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  1. American politics is utterly mired in race and religion. I see no escape from that.
  2. Precious little sign of gripped finances at present.
  3. Rubicon
  4. Well we're paying the price for that gentleman's ineptitude, aren't we?
  5. Your fault then...I knew it!
  6. In a field packed with credible candidates, Moorhouse is holding a narrow lead in the competition to be acknowledged as the poorest of the new intake. But only because Ann Corlett appears to have been abducted so we've no idea what she's like.
  7. Hang on there..! One's a repressive state run for the benefit of the minority by an ugly, unpleasant, corpulent ego-maniac and the other is North Korea.
  8. So pay the rates bill then.
  9. That's the funniest post I've read in months - hearty congratulations!
  10. We've got a sludge thickener - unfortunately he's the Minister for Education.
  11. And knocking a quick one out over Cersei eh?
  12. No, I don't. My remarks were what the scientific community refer to as a joke. Or not, if you prefer.
  13. A couple of posts would have been mildly amusing Howard but now it's time to count your subsidies one more time and then colour in your COMIN agenda.
  14. I know exactly what he is.
  15. Troubling