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  1. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    The desire to be envied.
  2. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    One for each of your toes now.
  3. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

  4. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    That's the fourth post you've made since you moved on and bailed out of the thread.
  5. Spuan strides out

    Shut up. He's dressed up like a bellend. If my mates dressed like that I'd take the piss. If I dressed like that I'd be disappointed if nobody took the piss.
  6. What is happening with kfc place

    Where's that? As a student I spent the majority of my generous grants in the Vinyl Exchange in Manchester. Thanks for my record collection, taxpayers.
  7. Mere Child Becomes Health Minister

    How come I've got a job then?
  8. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Just don't make the mistake of looking at it when you're wearing sunglasses.
  9. Abort67

    You keep raising the issue of conscience. Everybody's conscience is different, which further supports the argument that the individual should have the choice to make that decision for themselves.
  10. Old words relevant to this forum

    It would be a trogglehumper if someone crodsquinkled where I squibbled these whoopsy-wiffling and frothbuggling words from.
  11. Abort67

    It's not really about whether or not abortion is a 'good' thing. It's about whether or not people get to make that choice for themselves. To me that is binary.
  12. Animal News

  13. Abort67

    Is it something to do with it being an organisation of some sort?