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  1. My understanding is that the IOMG do provide a subsidy for all competitors. The amount usually varies but is usually in the 100-150 range so the claim of £158 doesn't sound unreasonable. I don't think this money is provided directly to any sport or competitor, I think it's just knocked off the bill that each sporting association receives from IGAM. Personally I've not had my final bill so I've not seen the breakdown to confirm. From memory, this subsidy is never guaranteed to be provided and it's only communicated a few weeks beforehand so no sports rely on in case they don't supply it. Some sports are richer than others. Some sports choose to fund all their competitors in full because they have the money to do that. Football is one of them I believe. I remember a few Games ago there being a huge kickoff when the FA asked for each competitor to contribute £100 towards the cost, some players saying it was outrageous and they wouldn't go if they had to pay. It certainly painted a contrast with other sports that were doing bag packs at Shoprite and all sorts of sponsored activities to fund themselves. Might seem strange, but I actually think the IOMG are right to only provide a small subsidy, I don't think it should be wholly funded by them. But I can't agree with an eight day fully funded trip with expenses for an MHK or two. There's a reputational benefit to having a presence so I think it's right that someone should go, but not for the full duration, that's just taking the piss.
  2. I returned from the Island Games last night, a little later than most participants as we elected to make our own travel arrangements as we're not a rich sport and going under our own steam was significantly cheaper for us, even if it took a bit longer each way. Nobody treats it as a jolly. Every sport prepares for the event and trains hard for it, commits large amounts of time and money to get there, gives up family time and annual leave from our jobs to go, not just for the event itself but in the weeks and months prior. Not every sport represented by Manx athletes can win a medal, or enjoy massive success in their results. The important thing is that we all get to take part in an amazing event, we get to give the experience of a higher level of competition to people who may not normally have the opportunity, and everyone does their very best. To suggest that we should deny that to people is petty, asinine and offensive. It was my last one as a competitor, I've been going since 1999 so I'm too old for any more, my broken corpse of a body today confirms that it's time to stop but I hope to be involved in coaching in the future when the time is right and I'll be proud to resume representing my country. Just like every single person there this last week.
  3. I think it's about ability to concentrate. I can listen to music and not have to hear every bar, or every beat. I can turn my attention elsewhere to focus on something else and let it be background. You start zoning out on an audio book and you lose the narrative and plot. I listen to a lot of music, but it's always when I'm doing something else.
  4. All of the things above, but also I think a lot of music consumption is done as a secondary activity. You listen to music while you drive, while you do housework, while you work out, while you do anything. Sure, some people spend time just sitting still and listening to music, but as a percentage, you'll find the vast majority of listening is done while people are doing other things. Films, books, TV all have a visual element that demands your exclusive attention. Music doesn't.
  5. Impatience is definitely a quality I want to see in all learner drivers....
  6. If you're criticising a system because they wont allow you to take three tests in a month, maybe you need to take a second to think about whether you're ready to take a test in the first place.
  7. Or do the financially sensible thing and don't have kids you can't afford to house? You can't blame the government for failing to provide a solution to a problem you willingly created.
  8. I did hear they put in place some new contention/QoS type technology further upstream about a month ago which had an effect on all ISPs. I know my home and work broadband was affected for a few days before they either changed something else or rolled it back. They've both been fine since (Wimanx).
  9. Anyone know what's happened to Samphire? I saw some comments on FB about it closing at short notice and their page seems to have been removed? I know one of their directors tragically died earlier this year but I thought they were doing well and carrying on. Not interested in any muckraking, I'm only asking as I was planning on booking a meal there in August so if this is just an ownership change, I guess they'll be reopening, but if not I'll find somewhere else.
  10. I plugged it in with a super long extension cable the day they installed it and unplugged it as soon as they left, never plugged it back in. Multiroom box too. Neither Sky box has been connected to the phone lines for at least seven years and it's not caused me any problems.
  11. From this point forward, and until further notice, deliberate thread derails with accusations of people being sockpuppets, discussing sockpuppets, pretty much ANYTHING sockpuppet related, will result in an instant 48h ban from accessing the site. Further instances will result in a seven day ban. These warning points will not be removed. Once you hit ten points, you will be suspended from the site permanently. Feel free to use the report function for any you think we missed, however I'm allowing a grace period for the next two hours to allow time for people to read this. This policy does not apply retrospectively to anything already posted, if you report things posted before midday today you will also get a ban for wasting our time. This place has become a toilet because of the actions of a few. You know who you are. Stop it.
  13. Whoosh
  14. Deleted the invoice entirely. Try now.
  15. Ah that's a bit more specific. I've cancelled the outstanding invoice, want to try again?