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  1. Gravity on Earth is not quite a constant. Your weight will decrease minimally as you gain altitude. The geology of the area also has an even more minute effect. https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn24068-gravity-map-reveals-earths-extremes/
  2. Some feckin' eejit has stolen Albert's laptop.
  3. @ PK: Doesn't matter how hysterical you get in your rhetoric. There IS no need for anyone in the UK to be suffering from malnutrition. That's a fact.
  4. Oh, I don't know. If people meekly accepted the wisdom handed down by "the wise ones" we'd still be in thrall to the church and thinking that the universe rovolved around the Earth. Scepticism is healthy. Particularly when some of the science is driven by massive vested interests.
  5. There is probably only one post in the entire thread that you could call a "right wing" view. People are just discussing the subject. Or they were until you came along.
  6. OK. I'll play. Why do you bother coming around here then?
  7. Perhaps you could give us your take on current drugs policy and suggest some improvements that could be made.
  8. Well if you don't read it how can you know what they've said?
  9. OK it's Friday. I'll give you that one. I said "so called rape clause" because that's what it's being er, so called. But it is a stupid idea I'll grant you. They should have seen it was going to be a stick to beat them with. I wonder who came up with it. Probably some idiot LibDem in the Coalition. Nice to see the SNP on about something different than the usual I suppose.
  10. Do you ever even read what people post?
  11. That is multi-faceted. A bit like saying communism isn't the problem with communism. It's people that are the problem with everything when you boil it right down. Whether through greed, laziness, change resistence or whatever. Doesn't get us anywhere though.
  12. The UK Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 was the driving force of the current regime and it clearly doesn't work. Lives are ruined and not just for those addicted. A very large proportion of crime is drugs driven, either under the influence of, or to secure the funds to obtain. It's a totally failed policy that was introduced after overtures from the USA. You would have thought the Americans would have learned all about the joys of prohibition after their experience with alcohol in the 1920s, but apparently not. Prior to that, the UK had a much more enlightened attitude which actually worked quite well. http://www.politics.co.uk/reference/drugs Time for a change? Certainly. Even on the premise that we can't do an awful lot worse.
  13. They'd have no market if it was done properly.
  14. They're using your money to do it.................
  15. Yes. I don't believe what you say in your second sentence about "poor and vulnerable" being targeted by the government for a moment. "Sound tax avoidance principles" - oxymoron. Might be sound for Google, should be stamped on internationally. A way surely has to be found to keep the NHS and the welfare state affordable and sustainable into the future. You cannot keep pouring ever increasing amounts of taxpayers and borrowed money into it indefinitely. As for the child tax credit change on new claims, limiting to two is fair and measured. Want more than two children, that's fine but you don't get a tax break for them. Don't have a problem with that. The so called rape clause is however stupid and should be (probably will be) scrapped. Just SNP mischief-making.