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  1. Do us a favour and fuck off with your pointless trolling. You and your ilk are slowly killing this forum you prick.
  2. What's the problem with queueing for a bit? Nobody is missing flights are they? First world problems.
  3. Not the EU TF - worse, much much worse. Its our lot!! This FOI response may assist. https://www.gov.im/media/1358385/20170831-foi-disclosure-cab00006.pdf
  4. Indeed - most of them not involving you.
  5. BTW Julie Edge, before being elected. was a civil servant. Some form of vendetta at work here IMHO.
  6. LMAO mojo - me too
  7. I read the full story in the paper yesterday and its not as simple as it seems. There was MSPCA intervention before the prosecution and he failed to follow it. He also had plenty of money for booze. On the other hand it appears this individual has some personal issues too and he did care for the animal albeit not very well. No winners here I'm afraid.
  8. I think you'll find that if you delve back into the older stuff, the forum was an entertaining place. While criticism of government was there, it wasn't the be all and end all which it is now. Interestingly a lot of regular posters are much quieter now, mainly IMHO because of fuckwits like you TJ et al who are ruining the place with pointless shitty squabbles about nothing. If its that bad fuck off and set up your own forum.
  9. Ballacallin & Tholty have both been shut for a long time now. 10 Years + Glen Helen shut around three years ago as did the Swiss Chalet restaurant behind it. Mitre in KM, Raven in Ballaugh, Sulby Glen Hotel, Ginger Hall and Grosvenor are all still up and running in the north. But then us northerners can drink us beer!!
  10. I agree sultan. No harm in feeding the troops etc when we send them away. But not even getting out of Ronaldsway before starting the feast!!
  11. An FOI response has detailed some more trip costs for some of our politicos. Look in the Clerk of Tynwald section at this link for Trinidad & Cameroon https://www.gov.im/about-the-government/freedom-of-information/freedom-of-information-responses/#accordion Mr Rodent has his Twatterson moment at Ronaldsway with an expense claim for a coffee and a kit kat. ETA it was only £3.04 but that's kinda not the point.
  12. I hear he's been spoken to about this but ignores the advice.
  13. Where pray? The Falkland's trip and Howards NZ trip were all BEFORE the last election
  14. Celebrate St Georges day for all our English migrants
  15. A novel idea but it'll never catch on