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  1. Flat Earth?

    This is the nub of the issue PGW, if you were to observe an object disappear below the horizon would that lead you to accept there is such a thing as a horizon? What consequences do you think the existence of a horizon has on the ideas of the shape of the Earth?
  2. Flat Earth?

    PGW - maybe this will help you understand how you can understand the shape of the earth from observing the stars. How can we explain solar eclipse tracks: Why are they the shape they are? Here's a hint: More (and better) animations here. The challenge is to understand that these animations aren't the issue. The issue is that we can predict to second and meter accuracy where an eclipse will be on the earth and then travel to that place and see the prediction come true. This isn't a matter of belief - it is a hard prediction which is confirmed by millions of people every time an eclipse occurs. These curves make no sense on a flat earth, but are the reason we can predict eclipses so well - the shadow is moving over the globe and is affected by the shape of the earth. You cannot predict an eclipse path without accounting for the shape of the earth. It is a most wonderful thing about astronomy - we may be staring at the stars, but our telescopes and ourselves are grounded on Earth and so to know where to point our telescope we have to understand the shape of the Earth.
  3. Flat Earth?

    Bit harsh - I'm sure Paul has thumbs so he can start a stop watch to measure a sunset. Ok a panda could do that too, but I've faith that Paul has the mental capacity to deal with thinking about the results.
  4. Flat Earth?

  5. Flat Earth?

    In this thread I've repeatedly tried to show how to take real measurements to explain the shape of the globe. Simply get a sextant or telescope and start to learn. Get used to measuring the position of a star in the night sky and learn how to convert between horizontal coordinates and equatorial ones and certainly then go and look at star charts so you can compare how these tables compare to your results. Click any star in this chart and you'll get a right ascension and declination of those stars. You, tonight, could learn what that means and actually go and set up a telescope to find it - the star chart is based on a model (the positions are generated from mathematical equations) which have skill and allow you to learn something about the world. Take some measurements as you travel around the world on holiday. Learn how longitude and latitude effect the position of the stars. By learning this and taking the measurements yourself it will become very apparent what the shape of the world is. All the noise of people talking on youtube isn't worth a single hair. It is meaningless compared to actually learning and taking some measurements. Believe it or not people have taken these measurements before, but you don't need to take anyone's word for it. Go and do it yourself rather than wasting your life listening to ignorant people who are unable to understand how to measure this world. Navigation and astronomy have to undestand where we are on the world to understand where the stars are in the sky. Multiple observers in multiple places can measure the position of a star at a single moment - change the lat and long in the star charts and see how the positions of the stars change. If multiple observers measure a star at the same time they will get different results because they and the star are in different places in the sky. Extrapolating between those observations gives you the shape of the world. This has been known for centuries, but amazingly ignorant people are so lazy and obsessed with their own opinions they refuse to actually go and measure and learn. That is an amazing indictment of people - and even sadder they think it shows how they are free thinkers escaping science's dogma. Nullius in verbia means something. There is no point saying anything more to people who refuse to learn.
  6. Shrinking economy

    Parkinson's law and its corollaries touch on this issue too. I met Northcote Parkinson when he gave a symposium at King Billy's in the 1980s. This is his original article about the multiplication of positions and work - VERY RELEVANT for the IOM's civil service and compulsory reading for any critic of bureaucratic bloat!
  7. Shrinking economy

    A lot of economics isn't really expanding the pie, it is dividing the pie up into ever finer activities. The butcher the baker the candlestick maker now use a building management company, who subcontract the power contracts to the energy efficiency company, who work with the site administrator to provide business services, IT is sub-contracted out. The canteen buys in the food, transported by an independent courier. The butcher employs a sanitation specialist, the baker has an accountant and a PA and the candlestick maker makes most of her profits on-line via a site managed offshore. Obviously there's the Golgafrincham B ark issue, but compared to being a peasant watching the turnips grow there is genuine added value to doing all this stuff. It isn't really growth, it is organising a finite pot to get more out of it.
  8. Halal meat on the Isle of Man

    Lots of information on the Manx Meats web site. I think there’s an interesting story here. Any aspiring or actual journalists willing to give it a go? http://www.iommeats.com/ My understanding is that Halal consistent practices can be accepted by the relevant authorities on the IOM & UK as being consistent with humane slaughter. Obviously that doesn’t mean Halal practices will always be humane and so you have to be careful when discussing Halal meat. It could have been prepared on either side of the humane slaughter line. Some people wish to emphasise its cruelty, others its consistency with accepted regulations. I’m unclear exactly what happens at the IoM’s slaughter house but hope they are consistent with animal welfare. We raise and kill animals for the pleasure of their taste; that will always be a bloody business and too many moderns are too removed from the reality of their food preparation. For me the issue is animal welfare and not the religious practice I’m not convinced there is a simple argument Halal = inhumane in all cases. Cutting the jugular will instantly put the brain into a state not that different from smashing a bolt into a part of it, as the brain entirely looses blood pressure. I don’t see a clear moral difference here but I’m sure some people will.
  9. Donald Trump

    Are you honest enough to acknowledge this isn’t true?
  10. Conservative friends of israel

    Rot, the reality is most nations that fought for independence engaged in conflict with the British- it’s a consequence of empire and all that. The Stern Gang and bombings they committed are a known and nasty part of Israel’s history but so are the Maomao and the Malaysian emergency.
  11. Conservative friends of israel

    Apologies, mind elsewhere, though I think you know who I meant, care to answer?
  12. Conservative friends of israel

    Rather than engaging in insults with predictable accounts with predictable results why not clarify your views, as I’ve asked.
  13. Conservative friends of israel

    @Aristotle Has Robert said that? Rather than you putting words into his mouth I’d rather he clarified his views on Israeli sovereignty as recognised by the UN etc. I for one think 1948 was a historic day for Israel. I also regret that Arab armies not only attacked Israel in a futile attempt to nullify that sovereignty, but also snuffed out the recognised Palestinian state also. These are two great injustices which remain a weeping sore in the international environment.
  14. Some Tuesday humour

    Rather odd as no one is on the gold standard these days. Currencies are all fiat currencies. Plus any gold bug needs to understand the Triffin Dilemma - there is a paradox at the centre of any gold standard system.
  15. Conservative friends of israel

    Holy exaggeration, Batman.