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  1. Private Parking Tickets and Manx Plates

    Fella I worked with briefly parked in one of those car parks across that uses ANPR to watch you in and out. You're supposed to pay on exit by popping in your reg number at the machine and it tells you how long you've been there and charges accordingly. He drove off without paying. Letter in the post wanting something like £80 or they'll send the big guy round. Ignored it and that was that. Short time later, he was back in his car in the UK, ANPR cop pulled him as the car was listed as having an unpaid fine. From what I can remember, he got away with it, but spent a good deal of time chatting to the cops. Wasted half a day. So he told us anyway, in the Lake District area, was about two years ago.
  2. Angie Aire

    Exactly as Dilli says. A wonderful woman. Well done Angie!
  3. MUA Water Whitewash

    Nothing to do with the Steam Packet it would seem. Allinson on the radio this morning admitted that the Water authority fitted the pipework so they would be responsible for it. That I assume would include a NRV, if not why not?
  4. Concrete Lions

    Don't let Perkins see them......

    Well if its not on the roads, what are the prom and the Blackboards then?

    If you wonder where the TAX/duty/road fund licence, call it what you like, goes, not far is the answer. If the prom is to cost £21000000.00 thats 140000 cars at an average of £150 tax each. We don't have 140000 taxed cars on the island.

    It certainly is spent on the roads. Go down to take a look at the new bridge they're building at the Blackboards. It's enormous and I can expect it to of cost a pretty penny. Way over the top as usual. I would imagine it's cost the tax of 500 cars.
  8. Ferrari Crashes At Brown Bobby

    Not true I'm afraid.
  9. Manx Radio - more waffle

    Not sure where to find it, but someone was talking about the RAJAR figures out and that Manx Radio aren't mentioning it this year as their figures are down something like 30%. To be honest Manx radio normally do crow about RAJAR.
  10. Meat plant Scare

    What if??
  11. Top Ten Coolest Jobs

    Any job where you provide or maintain a service to others. Be it Teacher, Police, fire, coast guard, Gas, Electricity or Telecom engineer that sort of thing. Unfortunately everyone hates those people these days so it's no longer cool to be one. But I remember a time when you were a service engineer for a utility you were respected. Sigh. I think they're still cool though.
  12. You think for the apportionment of rates that a much more accurate map would exist eh?
  13. Not according to the gov mapping John.
  14. I think if I was paying Douglas rates, I'd be wanting to know why they're spending my money on improving Braddan. Came past the corpy gardeners today working hard, planting up the Fort North Round a bout to say with flowers the word "Douglas". Wonder if they know it's actually Braddan.
  15. Kevin the Oliphant packed his trunk

    This.... He is basically pissed of that he had to go because of the rules. But he doesn't like the rules, so he's going to tell on the bigger boys.