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  1. Go on then! :-)
  2. Lxxx you are a most odd personality- a lot of the time you produce pretty knowledge and coherent posts but often, whether over vaccines or infowars, you head off into the twilight zone. What do you mean by "with the nod of the UN"? Are we into Black Helicopter territory? Turkey is without doubt one of the key players in Syria and the fact one of the US's key proxies (I suppose you'd use the word mercenaries) are Kurdish really complicates their relationship. Turkey does host refugees numbered in the millions but that isn't some plot it is the reality of war and Syrians making for the nearest place of safety and opportunity. It does give Erogden a huge bargaining chip over the EU and he has selectively opened and closed the routes to show it. But this has nothing to do with the UN. They may run refugee camps and be the conduit for the nation states funding them but the idea they are some sort of power in this is straight out of conspiracy central. It would be like claiming Premier Inn was organising football hooliganism because that is where most of them stayed the night before. Syria is a great- and regional-power playground. The UN is a total irrelevancy vetoed and ignored in the smoke filled rooms where real power is wielded - and yes Turkey is definitely one of the powers doing that. Ergoden gains from this war and knows how to take advantage of that. Hence the billions of Euros being sent his way ... nothing to do with the UN.
  3. ?
  4. This is a bit 'Merica-centric, but science is the toolkit you need to test empirical truth. It works and if you replace it with dogma you lose.
  5. There seems to be a certain obsession with masons. Quite why the Island has to commemorate English masons is beyond me. Am I missing something - the Post Office create a limited edition stamp. People buy it. It becomes a rarety allowing the collector to sell it for a premium, but the Post Office doesn't gain from this at all. So Post Office efforts but private gain. A bit like the Masons hey!
  6. So what are the bets on the size of the Tory majority? I'm going for less than 30. Any other offers?
  7. You can't see who's viewing a thread at the bottom of a page anymore. I quite liked that feature. It allowed you to see how popular a thread was at any particular time.
  8. They aren't going to sort out Brexit prior to 2020. Having an election while it is all up in the air will make it very difficult to keep a uniform negotiated position. This way they can keep a single team in place for an additional 3 years if it is necessary to finalize a deal from a temporary one put in place because it couldn't all be sorted out in the 2 year Brexit process.
  9. We'll go on then.
  10. I'm not going to bloat quote but the conversation between PK and Woolley is a good example of some wheat in all the typical MF chaff. I disagree with the posters who claim some ultra right wing cabal has abusively seized the Forums. Both Woolley and Quilp often explain their views and are willing to explain them. Quilp is more robust and both can give it as well as take it but the idea they are beyond the pale or just abusive is, in my view, untrue. Woolley and PK are discussing and raising interesting issues in an open way. Good effort. As PK said later, but I'd like to respond to some of what has been discussed.
  11. Wow. LLAP ... did you just stop digging. Good effort!
  12. TJ you are a fool for trying to reopen this issue. A part of your personality - as Vic Reeves would say - won't let it go. This regularly gets you into trouble.
  13. Spring time - natural rise in testosterone. Blame axial tilt.
  14. Context is such an important issue in this it's basically impossible to give general advice. It depends upon the severity of the disability whether you are just chatting or asking something. Try to keep things simple, give space for a response, there's a balance between simplicity and repetition - trying to find a few different ways to say the same without making it sound like you are badgering. Try not to talk down. Just being friendly and polite and keeping things simple is probably the best approach.
  15. Assad thought he had impunity. Obama stood against everything Assad was doing but did basically nothing when he gassed 1000 civilians. Then Trump comes along saying he is all for joining in with Russia, doesn't want to be the World's policeman etc etc. I don't find it inconceivable Assad thought he could get away with a bit of sarin mixed in with a lot of deniability, but miscalculated the Don's reaction to watching asphyxiating children. Everyone one seems to think this is almost inconceivable compared to the manoeverings of the Illuminati/military industrial complex. We basically haven't a clue what happened, but I think it isn't nearly as clear cut as people are making out. Assad miscalculating Trump's reaction based on thinking he wasn't interested seems a perfectly possible explanation. I'm not saying for certain this is what happened but it is interesting seeing how many people are saying it is inconceivable Assad would do this. I disagree, on his past record it doesn't seem that outlandish to me.