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  1. Turner is one of the least deserving travellers on the gravy train - among stiff competition
  2. As I said, we'll see how hard it is, and if it is, the responsibility will lie with those who caused it. I hope that is where the pain is felt most keenly too
  3. I've given three examples above. You should read up. The customs systems will not be able to deal with the extra burden, so the claimed "free trade" will not be frictionless even if the EU let us have it, and I don't think they will. That Woolley was around for the Heath vote makes him even lower (barely possible) in my estimation. Old people, who will only be affected by this decision for a few years, have made it for three more generations that follow them. The worst of all generations
  4. No, the point was very specifically about whether the Remain camp would try to get behind Brexit, and why I thought they wouldn't. I'm not rehearsing the whole In-Out argument again, merely stating that as the Leavers have now got what they want, they very much own the consequences.
  5. It doesn't matter what it was, only that it had value to those who have now had it taken from them against their will.
  6. No, you've holed the boat. It was entirely predictable that the EU would try to make Brexit a costly affair, and it was entirely predictable that the near half of the population who felt that something valuable was being ripped from them against their will would not get behind Brexit. Despite these very foreseeable consequences, Brexiteers thought it was worth it. It's on them.
  7. No, once again the blame lies EXCLUSIVELY with those who pushed for Brexit. Exclusively
  8. Let's see, shall we. But remember, if the outcome is bad, that is the fault of one group of people, and one group only. The Brexiteers
  9. Based on the fact that our economy is massively intertwined with that of the rest of the EU. At the moment, we're not getting a Europe wide free trade agreement, and a large slice of your lot don't want any deal at all, despite the fact that this would cause goods to be piled up rotting at borders, all flights into Europe to stop, and the City to be unable to offer financial services outside the UK. So, I'll repeat myself. Even though - as an Isle of Man resident - you weren't even a protagonist, just a sidelined nobody shouting "hit him mate" from the sidelines, I hope that the adverse consequences of Brexit are visited on you VERY harshly. Because (and the feeble bleats about how it's everyone else's fault are well anticipated), this is on those who voted for Brexit (again, not you, you didn't even get to do that)
  10. If Brexit is a disaster - as I fully expect it to be - the responsibility for that disaster will rest fully on those who supported it. You can already see the qualifications and provisos being dotted into the rhetoric. I wonder what Woolley's first scapegoat will be - the EU would be my guess. After that, the failure will be the fault of the "Remoaners" for not getting behind the process in a manner to the liking of the Brexit crew. Now the government's procrastination hoves into view as another target. I hope the adverse consequences of Brexit are visited VERY harshly on those who supported it. It's a shame that everyone else has to suffer too.
  11. Quayle wouldn't have been taught Latin at King Bill's, as he was in the B form (the lowest set)
  12. He can say what he likes. The LibDems, Europhile Labour MPs and the likes of Ken Clarke will vote down a Hard Brexit deal. Of course, it might still happen via a failure to agree anything else, but that will clearly show the UK as the weaker party in the negotiations (which it indeed is)
  13. Soft Brexit, here we come. Every chance that the UK will be staying in the single market now. Great news
  14. only among idiots and loons, do some research
  15. No, you do some research. The only places she is known as hard left are among swivel eyed right wing lunatics. She was criticised by Nick Robinson (OUCA President while at Oxford) for her biased reporting against Corbyn (selective out of context reporting). The stupidest people never seem to realise their limitations