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  1. NOISE

  2. NOISE

  3. Standard of Draught Beer in IoM Brewery Pubs

    But not in late February, as I once found out.
  4. The Punisher

    Yes, the way it gets up to “what to expect in court” and then starts all over again at the beginning is a laugh. I have a licence where I’m required to and don’t have one where I’m not.
  5. New Rules

    Check for 3bees and 4bees accounts. She could be crafty like that.
  6. Manx Radio

    Simon or Bev? I grew up with Simon and I remember sitting in his kitchen listening to Sue’s first time on the radio.
  7. My main portfolio is managed, but for hobby investing I use https://www.tddirectinvesting.co.uk/ There used to be an investment club over here in the 00's but it eventually closed. The government weren't too happy with the iominvest URL either
  8. Promenade pedestrian crossings

    The one on Queens Prom is back now And Circular Road is two way again
  9. David's Exciting Day Out

    I've just watched a car drive the wrong way down a one way street. Happens quite often, they seem oblivious to the signs. Saw one coming down Circular Road to the Peel Road junction the other week. Takes some doing with all of the one way / no entry signs.
  10. David's Exciting Day Out

    Maybe he should stand as an MHK and start an interesting little blog
  11. Ronaldsway Airport

    That's my worry. I tend to take the lens off the body these days when travelling as there's less chance of a bang straining the mount. I'm was watching for security taking the body cap off as I'm a bit anal about dust getting to the sensor. We travel by Steam packet quite often and we've been Blue Riband / Mannanan Exec members for a good while. My fool proof way of avoiding security checks as a foot passenger is to hold my Mannanan card with the boarding card and you always get waved straight past security. Of course, now that I posted this, I'll probably get a full body search next time
  12. Ronaldsway Airport

    Guess you don't carry a camera body and lenses? That part was new to me, the signs about taking them out of your camera bag and putting them in a tray. How I enjoyed seeing two £1k lenses clatter in to each other as the scanner operator moved the back and forward as they had a good look at someone else's bags. ETA Agree with Gladys - the table before the scanner is the wrong way. It should be lined up towards the scanner, not across it. People put their stuff in trays and then often can't move the along because other passenger's trays are in the way as even though they are now on the other side of the table their trays often haven't moved at all.
  13. Ronaldsway Airport

    I had to take all my camera gear out of the bag, which was new to me. Signs about it as well. Didn't have to do that in TT Week. Of course, coming back through Liverpool there was no requirement to remove the camera gear.
  14. Weather- Flight Cancellation

    The cool kids seem to prefer earth.nullschool.net or www.windy.com these days
  15. Liverpool Arms Closes

    Forgot about the Groudle, another country(ish) pub closed. My understanding, back in the day, was that you could get done for dangerous driving if you crashed while drunk, but otherwise it was fair game. I remember about ten of us on bikes used used to go up Douglas Head for several pints. Then we’d go to the late night cinema, the ones with working headlights would go in the front, the ones with working rear lights brought up the rear, and everyone else was in the middle. This was back in the days when tv programmes the likes of Love Thy Neighbour were classed as comedy. Things change.