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  1. Rog

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    Bit of a sod when you've got a roller blind though. Those things can HURT!
  2. Rog

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    Ah nostalgia!
  3. Rog

    £1M of Taxpayers money to the Syrian Refugees

    The lies made by the Brits were made prior to Versailles. The Balfour Declaration was used to bring the American public "on side" because of the promise to actively support a Jewish homeland in The Levant, while at the same time T E Lawrence (of Arabia fame) was in effect promising the same lands to the Arabs.
  4. Rog

    £1M of Taxpayers money to the Syrian Refugees

    Not exactly. The so called holy lands, especially Jerusalem were what we would call open cities today. It's catered for in the case of Dar al-'Ahd.
  5. Rog

    £1M of Taxpayers money to the Syrian Refugees

    Close, but not quite. After the First Crusade which was unified by the pope at the time later crusades became more about taking land and spoils of war. It took the outcome of the siege of Vienna to drive the ottomans back into the sewers to really turn back the mohammedan hoards. IMO the actions of the British government of the day during WW1 and the duplicitous promisees made to the Arabs in order to persuade them to fight against the Turks is more responsible than anything for the worsening situation since then.
  6. Rog


    Sometimes seems like that here in the winter! Especially when the wind is from the North East.
  7. Rog

    £1M of Taxpayers money to the Syrian Refugees

    Not the root cause though.
  8. Rog

    £1M of Taxpayers money to the Syrian Refugees

    It all started off 1300 years ago with the failure of a dam.
  9. Rog

    £1M of Taxpayers money to the Syrian Refugees

    Not all, but there are now many mercenaries fleeing the conflict having been defeated by the legitimate government forces aided by the Russians.
  10. BT are closing ISDN and PSTN in 2025. As to on the island I have no idea but it'll have to be by then.
  11. Rog


    In the case of the trials using zinc cadmium sulphide it was to investigate how chemical or biological materials would spread across parts of the UK. These trials were repeated over several UK locations.
  12. Rog


    Oh come on! Really?
  13. A nice early autumnal day over here. We're having a few problems with pissed woodpigeons from them eating fermenting fruit in the orchard (really!) but as long as they stay in the garden they're ok unless any fall foul to our nocturnal visiting badgers and foxes.
  14. Rog


    That video is a load of pro-conspiracy clap trap.