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  1. Chinahand

    Church Conference at Villa Marina

    Anyone know what their Statement of Faith is like? These things can be pretty scary; Answers in Genesis insists on Biblical fundamentalism or you can't work for them.
  2. Chinahand

    Church Conference at Villa Marina

    Deeply disturbing that a homophobic, anti-medicine and anti-science cult has become so influential on the island. Bad business. And that is what it is: a business making a huge tithed profit from those it has used threats of hell and promises of heaven to ensnare in its lies.
  3. Chinahand

    Donald Trump

    If both parents are convicted of a jailable offence at the same time it must happen, no? Fully admit when the crime is illegal immigration we are in the territory mapped out by Anatole France: The law, in its majestic equality, forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal their bread. But there must be considerable numbers of couples who bring the consequences of their actions onto their children in situations far from borders. There seems to be a change in people’s sympathy as we move in land/a way from the border.
  4. Chinahand

    Animal News

    Hyenas aren't a role model for SJWs - who tried to push their politics into naturalists' observations, the naturalists pushed back. Psuedopenis anyone?
  5. Chinahand

    Donald Trump

    With that coat - Oblivious or deliberate? Neither choice makes her look particularly thoughtful or compassionate.
  6. Chinahand

    2 dogs in a bar

  7. Chinahand

    2 dogs in a bar

    Erm... It eludes to two dogs and a knock on the door
  8. Chinahand

    Chinahand's Random Stuff

    Not Buddhist, no. Though I do find philosophical daoism a most fascinating view point, as long as you ignore all the mumbojumbo. The double Youtube videos is due to a forum upgrade. Back in the day embedding didn’t work with some browsers so I used to embed and then post a link for people to click. Then some random upgrade automatically converted all Youtube links into embedded video. I haven’t summoned up the energy to go and edit them all away.
  9. Chinahand

    US quits UN Human Rights Council

    Hypocrisy is the homage that vice pays to virtue, and many sound principles are first uttered by rouges. That is about the only hope we can get from the reality of the UN’s Human Rights body. Sure, the US has a worsening human rights record, but compared to Saudi, China or Russia then it is clear which is a better country to live in - and they are by no means the worst of the UNHCR’s members.
  10. Chinahand

    Solo - A Star Wars Story

    My answer links in with why the sky at night is dark. Do you get why that is relevant to the concept of an infinite universe?
  11. Chinahand

    Solo - A Star Wars Story

    I’m sure Albert will say it’s happening all the time with an infinite number of Darth Vaders battling an infinite number of Obi Wans.
  12. Chinahand

    Solo - A Star Wars Story

    Fine, but that’s a bit of a kop out. Do you seriously believe if the universe is infinite it is guaranteed Darth Vader is real?
  13. Chinahand

    Solo - A Star Wars Story

    Sigh, Albert you are moving the goal posts. Initially you said: "An infinite universe guarantees it's inevitable." I simply pointed out that the property of being infinite does not guarantee anything can happen - the set of countable numbers is infinite, but it doesn't contain a single letter. Anything is simply not "guaranteed to be inevitable" inside an infinite space, even in an infinite time. It depends what is inside the infinite space. Now you are talking about "an infinite number of infinite universes" - that is a very different proposition from the one you started with. But sadly you are still wrong. And it was actually VinnieK* who pointed this out to you all of 9 years ago: Think about the Hilbert Hotel and the difference between countable and uncountable infinities. You can have an infinite number of universes all with different initial conditions/laws of nature and still not have the correct initial conditions to get what you want to happen happen. Think about it this way - in the first universe the G, the universal constant of gravitation, is 1, in the second it is 2, in the third it is 3. You will get an infinite number of universes doing this, but in none will it equal 96.67408 × 10-11. That is a trivial example, but with countable, uncountable and even larger infinities you are not guaranteed to capture all the possibilities if you select a single infinite universe, or even an infinite number of infinite universes, such sets can consist of infinitesimal proportions of the whole set space and so you are categorically not guaranteed to have included the conditions you wanted. Plus all of this is totally moot, as for all we know the physics of the multiverse mean only a certain set of conditions is possible with any universe without these conditions simply never existing in the first place. There is no guarantee the multiverse is infinite - it could just as well be unbounded, but finite, just so so big we with our limited horizons think its infinite. *Thanks for the heads up Vinnie ;-)
  14. Chinahand

    Solo - A Star Wars Story

    So now you admit it depends upon the initial conditions and so can’t be guaranteed.
  15. Chinahand

    Solo - A Star Wars Story

    It was ok. If you disconnected it from a sentence uttered in a canteena a long time in a galaxy far far away.