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  1. New Rules

    Tarne, I think you might have missed the entire point of the clause then It was never about preventing sockpuppets. Ultimately, there are enough free vpn services out there which anyone can use to register a new account with a new IP, you end up having to kick them back off after you'd checked the other things the forum logs. That's a manual process though and not all mods have access to the admin area. The clause was trying to discourage the pollution of every thread with accusations of sockpuppets, which always rapidly descended into ad hominem attacks. I really don't want to get into any specific debate about any individual posters, but I would ask you to look at your last warning and the post you made and ask yourself if that was helpful and contributed to the discussion in a positive way. Go back to the first page of that thread and check out the fourth post. It's that sort of stuff we wanted to stamp out.
  2. New Rules

    Actually, to answer your question directly, yes, personally I do regret not taking a harder line earlier.
  3. New Rules

    It's a fine balance we've always tried to straddle. Believe it or not, banning someone is usually a last resort and used to be a process where the mods had to get a consensus that it was the right thing to do so we weren't open to accusations of personal bias. You honestly wouldn't believe the amount of personal abuse and vitriol that would be directed at us sometimes because we banned someone for flagrantly breaching not only the rules of the forum, but probably a few libel and public order laws. Last year we were trying to bolster the mod team after a couple left and I described it to someone who was interested as "a thankless job that you get no end of shit for". They said I probably needed to work on my sales pitch and politely declined. They might be right, but I wasn't going to lie to them. The "Sockpuppet Rule" we tried earlier this year made us a bit looser in that we all agreed we'd try and be more aggressive with it and see if lowering the tolerance would help. It did, for a while, but then the same toxic behaviour started again and we are where we are.
  4. New Rules

    Lets not get drawn into a toxic debate about specific posters, this is a general "things need to change" issue and quite honestly, while a lot of the issues originate from a very low number of posters, they're perpetuated by the way a much bigger part of the membership reacts to them. Just one theme I'd like to pick up on though - there's been a couple of people suggesting a subscription driven or "real name" registration process would make a difference. Mandatory subscription isn't a route we want to go down, with so many free to use platforms out there you'd have to ask what value we'd be delivering over them and I can't think of anything myself. Charging people also brings about different responsibilities and different expectations. The voluntary donation is a better model. The real names is more interesting. We could transfer the login mechanism to Facebook/Google relatively simply. It's not a panacea as setting up a fake Facebook account is pretty trivial so I'm not sure it solves much and one of the big advantages we have over a Facebook group is the relative anonymity. Obviously that comes with almost as many cons as it does pros but I suspect it would badly damage the variety of opinions people would feel comfortable sharing. Having a username often gets associated with keyboard warriors and that kind of activity but for a lot of people, having the freedom to present their views on controversial subjects avoids awkward conversations with family or workmates. This also carries the risk that some people are unwilling to accept where you end up being accosted in a pub by someone offended by your view on abortion, or someone turning up on your doorstep because you said they were wrong about something. I also think we'd lose that "edge" and when all you've got left is topics about knitting, as someone said before, you might as well just be on Facebook.
  5. Juan Says Sorry

    Not sure if you thought closing that thread meant you could just continue talking about it in another one...
  6. New Rules

    Mostly, but not exclusively. I'm not going to get into specifics, that doesn't help the situation. It only matters that something needs to change.
  7. New Rules

    Oh I'm sure there would be a few figurative champagne corks popped by a number of people, but quite honestly, we're so sick and tired of it I don't think anyone cares.
  8. New Rules

    You can add emailing mods to their personal email addresses, despite repeated requests to cease, to that list.
  9. Rob Callister MHK

    We have our first winner!
  10. New Rules

    We've pretty much had enough and are having serious discussions about whether or not we want to continue providing this forum. It's really up to you how we proceed. For the next couple of weeks we're going to have zero tolerance to anyone trying to wilfully disrupt the forum and you account will be permanently suspended without any recourse. To avoid any doubt, this applies to all accounts, subscriber or not. If you're a generally shitty poster, you're probably getting banned. By all means argue, debate and disagree, but cut out all the personal shit, the pointless and vindictive attacks on other members and non-members alike. We've sadly had to take the step to disable new registrations for the foreseeable future. If you lose your account, you wont be able to register a new one. If you have parachute accounts, and we find them, you'll lose them too. We'd rather see a very small number of posters behaving like adults than having to try and keep an eye on a festering horde of dickheads. Remember that this is a private forum, there's no entitlement that anyone has to post here. We have no obligation to let anyone post and you have no "right" to an account. We dont even need to give you a reason for a ban and even if we did, "we just dont like you" is a perfectly acceptable one. We're going to look at it again in two weeks and see if anything has changed for the better and if it's something we can be bothered supporting. This forum costs real money to host that isn't fully covered by advertising or subscription fees (this isn't a veiled plea for money) but it's something we felt was worth it. That's becoming a much more difficult position to hold. I'm going to leave this thread open, partly because people may have other suggestions as to how we could better clean things up, but quite frankly, I expect I'm going to be able to use it as target practice for getting rid of some problem posters quickly. I'd like to be wrong about that but I doubt I will be.
  11. Facebook Political Groups

    This thread is like a clogged toilet
  12. Rob callister mhk

    This thread has long outlasted its welcome.
  13. Nah, no mindfuck. Normal functioning, for the most part. Moving around is still a struggle but mentally I'm fine, I can go to work and the only thing that stops me driving is actually trying to physically get into the seat. I've taken too many a couple of times and been off my face though. I'm very aware that it's a dangerous drug though so as soon as soon I dont need to take it to move around, I stop. I'd prefer not to take it at all and I've changed a lot of my gym stuff to focus on core and I've only had one episode in the last couple of years and to be honest that was my own fault as I tried to deadlift far too much without a warmup.
  14. As you should know, all drugs affect people in different ways. I'm one of those people who are effectively immune to codeine, meaning things like co-codamol have little to no effect on me for pain relief. I have a long term back problem that rears its head once or twice a year and tramadol/naproxen is pretty much the only thing that gets me upright.
  15. Not really, I have over 200 Tramadol in my desk drawer here (all obtained through prescription over the years). 300 pills sounds like a lot, but it's a "street value" in Egypt of less than £30 for all of them and given that she made no attempt to conceal them, I'm more inclined to think this is just ignorance of the laws. Which I know is no defence, but it should at least be taken into account.