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  1. You were beyond poking distance.
  2. I have a spare fan you can have for nowt. It is on a tall stand so you can position it anywhere. Can't get any more efficient than free. PM me if you are interested.
  3. Flippancy aside, do we know why it was not suitable? It isn't a headstone by its very nature. Is that the problem? I am not sure size has much to do with it really, graveyards are a hotch potch of sizes and designs. Perhaps the fact that it is wood, and so can be expected to degrade, may be the real issue. Terribly sad, no matter what the reason, that there wasn't clear communication before it has become the issue it is. Communication is a two way thing, each side needs to be heard and hear. If it was the case that the family proposed this monument and was told it was not suitable but pushed on, then there is a different complexion to the matter. If there was no guidance and the monument erected, it is a different matter. Either way, it is a very sad thing.
  4. That's a standard Saturday night for some.
  5. Apparently, 'they' (not sure who exactly) are looking for volunteers to help clear out the old amusements arcade. People down there yesterday together with a 3fm van. All a bit of a garbled story, but does anyone know what is going on there?
  6. Quite often, Donald. I shall resist the urge to respond to Quilp to inform him that I do not have back stairs, but I do have a back passage and the staff aren't allowed there except on high days and holidays!
  7. Just how I like my men (but with a tie rather than a prawn).
  8. Without any disrespect to Roger Moore, the defining actor of the James Bond part was Sean Connery. But Roger Moore did do more than 007, and he also came across as a truly lovely person. RIP.
  9. Best to you Derek. Thanks for taking on some police related issues on here head on in a measured and balanced way.
  10. It is, but it conjures up visions of 20's chinless wonders bounding around with striped blazers and tennis racquets. A much more appealing vision than I have of hboy.
  11. You have the class and demeanour of a 1920's cad, sir. I applaud you. A decanter and Pimms, please say you are wearing your flannels whilst quaffing.
  12. The fact that neither can apply their minds to the business snd responsibility of a director, read or sign. Same argument for making a minor a director.
  13. I think I would agree. Certainly up there with the Greek mythologies.
  14. Fizzy wine isn't soda. For a picnic, I am quite happy with whatever the staff have packed and prepared .
  15. Have been to look at this home for a family member. It is only just open and is quite lovely, as are the staff, so I am hoping it is going to be a good move for them. The rooms are, well, roomy, each with a large en suite wet room. Nicely finished and furnished.