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  1. Halal meat on the Isle of Man

    Animals can be stunned and rendered unconscious before being slaughtered and be halal.
  2. iPhone 6S for sale

  3. iPhone 6S for sale

    iPhone 6s 16GB for sale.... Always used with case and screen protector £150
  4. Taking care of old books

    They like to feed on the starch used in the glue in old book bindings. If you're not careful, the book may fall apart
  5. It was the same day
  6. Bikers - this ever happened to you?

    You beat me to it...
  7. McVegan - Yay or Nay

    I feel the same about Irish Catholics. Always wondering if they're going to plant a bomb to blow up us Brits
  8. Who killed JFK?

    And you haven't mentioned freemasonry yet..... surely they must have been involved and the worldwide anti Jewish conspiracy
  9. Who killed JFK?

    Not sure that the death of Julius Caesar has anything to do with the American republic. It must be hard to live knowing all the truths about these secrets that they are hiding from us
  10. Mann cat

    And why do you doubt them?
  11. Mann cat

    I thought they were only open to visitors during the summer.....
  12. Mother duck murdered in cold blood

    Had a couple of days in Malta earlier this year.... Rabbit one night, duck the next. Lovely Haven't been out shooting for some years now, but you can't beat a bit of rabbit or duck you've shot yourself and hung for a bit in the shed.
  13. Religion

    It's called an erection. Maybe one day you might experience one yourself
  14. Energy cleansing of stones

    Ah, but those are comeover rocks.... mine are true manx rocks, as old as the hills
  15. Energy cleansing of stones

    Keeping a stone on it's own is cruel. Stones are very social and like being with other stones - look at a beach for example.... You never see just one stone. So, take your stone to the beach and let it play with the other stones. Or, I have a garden full of stones and I'm happy to sell you some of those (at very reasonable prices) so that your lonely stone will have some company and be happier.