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  1. Douglas Promenade Horse Tram Tracks

    Having moved to Onchan Head eighteen months ago I have "suffered" the inconvenience of being caught behind a bus, lorry ,van, incompetent car driver etc for the whole distance between the Villa Marina and Summer Hill (in both directions) whilst we are all trapped behind a horse tram. As a consequence, I hugely support the suggestion of a single track located at the edge of the road or promenade. I have heard rumours that the reason the existing location is being retained is due to the fact that any new route would have to incorporate all legislation and safety regulations relating to a new "railroad". Leaving it where it is would appear to avoid this issue as the task then is just a track refurbishment. May or may not be true.
  2. Ronaldsway Airport

    Thanks asitis.
  3. Ronaldsway Airport

    Are we talking airframe de-icer or runway de-icer??
  4. Deepwater for Cruise Ships

    I wonder what DED's Deep Water Report will reveal ? A cursory glance at Isle of Man nautical charts would indicate that the only two locations capable of coping with an eight metre draft ship and associated land access are outside Douglas Breakwater and alongside the old breakwater in Port Erin bay. Can I claim my giant consultancy fee now ???
  5. Weather- Flight Cancellation

    I think there are boat cancellations as well.
  6. Planners rule against ice rink

    It does seem to be a "jobsworth" decision. Not only is the tent well away from any local residents but it has been there for many years now. Moreover, we need all the activities we can get for our easily bored kids. And let us not forget the large donation to charity resulting from the event.
  7. Manx Gas Standing Charges

    I'm doing my bit, changing to oil !
  8. Bent boat again?

    Recently for some reason the ships have been doing a dog leg on arrival in Douglas Bay, maybe that is what was seen?
  9. Bent boat again?

    Wonder what freight ship they are going to use; on AIS, Arrow looks to be in dry dock in Scotland?
  10. DoI wants to site tip on Douglas Promenade

    After the Richmond Hill job didn't they end up with an additional site by the old Rose Grower's place ?
  11. Promenade Resurfacing

    Whilst I accept that cars may well be driverless we will still have cars, and more people will require more "driverless" cars.
  12. Promenade Resurfacing

    Although I recognise that something needs to be done to Douglas Promenade the nmore I look at the latest proposal the more I realise it fails to address the basic needs. Just because there are apparent h and s advantages in keeping the horse tram tracks where they are, it is clear that the constantly increasing level of vehicular traffic is already being hugely restricted by the trams, this will only get worse. Consequently, I am of the view that a single track, with passing places, on the seaward edge of the road is the most viable option. This would still provide a similar number of parking slots, which is absolutely essential,; whilst at the same time giving an increased useable road width. Regarding the major planned spend in front of the Sefton, can anyone please advise me of the real benefits ? Finally, whatever we eventually do will remain with us for generations to come,I don't think we have got it anywhere near "right" yet !
  13. At what price is a good deal ?

    Just to get back on the topic, why don't we consider "killing two birds with one stone" i.e. Enlarge the harbour and at the same time provide a cruise ship berth. This might most economically be achieved by relocating and enlarging the present breakwater to the position of the proposed cruise berth. It seems silly to me to construct a new breakwater whilst still leaving the old one as a major obstruction in the harbour !!
  14. Promenade Resurfacing

    I thought the original £22M plan was hugely more complex than what is now being proposed, so would one not expect the reduction in the cost to be more than 10% ?
  15. Deepwater for Cruise Ships

    Depth at low water springs at the end of Ramsey pier is only 2 metres, dredging to 10 m would not be viable.