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  1. Aren't people aware of what internment did for IRA recruitment? Why should it be different in the case of the Muslim community?
  2. Goodness you really lack social grace.
  3. I hope they put Live & Let Die on as a tribute. Really happy memories of that film. He was one of the most recognisable actors of my childhood. RIP
  4. I have to say I agree with Trump calling the type of people who would commit atrocities losers. That is exactly what they are. Sad losers, who are so full of themselves they have lost all sense of humanity. What makes them even sadder is that they are proud of losing their humanity. Only a total loser would be proud of that. I also thought his Saudi speech while not perfect made some points his audience would probably hear. Transcript.
  5. Woody cannot admit any error. Thanks Pongo for explaining so patiently: even a child would understand it ...
  6. There's a tiny, but non-zero chance of a false flag or non Islamist Otherwise more interesting will be convert or not, British born or not, North West local or not. We'll just have to wait for more information.
  7. Bastards. Fucking bastards.
  8. A bit of theology from a moderate Muslim Maajid Nawaz on LBC taking on a caller-in who couldn't admit stoning women to death wasn't barbaric.
  9. Thanks for being MF's beat-bobby all these years. I hope you'll be handing over the reigns to a replacement to keep us informed and on the straight and narrow! Go well in your new life/career. You should create a new log in and join us "civilians" bantering as we do. Just think of the pleasures freedom of speech offers without the constraints of a uniform!
  10. Manx name for woodlouse.
  11. Unable to comprehend the brutalising consequences of violence. Oh, it's the internet.
  12. The challenge with the death sentence is that it creates basically a two tier justice system - crime & conviction sufficient to kill. Even in a country as death sentence happy as China all death sentence cases have to be reviewed by the Supreme Court. The result is a death row system where the simple reality is that more people enter the system than leave it via state sponsored killing. The result is a process which takes years and simply stops closure. Why - because real-life is more complex than the cut and dried cases most proponents use to justify killing people - the result is victims left with years of uncertainty and the case being raised again and again as it goes through appeals and re-examinations due to the simple fact people are fallible and errors are made. The US Death Row statistics show the total failure of the system: Sentence or conviction overturned 3,194 37.73% Remain on Death Row 2,979 35.19% Executed 1,359 16.05% Died by means other than execution 509 6.01% Sentence commuted 392 4.63% Other removals 33 0.39% 8,466 100.00% Between 1973 and 2013 nearly 8,500 people were sentenced to death in the US, of those 38% had their sentence overturned, 35% remain stuck on death row - on average for over 15 years - and only 16% had been executed. The idea other countries could do things significantly different without risking injustices isn't realistic.
  13. I hope the victims can gain some closure with his conviction. I'm glad the police and prosecutors were able to build their case against him. I honestly don't know what to make of the people who advocate killing him. I don't know what sort of society they think it would produce the evidence would seem to show a brutish one. I was mugged in China once, in the UK I would have gladly identified the perpetrators if given the opportunity. In China, violent robbery against a foreigner could easily end with a bullet in the back of the head. I insisted to the police I had no idea who attacked me and made no mention of their triad scars and distinctive clothes. Some of the worst violence people can do has been ordered by people in special robes banging down their gavel. The idea this makes society better is objectively false but oh so attractive to a certain type of personality as we see demonstrated once again here. I'm glad this man will have to endure many years behind bars. Is that not enough?
  14. Tsk ... Upset ...
  15. Going far back in time to the attitudes of the Manx establishment, I remember the chief of police was a bible basher back in the 1980s when I was at King Billies - he came to do the sermon in Sunday Chapel and stood up there in full uniform, bible in hand spouting something which I'm glad to say I no longer remember. I was quite relieved the next day when my physics teacher said he thought it was inappropriate and an example of using religion to bolster authority. Agreed with him then, agree with him now.