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  1. The cool kids seem to prefer or these days
  2. Forgot about the Groudle, another country(ish) pub closed. My understanding, back in the day, was that you could get done for dangerous driving if you crashed while drunk, but otherwise it was fair game. I remember about ten of us on bikes used used to go up Douglas Head for several pints. Then we’d go to the late night cinema, the ones with working headlights would go in the front, the ones with working rear lights brought up the rear, and everyone else was in the middle. This was back in the days when tv programmes the likes of Love Thy Neighbour were classed as comedy. Things change.
  3. I think part of that time was due to popular and enthusiastic management. Last time we were there, earlier this year, my wife commented oh the grumpy Italian bloke who seems to be in charge. “Even if they’re incompetent they’re usually at least cheerful ”
  4. On the way to Peel the Highlander and Half Way have both closed. Apart from the Hawthorn (big revamp and good food, more of a restaurant than a pub?) all of the other pubs are in villages and will have some local catchment area. On the way south the Lancashire has closed. The Forge seems to be still going on a simliar basis as the Highlander Is the Glen Helen still a pub? last time I went it was a restaurant apart from one stubborn local who still wanted his opint Ballacallin gone? Tholy Y Will? Don't know. Edit - meant Hawthorn, not Highlander re the Forge
  5. We were. A lot of country pubs have gone since drink driving laws were introduced. Not the sole reason, but it will have contributed to the drop in trade.
  6. Twitter is often useful for getting a response. Got £100 and an apology off Scottish widows after tweeting a complaint. Had given up on their call centres and being on hold for ages.
  7. Damn, I was growing a moustache.
  8. Some info here -
  9. I better be careful on the one by the Esplanade then it case it's just one I've imagined.
  10. Oooh, you should be reported to a mod for that ;-)
  11. Yeah, I voted for Corkill and had high hopes for him. After the whole Ned debacle I lost interest in local politics and haven’t voted since then. Dropped of the electoral roll some time ago. Didn’t even register and vote for a relative when they stood.
  12. You can set it to email / text if it’s not plugged in at a time when you’ve said it should be (Sorry, just starting to read the manual)
  13. The lighting, wipers, etc are run off a traditional 12 volt lead acid battery. In addition to the main battery, the Leaf also has an auxiliary 12-volt lead–acid battery that provides power to the car computer systems and accessories such as the audio system, supplemental restraint systems, headlights and windshield wiperslead acid battery. Wiki / owner’s manual ETA - I realise there will be an overhead in charging the 12v battery. Like many, I suspect, I hadn't realised there was a tradition car battery as well. Maybe do to with the power characteristics between a "normal" car battery and electrics circuits, and one used to actually move the car?
  14. Same as night storage heaters. Probably put to use some of the spare capacity of the generating plant when most people are asleep.
  15. About 6% for A/C? Haven't driven this one at night yet. The regenerative braking ads a few more miles to your range. Can add about 10 more miles to the estimated range when dropping down from Richmond Hill in to Douglas ETA - When it's plugged in you can run the heater via the app to get it nice and warm inside on a winter's day