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  1. If the competition was that weak, how come Manchester United couldn't win it? Bob Paisley has won the European Cup as many times as Manchester United. Jose was sacked by Chelsea, that's how good he is. No Liverpool fan, no Chelsea fan, no Tottenham fan and no City fan would swap their manager for Mourinho. Manager a Chelsea cast off, and sixth. What progress!
  2. Chelsea sacked Mourinho when he had them a point above the relegation zone. He's washed up, which is appropriate really
  3. Liverpool did well against the other Champions League sides, and against Arsenal who are a good, ambitious attacking team. We struggled against the more limited, less ambitious opposition (Swansea, Plymouth, Manchester United) because they recognised their limitations and tended to park the bus. As comfortably the most successful English side in Europe (five times), we should acquit ourselves well against the other members of the European footballing royalty.
  4. To be happy with sixth...that's pretty desperate...
  5. It's fair to say that you are almost always wrong with your obsessive predictions about Liverpool. Perhaps you should consider making a fool of yourself less frequently. Fourth isn't first, but it is comfortably better than sixth. Out of the CL spots. Very happy with the progress, the team and the manager, particularly how he improves players (Lallana is a different player under Klopp, and we would never have got this season's Mane for the money we paid. There are three better teams than us in the league - Chelsea, Spurs and City, but we can work on that
  6. Liverpool can offer Champions League football, and Klopp can improve players who aren't the finished article. There are five better teams than Manchester United in England. They're not even the best team in Manchester. I like the new Man U - shite AND boring as hell
  7. Teams that park the bus are the reason we need Sturridge fit and/or another proper striker. West Ham set out to do the same thing. It's going to be interesting to see what business Klopp does in the summer
  8. Champions League football for us - excellent news. I enjoyed Anfield today from the 45th minute onwards A lousy January set us back - games against very poor opposition who generally beat us. I think the only teams woeful enough not to were Plymouth and Manchester United. Very happy to have Klopp and to be playing such exciting football with a likeable group of players Always liked Ajax - they kept the European Cup (like Liverpool, the only British team who ever have done so or who ever will), so will be wishing them all the best for the final.
  9. I doubt either of those two has as much money as Quayle
  10. Can you link please?
  11. My bet is that there will be a bond issue. The proceeds of the bond will be used (in part) towards servicing the public sector pension liability. They will make sure that they are the last to suffer. They'll have to do it quickly though, while it is still believable that they will repay it
  12. There may be some fuckwits, but some of those people are rich people who want a continued transfer of funds from taxpayers into their own pockets. Let's see how Quayle, who is also a rich person who wants a continued transfer of funds from taxpayers into his own pocket, responds.
  13. The username is plainly designed as a masturbatory reference, so well done.
  14. I probably won't mount the kerb, just planting the seed!
  15. Obviously it's never happened yet, but if it did, well, who knows... I'm starting to fantasize about mounting the kerb in a car to get cyclists on the pavement though. Again, completely deserved.