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  1. Flag Of Sicily Is Similar

    Yes, it’s on a tomb somewhere central/west Ireland. There is a Greek vase in an American museum, I think maybe Boston, also many centuries BC, on which a warrior is illustrated bearing a shield. The device on the shield pretty much exactly shows what today is our three legs. A couple of years ago a local author (female, can’t recall her name) published a nice, well illustrated, large paperback on this very subject. It’s about 8 or 9 quid in the museum bookshop. Well worth a read.
  2. Beecroft just go - this is simply a total disgrace

    Dilli I fully agree with your assessment of their individual and collective acumen and intellect but I’m (perhaps poorly) attempting to describe a different thing. When you listen to the puffed up, self-serving drivel routinely spewed out by Quayle, can you imagine that he pauses for breath to listen to civil servants and, my god, actually accept that they know more than him? I can’t - I think the man probably regards himself as nigh on infallible. He’s not alone in that among Ministers I’d say. Nor is he the first. By the same token, the great Eddie Teare taking advice from pen pushers..? Not bloody likely.
  3. Beecroft just go - this is simply a total disgrace

    This has the ring of authenticity to me. There is simply no way that egotistical, show-off, pontificating know-alls like (for example) Quayle, Beecroft, Cregeen and Boot would tamely sit back (especially in private) while senior civil servants said “ We know best sonny Jim, now shut the fuck up and do this”. Not a chance in hell. So many posters on here seem to think that every conceivable plan, action, statement and policy are exclusively civil service in origin. For sure some must be, but I’ll bet it’s a minority. I’d say that trying to corral COMIN is nigh on impossible, both collectively and individually. And has been for years.
  4. Home Automation

    Yes it does, because he climbed in to check (don't try this at home kids). Frozen sausages.
  5. Bloody Scroungers!

    Time enough...
  6. Bloody Scroungers!

    I can feel your vein throbbin’
  7. Bloody Scroungers!

    I hope you’re wrong. It’ll be a sad and very significant day when the government decides it will not pursue deliberate fraudulent abuse of public monies.
  8. Superb....LMAO. Then it’s suddenly dispiriting; it’s absolutely true.
  9. Bloody Scroungers!

    Hard but fair. Spare the rod, spoil the Dilli.
  10. Bloody Scroungers!

    In light of the seriousness of your misdemeanour, I’m afraid there will have to be repercussions - you are sentenced to read every one of his forthcoming posts. Harsh I know, but the season of goodwill does not apply in the case of this schlemiel.
  11. Indeed and point taken. But I think there may just actually be tangible outcome from the Swiss roll, unlike the abject failure of Quayle and Harley Davidson to realise any benefit of their antipodean jaunt.
  12. Ronaldsway Airport

    My aviation technical advisor tells me it does.
  13. Flat Earth?

    Ironic post of 2017!
  14. Flat Earth?

    Great post. PGW is the kind of individual who, in less enlightened times, would have ended up in Bedlam for the rest of us to laugh at. How the mods haven’t pulled this thread is beyond me. I guess it’s cheaper than having a community mental health nurse holding PGWs hand 24/7.