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  1. Spuan strides out

    Exactly. If he is "one of our best" as someone has said, why did he make a bolt for the cushiest, non-controversial, highly paid job in Keys, where he could very easily remain ensconced for the next 30 years just by keeping his head down? I concede that it's the smart thing to do on a personal level, but it's hardly public spirited. If he is as good as people are suggesting, he has a duty to be pulling his weight at a ministerial rather than a ceremonial level. It just smacks of self-interest to me.
  2. Brexit Is Reversible...

    It is indeed. I've suspended judgement on him for a while but after this beauty it's clear. The man is a buffoon.
  3. Manx Gas MD to resign (?)

    Ahh. Thanks Rog. I thought there was a lack of God's great balls of fire.
  4. Manx Gas MD to resign (?)

    Any advance on 2 hours? Come on, roll up. There's plenty of old gits on here. I reckon we can get this down to 25 minutes.
  5. Manx Gas MD to resign (?)

    Norfolk? Do we have Spooky in our midst?
  6. This Week

    Yes. The man is a phenomenon. Started performing in 1933 and still packing them in 85 years later at venues like these worldwide. https://www.viagogo.co.uk/Concert-Tickets/Jazz-and-Blues/Charles-Aznavour-Tickets?AffiliateID=49&adposition=1t1&PCID=PSGBGOOCONCHARLB8BC3A6C9C-000000&AdID=242460831797&MetroRegionID=&psc=&psc=&ps=&ps=&ps_p=0&ps_c=986907981&ps_ag=47536588543&ps_tg=kwd-295942695299&ps_ad=242460831797&ps_adp=1t1&ps_fi=&ps_fi=&ps_li=&ps_li=&ps_lp=1007268&ps_n=g&ps_d=c&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxMjG9bDm2AIV1bsbCh3P7wNhEAAYASAAEgIb0PD_BwE
  7. This Week

    Watch it Quilp. I'm already virtual reading RB's response saying "and how did that ruin it?" I know what you mean though.
  8. This Week

    The sheer masterpiece that was the theme from the 1974 LWT drama series "Seven Faces of Woman". This cannot fail to touch anyone who has revelled in the sublime joy that is the love and devotion of a wonderful woman. The greatest privilege that can be bestowed on any man. The lyrics are perfect.
  9. Manx Radio

    Know what you mean. I'll sometimes turn it on and think to myself; "WTF is going to be listening to this?" Got to be less than a hundred sometimes. Still, so long as you can keep selling the advertising it makes no odds to the bottom line. All that needs to happen is that the advertiser THINKS it's having an effect. Same reason Yellow Pages is still struggling on.
  10. Manx Radio

    Does she whip you?
  11. Weekend posting

    Some only post when at work during the day instead of doing what they are paid to be doing, that's pretty obvious. Some only post when not at work in the evenings and weekends. I don't fit into either of those categories because I can be working - although I don't really class running my business as work - at any time of the day or at leisure any time of the day. Friday evenings and Saturday evenings until late I am often out and otherwise engaged. It can be nice to don my superior hat and indulge in a little liberal bashing to relax before turning in. Good for the soul, although the urge doesn't take me as often as it once did. I believe I am mellowing.
  12. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Joy of living keeps me going. You're the one peddling the hate around here, not me. Accusations of fascism, coupled with your reversion to the language of the gutter or the toilet whenever your liberal myopia is challenged for the curse that it is, are symptomatic of your kind. Tell me again. Why are you still here? You moved away from the Island yet you still have this infantile obsession for posting your nonsensical ideology on ManxForums largely about issues that are centred well away from the Isle of Man and also well away from hideously white Dorset where you now reside. I'd have a bit more respect for you if you were living the dream in the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets or some other similar wonderland and reporting your daily blessings to us. As it is, you continue cheerleading for multicuturism from hundreds of miles distant, a bit like a WW1 general keeping well away from the muck and bullets, when even the government knows it has been a disaster. I don't hate anyone for who they are and have never said that I do. When this time bomb explodes the fall out is going to affect everyone and that is the legacy of your philosophy. Wishing it away and making believe that all will be well won't cut it unfortunately. All civilisations ultimately die of complacency and we will be no exception. We've made our bed. Well, actually, morons made it for us.
  13. Spuan strides out

    More gravytas than gravitas. And still the day of financial reckoning looms nearer. And still they do nothing about it while dreaming of matching the mass of the population to the mass of the government instead of the other way round. Introduce a health tax, I hear is the latest brainwave. Yes. That'll really bring in the young families to work here won't it?
  14. Spuan strides out

    That's brilliant. The soothing, caring empathy with the tormented soul whilst simultaneously administering a sharp, surreptitious knee to his bollocks. Pure class. Have you considered a spell in politics?
  15. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    You do wonder about the motivations of these self-righteous prigs who sit in judgment on others over such absurdities. Maybe one of them had money in Kaupthing.