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  1. Brexit Is Reversible...

    That's not what strategic voting is about nor how it works.
  2. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Not broken, but needs to be used in a way that delivers the closest to the government that a person wants while if necessary minimises the possibility of a government or candidate that a person doesn't want. There is of course a huge problem in the case of marginal seats whereby a small number of them can end up controlling the outcome of an election so parties concentrate on winning them and to hell with their safe seats. I favour proportional representation.
  3. I know. Awful isn't it.
  4. There should not be any terms of anything involved. Just get us out.
  5. A total break from the EU is both feasible and the very best way to go. In the case of the establishing of Eire an entirely different situation was involved.
  6. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Yes I would and in the past have voted strategically.
  7. The British public voted to get out of the EU. Politicians trying to fudge around this democratic decision will not end well
  8. There is absolutely NOTHING more important than we get out of the EU and at ANY cost. Just a reminder, millions of people have lost their lives or suffered appalling injury in protecting Britain's sovereignty and borders. We owe it to these people to restore our sovereignty and borders and then start to do whatever must be done to correct the appalling damage done to OUR country as a result of the gross misdeeds that were finally recognised by the majority of British people who democratically voted to GTFO of the dreadful undemocratic and now In the process of imploding EU. To hell with deals with the EU in an attempt by the few to have their cake and eat it but at a cost of ongoing servitude to Brussels, we want OUT.
  9. Brexit Is Reversible...

    No. We vote for the party, or increasingly we vote strategically if by so doing we might queer the pitch of a party that we dislike.
  10. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Over here we benefit from having political parties who publish manifesto but who also have local constitutional meetings so that while manifesto promises are like an mot, the moment the car leaves the test centre the not simply shows that at a point in time the vehicle passed the requirements it's no guarantee that it will be fit the next day but it does at least allow us to vote for national issues. Likewise the constitutional meetings give us some degree of control and feedback to our MP. The last thing that a prospective candidate should be decided upon is their views on local matters. That is what our local councilors are for and for the most part they do a good job.
  11. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Small or large majority, it was a majority and the EU is loathsome. It is corrupt, corrupting, and profoundly undemocratic. What's not to find loathsome about that alone? Population is about what is popular amongst the hoi polloi, and governments are supposed to adopt strategies based on the will of them. We are supposed to have politicians who represent the will of the electorate, not a management team or bosses and that is a sentiment far more prevalent and demanded in the Eastern nation states of the EU but is spreading amongst the PIGS nation states. As for the future of the EU, it's worth keeping in mind the fate of the USSR and if in spite of the huge power of The Kremlin the USSR imploded because of the will of the people the EU has no chance. Best to establish and maintain both literal and figurative clear blue water between the UK and the EU.
  12. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Based on some of the comments being made here it seems to me that the strength of feeling that the majority of the UK population has against the loathsome EU is not understood. The EU is in terminal decline. Populism is being presented as being something basically wrong rather than the will of the people coming through and the want and need for the restoring of national identity being increasingly important especially in the Eastern Europe states. What really matters for people is not any benefits for businesses but restoration of identity and control of their own nations by their own national assemblies and not being dictated to by Brussels. What will follow the inevitable collapse of the EU, and it is inevitable, goodness knows but the influx of the unwanted unneeded unwelcome immigrants is going result in something not nice but now very necessary. Probably the best result of BREXIT is that it will be the fault line in the EU structure that results in the utter disintegration of the whole rotten to the core EU as more states are encouraged to say enough of this corrupt crap that is the EU, we're getting free of it too.
  13. Brexit Is Reversible...

    The worst case scenario for the "remoaners" will be a no deal exit. The best case scenario for the vast majority of the patriotic BREXIT supporters will be exactly the same.
  14. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Who cares? ANY price is worth paying to escape from the EU. What so many people fail to grasp is that getting our sovereignty back and control of our own borders is the most important thing of all. Businesses may suffer indeed some may fail, the standard of living may fall, but opportunities will open up that can be made use of. A nation is far more important than businesses, a nation should make use of business, no business should be allowed to make use of a nation.
  15. No. Although there are sheeple over here they are far from being in the majority.