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  1. I voted for Jason on the premise that he had a better than most understanding of fiscal policy and was noted for his investment prowess and understanding of economics . I felt he could make a positive contribution when the weak willed were nodding through expensive mistakes. The first thing I hear him blather on about on the radio and to Tynwald is a bloody sandwich and a gull ! For goodness sake is there any wonder we lurch from one crisis to another fiscally !!
  2. 'Better the devil you know' is not a way to run a commercial tender for a lifeline shipping contract stretching for a generation ! FFS this is a multi million pound operation the efficiency and cost of which affect everyone who lives here, anyone involved who wants to run with "better the devil you know" should be summarily dismissed !!!! ETA .... Should the Steam Packet prove to be the best company to continue with the monopoly after a full exploration of all the options then so be it but don't start from a position of better the devil you know !
  3. .... as a housing estate .." FIXED !
  4. Tynwald members sailing into trouble with the Steam Packet%3F&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2017 Hmmmmmm not sure what to make of this !
  5. I prefer to think of it as a kick up the backside !
  6. We live in a litigious age, much of what has been discussed throughout this thread can be traced back to the " where does the buck stop and who is going to come after us if the wheel comes off " I used to be part of a committee that ran a small public event , for years it was never any problem, until someone pointed out that in all probability the committee would find itself liable should someone get injured whilst at the event, even for instance tripping on a rabbit hole or similar. As a result we had to write risk assessments and have inspections from all and sundry and take out an event insurance covering each member of the committee for personal liability . The whole ambulance chasing culture to look for someone to go after if something awful should happen has trickled down into emergency services, and into most aspects of modern life. Whatever the story here you can bet its roots lie in ass covering, and not some sinister plot against the Castletown Commissioners and their event. Seems to me some dialogue around a table is required before next year with some adults present !!
  7. Brilliant !!!!!!!!!!
  8. Maybe you've hit on the cause and Mr Roberts is digging his heels in !
  9. A comment from Gary Roberts would be helpful there has to be some background to this !
  10. On a connected note, the report commisioned into the way we are to attract tourists and the sort of accomodation needed to take part in differing markets, has concluded the following : From IOM Today News : The report identifies three barriers to securing further investment - the cost of getting to the island, the short tourist season and inclement winter weather and ’complex and preventative’ planning and policy restrictions.
  11. Surely common sense would dictate that any rule, guidance, missive or whatever should simply say " in an easily legible format !"
  12. I'm not sure what I was expecting but it looks disappointingly the same as always !
  13. OK its an A 318 my bad !, the point remains that before we spent the millions, our runway was still capable of accommodating lots of operators some perhaps with restrictions and the millions thrown at it to accommodate our 2 million plus passengers was simply another example of governmental excess and profligacy. This is what a proper analysis of the numbers used to prise the money away from other areas of government revealed and what they were told in 2006 ! "Therefore to achieve the published targets, the airport would not only have to meet, but exceed industry growth by nearly 300% in some periods. It is important to highlight that not only has the airport failed to achieve industry standard growth historically, but has actually seen negative growth in numbers over the past 2 years."
  14. Badly phrased the aircraft type it should have read !
  15. I don't see why not they operate into london city ! truth be known almost everyone could have operated into here (with suitable aircraft) should they have wished, the holiday flights would maybe have to do a refuel stop, depending on destination, but only a short time ago one of the holiday flights got it wrong and had to leave people behind, the millions didn't solve that ! Truth of the matter is, the airport along with a number of other things should have been a cut cloth to suit exercise and carriers were open to their own commercial decisions as to whether it made economic sense to operate from here. In terms of regional airports the runway dimensions were not particularly restrictive, more restrictive was the market size and as we know that had to be hugely, in fact laughably overstated, to make sure the millions could be secured from Tynwald and spent ! We should be glorying in 2 million passengers and rising by now ! better service ? more destinations ? glowing commercial tributes ? nope !