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  1. He was happy with his scale model Dacia Sandero?
  2. Why is this member of the public given any airtime at all?
  3. Have some cheese on toast, and a poo.
  4. Treasury Minister responds. Sounds a bit out of his depth if I’m being honest.
  5. I don't think you are. How many generations? Déjà vu.
  6. And Manx Radio: Who else were you expecting? CNN?
  7. Got to pay the bills...
  8. 'He says the agreement which limits the company's profit-over-costs to 9.9% - in place until the end of 2018 - is the key issue.'
  9. I'm not talking cars (they are already far enough ahead), I'm talking infrastructure.
  10. I dunno, we're pretty good at giving big companies good tax breaks. Why not be headquatered over here in return for some infrastructure?
  11. I don't know either, the fact is someone has to start thinking about it because in 30 years you'll only beable to buy electric cars.
  12. Smaller testbed before rolling out over the UK?
  13. But that doesn't happen now. People still want to travel round the Island, so that would take a dramatic shift in lifestyle and local ammenities and it sucks for people who work in another part of the Island.