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  1. I fear the answer to my question is “No” but...does anyone have any idea what percentage of our civil service is comprised of staff not born or educated on the Island? And, same question, but in respect of those post holders who are members of a department’s “senior management group”..or whatever term applies to the top echelon.
  2. Ooohhh....fibber!
  3. A name at the bottom of the pile...
  4. I don’t quite follow that comment...are you saying that all the top 300 people merit being the subject of attack (if so why) but that all the remaining more junior personnel don’t, or that the nature of attacks on the civil service should be informed by the performance of all civil servants, rather than the top 300?
  5. Yes, I’m sure that the members and staff of all the Island’s local authorities would be very quick to point out that they are not the IOM Government.
  6. I don’t think the post office and local authority staff are civil servants. The UK civil service itself defines the term thus: “Civil Servants are those who are employed by the Crown, excluding those employed by the Monarch herself. The UK Civil Service therefore does not include those who are employed by Parliament, nor does it include those public servants employed by other public bodies. Only 1 in 12 UK public servants are therefore classed as civil servants”. I’m not sure what you’re driving at by attempting to limit the term solely to those in very senior positions. Here’s a link to the full UK publication that the above is taken from. http://www.civilservant.org.uk/information-definitions.html
  7. I admit it..I’ve bought all those tickets.
  8. Your definition clearly doesn’t apply in practice if Woolley is correct in his belief that there are 2,200 civil servants. I also recall someone posting recently that air traffic controllers, social workers and VAT inspectors were all civil servants here. Those are not CEOs , their Deputies or senior managers. If, for the sake of discussion, we said that each of the 8 departments of government had 1 CEO, 1 Deputy CEO and say 6 to 8 senior managers, your definition would thus mean we had about 70 civil servants. I feel sure it’s many more.
  9. Well all the best with both ambitions.
  10. Thank you. In our civil service is there a formal grade called “administrator” and if there is, do we know how many people work at that grade, what the salary level is, and what percentage of overall civil service numbers they represent?
  11. Well yes. But Roomster? Really? I know it’s attempting to convey that the vehicle has plenty of space but you wouldn’t likely see an Aston Martin “Fasty”, a Bentley “Big n’ Comfy” or a Landrover “Muddyasfuck” would you?!
  12. Well I agree that the office itself and the incumbent at any given time are indeed two different things. But you believe the office of Chief Minister of the Isle of Man (which I would also remind you isn’t a sovereign state) to be on equal terms with Prime Ministers and Presidents? So it would carry equal weight with, say, the UN, or the BBC, or the New York Times, or the World Bank, as the Prime Minister of Canada, the President of Russia and the Prime Minister of India?
  13. Well I haven’t worked in an office so explain it to me.
  14. Is there really a car called a Roomster? Whatever next!
  15. More shit trolling...not even you are so irredeemably deranged as to believe that.