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  1. I don't think they are classed as "retail" if you check the practice note. They are utilities. It would only come within the scope of retail if they made more than £500k profit from appliances or any other incidental "stuff".
  2. It's more than most people could manage..................
  3. Here's the practice note. It was 2013; a bit earlier than I thought. Based on £500k retail profit or more. https://www.gov.im/media/365703/pn18113.pdf
  4. Major retail pays tax at 10%. I think it was Eddie Teare's penultimate budget.
  5. @ Pongo: If the UK has a business model fully outside of the EU then it will likely involve adopting and taking over much the IOM's business model. I think WTO and fully outside would be far better for both the UK and the IOM. Just needs balls but, of course, they are in short supply. The IOM will always find niche markets which would see us nicely if only our liabilities were in kilter with what they should be for our size. Whether we can do well enough to cover the crazy pension debt too is moot.
  6. Crass stupidity is the answer to that. Not like they weren't warned!
  7. If you are happy to practice what you preach, very commendable.
  8. But can the latter generate enough to support the former? It's not a given.
  9. Obviously I liked this in support of all but the first sentence. Our expenses are based on that VAT money. How bloody stupid was that?
  10. Ah right. Get the plebs off the road and there will be more room for us. Agree that less vehicles would be a boon though. I am sure if anyone from 200 years ago materialised and looked at the way vehicles clutter up everywhere today, they would be aghast.
  11. Maybe it isn't a problem for you or me, but I think you have overlooked a major problem for a large percentage of people including some in quite expensive properties.
  12. I find myself supporting people who are putting alternative views on what he said. That isn't surprising though seeing as he proposed totally opposing scenarios in the one paragraph.
  13. I look forward to seeing people walking along the pavements jumping over all of the power leads from vehicles to houses.
  14. Stu covering it on TH.
  15. Do you think we can have a thread without this? Nobody can assert this with any authority at all.