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  1. The radar situation is intriguing, for a long time no one would tell the real story, indeed ATC staff were scared to even discuss the matter ! I thought they said recently it was operational, who knows, but one fact is the old one is still here and still working, if the new one is all it should be, why do we still need the old one ?
  2. We can all have an opinion as to where we think the blame lies for this huge financial black hole. Over the past twenty five years administration after administration has been beset by scandal and enquiry, and on each occasion no one has been found culpable and lessons have been learned ! The profligacy and incompetence of Government has been breathtaking, if you look around it is difficult to know where the many many millions of public money (entitled to or otherwise) have gone ! We are all paying the price for legacy incompetence and perhaps worse, via worsening public services decaying infrastructure and increasing stealth taxes ! It is beyond time the Government acknowledged that it has been spectacularly incompetent in matters fiscal and that before all is lost takes the relevant actions not based around nepotism or protectionism to secure the islands financial future. If we don't have the brains in place to oversee such a process then grasp the nettle and make such appointments as are necessary !
  3. LL reply above seems a fair appraisal of the situation in my view, it fits nicely with what I was told by someone very close to personalities involved in the enquiry that nothing would happen because of what Party A knew about Party B and vic ver !!
  4. Delusion pure and simple, not one of the clowns would operate like they do if the airport were in the private sector ! Jesus, there's spin and there's spin ! Revolving Harmer !!
  5. Just trying to work out how the conversation would go in the private sector ....... " Morning boss, you know that project we are working on.... well we sort of went a bit over budget ... don't worry ,I sorted it for you, I borrowed 100 million in the company name forgot to tell you, hope thats ok . Oh and the bank would just like you to sign a bit of paper I'll pop in later with it ! " LOL
  6. Now careful, don't start judging what happens here as having any foundation in common sense !
  7. I agree it is a waste of time and money now to have another enquiry, however had the original enquiry been independent of the island and lifted all the rocks it could have done, goodness knows what may have crawled out from underneath !!
  8. I can think of a common link !
  9. A serious question .... when the loan was granted by Barclays, what security referred to a number of times above was taken ?
  10. Its my understanding that there have been various performance audits going on around the airport and some areas have been found wanting ! I am told this all may be related to that !
  11. I guess another problem is we are going to have an outdated power station long before the loan is ever repaid !
  12. The legal opinion said it was arguable in court that the public purse could have walked away from the loan, but the damage to the islands reputation and credit rating was probably too severe. I don't believe for one minute that no one in government knew what was happening and was told by someone very close to the whole matter that the enquiry was a waste of time in view of what Party A knew about Party B. The fact of the matter is we are stuck with debt and a power station which at conservative estimates cost 90 million more than it should have done.
  13. You don't say !! in weak financial position&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2017 A horror show of profligacy and a consultants dream !!!
  14. I suspect there would be a huge raft of information which we could ask for, but know that the chances of getting a reply will be zero at the outset ! The rules for applying for information are a bit surplus to requirements if someone can actually just decide nope not having that !!
  15. Watching Wales and their midfield mainly Joe Allen, the guy passes the ball forward 90% of the time, maybe Henderson should be watching too !