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  1. Painter man to the rescue.

    I think it is a reference to 'the other' Jonathan King.
  2. limited reactions to posts

    Don't think it was a mod action, not sure if it is an automatic thing on the forums.
  3. Animal ban for 'appalling' cruelty

    Yes, good times indeed. Is Johnny M still around?
  4. Animal ban for 'appalling' cruelty

    Thanks for the verification I was sure he did have it, but you start to doubt yourself. Is that the same future MHK who spent a lot of time over the edge of the Marine Drive?
  5. Children's Centre streamlining services

    Closing these facilities to refocus on their core activity seems odd. I would have thought their childcare facilities were entirely consistent with their core activity. But, hey, I am not on the inside. I do know that charities have to be careful that their commercial activities do not dominate their charitable activities (vis Oxfam charity shops and sale of ethnic goods), but I would have thought the childcare arrangements would be a justifiable service.
  6. Animal ban for 'appalling' cruelty

    See that Quilp has re-surfaced so hopefully he will read this thread.
  7. Straws

    The straw thing is quite disgraceful really, why have them at all? They are useful for children to avoid spills, but what was wrong with the old wax covered straws? At least they won't cut the roof of your mouth if you trip or bob down too quickly.
  8. GP Appointments on the IOM

    No, phone at 8.30! When most of us are on the road to work, after that you cannot get an appointment at all. I changed doctors because of this
  9. Manx Radio

    I think that was the point of the joke ;).
  10. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    They have already been found guilty, we just don't understand how.
  11. Pedantic Manx police state strikes again

    Does seem a bit bonkers. But, there again, you could argue that the patient was not capable of making the decision so could not have gifted the voucher. There are probably rules about accepting gifts in such circumstances so should more likely have been a disciplinary matter than a full force of law matter. Possibly there is something missing in the report. Stats look good though.
  12. Abort67

    '.......but we need to know the truth of abortion....'. I stopped at that point, why truth and not facts?
  13. Abort67

    1967 legislation on abortion I think.