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  1. So long, farewell.........

    Perhaps the peculiar accent will fit Norn Iron.
  2. Not many IOM lawyers will advise on ENGLISH tax law (in fact unless they are holding an English solicitor's practising certificate they can't ) but they will advise on whether a structure has any IOM tax implications. So, no an IOM lawyer is not much good whereas accountants specialise in tax structures. Having said that, I think PB's contribution was from a higher level, in principle, international law perspective.
  3. Let's not forget the genesis of this: previous successive international governments had lifted their foot off the regulation of financial markets and banks and then the thing went poof in 2008. Those governments who had allowed a toxic financial environment had to bail out the banks or risk a catastrophic collapse. So to recoup, the only source was tax and thus the avoidance of tax became immoral, unfair and wrong, not legally because most countries use tax as a tool in economic engineering, providing the very loopholes that are exploited. It is very difficult to undo the various moving parts. It is hugely easier to target the naughty people exploiting the very loopholes and rules that were created in the economic engineering. So, now we have this odd situation where people are judged on their morals rather than the law because, in actual fact, the tax authorities are inept at introducing and maintaining a fair and unmanipulative rax regime.
  4. No, he said he would apologise if legislation had been passed to provide a loophole to the EU savings directive.
  5. Ann Summers

    You can sit on it?
  6. The other point missed is that the Queen voluntarily pays tax and has done so ever since the Windsor Castle fire. But that isn't headline grabbing.
  7. Government mind police controlling MF, are you sure? The programme was the usual low quality stuff from Panorama which used to be such a good programme. The bit about the Duchy of Lancaster was just sensationalist. Most of the programme was gratuitous. As others have said, nothing was made of how they used criminal property to make the report; surely that is immoral in itself if not strictly illegal? We'll see what they turn up tonight.
  8. Ann Summers

    And I am talking about the sybian not the sander.
  9. Ann Summers

    Thanks SMUJ, I hadn't thought about it quite in that way. I shall repair to my shed and examine how my reversible leaf blower and fine detail sander may be employed to better effect during these cold dark winter months.
  10. Ann Summers

    I would like to be intact for the main event.
  11. Ann Summers

    Yes, I can't see why any lady wouldn't be bowled over by a titallating home spun gadget that looks like it has been improvised by ISIS.
  12. Discrimination

    Nice to see someone 'having a Grattan' above Mrs T.
  13. I don't, but suspect that not all aircraft registered are also VAT registered here,
  14. Lieutenant Governor Richard Gozney

    When there is a Manxie who has been through the UK diplomatic/military mill. It is a (UK) Crown appointment and he is not an IOM civil servant.
  15. Mann cat

    I used to think it was a magical place with all God's creatures cohabiting peacefully, Then I saw some not so peaceful stuff on FB that changed my mind. I posted to defend the person maligned only to have the posts deleted. It may have been MS that deleted them or some other group, but it changed my view.