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  1. Uhtred

    Marketing Ploy?

    Because that’s when they stopped being people you knew down the pub or your cousin’s new boyfriend and started being people from Milton Keynes called Fforbes-Smyth.
  2. Uhtred

    Police Brutality or Reatraint?

    Yes, if you are an amoeba.
  3. Uhtred

    Police Brutality or Reatraint?

    Very close...it was actually alien mafia.
  4. Uhtred

    Rally Under Threat...

    I recall that a chap died in an accident on the Switchback (I think) in the early 1960s. That’s the only rally fatality I’m aware of.
  5. Uhtred


    Shame on you for perpetuating a Manx stereotype...there...kept my face straight while typing that. Mostly.
  6. Uhtred

    More death and destruction

    Absolutely correct. All bloody day (see my earlier post) I’ve been trying to remember the name of that Mail hack and couldn’t bring it to mind...but you’re bang on...Ian Wooldridge. As I recall he was a bit of a cock on a range of subjects..
  7. Uhtred

    More death and destruction

    I think that Mail article was around the time that Mac Hobson and Kenny Birch were killed on Bray Hill and then Ernst Trachsel lost his life moments later at the foot of the hill; I’m guessing 1978 but I could be out a year or two.
  8. Uhtred

    More death and destruction

    Are you sure it was TM? He was S.M.B. Hailwood’s manager and it was TM who engineered Hailwood’s famous TT return. More recently TM authored the Hutchinson biography. I can’t see TM penning a diatribe against the TT. I recall that the worst of the press comments were in the Daily Mail - “Bloodbath Island” - which scarcely comes as a surprise.
  9. Uhtred

    World Cup Final

    It’s French for “Covfefe”.
  10. Uhtred

    World Cup Final

    Thank fuck that’s over...I can have my television back and binge watch “Long Lost Families” on catch-up.
  11. Uhtred


    Pre-requisite for CoMin membership.
  12. Uhtred


    Allinson has a hat eight sizes too big, Hooper looks as if he's gripped by chronic diarrhoea and Quayle, bringing up the rear, now appears to have pushed through the 25 stone barrier. Not the most imposing procession I've ever seen.
  13. Uhtred

    Oliver Knussen..

    Especially with the spooky “LC” connection.
  14. Uhtred

    George Clooney Crashes Motorbike

    That’s the top and bottom of it.
  15. Uhtred


    20% too many letters in your third word. As I’m sure you intended.