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  1. And it's not even Christmas.
  2. Of course, inconvenient was a word that I chose carefully. They are not a great threat in the wider scheme of things, bloody annoying at times, but unlikely to cause the demise of mankind. We do live in an environment with many other creatures - most of them are just scratching a living, whereas we are altering their environment to such an extent that our paths cross and we do not like to be discommoded, so decide that the only way is to kill them. That seems to result in the law of unintended consequences, not only for the target species but for us. So, unless there's a threat to mankind what we are talking about is inconvenience. Without wanting to sound potty, the biggest threat to the environment and most living things is man and through our success and consumerism we have created an environment that allows gulls to feed very well. They have learnt how to grab every ounce of that, and then they then shit on our cars and snatch our sarnies. So, the retaliation is not to think how we are dominating and changing the whole ecology around us, but just to decide to kill a species that is raking it in, potentially better than we are, and in doing so, proves to be a mild inconvenience. All that said, don't get me started on wasps ( you don't see very many of them now, btw).
  3. You will need more than that decorative butterfly net, citronella torches and jar of sugary water, you know,
  4. I quite like them. I also find it odd that people want to kill them because they are inconvenient. Change your perspective and they become much less inconvenient
  5. Sorry to post against St Martin of The Tent, but really, the prominence arose from a commercial desire to maintain a presence in the centre of Douglas during TT week. It served both the commercial and the visitor imperative well. But, and this is a big but, it possibly is not as intrinsic to the TT as many locals like to imagine. During the only foray during TT week, I chatted with some TT visitors who said that the standard fare of rock music and beer was now an anachronism and misunderstood what made the TT special. They also commented that standing in a noisy, sticky, smelly tent wasn't their idea of entertainment. Just because they were bikers, didn't mean they were lovers of loud 70s/80s rock and beer served in plastic. They weren't old codgers, but pretty representative of the demographic that we tend to see at TT. It also occurs to me that the business model of a drinking establishment whose USP is the degree of its dilapidation is probably long gone. I much prefer a traditional pub to the over presented and designed bars that we now have, and like to see the character of a place. But character does not mean lack of repair and maintenance and basic regard for the clientele. On that score, Bushy's may need to re-consider their model in all its outlets.
  6. Well, she has tidied up her appearance, has she tidied up her poor diction that seemed to want to gravitate towards a cod Northern Irish accent ?
  7. And I am too old.
  8. Not using Manx snake oil then, Stu?
  9. I see Rhumsaa about quite a bit. We met at a MF get together and if we make eye contact elsewhere just give each other a knowing nod. It is absolutely not good form to tap the side of one's nose with the index finger; that is a faux pas beyond redemption.
  10. Saw Rhumsaa striding through Rhumsaa this morning. Second time I have been to Ramsey in as many weeks. It's looking good and vibrant. Must make a day of it one day
  11. Top tip - avoid the cappuccino!
  12. Cannell's steak and kidney pies. Mmmm!
  13. I thought Glenside was a residential rather than a nursing home. They have different requirements, I think.
  14. Yes, if the allegations are untrue and you repeat them, you are publishing the defamation also.
  15. Yes, but hardly vile and disgusting. That contributor sounded like he had just got back from a disappointing night out. Sadly, he had nothing rational to say and, despite his best efforts, did more damage to the Manx identity than most who were despatched at Hango Hill.