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  1. Uhtred

    Royal Wedding

    It’s never over...
  2. Uhtred

    Steam Packet to be sold

    Right...time for reflection. Beecroft is dead set against this. It could thus be a very good thing.
  3. Uhtred

    Steam Packet to be sold

    It might as well have been prepared by Ian Botham.
  4. Uhtred

    Seventy Police Officers...

    Apparently someone is ripping someone else off in a dubious deal to sell a shipping company.
  5. Uhtred

    Steam Packet to be sold

    I see your propensity for unsupported illogic hasn’t lessened while I’ve had you on ignore. This seemed like a good opportunity to audit the quality of your contributions. I do not have a genetic hatred (whatever that means) of the Cannan family. I was simply pointing out that, like his father, Cannan junior has a propensity to adopt a hectoring, “I know best” tone. Which at times he does. So now I’ll go back to having you on ignore and you can go back to being an ignorant cunt who mostly posts shite. Ta ra.
  6. Uhtred

    Steam Packet to be sold

    Cannan has fudged answers to “why now”, “what about the debt”, “exactly how will you fund new ships” “how long will the existing management be retained” and “explain how the arms length entity will be free from political interference” among others. There are (at least) two possible reasons for this. Firstly, (and stinky has alluded to this) Cannan can easily come across as a rather arrogant “I know best” kind of politician; that’s genetic for those with sufficient memory. It could be that he’s thinking “Look peasants, I’ve told you that this is a good thing, and that’s that, so stop wasting my time with your impertinent questions”. The second possibility is that something is rotten in the state of Steam Packet purchase, he knows it, and doesn’t want us to.
  7. Uhtred

    Steam Packet to be sold

    The TM has avoided so many issues, in so many interviews, that we should all be concerned.
  8. Uhtred

    Steam Packet to be sold

    If this is such a wonderful thing for us all why is it that every time Alf is asked to talk about it he sounds as if he’s on the run from the mafia?
  9. Uhtred

    Long Tails

    I once saw a seagull swallowing a whole rat head first. It was fascinating and horrifying in equal measure.
  10. Uhtred

    Lets Walk and Cycle to Work...Patronising Twaddle

    Don’t go to the third party. Just spend longer at the second one.
  11. Uhtred

    La Colombe's Random Stuff

    They can certainly play the honky tonk like anything.
  12. Uhtred

    Is Julie Edge undemocratic

    CTs answer to Edge appears to set aside the element relating to “resident in the Island”. He’s suggesting that if the information requested can be released then it’s not government’s role to establish the bona fides of the requester. As such, it may indeed transpire that they’re not resident in the Island.
  13. Uhtred

    Is Julie Edge undemocratic

    Look, either the information can be released to the public, or it can’t (as defined by the exemptions). If Abu Shazam and 14 siblings decided to ask for info. using the correct procedures, they all must be answered; government can’t pick and choose who it will release information to if the request(s) complies with the terms of the Act. Yes, you’re right that, potentially, the very existence of the FoI provisions could create a bureaucratic nightmare with a phalanx of civil servants endlessly answering facile questions. But government was told that during the consultation on the Act and decided to proceed anyway. So, the government, Julie Edge, you and I, must accept the landscape thus created. As I said, the price of democracy.
  14. Uhtred

    Is Julie Edge undemocratic

    I’m not angry and frustrated in the slightest - don’t be silly; what a foolish thing to say. I find it worrying that an MHK, whose first thought should be to uphold democratic principles of openness and transparency, seems to be interested in the extent to which government examines the credentials of people who are ligitimately seeking information from public authorities. And by “in the public domain” I mean information that the Act allows to be released, and not those areas which are subject to the exemptions defined in the Act.
  15. Uhtred

    Is Julie Edge undemocratic

    Well see CTs answer. I agree that if you are seeking info from a public authority you should have the courtesy/balls to use your own name but as CT says if the info is in the public domain and you choose to seek it via the email account iamananonymousshitstirrer@gmail.com you can have the information. So suck it up Julie. What next...? You can’t have the info if you don’t pay tax..? You can’t have it if you don’t vote?