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  1. I thought your Costa shops were going really well? Why are you looking for a new job?
  2. Actually, I have sympathy for residents (same during TT, MGP, Parish, Southern100, E2E, Rallys, etc, etc) Why do you keep saying "all day"?
  3. Congrats. I only just realised you're trolling. Now I feel dumb.
  4. tard Move over Oscar Wilde!
  5. But they want to be offended by something that isn't taboo to be offended by. Cyclists, benefit claimants and merchant bankers spring to mind.
  6. So you'd say "I'm sick of those arrogant muslims clogging up the road outside their mosque" Or "those bloody chinks again, parking wherever they like, they think they own the place with their sauces that are both sweet and savoury" I don't think you realise how you sound. This was a thread about road closures for a children's cycle race - you just wanted to rant about cyclists. And why were you at work? It was Good Friday, you should've been in church. xx I think your tractor should be kept off the roads because it holds me up when I'm cycling.
  7. I criticise twats on motorbikes who do a ton+ on public roads (while you defend them as "safe"). But I don't attack ALL bikers just because they own a bike. Would that be bigotry? I'm not denying the cock comment though.
  8. Why am I so aggressive? I'm not You slated a group of people because of what they were, not what they were doing. If your claim is correct (btw it wasn't, I was there, cars were passing through), then they were being bad drivers. Parking badly, driving slowly. Whatever. Your rant should be against inconsiderate drivers. But no, you attacked because those cars were owned by cyclists. (btw the cycling was finished by 10:35, 10:45 at the very latest) If a group of people were all as badly parked outside a synagogue would you....I'm sure you can see the analogy I was going to draw. I fully understand when people attack individual cyclists for riding like twats. There's plenty of them (also car drivers, horse riders, kids on scooters, OAPS on those motor things etc) But I'm sick of an entire "minority" being targeted. Even when they weren't on their bikes.
  9. and the police and doi will be working for free.... This is precisely what the public sector do. Provide services to the populace in whatever they choose to do. However, I wouldn't expect a kid to understand how society works.
  10. And then...some tax-payer-subsidised farmer whinges like a bitch about having his tractor held up on a 50 yard stretch of road by....wait for it....over 100 people leaving an organised event IN THEIR CARS. Maybe you (in your shit covered tractor) were holding up 100 car drivers? ALL TAXED.
  11. What time?
  12. There are no churches along Ramsey prom and up to the turn beside the Grand Island Hotel. Nor any businesses I can think of. Mooragh Park is fully accessible. And the Bridge is usable. Similarly, on the Ellerslie churches. Or businesses. Some very helpful local residents though. In both cases, the roads are closed from 2ish to 5:30. Not "all" day. You really just want to be offended by something. And maybe, the enjoyment of hundreds of children and their families (and all the volunteers) doing something healthy in the fresh air should be allowed a little acceptance? I think God would approve.
  13. This thread is about children cyclists.
  14. Can you expand on this? I know the course used for the Youth Tour last year. Which businesses were affected?
  15. Where?