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  1. kevster

    Win a house competition!

    Sarah and I are very happy
  2. kevster

    Amenity Sites

    probably to cover the cost of shipping them across to be disposed of
  3. kevster

    Win a house competition!

    According to the email sent out, she wasn't allowed to promote the competition to locals. that's different to selling to locals
  4. kevster

    Steam Packet to be sold

    They were only on loan to test
  5. kevster

    Planning – Draft Area Plan for the East

    And an education at one of the worlds best universities. How long before you mention tracing your family history back to the year dot?
  6. kevster

    £104k to spend a penny?

    The new Douglas ones were delivered as a ready made unit from the UK. I chatted with the delivery driver in the Terminus.
  7. kevster

    Astronomy Stuff

    You’ll be posting Noam Chomsky videos again soon
  8. kevster

    Manx words and phrases added to the OED

    Valid point
  9. kevster

    Manx words and phrases added to the OED

    Poltergeist, zeitgeist are two I can think of
  10. kevster

    Snail race

    I took the shell off mine to see if it would make it go faster. It didn’t. It was more sluggish.
  11. kevster


    That’s likely, but some scholars disagree. Highest point in the fens IIRC and a beautiful cathedral.
  12. kevster

    Gubay v Drower et al

    Considering that in your first post on this site you stated that you had just moved to the island, you seem to know a lot. Just saying......
  13. kevster

    Supertour 2018

    Bit like me and my missus
  14. kevster


    Most of what was brewed would have been low in alcohol - known as small beer. The whole family, even children would drink it. The brewing process made it safer to drink than plain water.
  15. kevster

    Cost of the TT & Festival of Motorsport?

    An urban myth.....