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  1. Social media is ripping the fabric of society apart

    ANY rule is better than EUSSR rule,and WITHOUT the WWW they would have steamrollered their undemocratic edicts and laws into being with NO democratic debate whatsoever.
  2. New hotel

    Don' be so FUCKING common.
  3. Manx Gas MD to resign (?)

    so who's carrying the can now David Kay!!??
  4. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    so the krauts cannot make their minds up,and the rest are shiting themselves. http://gulfnews.com/opinion/thinkers/divisions-within-europe-out-in-the-open-1.2139092
  5. Bloody Scroungers!

    Whats happened to all the scroungers ?.
  6. Manx Gas MD to resign (?)

    stranger things HAVE happened.
  7. Ronaldsway Airport

    http://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/british-airways-50000-passengers-stranded-de-icing-meltdown-heathrow-delays-diversions-a8102761.html this puts that piddling little fart of an airport (reynoldsway) into perspective.
  8. Bloody Scroungers!

    and that's fucking generous.
  9. 4 New MLCs

  10. 4 New MLCs

    I knew a bank manager who retired with FULL pension then took up a Commissoners clerk's job and he was away AGAIN, PURE FUCKING GREED IN MY BOOK.
  11. Is Zero-10 under threat?

    they are now attempting to change the EUSSR tax laws for ALL their countries, well good luck paddy's, without your 12.5% tax rate you are fucked!!!!, as are other LOW TAX jurisdictions,there will be no deviation, you shall ALL do as you're told. http://en.euabc.com/word/897 http://www.debatingeurope.eu/2013/09/10/should-tax-rates-in-the-eu-be-harmonised/#.Wip48GdLE5s
  12. Is Zero-10 under threat?

    NONE of the EUSSR's tax dodging states (Ireland,luxemburg,or Belgium) are mentioned on this list, nor is Delaware on it so how the fuck can they criticise us.
  13. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    the whole fucking lot of it.