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  1. Wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes at my 1970s public school.
  2. Now to be renamed 'Nurse Who'? runs away and hides behind the sofa
  3. LLAP/TJ - some of the sources you cite (no t only on this thread)are no more believable than stuff that google or Wikipedia can throw up. The Pleidians? Not an accurate news source. I can't be arsed to go back over other Mr Icke was talking sense at one point, that the UN was killing off humans, and chemtrails were real.
  4. They don't have the same issues underneath. Peel road wasn't a simple resurface job for similar reasons.
  5. The sub surface structure is knackered. It's all reclaimed land and wasn't built for modern traffic levels.
  6. On posts in other threads you've described yourself as 'anarchist' and on others as 'conservative' Make your mind up
  7. Cor, a video on the internet. That definitely proves the rest of us are wrong and you really are talking sense.
  8. Ok, not aliens, advanced beings
  9. And these events were helped along by aliens?
  10. The use of the words ' it's fairly evident' would suggest otherwise. And nothing in evolution is 'sudden'
  11. Do you believe the stuff about genetic manipulation of early hominids by advanced beings?
  12. So do you believe everything that the bible says?
  13. 'Being open minded'
  14. Couldn't you make your own mind up?
  15. So, did anyone from here submit a picture?