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  1. Time for a Manx Boston Tea Party?

    I think this is now law in haggisland.
  2. Fat Controller to get a grilling...Toy Town Style

    To delete and change as we think fit, a "little" progress I must admit.
  3. media censorship

    So you call me sfb what should I call you, jnobheid. Howzat.
  4. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Leave mad uncle Ronnie out of it nut.
  5. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    its a fucking sellout to a bunch of freeloading frogs. this is the end of the EUSSR; "According to a report in the online US news site Politico, EU Commission Vice President, Valdis Dombrovskis, revealed plans to propose creation of so-called “European Safe Bonds“ (ESB) or “Sovereign Bonds Backed Securtities“ (SBBS) at the May EU summit. The state bond debt of different EU states would be “bundled” into new securities and sold. As the US rating agency Standard and Poors noted, “European safe bonds (ESBies) have been proposed as a tool to increase the supply of ‘AAA’ rated euro-denominated assets and reduce systemic risks from banks’ large holdings of bonds issued by their respective sovereign governments.” The reality they point out is likely to be the opposite. German AAA bonds will have to be “bundled” with higher risk bonds from countries such as Italy or Greece in an effort to sell the risky Greek debt. As the 2007-2008 US asset-backed securities crisis revealed, these schemes to bundle risky debt with safer debt such as Germany backfire badly once a real systemic crisis erupts. As Dutch Prime Minister Rutte warned, beware of US hedge fund operators bearing large gifts and beware of sly attempts to further erode EU national fiscal and other sovereignty to stabilize de facto bankrupt Eurozone French and other banks".
  6. More shootings in the U.S.

    What makes you think i'm not!.
  7. More shootings in the U.S.

    nothing bonkers about it at all.americans HAVE the "right" to bear arms,so training people from a young age is the most sensible thing to do.
  8. More shootings in the U.S.

    NO the answer is to TRAIN ALL CHILDREN in the "correct" use of firearms. FFS (my grandson thirteen years old) started with a crossbow and is now being taught by professionals how AND WHEN to use firearms.
  9. More shootings in the U.S.

    not the way I read it !!?.
  10. Russian Spies

    anything.but anything is better than the new communist party the "EUSSR",no contest.
  11. Russian Spies

    another nice piece for the snowflakes,they must be "really" thick NOT to grasp this.FFS they are fucking idiots or worse. http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/it-isnt-russia-that-destroyed-british-sovereignty/21229#.Wq-bKmdLE5s
  12. media censorship

    I've just picked this little comment up from an article,its sentiments I agree with 100% warts an all especially the last para. "An apocryphal story tells about an exchange between a Prussian and an Austrian officers during WWI where the German says “The situation is serious but not desperate” and the Austrian replies “The situation is desperate but not serious”. The Austrian view is the wise one and is the one that applies to the Brexit process. It is true that Brussels will do its utmost to cripple Britain and send the fear of god into the remaining members of the EU. It is also true that May, as the weaker party in the negotiation has very little room for manoeuvre and won’t get much even if she had any political talent. But the fact is that Brexit will happen, Juncker cannot stop that, and even if we are still bound in many ways and have been ritually humiliated, the fact of the separation will remain and the spell of the inevitability of the EU will be broken, people in Europe will know there is another option and that makes a whole world of difference. Britain will survive and prosper after Brexit, people in Europe will see that and from then on the EU will need to convince its citizens that being a member is beneficial to them and that is a really tall order. The wind is against the EU in other ways, being bullied will only stiffen the resolve of most Britons as seen in Tony Blair’s own Institute for Global Change Brexit survey, where 70% of respondents favour Brexit at any cost. Every time Juncker humiliates May, he is burning his own bridges. The Brexit process will be painful and unsatisfactory but once out, Britain will be a reminder to Europe that you can choose between your own institutions and those run by a distant bureaucracy. Let’s see how cocky Juncker feels then".
  13. media censorship

    maybe the snowflakes can "understand" this,but, it may be a little much for them. http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/martin-the-monster-the-eu-summed-up/21230#.Wq-MdGdLE5s
  14. Illegal Dumping...

    If you can afford to live in Spain you can afford the charges,guff thirty.
  15. Defending the Indefensible - Chief Minister Speaks

    It was okay for birching people,but not much else.