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  1. Really? I thought it was fantastic.
  2. Have we recovered? How good was that?
  3. Need competition on the sea but a monopoly in the air, it seems.
  4. I really hoped I'd be wrong.
  5. I couldn't believe this. It's supposed to be a community facility. We own it!
  6. It was a bit chaotic by the Villa. Nobody seemed to know what was going on, and they split the vehicles and the walkers, which seemed daft.
  7. But nowhere had up and down ones, that you could jump over half way up.
  8. All we people did was go up and down the escalators when it opened, or ride in the glass lift. Once the novelty wore off there was no reason to visit.
  9. Once Boots and M&S got escalators there wasn't any real reason to visit.
  10. Oh that's really sad news. Poor fella.
  11. Or "Oddbins presents..." This is sounding horribly familiar. Local businessman makes success out of business then is binned off by billionaire tax dodger who makes starstruck idiots out of those in charge. Just look at Cooil Road and Strand Street for other examples.
  12. No, it was all right because he bought a programme and all the information he needed was in there. Makes you wonder why he bothered making notes.
  13. Mods, can you please just copy and paste threads from the last 10+ years each TT? It would save typing time.
  14. Good point, except they tried that further down the prom and it wasn't as good.