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  1. woolley

    Animal News

    Nothing shocks me nowadays and I read the story quite stoically, although the thought of fellatio with those rather large teeth in the vicinity did make me think the man is something of a daredevil. The clip at the side about the "horse trapped upside down between 2 boulders" convinced me he must be a real kinky bastard and bloody strong too, until it became clear that part is unrelated to the sex case.
  2. woolley


    You have a point. They should probably pay you like they do Stinky.
  3. woolley

    Donald Trump

    Er, no. I said he was popular among Russians. Fact. And I said the West rubbed their noses in it at the end of the cold war. Fact. The rest of the above you tagged on.
  4. woolley

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Hmmm. That is at least a much more reasonable, balanced and nuanced assessment than we are accustomed to here. customs union / competition rules - Any trade deal requires rules and compromises - sovereignty not possible. Don't agree. The compromises necessary can be made by sovereign states in negotiation, rather than by a supranational organisation over their heads. monetary policy Not applicable. Sovereignty already with U.K. Agree. For the moment. But who knows what happens in the future? We almost fell into the euro once, courtesy of Blair. The EU has form for being the slipperiest of slippery slopes. Treaty after treaty; keep voting until you get the right result etc. trade and international agreements (under certain circumstances) - sovereignty not possible. Don't agree. Of course independent nations can make bilateral or multilateral trade and international agreements. It happens all the time, e.g. UN, NAFTA, EFTA etc. marine plants and animals Prior to joining the EU the U.K. had a disastrous fisheries policy, but the current EU policy is hardly any better and countries outside the EU have generally been much more successful managing fishing stocks and the marine environment. On the other hand, the domestic market for domestic catch is weak and any hindrance getting fresh fish to the EU market would be damaging - sovereignty possible and desirable, (but so too is hindrance-free access the single market, at least as the industry operates at present) Largely agree, with the caveat that you cannot judge a new independent UK policy today by what was in place almost 50 years ago. It's a different world. In the areas of shared competency, I’d agree that sovereignty over all agriculture policy is desirable, but changes should be gradual and phased in over a decade or two. I support the pooling of resources for humanitarian aid (disaster relief), but I don’t agree at all with the joint development cooperation budget, and agree it would be beneficial to have sovereignty over development aid. Personally, I’m in favour of free movement (with Belgian style controls), open-skies, free trade and common standards of consumer protection - so sovereignty over such matters is not even desirable. Largely agree, except that who comes and goes should be a sovereign national competence. I think that what you have listed there is pretty much what we will end up with, but national parliaments throughout Europe will have the final say in the very long term. In my opinion, given the huge costs, drawbacks and loss of influence and cash-saving collaboration that leaving EU entails, that it is just not worth it if the only areas of sovereignty to come back are fisheries, agriculture and development aid - although I do think the U.K. would make a much better job of legislating for these areas. Now, if there was a way of maintaining the trading advantages, the constructive collaboration and the freedoms of membership, but gradually getting back control over those three problematic areas - fisheries, agriculture and development aid - then I would understand brexit. Don't agree, of course, except to say that long term I believe that the EU in its present form will give way to a much looser arrangement of co-operation between nations with full sovereignty and free trade and co-operation and that would be wholly beneficial. Meanwhile you cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs. Sadly, when I look at the political leadership in the U.K. I can only conclude such a benign outcome is impossible. Well, yes. But looking at political leaders all over the world, we are hardly alone in that!
  5. woolley

    Brexit VAT issue. What effect on Island?

    That's crackers. First they have conflated two discrete issues into one. The Irish border smuggling situation is a legitimate concern that needs addressing although it is difficult to imagine the VAT rates diverging a great deal north and south of the border. However, VAT is a domestic (EU) tax on consumption. If the UK is outside the EU as a third country, imports and exports from and to the EU will not carry VAT at all, unless that is agreed as part of a negotiation which would be odd, and not really Brexit. They might carry other reciprocal tariffs, but again that would be subject to whatever agreement is reached, and it is unlikely there will be any. They say that businesses may be obliged to pay VAT months early, but they don't explain in what scenario this would be the case. Any anomalies could be ironed out by HMRC in any case. For instance, they could simply allow businesses to declare UK VAT on imported goods at the time of importation against their outputs for the current quarter, very much in the same way as the EC Sales Declaration works at present. The effect of that is neutral. The Island is in a customs union with the UK so that will not change. Island businesses exporting goods to the EU will be in the same position as those in the UK.
  6. It is astounding that this keeps cropping up. Does anyone really believe that the film industry did not facilitate a lot of money coming to the Island over many years? You have to look at all sides of the equation. Cinemanx, Pinewood, share dealings, film expenses, film sales and VAT. If we had never set up Isle of Man Film we would be even further in the mire than we are now, that is for sure.
  7. woolley

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Thanks for setting out the case comprehensively, Freggy.
  8. woolley


    Hmmmm. Very good. You don't need money having ditched Sky!! Seriously though. There might be a better response if people can make anonymous postal donations to the registered owners of the forum.
  9. woolley


    But no postal address where you can send proper folding stuff?
  10. woolley


    Good for you re Sky. Did that a couple of years ago. Haven't missed it at all. Keep strong when the Retentions Dept. starts to work on you. They assume that you don't really want to ditch it and are just looking for a better deal. Re those other subscriptions. Is there a postal address where cash donations might be sent towards MF expenses? That might garner some response. It might even already be listed on here somewhere, but I've never seen it.
  11. woolley

    Donald Trump

    I agree with that absolutely. The West rubbed their noses in it big style in the 90s which only increased their paranoia. This does not alter the fact of his huge popularity among Russians. The overwhelming majority are content to have him as leader, forced on them or otherwise.
  12. woolley

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    " EC precludes national legislation............ " That's the offensive bit. No expansion required on that.
  13. woolley

    Donald Trump

    One thing that hasn't changed is that the Russians love their country and they appreciate strong leaders who keep Russia strong. They prefer someone like Putin to a drunkard pushover like Yeltsin.
  14. woolley

    UK Establishment exposed

    I suppose if somebody is having the devil of a go at you, and you genuinely have no idea why, it must be at least somewhat puzzling.
  15. woolley

    Leave.EU Fined £70k...

    Not really. All politically motivated.