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  1. piebaps

    Tesco car park.

    There's a special on tinfoil at the mo
  2. piebaps

    Fun Fair

    Cost of funfair revealed in FOI request https://iom.icasework.com/servlet/ep.getImg?ref=D220633&bin=Y&auth=0&db=ZVD1ZPdIGvo%3D&access_token=RyG5-XmOgIwwXubYwqJOPQCAhN3m9wjXicMf2I1dIWMaoInJYdIhZ1J0C5ECfcst.B4cswTymGrtgvptgdm2Jwg%3D%3D
  3. piebaps

    Audi TT 20 Year Celebrations

    A lorry load of red paint has collided with a lorry full of blue paint. Both drivers are marooned.
  4. piebaps

    Audi TT 20 Year Celebrations

    Well its shut for three and half hours (12.30 to 16.00) for the next week, excluding Sunday) https://www.gov.im/residents/roadnotifications/Notification.aspx?id=14249 Its 14 miles from Hairpin to Gov Bridge and 17 from Ballure Road to Summerland. Its hardly inconvenient and the additional costs will be negligible. As its open at the really busy times, there's hardly going to be queueing either. Usual MF fuss about nothing IMHO..
  5. piebaps

    Manx Radio

    You have two options. 1. The easy one. If its awful. Don't listen. 2. If you are that unhappy with the funding model which our parliament has chosen - fucking off is free and available 24/7. Ron Berry has only one motive here - Money. If he can ruin the competition he'll increase his bottom line. Looks like he's well on the way too.
  6. piebaps

    flybe/Eastern axe Belfast service?

    Kinhell Lxxx IOM Newspapers announced this a month ago. Been on hols? http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=41224&headline=Flybe to re-establish Ronaldsway base&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2018
  7. piebaps

    Manx Radio

    Indeed. People who know the cost of everything and the value of nothing
  8. Holy conspiracy theories batman. The item was published in the free newspaper that's delivered to most houses on the fecking Island and you think its some sort of cover up. Jesus Christ!
  9. piebaps

    Thomas says we can find out through FoI

    There are checks and balances built into the system. If information is refused, the requestor can appeal to the Information Commissioner and he's already overruled Longtail on the cost of buses. I'm looking forward to finding out about the Douglas mayoral chain which allegedly disappeared.
  10. piebaps

    Tynwald Day 2018

    It wouldn't me much of an open air sitting of parliament with erm....................parliament. People staying away from a parliamentary sitting because parliament is there seems a little odd.
  11. piebaps

    Jersey Financial Services Sector Continues to Decline.

    Accounts haven't been to TYnwald yet. On the July agenda I think so should be viewable on the Tynwald site
  12. piebaps

    Tynwald Day 2018

    Wow, a Tynwald thread without mentions of strutting or the banquet. I'm impressed!
  13. You could have a look at the website where there's loads of info https://www.ourisland.im/ Not as satisfying as whinging on a forum I know, but its an option.
  14. piebaps

    £6m spent on new bus fleet

    Had they realized at the time of the contracts, I'm sure they'd approach differently. Remember FOI was retrospective and has caught stuff negotiated when commercial confidentiality was the norm.
  15. piebaps

    Manx Radio Apology (29th June)

    He did indeed. It was an attempt at humour. I don't get all the haters on here. Look, we pay for part of the service via taxation. That's the way it is here. If you don't like it please fuck off somewhere else. It's not rocket science.