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  1. At the Royalty too.
  2. Didn't see that coming.
  3. Yes, you can guatantee that women will be clanouring to get pregnant just so they can have an abortion.
  4. Went a couple of weeks ago, 'twas ok. Didn't like the motivational address to the staff though.
  5. Does anyone know a way, there's got to be a way to block Buster? Sweet! Courtesy of someone else on FB.
  6. I was up there a couple of days ago and remembered swimming there. Looking down, I can't imagine how we got there, but we did and it was one of the best day's swinming I have had. The other was at the Port Erin swimming pool. If you walk beyond that pool, there is quite a poignant grave of a dog belonging to a service man. I can't remember the detail but it was something along the lines of 'Here lies my good friend. Capt xx' Shall go up again to find it.
  7. Sadly, this just reinforces my view of Barrie as a piece of shit really. He stood for election here, didn't get the result he wanted - having told us all what twats we were. Then moved away but cannot let it rest. Just let go Barrie and enjoy your manor.
  8. Thanks John. Funnily enough, looking closely at it, it is signed 'Wright'. My mother told me she had had it appraised as part of her mother's estate wind up and was told he was a bit of a conman and churned these paintings out selling them door to door. Even so, I quite like it.
  9. Thanks John, I remember being intrigued by that plaque. I think there was another with an inscription. Not the same church, though, but it is of a church around the quay, I think.
  10. There were alms houses in Fort Street I recall. They had a name but I can't renember what it was. I have a painting of a church which may have been St Barnabus, I know it was of some significance to my mother whose family had some 'rowies'.. I'll dig it out and post it.
  11. She has been very far. I used to enjoy her amorous travelogues.
  12. I think you mean triplicate.
  13. Root beer = liquid Germolene.
  14. And it's not even Christmas.