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  1. Try your notification slider now.
  2. Yeah, I'm looking at various theme changes, that's one of them.
  3. So basically you don't know any of the circumstances but comfortable are making wide sweeping generalisations around the circumstances? Just so we have that clear. Tell you what, if you're that concerned about this proposed meeting being a way to undermine your whining in the future, I'm more than happy to come along to act as an independent witness to the discussion so there can be no opportunity for the discussion to be misrepresented at a later date. After all, who doesn't like biscuits.
  4. They took out the ability to limit signatures to deny HTML so I guess that means we turn them off for everyone.
  5. It's the modern way, most rich text editors use this. SHIFT-ENTER is the way to avoid it. But I agree, it makes for a ton of extra scrolling on mobile when people don't use it.
  6. Yeah we think there's a problem with the sub registration stuff, bear with us on that.
  7. Good question, hadn't noticed that was missing. Will look into that as it was handy.
  8. I agree, maybe it's an over simplication but the maths behind it isn't that hard. They know what they have to raise, they know what the fuel sales are in monetary terms. All they need to do is work out what percentage of fuel sales = the required revenue, add a small margin for price variances and any behavioural changes and do it. It's GCSE level maths.
  9. The whole thing is a reach really. This person hasn't got away with anything, they've resigned their job and they're awaiting sentencing. They've enjoyed no special treatment and there's no indication that the offence was committed in the course of doing their job. It's not been "swept under the carpet", moreso that it's just not a newsworthy story. I'm not sure bandying around the image of this being some sort of alcoholic waster is wise either, without any of the details. I'm not excusing the behaviour at all, drink driving on any level is deplorable, but there's a difference between someone quaffing 10 pints and knowingly getting in a car pissed to go home every day and someone having a rare two glasses of wine at lunch and driving in the evening not realising they're still fractionally over the limit. I don't know which end of the scale this person is so until there's more details, can we not label this person some sort of addict?
  10. That's complete fabrication sorry. Your "phone industry diehard" is an idiot. I bet he tells you about chemtrails too.
  11. That's a pretty good idea actually, I'll look into how we might be able to include that in the sub package. E: Yep, simple to do. Will discuss, thanks for the suggestion.
  12. Dunno, it was from June 2007 and was logged as "User Request" so I assume this was something you asked for by PM for reasons unknown. My PMs don't go back that far so I've just revoked it as I think it's safe to say it's expired
  13. Yeah that's a problem for sure, the old mobile site didn't actually have any ads on which avoided the issue entirely.
  14. Not a glitch, but if your picture is over 100k in size, you should probably think about reducing it before trying to upload. That's a filesize check that's been in place for a long time.