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  1. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Digby Jones was a partner at a third rate Birmingham law firm before moving to the CBI. He wouldn't get a job at any of the top twenty UK law firms, because he is demonstrably third tier. If Nigel Boardman or Anthony Salz were talking, people might listen. Jones is a nobody
  2. I was actually starting to think you weren't that much of a prick, but now I realise I was right all along
  3. I agree with Yibble. People shouldn't be forced to terminate relationships with clients just because the US Treasury makes an allegation about them. If the allegation is proven, then that is a different matter. But the Guardian know their audience (like Richard Murphy does, or Breitbart), so it stirs them up with this sort of nonsense
  4. Countryside Care Scheme

  5. Countryside Care Scheme

    No proof, just absolute certainty. You do not receive a single penny
  6. Countryside Care Scheme

    Son, you don't get a penny. It's sweet that you feel you have to pretend to be the big man on here, but most people know (I certainly do) what you really are. Not ... one ... penny
  7. Countryside Care Scheme

    Yes, I can see how you want this to be true, but it isn't, not at all. You don't receive a penny, not a single penny
  8. Countryside Care Scheme

    It wouldn't matter if you'd said it for centuries, you don't. Not a penny
  9. Countryside Care Scheme

    Nope, you don't. Not a penny
  10. Countryside Care Scheme

    You don't receive a penny of this money
  11. Countryside Care Scheme

    Means test the handouts. Impose a benefits cap on these wealthy scroungers
  12. Only because they will have a paragraph written in advance that says there aren't any (outside property and big retail). I don't know anyone who would give VAT advice, Manx or English
  13. Conservative friends of israel

    Err...that's very interesting, thanks
  14. Conservative friends of israel

    Oh, and the EU is far more likely to put the squeeze on Israel post-Brexit, without the UK holding them back. Eeek! All looking a bit grim for the land thieving race supremacists!