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  1. mollag

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    How does this sit with us being citizens of the Islands and dependencies ? Are we offshore, inshore or Mainland Islands ? [I'm assuming dependents wont sit well]
  2. mollag

    Castletown Witch trials.

    apols sorted
  3. mollag

    Castletown Witch trials.

    apols sorted
  4. mollag

    Castletown Witch trials.

    The first transcript from the ancient trials released.
  5. mollag

    Air Travel

    Ooops, apols, cock up.
  6. mollag

    New build, Duke Street.

    This is the 1869 plan of the proposed demolition, approx alongside the "U K E" of Duke st.
  7. mollag

    New build, Duke Street.

    This wee junction was where the town grew out from the harbour, Not that I think all things should be retained in a time bubble rather that folks can appreciate what it is before it goes. Originally all beyond Fort Street was beach, Regent street was then a launching slip, Callows slip I think, anyhoo it all looked a little like this. This was looking , down Fort st to the old "poor house" on the right, now the start of the "Square area", Regent Street just peeping over. The proposed demolition is to the left.
  8. mollag

    New build, Duke Street.

    This will be an interesting development, The junction is one of the oldest left in the town, Fort St /Duke St so mucho heritage points going for it so it may not be a smooth ride for the developers. http://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/plans-for-six-storey-douglas-building-submitted/
  9. mollag


    Tried this venue on reading your brief revue, food ? some of the best seafood I have had on the Island, Tan rogans, just as they turned from raw to perfect, The cod was spot on, just beyond sushi, lovely in fact. Price? I think was value for the quality we had. Negatives? The venue is an acoustic nightmare, we sat at the part of the mezzanine overlooking the bar and it was hard to converse over the hen party guffaws. Would I return? Damn right but I would avoid Saturday and sit away from the noisy edge [they did offer us this when we were seated, stupid me said, no this is fine] If you hate overcooked fish then this is the place for you.
  10. mollag

    "Murder Inc" a manx connection!.

    There was a "famous" Manx descended G Man , Special agent Sam Cowley, did for and was killed by Baby face Nelson https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_P._Cowley
  11. mollag

    "Murder Inc" a manx connection!.

    LHE ?
  12. mollag

    Salt Herring

    Are they the Boys?
  13. mollag

    Brains Cregeen

  14. mollag

    Salt Herring

    Now thats a herring worth the kippering!
  15. mollag

    Salt Herring

    Strangely the guy who was supposed to have done that [Buck Whaley] married a distant relative of mine , Emily Tobin of middle farm , Kewague.