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  1. Defending the Indefensible - Chief Minister Speaks

    At least they're there - Marlene Hendy couldn't make her first sitting due to an "unbreakable" personal commitment. Perhaps she'll forego her first month's pay.
  2. Time for a Manx Boston Tea Party?

    The use and misuse of alcohol is a UK cultural issue dating back to the introduction of licensing laws in WW1. 50% of ALL crime in the IOM involves alcohol in some form. I'm a regular pub goer in Ramsey and the pubs are usually pretty empty. There is however a strong pre-loading culture where people are loading up on supermarket booze and then hitting the pubs for the last couple of hours. We also have the new coach trip - the party bus. This is a non-stop pub crawl. At least on a crawl you get some respite between pubs, but on these busses you have a stash of your own on the bus. When the bus turns up in a town or village the guests pile off and go straight into the bars. Australia for example has a pricing structure where offies have similar prices to pubs. One thing I will agree with though is the poster who said H&B are killing pubs!!
  3. Manx Radio

    Most people aren't frustrated at all gagster. Just a small number of haters on here really.
  4. Manx Radio

    The accounts are made public each year as they have to go to Tynwald as part of the annual report. You can find them at the Tynwald website. https://mm.aiircdn.com/147/5810c5303f593.pdf Here's 2016 and while there's no data on everyone's earnings, it does reveal that the top salary is between £75k and £100K.
  5. Gladys

    HB Glad
  6. What A Farce !!

    Why not have a look yourself? Its all published on t'web
  7. DED spit the dummy over Airbnb?

    Obviously true, until someone dies in a fire at a property which is lower than the recommended standard and then the "why did the gubmint allow this to happen" brigade will crawl out of the woodwork. Damned if you do.....................
  8. Supertour 2018

    He ain't the social media persona of the polis anymore so he doesn't have to be nice or PC. I suspect he's simply enjoying his new found posting freedom. ETA - no pun intended at PC
  9. Supertour 2018

    If you're that keen to know, why not make an FOI request from DOI?
  10. He could certainly turn up to try and shut down a charitable concert.
  11. Manx Journalism At It's Very Best

    Two African Chinooks with me strung between them on a rope woven from Manx tartan creeper. We stopped for chips cheese and gravy at the felt museum by Laxey monorail terminal. Finlo's claim was it took an hour longer than usual if the Mountain was shut. It plainly doesn't. In poor weather conditions perhaps, or if there are roadworks in or around Douglas, there may be an exceptional delay at peak periods, but to suggest an hour longer when the additional distance is a mile or two is just plain nonsense. Google maps directions say 30min via the mountain and 39 via Laxey. This is consistent with my experience today.
  12. Manx Journalism At It's Very Best

    left home in Ramsey at 9.01 this morning. Arrived at work in Douglas @ 09.33
  13. Manx Journalism At It's Very Best

  14. For Hooper read Karran

    The two Beecroft questions are interesting. She's obviously dancing to the Irving tune there.
  15. Ronaldsway Airport

    That'd be the bloke who sold out Manx Airlines then? The same one who has extensive experience of operating an airport under post 9/11 security rules? They get on my tits those clowns. They don't speak for me and just seem to whine about any changes to anything. I've been through the place twice in Feb and didn't queue any more than anywhere else. Boarding card bloke said that they'd introduced a shellsuit and baseball cap ban on Liverpool flights and this seemed to have reduced passenger numbers.