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  1. Only because they will have a paragraph written in advance that says there aren't any (outside property and big retail). I don't know anyone who would give VAT advice, Manx or English
  2. Conservative friends of israel

    Err...that's very interesting, thanks
  3. Conservative friends of israel

    Oh, and the EU is far more likely to put the squeeze on Israel post-Brexit, without the UK holding them back. Eeek! All looking a bit grim for the land thieving race supremacists!
  4. Conservative friends of israel

    Get on Betfair then, and make your fortune selling that bet
  5. Conservative friends of israel

    When May goes, the odds favour Corbyn, so you should be praying she doesn't. Britain is still a permanent member of the Security Council, whose resolutions Israel has undertaken to obey
  6. Conservative friends of israel

    Well, I suppose it's possible that Theresa May actually appreciates Netanyahu meeting one of her ministers behind her back, and for him to be complicit in going to a place that Britain rightly doesn't recognise as Israeli territory in breach of FCO policy, and that it has had no effect on relations whatsoever, but I reckon I was right first time
  7. Conservative friends of israel

    Oh, and here's some icing for that tasty cake you're eating. Anglo-Israeli relations have been damaged by her too!
  8. Conservative friends of israel

    LOL. Priti just likes muslims to get fucked over like any good Hindu nationalist. Birds of a feather and all that. Anyway, she's toast, which is great. Made to look a complete imbecile, utterly dishonest, and dumb to boot
  9. Conservative friends of israel

    I very much doubt that, sunshine. But Priti's a dope
  10. Conservative friends of israel

    She's a nasty, death penalty supporting bitch. Good riddance. And I'm all for Israel - within its internationally recognised borders, and not an inch outside them. Priti went to Keele, so she isn't smarter than me
  11. Conservative friends of israel

    Even better
  12. I don't know of any lawyers in the IOM who give tax advice - they all defer to the accountants. The only one I know with any tax qualification is Annemarie Hughes at DQ, and I'm pretty sure she won't consider her knowledge to be up to date and will tell you to get advice from an accountant. In the UK it's a different matter entirely. Tax is, after all, law and specialist law firms and barristers are often involved in this sort of advice (or employed by the Big 4, and give it under their umbrella)
  13. Conservative friends of israel

    Patel has been forced out. She should not have been afforded the dignity of resigning, but should have been sacked with extreme prejudice. Still, at least she's out.
  14. Conservative friends of israel

    Hmmm, the vicious cow wouldn't be apologising and getting dragged in for a bollocking by the PM if she had done nothing wrong. Nor, for that matter, would she have felt the need to give a highly misleading statement about the FCO knowing about her actions, if she had done nothing wrong. She should be in jail, not apologising
  15. Quayle was good on Radio 4 this morning