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  1. SPCo playing games

    Successive governments have managed to engineer themselves into a position where we are totally dependent on a foreign investment vehicle that can do pretty much as it likes ! We, and they know we have little choice but to bend over ! If this administration signs the island up to more of this sort of thing then they must be deranged !
  2. New hotel

    It was always assumed the developer would sit on this piece of prime land until the wind changed and the chances of bullying through what they have always wanted to do was approved. Maybe that is now becoming possible, as in many planning applications at the moment, the rules and long term plans for the South are utterly meaningless and particularly government do whatever they want regardless of the wishes of the population !
  3. Manx Gas MD to resign (?)

    Hopefully the somnambulant Government have started to wake up and realise that the island has been and is a cash cow for the shareholders of its monopoly businesses ! The time has come for Government to support its residents, not to roll over at the first grumblings from the monopolies involved.
  4. Ronaldsway Airport

    Hope its not another race to the bottom, then the winner pulls out ! Bad news for consumers does come in confusing packages !!
  5. Manx Gas MD to resign (?)

    I would love to see one more MD of a private company get the bullet just for sheer arrogance ! I'll let you speculate who that would be.
  6. Ronaldsway Airport

    It does the perspective however doesn't extend to management costs LOL
  7. Ronaldsway Airport

    Just spoken to my captain friend airframe de icer !!!
  8. Ronaldsway Airport

    He's right it appears to be three years for most of them !
  9. Ronaldsway Airport

    can't wait for the spin ! My informant tells me that the policy will be to blame the runway conditions !
  10. Ronaldsway Airport

    Superbly run airport lots of flights cancelled ! official story will be runway conditions, its + 2 ! Nope, run out of de-icer less than a days supply in stock ! my friend is a captain he's hopping !!
  11. That 50m from the DED

    I blame Eddie, the master of commercially confidential ! it has become the default position for everything, saves us prolls asking awkward questions !!
  12. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=37436&headline=Government catering services overspent by £719%2C000&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2017 Good god, how do you overspend by that much on a catering service ? Is there anything they can successfully run ?
  13. 4 New MLCs

    He was rejected by the electorate he should not be allowed to stand simples ! I will be asking my MHK's what it is they don't understand about democracy should they have the neck to support Gawne !
  14. Ronaldsway Airport

    Sorry to bring this up again, but how the fxxk were they going to manage the 2 million passengers we should have had by now after blowing what 60 mill ? The radar has just been " on test" after 6 yrs and the old one switched off ! however the old one is going again now ? go figure ! Government need to think very carefully before throwing more money at these clowns !
  15. Ronaldsway Airport

    Careful Andy you could just have blown another 10 million we don't have ! LOL