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  1. Real medicine or TCM ? As Tim Minchin would put it: medicine. By definition (I begin), alternative medicine (I continue) has either not been proved to work or been proved not to work. Do you know what they call alternative medicine that's been proved to work? Medicine.
  2. Well I'm Cock-a-hoop as it looks like we'll be having a medic somewhere in the family who's off to bonny Edinburgh.
  3. Chinahand

    Trouble under religious freedom

    He probably works at the Chinese Embassy.
  4. Chinahand

    Hello World

    ... often involving Gladys.
  5. Chinahand

    Hello World

    You can’t have been a lurker for very long if you don’t know who “he who shall not be named” is. Please don’t say it 3 times ... terrible things have been known to happen.
  6. Chinahand

    Boris and the Burkha

    Other than courts, schools and banks, the issue for me isn’t a ban it is the clash of individual rights. Can an owner of an establishment request a person entering their premises to remove a burka or does that infringe the burka wearers religious freedoms.
  7. Chinahand

    Trouble under religious freedom

    He’ll be getting 50 Chinese cents per post from the Chinese Communist Party. He’s been at it before: My goodness MF has its very own 50 cent party 五毛党 member. Welcome! ive a distant relation by marriage who posts this sort of crap to keep the people of Tianjin safe from the evil cult of Falun Dafa.  Long live Xi jinping!
  8. Chinahand

    Bum slapper has to be nice to all

    Well if you slap a prosecutor on the bum I suppose it’s the least you can expect.
  9. Chinahand

    Boris and the Burkha

    Not sure what to make of the outrage Boris has caused. Firstly I think the man is an example of the worst type of politics, a populist buffoon with no willingness to engage in the detail of policy with an overly simplistic world view which has failed on its first contact with reality. Then there is what he wrote - criticising Denmark for banning the Burkha, but then adding a personal view that he didn't agree with women wearing them. Ah the politics of cultural sensitivity and all that. If people want to wear a Burkha, a kilt, a dress, spandex or lycra rock on. But just because you do, don't expect me to have the same opinion as you. The UK still has a poor record on women's rights whether it is the pay-gap, the amount of menial labour women do compared to men, or the tampon tax. But compared to mainstream Islamic jurisprudence, let alone extremist ideas, Muslim countries are far, far more oppressive. Religions subjugate and enforce cultural conservatism - just ask a young women in Iran who wishes to dance or uncover her hair. A culture which enforces the burkha is an oppressive culture and in my view should be sidelined in a modern society. Some people will always voluntarily subjugate themselves to religious dogma, ask a nun, a monk, an orthodox jew or an Iman. Good for them, but if a person wishes to voluntarily leave such a community that is also their prerogative. People shouldn't wear burkhas in courts, banks, doctors, or schools; and I could understand an establishment saying it does not allow people with their face covered entry. Though if they aren't fussed neither am I. I don't think I'm saying anything particularly different from Boris and if a politician is going to get shouted down over such cultural sensitivities then I'm concerned. The Burkha isn't something to be championed - there are limits to the tolerances a society should provide and allowing Burkhas in courts or schools etc is in my view a tolerance too far. Let's debate this issue, but the control-left is desperately looking for a way to get the labour party out of its anti-semitism funk and sees the Tories Islamic-issues as possibly fertile ground. And what does Boris do ... jumps in in his usual way. What a disaster of a politician.
  10. Chinahand

    UK Establishment exposed

    As far as I understand it Woody uses Fantaboy to mean a fantasist which he believes is anyone who contradicts a Woodyfact. But what do I know.
  11. Chinahand

    Hello World

    Greetings. Bit quiet around here at the moment! Blame holidays. You caught on quick about the 'adjacent isle' malarky!
  12. Chinahand

    Chinahand's Random Stuff

    Flying is one of those professions where hours and hours of routine can suddenly change to a situation where quick thinking and decision making is absolutely critical. See what happens when a P-51 Mustang's engine starts to play up: The full 35 minute version is here.
  13. Chinahand

    Incredible name coincidences

    My son is at school with a Teresa Green.
  14. Chinahand

    Russian Spies

    Erm ... this is a discussion forum.