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  1. Lovely graphic showing how temperatures have changed over the last 120 odd years. More info (plus a nice hat tip to Joy Division) here.
  2. J2bad, Talk about inappropriate badgering concerning people's deeply held religious beliefs.
  3. Interesting comment, Aristotle. The problem is when everyone has principles and states them it can make the messy compromises of politics impossible.
  4. Richard, it is a sad fact of life that some husbands routinely terrorise their wives - it does not make them terrorists. You are committing a category error by continually trying to conflate two different things. Thugs certainly terrorise people, but the crime of terrorism is far more than that. Our society has to do more to stop both violent thuggery and fight organised terrorism, there isn't a lot of overlap between these two things. You make them out to be basically synonymous.
  5. Seems a rather sweeping statement. No such thing? What, ever? In no circumstances? My understanding of economic growth is that it doesn't mean ever greater monolithic consumption; rather the ignored facets of life open up as society climbs up Maslow's hierarchy of needs. There wasn't much of a call on piano teachers or fitness instructors in the 1930s but economic growth has enabled many more people to find employment in those niches now. It is oh so easy to dismiss all this as the ... Golgafrincham B ark ... to provide an obscure Hitchhiker's reference ... but it is what provides the diversity of an advanced economy. It isn't the depth of the consumption rather it's breadth. I don't see this as some necessarily unsustainable process. We've got to manage our environment sustainably and put our power production onto a renewable path but the rational optimist in me thinks this is perfectly possible. In this Corbynista world I don't see enterprise and doing things for mutual profits as wrong. People don't face a monolithic career down the pit or in the mill. They mutually work with other people for the benefit of both. Capitalism is The process for finding society's needs and filling them by mutual agreement & profit. That isn't something to be demonised, as is happening in too broad a portion of our political spectrum. as so often, Churchill summed it up in a way Jeremy Corbyn couldn't comprehend: Some regard private enterprise as if it were a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look upon it as a cow that they can milk. Only a handful see it for what it really is--the strong horse that pulls the whole cart.
  6. Was Rik from the young ones an anarchist Tory, too?
  7. Reasonably interesting link from the Crown Prosecution Service. The only right wing terrorist offence dealt with by the UK in recent years was the murder of Jo Cox. Terrorist Organisations There is no one type of terrorist or terrorism. It originates from a variety of countries and terrorists have multiple ethnic, racial, religious and or political identities and have different views, aims and purposes. Here are some examples: Syria The most common type of CPS terrorism case has been Syria-related since Daesh took over large areas of Syria and Iraq from 2014 onwards. Daesh tactics are geared to attract maximum publicity to amplify the spread of fear; they use violence against anyone who does not agree with their extreme views. The CPS prosecuted Junead and Shazib Khan for offences of preparing acts of terrorism. Extreme Right Wing Recent years have seen a rise in cases of far right extremism in the UK. Far right extremists promote messages of hate-filled prejudice which can encourage radicalisation among people motivated by race hate. Groups including (the now proscribed) National Action have been under scrutiny for promoting offensive, anti-Islamic messages which run contrary to the values of respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. The CPS continues to work to combat those who seek to sow hatred and division by advancing extremist ideologies and in 2016 the CPS prosecuted Thomas Mair for the terrorist murder of Jo Cox MP. Al-Qaeda Al-Qaeda is a militant Islamist multi-national organisation, responsible for the 9/11 co-ordinated terror attacks in the US. The group uses conventional techniques seeking to recruit new members in the UK to achieve mass civilian casualties. The CPS prosecuted Rangzieb Ahmed and Habib Ahmed for Al-Qaeda related terrorism.
  8. It is from this view point (33-35 seconds) that it looks most damning:
  9. This is the Charter 08 document Liu Xiaobo wrote which earned him the Nobel Peace Prize: Link. For writing this document he and his wife were persecuted for years. Liu was sent to the Gulag until his cancer - I bet linked to hepatitis caught due to insanitary conditions while imprisoned - fatally metastasized. While his wife was totally isolated under house arrest and tormented by government thugs. Please do read the words that caused the Chinese Communist Party such fear, that caused them to jail and persecute a peaceful man who dedicated his life to looking for ways for China to be more democratic: Chinese citizens are increasingly and more clearly recognizing that freedom, equality, and human rights are universal common values shared by all humankind, and that democracy, a republic, and constitutionalism constitute the basic structural framework of modern governance. A “modernization” bereft of these universal values and this basic political framework is a disastrous process that deprives humans of their rights, corrodes human nature, and destroys human dignity.
  10. Oh crap, Liu Xiaobo has died. Life is cruel and the CCP even more so. I really hope they for once leave his widow alone.
  11. Once you get to a certain level in politics you start to interact with state security. Trump had Secret Service officers to ensure his security - they would have wanted to know a foreign power was deliberately targeting the campaign of a Presidential Candidate. It is their job to stop such espionage.
  12. Being a bit too digital there Woolley. It is perfectly possible for non-political, sober members of the intelligence community to pursue a genuine investigation of foreign cyber espionage and political manipulation while political partisans make hay with the process. You can diminish the importance of foreign powers deliberately hacking political party computers but I can understand why spooks would be concerned by that and want to find out what was going on. For Jr to get emails directly saying the Russian government was digging dirt on Clinton & wanted to help Trump and to reply "I love it" isn't trivial.
  13. You do talk tosh sometimes, LLAP.
  14. Methinks Donald Trump Jn & Sn are both in trouble. Those emails are pretty damning.
  15. I think there is something special here: people trying to help a wild animal affected by our litter. They are putting themselves at considerable risk but persevering ... and then it is over and the bear just runs - its instincts that we are a danger to him far stronger than the altruism he's just received ... sadly those instincts are probably accurate, but even so these people did some good that day.