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  1. Halal meat on the Isle of Man

    Most imported New Zealand lamb is halal
  2. vehicle excise duty survey

    Don't know why you have difficulty - top banner of gov.im has a link 'Government Consultations'
  3. TT 2018

    I was mentioned HERE but would have been on the gov website and advertised in local and I would also imagine in the trade press There is a list of previous tenders for all departments, applicants, and who won.
  4. Drink Driving and other offences

    I think all stories that come under the 'crime' section have comments disabled
  5. Animal ban for 'appalling' cruelty

    But he was...... And HERE
  6. What did we learn at yuletide?

    That you don't get much change from £5 when buying a pint of bitter in London
  7. Flooding on new roads

    More likely due to the collapse of the sub-service of the prom which is why it all needs rebuilding
  8. Unfinished House

    Look more Ionic than Doric
  9. Pigs in blankets

    Yup, the German version is similar to what we call a sausage roll.
  10. Pigs in blankets

    There are similar phrases used worldwide for sausages wrapped in something. Mainly a pastry cover or like the UK version, a bacon wrapper.
  11. Manx Gas MD to resign (?)

    Do they, as a private company, have to publish a list of directors or register their names with the registry?
  12. Flag Of Sicily Is Similar

    Is it a flat moon or a spherical one?
  13. 2018 phone book

    Haven't you heard of 'ex-directory'?
  14. 2018 phone book

    Nope..... all with Sure