg612 3b purchased from ebay currently syncing between 60 and 70. I think vectoring is being enabled tonight on my line so it will be interesting to see what happens as crosstalk has lost me about 40% over the last few years. I thought the installation of a vdsl faceplate prevented telephone interference?
  8. Upgrades on the way.
  9. Mildly annoying but I had been expecting the line rental to go up. MT must be losing a fair bit of business now with people having the option of cheaper broadband and free phone calls so I guess they have to claw some of it back to be able to keep investing. I am not going to worry too much though as the sure unlimited vdsl package is still £10 ~ a month cheaper than the MT equivalent as we have a sure mobile and their customer service has been fine any time I have needed it, we just got upgraded to the highest speed option and are getting 70mbps down which is nice. We are also saving around £20 a month on land line calls with sure so its still a no brainer for us to stay with sure at the moment when every penny counts. Not too sure how long these fee calls will last though, seems to good to be true!
  10. Standard vdsl is still maxing out in psm, though of all the people I spoke to who are with sure 80/10 non have exceeded much beyond 40 even when they are beside the cab, again MT blamed as not being quick to fix whatever the issue is.
  11. MT announced the plans for upgrade back in October didn't they? Standard VDSL with Sure is good as ever here:
  12. After a few more days are you any happier with your speeds, have they improved at all?
  13. Can any Sure customers comment yet?
  14. and now G.Fast??