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  1. So if I bring go-pro footage to you of some clown blasting past me on my bicycle at double the speed limit, you'll press for prosecution?
  2. If personal video was suddenly admissible in court then stupid revenge stings would become very fashionable. We all speed.
  3. You have to be a real saddo to post dash cam footage just so you can have a rant.
  4. Intensive forensic science? For a speeding accusation? Over here? lol
  5. My point is that if I were trying to frame, say, you for speeding I could easily modify the video stream. Adding on-screen time stamps after the fact.
  6. Easily the most bizarre thread I've ever seen on MF. This lit up my day. Druid - I love you.
  7. A video file can easily be sped up/slowed down.
  8. Copper: "you're causing people to drive carelessly" In every walk of life, there are idiots. This copper is one.
  9. Perfect? Yeah, kicking someone's mirror and trying to kill someone are 100% equivalent.
  10. You should be fixed. You're broken.
  11. I thought your Costa shops were going really well? Why are you looking for a new job?
  12. Actually, I have sympathy for residents (same during TT, MGP, Parish, Southern100, E2E, Rallys, etc, etc) Why do you keep saying "all day"?
  13. Congrats. I only just realised you're trolling. Now I feel dumb.
  14. tard Move over Oscar Wilde!
  15. But they want to be offended by something that isn't taboo to be offended by. Cyclists, benefit claimants and merchant bankers spring to mind.