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  1. asitis

    Are they taking the pi55

    I hope that Moorhouse is trying to make a serious point about education and the distractions of social media whilst at school, by having internet access at all times via the phone, perhaps he has a point, if this is the thrust of his question. I do however agree with Declan that there are safety reasons why I would want my children, if I had any young ones now, to be able to contact me or whoever in case of a problem. Sadly we live in a changed world where we need to keep watch over our offspring !
  2. asitis

    Are they taking the pi55

    Nope, however we are blessed with a surfeit of village idiots !
  3. asitis

    Steam Packet to be sold

    needs Anne she's very parsimonious with public money !
  4. asitis

    Planning – Draft Area Plan for the East

    Government in the past 25yrs or so have always based their decisions on numbers data which at best was exaggerated, and at worst fanciful. They have shown no interest in looking at the facts in the prevailing circumstances nor being told by independent people that their data is either outdated or flawed ! One of the reasons that much of the income government had available was frittered away fulfilling fantasy targets !
  5. asitis


    World leaders in eff all !
  6. asitis

    Smart Meters are coming

    Now look Derek I have always been a fan of yours, but don't come on here suggesting government behave responsibly with our money, you know that isn't going to happen !!
  7. asitis

    Smart Meters are coming

    I would have thought the last thing they need is for anyone to ration the amount of electricity they use based around more data ! FFS somehow we have to pay off that massive cock up called the MEA debt !
  8. asitis

    Gravy Train Gets New Engine?

    It doesn't seem to matter here how big the cock up or how much money it pours down the drain, no one is ever held responsible ! It is no wonder that costly mistakes continue to happen with monotonous regularity !!
  9. asitis

    Gravy Train Gets New Engine?

    Could we mount a radar on top of it as a portable, (well have to be towed) monument to the ease of profligacy when it is someone elses money !
  10. asitis

    Cost of the TT & Festival of Motorsport?

    Isn't it a sad state of affairs when everything our Government says is analysed by us on here, because basically we don't trust what they tell us !
  11. Reminds me of a (TRUE) story about an alcoholic living rough in a major UK city, just before Christmas every year the local plod were briefed to go and find him, arrest him and convey him to the local custody suite. He was facilitated to sober up as best he could, bathed and provided with Christmas dinner and given a caution before release but he could stay if the weather was bad ! These were better days my friends ........
  12. asitis

    Consultation on New Competition Bill

    I know lets commission a report into one of our uncompetitive monopoly businesses ( SPCO) and use taxpayers money to pay for it ! ..... oooh hang on we don't like what it says ... lets suppress it then ! Which part of this new legislation will cover that then ? BTW it matters not now and the public have bought it !
  13. asitis

    Glen Truan Holiday Development

    I haven't read the full gist of the whole topic, but it does seem to me to be rather strange that huge ugly housing developments are permitted to spring up all over the island whether desperately needed or not, and then once in situ have mission creep and expand further. The concept of a limited number of log cabins seems infinitely preferable to me whatever their purpose !
  14. asitis

    Warty Report Published

    Maybe because the man in the street would be able to understand it !!
  15. asitis

    Chief Minister summons new MLCs

    If it applies to these ladies, then it applies to the lot imo ! To clarify I mean the keys too !