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  1. Was shat on the other day. I think it was a crow because it tasted of raw hedgehog.
  2. I've never been charged with speeding.
  3. What about all the horrible poor people? The rapey violent ones. Do you care about them too?
  4. It's all relative llap.
  5. Froome yesterday reminded me of Declan's post in another thread. "Ahh! But one of the reasons that the Tour de France is one of the great sporting events is because the champions look invincible, super humans. Until one day they're not and it's always unexpected. Remember the day Indurain cracked?"
  6. She's not the president. She doesn't send her daughter to g20 meetings.
  7. He ouldn't spell father? Omedy gold.
  8. Humans are apes. But yes, we share a common ancestor with the other types of ape still around. We also share a common ancestor with a horse, and a t rex somewhere down the line.
  9. What evidence is there that the earth is not x billion years old and that we descended from apes?
  10. Man doesn't think he has to answer to everything. Men of god do. Men of science are actively looking for the answers.
  11. Overwhelming evidence? Yes it would be accepted. But that wouldn't and shouldn't stop the search to see where that intelligent designer came from.
  12. Already covered that point in my response to you woolley.
  13. I haven't stated "we can't begin to explain how the universe came into existence" at all. (Did you really re-read my post?!). I stated that evolution doesn't explain it. Darwin wasn't looking into how the universe began. He was studying how why animals are as they are. How to put this simply? Biologists study evolution. Physicists study the beginnings of the universe. Two different fields of science. Define "universe". Define "nothing".
  14. It's a big thing yes, and it's not been proved. That doesn't equate with "not understood at all". The fact that we know the constituent chemicals proves understanding. And yes we can approach how the universe came into existence. There are thousands of people tackling that subject. That's what the Hadron collider was created for. We'll probably get there one day. Not in our lifetimes, granted. Evolution + big bang theory then. That's what the Dept of Education stated creationism was being taught "in balance with". How does one page from a book written by a mad man several thousands of years ago balance with hundreds of years of scientific research?