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  1. Most sensible tech advice i've read on Manx Forums for a long time! Exactly what i would do. Image first (sector by sector mode), and recover from that
  2. Fantastic news Manx Gas are completely ripping off the general public, and it's high time someone really tried to raise the issue and obtain some proper momentum in having this monopoly and their criminal daily standing charges highlighted Well done Rob.
  3. Bloody hell Notwell, are you crackers? They are the only gas supplier in the IOM. That makes them the very definition of a monopoly! I can tell you seem suspiciously pleased with MG, but they are total crooks. Just because they moved you from an utterly ludicrous band g to an almost equally ludicrous band f, you seem to think you've received outstanding customer service and seem rather chuffed!
  4. Manx Gas are absolute criminals, undoubtedly the most hated company on the island We are being utterly creamed by them, and the OFT do absolutely nothing to help. The OFT seem totally corrupt imo.
  5. Update! Well no idea what's changed, but i'm now getting a solid 25000+ Kbps on Youtube Very happy!
  6. Well put MrFunk, that's basically was i was alluding to I could be watching a 4K youtube stream, with my two kids on Youtube via Ipads, and my wife browsing etc of course this could in fact all be moot, as i may not actually be getting throttled, or if i am, it could entirely be by accident , and may be looked into and fixed With a new package likely to be announced in 2017 giving 200 / 20 next year, there will have to be an abundance of bandwidth all around to cater for this
  7. Sorry Teapot, respectfully disagree What i do with my internet connection is entirely up to me. One of my favorite things is streaming youtube content, and i choose 4K as i have a 4k monitor and would like the best quality i can get Throttling that would be entirely unacceptable in my opinion. Throttling on an unlimited, 80Mbps connection i pay handsomely for?
  8. I agree, definitely throttling going on from the looks of it No idea why though. I do use Youtube a lot (as does my 4 year old on his Ipad!) but don't see what's wrong with that Any big downloads are usually scheduled to run overnight though Wonder if my colleagues who are having the same issue are also being throttled, as mentioned they are with MT though
  9. Not sure what you mean??
  10. OK so here are the Youtube stats for a video with, and without VPN
  11. Hey MrFunk, thanks for the reply I was off a couple of days last week, so was using Youtube during the day and had the same issue, but it's mainly in the evenings (up to around 2am at weekends) The only streaming service i've tried is Youtube, but happy to try some others if you have any examples thanks
  12. Any ideas then Shill? Something is definitely wrong here, and the fact it works over a VPN surely must mean something? This has only been happening for the last 7-10 days, it was fine before that Nothing changed on my side. Tried rebooting router and changing DNS to Google servers to no avail. Happening on both my desktop, laptop and wife's laptop, so across my entire LAN No updates / changes done on my Draytek. As i mentioned, other people at work have the exact same issue, but they are with Manx Telecom. One colleague regularly streams Indian movies and they are now having to run at a lower than HD res and be allowed to buffer, and other colleagues specifically mention Youtube being terrible. Anything else i can try would be appreciated
  13. OK another update I have friends at work who are now reporting the exact same issue, all with Manx Telecom They say Youtube is practically unusable, and the streams are only working if they drop the resolution down to 480p. It looks like there is indeed some traffic shaping going on, possibly by Manx Telecom, and WiManx maybe being affected too. @Mbx, yes all devices are being affected :-(
  14. Cheers Ans Very strange that it's just here though, I've tried changing my DNS to Google's servers, and it didn't make any difference and also rebooting the router as well Also checked the data flow on my router, and it's still dreadful with no other outbound traffic. I'll have to think of some other things to try, but i would have thought the connection being fine over VPN suggested an ISP issue Maybe i'm wrong!
  15. My Youtube has been pretty poor recently, unable to stream anything more than 1080p, and that is taking quite some time to buffer before it plays 4k content is totally out, no chance it's going to load, even if i leave it for half an hour, it just times out However, i just connected via HideMyAss VPN to the UK, and now even 4k Youtube is streaming quickly So, is Youtube being throttled by my ISP (WiManx) ? Just to add, downloading via NNTP or browsing the web was always fine, it was just YouTube that was terrible, and as a big Youtube user, its a pain in the neck Just to add, 55/ / 10 here on my connection, so pretty decent!