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  1. He is also now decided to go for a 'proper' degree despite having had an unconditional offer since February for a very valid, but probably not very portable, degree. The whole process is so much more about selling now than when I went to Uni. You are now woo'd, given unconditional offers and a sweatshirt. It is business, but let's not allow that to denigrate the achievement of the exam results.
  2. Gladys

    Fabrice Miguet...

    Does death take a holiday?
  3. Well, I am very proud parent whose youngest has an A*, an A and a B and he didn't go to Douglas High. Your cynicism won't dent my smug self satisfaction!
  4. Gladys

    Hello World

    Not anymore!
  5. Gladys

    Pronunciation argument

    It should be pronounced as a K as x said.
  6. Gladys

    Manx Radio

    If there is a positive from Summerland, it did change very many building regs. I went to Uni in 1979 and all the building surveyor students knew about Summerland and the effect it had had on fire regs. That was quite pleasing.
  7. Gladys

    Manx Radio

    I don't think it was rebuilt. The fire destroyed the superstructure and what remained was the remodelled concrete base. The awful textured concrete panels remained. I only went into the night club there once, despite it having a bit of a cache, it wasn't my thing. You will have to remind me but I think the nightclub was where a lot of people died because the exit doors were chained.
  8. Gladys

    Manx Radio

    Summerland was not rebuilt. The fire destroyed the superstructure and the remaining concrete base was refurbished to the sports complex. I watched that event, it was horrific. We were in the Crescent Cinema watching a film for my Dad's birthday. When we came out we saw the smoke over the bay, lots of fire engines and ambulances screaming towards the north end of the prom. I was 13 and can remember shouting ' you are too late'. Summerland was a bright red and orange brick. My Mum told me to be quiet, as you did in those days. We went home and watched the TV news. My Dad went to the hospital to offer blood (universal donor O) For the next few days you could not get a telephone line, they were all out, overloaded I guess. After the event, we asked our friends if they were in there, hoping all were ok. We all exchanged stories of how close we were to being there. There was a terrible gloom. Then the newspaper pictures came out and the most memorable was of one poor soul, silhouetted against the fire on the concrete stairs with one arm up to shield them from the inferno. It was a defining moment for very person who lived here and one that every person who saw it will always carry. When we came back to live here in 2002, it was a very odd feeling taking my kids into the children's play area, walking across what was the main level and seeing the stage where I disastrously demonstrated my lack of talent in a talent show. I reconstructed the original in my head and felt uncomfortable and very sad. It does not need a memorial on the site, the memorial exists in every person that witnessed it and the aftermath.
  9. Gladys

    Summerland Sold

    Funnily enough, very similar to the original Summerland. Just be careful on the material used.
  10. Gladys

    Salt Herring

    Thanks, I saw that but then you have find the the salted fish.
  11. Gladys

    Salt Herring

    There are two dishes that I remember, with relish. The first was spuds and herring - only had it once but it does have an unforgettable taste, a good one btw. The second is saltfish and ackee, which was prepared by an old friend who had lived in Jamaica for many years. Just an unusual but lovely taste. I wasn't sure if it was the fish or ackee that did it. Have made it myself a couple of times but the ingredients are hard to source here. I now understand the connection - salted fish is good!
  12. High Net Worth Individual or a very rich bloke.
  13. Gladys

    Water wheel at Groudle Glen

    It is was not a proper operational wheel and was built as a little embellishment by the Victorians as I understand it. It is basically a bit of scene-setting, is that really heritage?
  14. Gladys

    Memorial Ride Out

    Good quote.
  15. Gladys

    Memorial Ride Out

    To be fair, John, she did turn it around after diagnosis. It is a shame that it took that to change her. I seem to recall she was more than brash and opinionated, she was downright nasty.