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  1. Ronaldsway Airport

    This has been bubbling under for several months apparently.
  2. Bands that have played in the Isle of Man

    That’ll be well worth seeing...but does anyone else share my view that Bob Harris is easily in the top 5 most utterly fucking irritating TV presenters of the 20th or any other century? What a self-regarding pretentious bag of wind that man is.
  3. Bands that have played in the Isle of Man

    So they did - excellent reminder. Thank you.
  4. Bands that have played in the Isle of Man

    Very true.(Sadly).
  5. Bands that have played in the Isle of Man

    For years and years a friend of mine retained an advertising flyer for a cabaret at the Villiers (with one of the principal performers being Bobby Bennett who presented that appalling TV show “Junior Showtime”...anyone remember him/that?) which indicated that this extravaganza could be witnessed at “The Cock Inn, Villiers Hotel”. Another poster mentioned the performance of Ian Gillan at the Lido; his band being simply “Gillan”. There were many (advertising) posters around Douglas at the time, including one on the wall at the foot of the slope up to the Lido itself, encouraging the public to see “Gillian”. I was present at another “Cock Inn” show on another occasion (early 70s) when a bloke and his girlfriend arrived late during the comedian’s set (bad move). They made their way to some vacant seats by edging right past the front of the stage (worse move). The guy was wearing a very nasty looking plastic faux-leather jacket. As they passed him, the comedian said to the girlfriend “Dunno why you’re out with that cheapskate, tell him they also make those jackets in leather”. At which point the boyfriend leapt onto the stage, grabbed the comedian and hurled him through the curtain at the back of the stage. Pandemonium ensued. There were no bouncers as such, so a managerial type in a tux grappled with the assailiant, then the bar staff joined in and, adding a marvellous surreal comedy to the whole episode, a chef in full kitchen garb, complete with tall chef hat, emerged from the back of the stage, assisted the comedian to his feet (he was down and out a good 60 seconds) grabbed the punter by the hair and dragged him out of the room. It was absolutely fantastic stuff. If it happened today in the iPhone camera world it’d have 20 million hits on YouTube inside a month.
  6. Flat Earth?

    Howay...if the Earth wus flat me n me brotha wud’ve dug reet thru it doon pit an dropped oot th’other side. The only thing what’s flat is Toon’s back four.
  7. Bands that have played in the Isle of Man

    By buggery...until the moment I read that I’d forgotten I’d seen Thin Lizzy at the Lido. (Appalling unintended pun!).
  8. Bands that have played in the Isle of Man

    Saw him in Strand Street circa early Octoberish last year.
  9. Flat Earth?

    No faith based religious beliefs here pal I can assure you of that. Just complete confidence in the validity of the scientific evidence indicating that the Earth isn’t flat. You don’t share that confidence which is your right. But one of us is a prat.
  10. Bands that have played in the Isle of Man

    Boney M played at Whispers didn’t they? Flash Howell, incidentally, was a superb guitarist. Handled a Strat with aplomb. (Not a plum).
  11. MLC nominations open

    He hasn’t quite gathered the full set of requirements - I don’t think he’s a condescending Sweaty Sock bullshitter.
  12. MLC nominations open

    That’s because the entire population has now been nominated.
  13. Flat Earth?

    Because Mars is a cube silly.
  14. Bands that have played in the Isle of Man

    Unsurprisingly, no mention of Julian.
  15. EX MHK Quirky

    Have you been on the Absinthe again?