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  1. Chinahand's Random Stuff

    He’d talked about that earlier:
  2. Chinahand's Random Stuff

    Ages ago I highlighted a Numberphile video which claimed the sum of the integers was - 1/12. See here. Now the Mathologer has come along with a comprehensive debunk:
  3. Abort67

    I have to say I've a concern about that. The police should protect peaceful expression of views, if a mob dislikes it and starts causing public disorder it is the mob who should be asked to move on and not those peacefully expressing their view. I feel this applies whether the views are mainstream or otherwise. If a gay-rights group had tried demonstrating for gay rights - say with pictures of men kissing or whatever - in the 1970s I wouldn't have wanted them moved on just because there was a threat of disorder against them. Yes, there is a difference between men kissing and aborted babies - but I don't think pictures of abortions are equivalent to pornography. We may disagree with these people, and I agree tell them - in a non-violent way - we disagree with them, but if there is a threat of public disorder the police's job to me is clear. Let people peacefully express their view, even if it isn't mainstream.
  4. Freedom of Thought and Speech

    Rog you can’t be unaware of the contents of the Torah and its exhortations to genocide and land seizures for the chosen people, surely.
  5. Beware Living Hope false advertising

    @yootalkin2me What does believing in creation mean?
  6. Freedom of Thought and Speech

    Is calling someone a “poofter” a hate crime as the head of London transport says: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-42584168 Socially unacceptable, bullying, inappropriate behaviour certainly but a crime?
  7. Flat Earth?

    I guess Neil is applying Hitchen’s razor; cargo cult science isn’t science, but please do explain, in your own words, what facet of eclipses flat earthers don’t understand.
  8. Beware Living Hope false advertising

    @dilligaf He was trying to explain to a group of kids who he was. Most of them hadn’t been born when he won in the TT. Methinks you’re making more of this than necessary. Head teacher invites local figures to local community event. He makes a short speech and comes over well.
  9. Beware Living Hope false advertising

    Milky wasn’t there to talk about religion and didn’t- I have no idea if he is religious or not. He was invited to open the Hop-tu-naa fair and spoke well. He presented himself well. Just my opinion.
  10. Beware Living Hope false advertising

    I've heard Milky Quayle give a talk to the children at Arbory School. He was humble, honest, discussed the impact his crash had on his life, enthused them about technology and education and proudly talked about how Hop-tu-na was a unique part of Manx culture. He was a perfect speaker to inspire children to make something of their life.
  11. Flat Earth?

    Manxy, I don't think this thread is a good vehicle for you to post your random queries about science which have absolutely nothing to do with the sociological issue that many thousands of people are so ignorant of evidence and so poor at collecting and understanding it that they think the earth is flat. So I've very presumptuously answered your query in the astronomy thread where it is slightly more relevant.
  12. Astronomy Stuff

    Manxy, I don't think the flat earth thread is a good vehicle for you to post your random queries about science which have absolutely nothing to do with the sociological issue that many thousands of people are so ignorant of evidence and so poor at collecting and understanding it that they think the earth is flat. You question is basically astronomical, so I'll answer it here in the forum's astronomy thread. Moonlight is a big problem for astronomers. They like dark skies where the light they collect arrives directly from the stars etc they are observing. Astronomers usually take a spectrum of the light they are observing - basically splitting the light up via a prism into a rainbow and measuring how bright it is through the different colours (frequency). Moonlight messes this up as it scatters in the atmosphere by bouncing off the atoms and hence rather than collecting a pristine spectrum of a star many light years away (or whatever) they get one contaminated by moonlight. So what do they do? They collect a moonlight spectrum and subtract this from their results - ie they basically point their telescope at an empty portion of sky for the same amount of time they were pointing it at the star and then take away that result from the star's spectrum. We know quite a lot about the moon's spectrum. Here are a couple of nice approaches: - One which explains how a model was developed to account for moonlight scatter from different phases and positions of the moon in the sky. and one which uses the difference in spectrum from the bright, light part of the moon compared to the dark part in the crescent moon to produce an earth glow spectrum caused by the dark side been lit up by the earth, to model how the earth would look from space. The moon spectrum is the sun spectrum altered by the effect of reflection and scattering from the moon's surface. That is science.
  13. Flooding on new roads

    Bit of a stormy night where I live ... how was it on the Island?
  14. Chinahand's Random Stuff

    This image is a uniform colour of grey. All it has is a white and black line drawn on it, both of which fade into the grey. The shapes are also arranged in straight parallel lines. Ain't the brain an amazing thing:
  15. Happy New Year

    2018 ... 2018! Goodness doesn’t time fly! So what are your New Year resolutions? Wishing you all a good one!