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  1. Not sure why you felt the need to say it twice? However, she inherited Howard's health service mess and you think HE should kick HER out? She also inherited Couch, the man with the "amazing" track record in Treasury.
  2. If only we'd had decent manxmen like Brown, Bell and Teare to run things, we wouldn't be in this mess. Damn them come-overs, with their fancy education and ability to count!
  3. I was suggesting massive reductions in pension contributions, however, if this is what's on offer..... Apparently we have the lowest unemployment in the known universe and employers are desperate for workers to such a degree that we're throwing away our work permit system. See where I'm going? I think 1,500 well trained staff would fill the requirements of our e-gaming, space, shipping, etc, industries perfectly.
  4. Actually, I posted the solution on Page 2. And there lies the problem. Even if "we" could agree on the problem, "we" couldn't agree on the fix. Well, we all agree it's the size of the public sector and their rewards. So at least we have some progress after 10+ years of discussing it on MF. Just another decade to convince the MHKs. 15 more years to bring about some change....
  5. Aristotle was defeated and Dale took over. At the same moment. And they both have have a similar style. Coincidence? In fact, they both have a lot of similarities with the original Aristotle. Confident, authoritative, well reasoned, deeply and passionately thought through arguments......and utterly wrong about everything.
  6. This whole plan is purely to fund the public sector pensions. Solution: Reduce those pension benefits by 50%+ (except, I would suggest, those below a certain threshold) Economy: Fixed. (replies including the words "turkeys" and "vote" welcomed)
  7. Incorrect. It is the same extent as income tax. To the penny. Edit:thread derailed
  8. So aristotle (lovely irony), you never actually got back to me on the privileges that the state extends to cyclists.
  9. Dividends are fully taxable. Full hit. Unless you just lie. Which is what someone (maybe in the lower classes?) who accepts cash in the hand and "forgets" to tell the treasury. There are tax cheats in all walks of life.
  10. Tax exempt dividends? Sounds excellent....please expand!
  11. To be fair, I doubt you pay much income tax. And no, I'm not suggesting you're affected by the tax cap Are you suggesting that income tax paying cyclists had a velodrome built near their home? I must have missed that.
  12. Yet more? Like what? There are none. (okay there are two cycle lanes past McDonalds) There are no specific laws protecting cyclists. Cycling "privileges" were removed on the prom. Certain roads are prohibited for 5 weeks a year. You can kill one, admit reckless driving and just get a stern telling off. Closing the TT course for the British Champs is a commercial arrangement with the IOMG designed to bring in profit. It's not done for the good of cyclists. It doesn't help commuters. Or protect enthusiasts. Or children. So what privileges!? I've been to other western nations and the cycling infrastructure is amazing (Holland, Oz, US, Canada, France). They've spent billions de-clogging their roads aka future planning. Remember, for the IOM to avoid going bust our plan is for 15,000 new inhabitants (lol). That will cause grid lock. Note: I personally don't know a SINGLE adult cyclist that doesn't own one or more cars. And I know dozens.
  13. A child was nearly killed through zero fault of his own. But it's somehow excusable because lycra wearers are twats after all. And the kid might've enraged the tractor driver already by holding him up. And maybe the kid didn't try hard enough to avoid the tractor. And he doesn't pay tax so shouldn't be there anyway. We have (some) people looking for reasons to excuse someone who played dice with someone else's life. The child fell to his left. Had he fallen to his right.... (I don't actually know the gender)
  14. But not, it seams, spot suteltie.
  15. As soon as you're driving like this, whether it's to get past a cyclist, tractor, sunday driver, learner or caravan.....then you are driving dangerously.