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  1. No offence, but I'd rather go by what the OECD say
  2. If you read the OECD article: Value Added Tax (VAT; also known as Goods and Services Tax, under the acronym GST in a number of OECD countries)
  3. "Some 165 countries operated a VAT at the time of the completion of the International VAT/GST Guidelines in 2016, more than twice as many as 25 years before" SOURCE: OECD
  4. The vast majority of countries in the world use VAT - it's not just a European thing
  5. I wish people would use the phrase ' beg the question' properly - it does not equal 'raise the question'
  6. I wasn't referring to the content - more concerned about the poor spelling
  7. Cheers, just seen it. Unusual for MF not to make a bigger deal about crap local newspaper proofreading though.
  8. Where?
  9. Has nobody spotted the error?
  10. My mortgage is well under £1000 per year. Is is there a smug git emoji?
  11. Now, who do you remind me of?
  12. It dyb not dib As in 'Do Your Best'. Dob is 'Do Our Best'
  13. I think they're all geldings
  14. It's down to the IP address you get allocated. Sometimes I can't do the lottery online as it says I'm not in the UK or IoM. A reboot of the router usually get a different IP address and that then works.
  15. This horse clearly enjoys it's work