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  1. He can say what he likes. The LibDems, Europhile Labour MPs and the likes of Ken Clarke will vote down a Hard Brexit deal. Of course, it might still happen via a failure to agree anything else, but that will clearly show the UK as the weaker party in the negotiations (which it indeed is)
  2. Soft Brexit, here we come. Every chance that the UK will be staying in the single market now. Great news
  3. only among idiots and loons, do some research
  4. No, you do some research. The only places she is known as hard left are among swivel eyed right wing lunatics. She was criticised by Nick Robinson (OUCA President while at Oxford) for her biased reporting against Corbyn (selective out of context reporting). The stupidest people never seem to realise their limitations
  5. I probably do agree with that, but it is still a substantial force. The mailonline website stats are off the scale. Lots of it is for the sidebar of shame but all the while the message is in the background. I'm glad that those two evil cunts can have a little bit of misery topside before they find themselves in Hell
  6. And yet Crosby had clearly advised May to stay close to those evil geriatrics
  7. You can't honestly tell me that you watched her reporting and concluded she was hard left. If so, you're a bigger idiot than I gave you credit for (and I gave you PLENTY of credit)
  8. You're deluded. Laura Kuenssberg is a Tory. Nick Spectacles is a Tory. And if Murdoch and Dacre had no influence, Tory Prime Ministers wouldn't kiss their arses so much
  9. The other big plus from this election is the failure of cunts like Dacre and Murdoch to sway public opinion. The Coalition of Chaos will be in office after all - for a while
  10. Boris is the bookie's favourite. I don't quite understand why Tories seem so keen to be in the thrall of Old Etonians - it just seems so servile and grovelling
  11. Why would there be another GE if the no confidence motion fails? This is a crushing humiliation for the right wing of the Tory party, no question. Having to go cap in hand to a bunch of lunatic Ulstermen...
  12. The left wing of the Tory party won't be letting her get her hard Brexit either. This has been an absolute catastrophe for the Tories
  13. May will be torn apart by her own party and will be out in six months
  14. The DUP is as well.
  15. Of course - the only options are doing what you say, or doing nothing. We must do something - this is something - we must therefore do it!