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  1. Tinky Winky...

    In January..... not like you to be so slow on a death
  2. Eric Bristow...

    I liked his gravy
  3. Flat Earth?

  4. Yet Another Tenuous Island News Link

    All we need now is TJ going on about them not being real Manx
  5. Lots of information on it HERE
  6. Stephen Hawking...

  7. Tell us something we don't know..

    Just looked on the gov website - my car costs more to tax than a double decker bus
  8. Tell us something we don't know..

    I was referring to the direction, not the physical endpoints - they don't go all the way north either
  9. Tell us something we don't know..

    People tend to forget that the roads that make up the TT course, are also major routes linking east/west and north/south
  10. Police in drugs factory bust

    I seem to remember his son getting done on a drugs charge a few years back and I’ve worked with him in the past and he’s a complete knob.
  11. Supertour 2018

    The police, fire service, etc are being paid anyway even if they don’t attend an accident.
  12. Supertour 2018

    Bet you won't be using that in your marketing!
  13. Supertour 2018

    Is this a new game like twenty questions? Are you north or south?
  14. Supertour 2018

  15. Supertour 2018

    Or he could just look at the Gov website for information....... LINK