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  1. Chips, Cheese & Gravy - a Manx delicacy

    Not sure where you sent the request to but I have restored it now.
  2. limited reactions to posts

    There's a system limit of 50 per day for Regulars. It's always been there, I just think you're the first person who's ever reacted to more than 50 in a single day. Suspect you're an edge case, not going to change the limit.
  3. limited reactions to posts

    Not a conscious change on our part, there have been some software updates recently that make have introduced a default. I'll look into it.
  4. Winter watching

    Brilliant start to S4 of Black Mirror, they've really got a lot more budget these days but the writing is still great.
  5. Black-eyed Friday

    Worse than that, I even took a food break at teatime. Eating is cheating!
  6. Black-eyed Friday

    Was out from 4pm to 3am on Friday in various places and didn't see one bit of trouble anywhere.
  7. Notwell

    Not going to get into the whys and wherefores of anyone who's actually banned, but I can confirm that woolley and quilp are not banned. However, as I was checking I noticed something odd. I'm not sure what's going on with the "Last Visited" times on a number of accounts, not just theirs but they're both showing as last visited in April this year when clearly that's wrong. Picking out some old random posters seems to have some oddities too which I assume is related to the database work that was done a few weeks back. I dunno. Anyway, my point was to dispel the conspiracy around those two particular accounts. They've simply stopped posting.
  8. The blizzard of 17

    All schools are closed apparently. Ridiculous.
  9. You *might* be able to ghost it onto a new laptop but that's really not the smartest thing to do. You dont want to copy over a 10 year old OS install, even if it's gone through various in place upgrades to W10 etc. There will be so much crap and orphaned rubbish you want to start afresh and just reinstall programs and copy over any important data to them. Get your new laptop, connect it to your local network and just transfer over the files you need to keep. Or worst case, just grab a chunky USB drive and copy them manually. You might have to do some digging around for where some of your program data is, for example Minecraft used to store worlds in AppData if I remember right so not immediately obvious. Bit of trial and error required but it's the least technical and simplest way to do it.
  10. Registrations Enabled

    We did swap out the underlying database engine over last weekend. Is this something that's happened in the last day or so? Are they still gone? Sure you don't have a filter on them or something?
  11. NOISE

    Most of those rules apply to commercial construction. I don't think it's unreasonable for someone who works all week, maybe even on Saturday, to be allowed to do home improvement and DIY projects on a Sunday? They've waited until 10am to start so they probably already think they're being considerate to their neighbours. You're only affected badly because you're on a night shift work pattern. I'm not sure what your neighbour is supposed to do, I'm pretty sure he's going to get more complaints if he starts his work at 8pm on a Sunday to suit you. If it's been going on for MONTHS and you've not bothered to go round and talk to him after all that time, then that's more on you than them. Do that before you start to get all heavy handed with councils and bye laws.
  12. Facebook (and Twitter)

    I've tried Twitter a couple of times. Not tweeting myself, but following other people and I just don't "get it". It seems like something you have to be monitoring 24/7 to get any real value.
  13. Registrations Enabled

    No interest in drawing attention to rejected names. I'd rather just click nope and go do something else.
  14. Registrations Enabled

    We've spent a bit of time talking about this, both in person and online, and considered many options, including just shutting the doors. However, none of us really wanted to do that so we're thrashed around a few ideas around what changes we could make. What we all agreed was that the key changes that we needed to make were at the registration gateway. I wont go into the details of what we discarded as what we've ultimately settled on is pretty straightforward. Registrations are now enabled, but new accounts need to be manually approved before they're allowed to use the site in any way. You wont be able to PM anyone, you wont be able to post or reply, you wont even be able to log in until someone has done this. There's nothing you can do to speed the process up, don't email us or find other ways to try and accelerate it. In fact, it's fairly safe to say that our patience is somewhat thin at the moment and harassing us externally isn't going to get your account approved quicker - more likely the opposite. There's clearly going to be a lag, and we'll make our best efforts to approve genuine new accounts as quickly as we can but there's no SLA here, it's basically when we get to it. If you register on a Wednesday morning at 4am then I'm sorry (Note: Not really sorry) but you may have to wait a few hours for someone to see it. Equally, mods aren't around all the time, some of us don't have access at work, some of us actually do work when we're there and every now and then we do leave our houses and away from the Internet in the evening. We're also not going to get it right every time. Rejecting an account is very binary, it's just a yes or no, and there's no opportunity to give reasons why and we have no desire to contact people via email to explain why their account is rejected. If you're a genuine new user and your account is rejected, then I'm sorry (Note: Actually sorry about this), we're rather have to deal with the occasional mistake than swimming in the fecal matter of the toilet bowl this place had become. It's not ideal, but it's the least disruptive action to take for existing members, as well as avoiding a massive administrative overhead from our side. We hope we can relax this in the future but there's no set timescale for this and we'll probably do it silently anyway. This doesn't mean the "New Rules" have changed in terms of zero tolerance to disruptive behaviour. That's still in place and accounts will still be canned, but the full permaban is only going to be used in extreme circumstances. Getting a three day ban doesn't mean you just register a new account and carry on, it means you're supposed to be excluded for three days. Trying to get round that initial ban is only going to increase it. We would like to thank everyone who's taken the time to post up suggestions, offered support both in public and via PM and we think people understand why we did what we did. Interestingly enough, the activity metrics didn't really take much of a hit - daily activity is still higher than it was in August for example so it's not been as destructive as some seem to have tried to portray and I think we're pretty comfortable in the assumption that the dip in activity is directly related to shedding a few high volume shitposters that we didn't want here anyway. So in that regard, it's been a zero sum game.
  15. Winter watching

    Ozark Mr Mercedes Mindhunter Legion