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  1. Mallett's Mallet

  2. Mallett's Mallet

  3. Happy Easter To All.

    Thanks Woolley. Happy Easter to you too. No eggs no hot cross buns. Just a small family of three enjoying the break.
  4. Mallett's Mallet

  5. Is that a camera?

    My thoughts exactly.
  6. Is that a camera?

  7. http://www.fwi.co.uk/business/new-tenancy-offered-by-isle-of-man-dairy-farm.htm Can probably work them all out if you know the acreage from this one advertised in 2014. £38400 each year for f-all. A good selling point apparently
  8. Why don't they just charge £50 for electric vehicles? Surely if you've paid £25K or more for your battery car you should have some social conscience to pay your way to repair the roads.
  9. As if this wasn't going to happen eh? It's all to do with the "flux in temperature between hot and cold" apparently. I don't have an responce to that. http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/car-tax-bills-set-to-rise/
  10. Freemasons On The Isle Of Man - Manx Radio Opinion

    Big chief Keith says that the masons secret handshake is no more sinister than your hotel room key. Jeez.
  11. MLC nominations open

    Please answer the following question:- If it wasn't for the MLC's we wouldn't have.............
  12. Gravy Train Gets New Engine?

  13. Riders banned

    I feared as much. So Wrighty, what would be the ballpark figure to repair a rider with serious injuries, the sort Conor had for instance?
  14. Riders banned

    Serious question, do riders have to have insurance against injury? If the are unfortunate and have an 'off' who picks up the tab for their medical costs? I'm just thinking of a rider who breaks a few bones, then spends weeks in hospital, rehab specialist treatment etc. Do they have to pay for that via insurance?
  15. The Horse Trams are now defunct..Move ON

    Could not agree more.