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  1. Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370

    But in AF447 for example, the automation cut itself out because of what was thought to be an iced pitot tube. Any automation has to rely on the sensors providing accurate data and until that bit is sorted then the man on the ground operating the plane remotely is never going to take over. Look at BA38 for example and the last ditch flap adjustment made by the pilot non-flying which just allowed it to clear the A30 and the perimeter fence. That was an instinctive decision made by an experienced professional at a critical time. He was there feeling what was happening and knowing he only had a split second to make the call. Compare that with a guy remotely operating from miles away. By the time he had assessed the data, the plane would be in the fence.
  2. Peter Hammond - Have A Go Hero

    Lag - I get what you're saying bit there is no "let in". There is totally free movement. Nobody vets anyone coming or going. You can't even say whether he needs a work permit, the Court was adjourned so that information together with his UK immigration status could be checked before he's sentenced (according to the newspaper report). He may qualify as an IOM worker under the terms of the Act, he may have been granted a work permit under the old rules or he may even have been working illegally. Additionally, as far as I know, the permit application system only requires you to declare previous convictions. Obviously if you had to disclose future convictions it would be a massive boost for law enforcement, but as yet you don't need to do that. Obviously he's "Johnny Foreigner" to all the closet nazis around here, so maybe we should forget the legal system and just string him up from the nearest lamp post.
  3. The Law is an Ass

    Stop it John. I've warned you before. Posting facts has no place in a conspiracy theory. Those damn masons again.
  4. Another MLC in court

    No. Just the headache pills!
  5. Another MLC in court

    http://www.southlondon-notices.co.uk/obituary/susan-winifred-turner/52258015?s_source=tiom Only just read it in the paper tonight. Real downer at this time of year too.
  6. Another MLC in court

    Juan's mother died last week and the funeral is next Monday. Could we perhaps allow the family some time before we Wattersonise him.
  7. 4 New MLCs

    To be fair getaffa, the elected commissioners make the apointments and with <30% turnouts at elections the norm we're getting what we vote for.
  8. is the mountain road shut?

    Stop using facebook for anything important
  9. Is Zero-10 under threat?

    From the EU report "the Council has also agreed that the absenceof a corporate tax or applying a nominal corporate tax rate equal to zero or almost zero cannotalone be a reason for concluding that a jurisdiction does not meet the requirements" http://www.consilium.europa.eu/register/en/content/out?RESULTSET=1&DOC_TITLE=business taxation&DOC_SUBTYPE="REPORT"&i=COCGRTTC&ROWSPP=25&ORDERBY=DOC_DATE DESC&DOC_LANCD=EN&typ=SET&NRROWS=500&TARGET_YEAR=2017 Phil Craine talking through his arse (again). BEPS is an issue but IOM signed up to the BEPS intiative in 2016. https://www.gov.im/categories/tax-vat-and-your-money/income-tax-and-national-insurance/international-agreements/base-erosion-and-profit-shifting/ And as for Solly, well if he hadn't brought forward the Tax Exempt Company regime in 1984 while he was in charge of the tax system, we wouldn't have to whore ourselves to the CSP industry.
  10. Deemster 'shows mercy' over drugs charges

    The headline is misleading IMHO. He can show mercy but only in line with the sentencing guidelines. If he goes too low the AG can appeal
  11. Beecroft just go - this is simply a total disgrace

    Jesus Christ - this has got to be dumbest post I've seen since TJ left. Please Mr Policeman, a bad man said something on the internet that I don't like. We moan that the cops do sweet FA, but expect them to handle this shite. Really. Grow up. Why not defeat Tarne with a persuasive argument to show why he's wrong. I'm not advocating compulsory euthanasia but haven't we discussed legalizing suicide assistance where quality of life has deteriorated? I
  12. Ronaldsway Airport

    1st world problem innit. Nobody has missed a flight and you've all got your arses in your hands because at certain times you have to wait for a bit.
  13. Facebook (and Twitter)

    Facebook is useful for sharing photos with faraway family and for taking the piss out of your mates. It is however full of people who take themselves far too seriously.
  14. Beecroft is victim of Beecrofts cost cutting

    The tax free allowance is £12500 for a single person. there is then £6500 @ 10%. £20 per week tax is £1040 per year. £650 must be at 10% so £390 is at 20%.which is £1950. Adding up the bands; 12500 tax free + 6500 @ 10% + 1950 @ 20% gives annual income of £20950 which is £403 per week gross.
  15. Logging in

    Hmmm lowbrow humour so early in your posting career. Hopefully things will improve.