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  1. There is of course Suntory Whiskey, Saki it aint.
  2. Just popped this up in another place, has anyone had the pleasure of a beer in this Bar? Seems it was noted for it's tall barmen, in truth the bar side walkway was raised by a good foot. A little remembered hostelry, the Station Bar, better known as the "Buffet Bar, never was in for a drink but was to visit the dreaded VAT wallahs who inhabit the place now. With the decline of railway use, business reduced too far to keep operating.
  3. tried the no knead method recently, good results if a little under prooved due to my impatience, I used greasproof paper which sadly stuck like spit to a blanket. This lady's method is the one I used.
  4. Can you imagine a present day Pub having a window display like the Globe ? only fotees of banned folk I reckon.
  5. A last one before I shoot orft on me travels, Fond memories of this Strand St favorite, The Globe, now the Post office I think. The New Strand alongside, often confused with the Old Strand, known also as "The Bullring" and "The Jamaica Inn" a black eye pub in my remembrance.
  6. The Mahogony bar [ Clarendon] is distant on the right, the King Orry pub an the laft.
  7. For the old pub wallahs,The back bar of the Claree, now the Barbary Coast, it was in New Bond st, a separate premises to the Claree at one time with the marvelous name of "The Mahogany Bar", try saying that when you are bladdered!. Poignant for me as it was where I had my first drink in a Pub [alcoholic that is] I was 15 and it was a Green Worthington over bitter.
  8. I have read that, due to the upheaval of the first world war, the sealions were released to sea but the "Arctic bears" were shot.
  9. Tis up the other end, about 50m from the Barbary coast eatery, it would be the roadway past the car park now
  10. The smaller image was Jackie Fayles yard, on the site of one of three tanneries in the area, fed from the hides from [cattle] Market street. The arched entrance leads to Well rd Hill.
  11. was a shared shop, newsagent front, barbers rear so, as the area served sailors and passengers, postcards seem likely.--- A fuller shot of the area.
  12. I heard it was when he lost his son James in 1916, deja vu like, he died in, what is now Iraq fighting "The Turk", buried in Basra.
  13. Anything in partic that you like? I have a large portfoilio, or so the ladies tell me [well one did] This shot is my Great Grandfathers Barber shop on North Quay, Douglas, next to the Coffee Palace.
  14. Before I head to kip, the Catholic Chapel is centre, the end of Athol St but the new St Marys is seen above, The Keys are visible upper right but the Legislative Building yet to be built.
  15. Quite an interesting area, the coffee shop on the corner was the position of the first Catholic Church in Douglas, got a fotee of that somewhere, ok if I post it ?