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  1. Kids bored already, well here's a Manx quiz, a Mona style "Where's Wally" A fine Peter Killey image. I know it is for kids, but I have spotted a scutch already.
  2. The place has the look of closed as I passed the other day, gone the way of Puskas I'm afraid.
  3. Only on the IOM could a post about a chippy get a biblical quotation AND a correction in reply, you have got to love it ,
  4. Passed by Bathurst St, lunchtime-ish on Friday, the area was heaving with Gov type work vehicles, ubiquitous white vans, even Stewy Clagues guys were there, all seemingly heading for the new chippy. Am i missing something, is it a case of , a fish and a split and plenty of salt and heroin ? Any skeet would be welcomed.
  5. Will they ever get around the wet string supply from the pole behind my house, there must be twenty t/phone lines flying from it to various properties, chains and weakest links come to mind, I live less than half a mile from the main exchange, a main optic trunk runs up Woodbourne road 50m away and my service is poor running to middlin.
  6. Went into the TT food concession at the Grandstand today, to buy a Can of Coke and an Egg Sandwich. Got to the counter and said to the cashier, "I'm sorry love, I've only got a £20 note".. "That's Fine", she replied, "Just put the Egg Sandwich back".
  7. I'm just back from two stag dos - one in Las Vegas and one in Liverpool.I was surprised by how similar they were - you can pay for sex with chips in both places......
  8. Love it, also like replacing the meat and sauce with chilli con carne---chilli lasagna, how it was meant to be!.
  9. Anyone know of a decent restaurant open on a Sunday Evening? Cant seem to find anything Douglas way.
  10. Tesco no more.
  11. Not a wine drinker mysen but had a look at some of the other goods on offer for delivery, I have ordered a couple more to see if things go as they say, order taken, price as advertised, all we need now is for them to navigate the eccentric IOM delivery regime!.
  12. As I recall, her name was Alex.
  13. This is not the plaice for childish puns. Whelks were known as buckies locally, used as long line bait, only English soft southerners would actually eat them.
  14. Just had a skeet at the "Improved " Shoprite, it has an Automatic Water mister to keep the produce Fresh. Just before it goes on, you hear the sound of distant Thunder and the Smell of Fresh Rain. When you approach the Dairy section, you hear Cows Mooing and witness the Scent of Fresh Hay. When you approach the Egg Dept., Aisle, you hear Hens Cluck and Cackle and the air is filled with the pleasing Aroma of Bacon and Eggs Frying. The bread section has the enhanced aroma of fresh baking bread The Veggie Department features the Smell of Fresh Buttered turnips. I won't be buying my Toilet Paper there any more though.
  15. Not able to chuckle today, sadly, as I had a bad experience at a local eatery yesterday when I took my mum for a Mothers Day meal. The restaurant was offering a great half price deal if you were with your mother. Not only did I end up having to pay full price, they made me take her funeral ashes urn back to my car.