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  1. Couch has been just has competent with our health service as he was with our finances. But yeah, let's all blame Beecroft anyway. We've got the executives we deserve.
  2. Just to get things back on topic.....length of sentence is inversely proportional to how many coppers/MHKs your parents know. Sad but true.
  3. I'd be interested to know if this is the case. Because, if so, it was only given to those "in the know". I could believe that over here.
  4. No. Didn't happen. Not a penny.
  5. Why do you say that? Government wants to fund itself. Simple as.
  6. Funny.
  7. Yes. The cost for a single athlete was MORE than just going on Expedia and booking the flights and accommodation for the duration. Equipment is always supplied by the athlete.
  8. The athletes paid every penny. And it wasn't cheap.
  9. To be fair to the original poster, there is freeloading culture. Although not much AFAIK regarding the Island Games. "We sent" a contingent of officials to check the facilities in Brisbane in preparation for the Commonwealth Games in 2018. No athletes, just officials. They needed to be sure that Australia wasn't some banana republic and had potable water and electricity. Or something like that. Now that's a jolly worth getting on
  10. We're ace!
  11. Now you've said it, it seems so bloody obvious. Parts of the public sector are overflowing with under utilised staff (accruing pension benefits) and the private sector is desperate for 'em....
  12. Most of the people who are against the TT © don't say so as they can't be arsed with the stick they get. "omg you don't like the TT? aren't you weird? I love having a bit of atmosphere" (aka I love being pissed outdoors)
  13. Great thing about doing this on the IOM is you don't need to be any good at it!
  14. Better?
  15. Hence why I see myself as agnostic. I don't see that as a line with Theist at one end and Atheist at the other and Agnostic halfway. I see it as a triangle. I'm not just agnostic to whether there is a God. I'm fairly agnostic with regard to everything from reality to time. And Harris is pretty much my hero (he's agnostic, just still in the closet about it). That said, I'm happy to humour the "Universe" and accept Quantum Physics for the "time" being.