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  1. See John Wright's post. Same as my understanding. Off for the weekend now. So long forum buddies.
  2. Put it this way: I can't see us being in the red on the deal any time in the next millennium.
  3. 26? Where's the other one gone?
  4. The EU is one of those projects where everyone wakes up one morning and asks: "Why are we doing this?"
  5. Not officially.
  6. Well I suppose that's because the "negotiation" hasn't started yet.
  7. I agree. Stupid enough to subsidise every other nation in the British Isles and most of those in Europe.
  8. Never! The situation with Ireland will revert to what it was prior to 1973. Be useful when the EU is finally folded.
  9. Even if they had a referendum just among the Manx it would still be "No!". Manx they may be. Stupid they ain't!
  10. And Israel is the only country in the region that is anything like a democracy.
  11. This one.
  12. @ Declan: I know that. I was commenting on Richard's post attacking the Jews.
  13. Outrageously so.
  14. Why do liberals hate Jews yet love Muslims? 'Tis a mystery.
  15. I don't understand this argument. What is wrong with the position of the UK government that there will be a reciprocal deal on each other's citizens? Where does this moronic attitude that we give away all our cards before we even start come from?