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  1. exact same.
  2. Manx shirkmen take pride on leaning to the left on their underworked shovels, I heard of one who made his last 45 years.
  3. You wanna bet!!.
  4. laxey YISSIR.
  5. probably,its all low level shit on the island,bar one or two popping up now and then like the billion dollar power station and PB ruffling a few feathers,but nobody running around with shooters or knives and now the acid nutters popping up,no we have a relatively quiet life here.
  6. and fuck you too.
  7. I don't think the banks were as tight and critical when these illegal schemes were put upon the stooped manxies.
  8. he was also a very good bank manager who looked after his customers.
  9. Neil Keig's gone hasn't he?has his young fella taken over?.
  10. Are they fucked up too?.
  11. Let's return this fucking thing and get another one somewhere.
  12. No fucking bargains from what I see,I'll continue to buy anywhere who has the right car at the right price for me,usually this means importing which is no big deal.
  13. CORRECT,you've only to look at the court cases involving eastern Europeans,yet they NEVER get deported.