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  1. Dogshit Map...

    Indeed I do.
  2. Dogshit Map...

    Better that than treading in the poo. I really don't understand the issue. So, I walk with my dogs with a pocket full of nappy sacks. Watch them and when they poo, I pick it up. If there isn't a bin nearby, I leave it to one side to pick up on the return to bin, or take home and put it in the bin there. Where is the problem? No asbestos involved at all.
  3. Dogshit Map...

    No, I leave it on the pathway to pick up on the return.
  4. Best Of Youtube

    Wow, faith in humanity restored!
  5. Yes, thanks and edited.
  6. I think you can call yourself what you like, providing you are not attempting to deceive.
  7. Dogshit Map...

    What? The bagged poo or unbagged poo? If it was unbagged then I would say so, not sure about bagged as there is a clear intention not to leave your dog's fouling. Interesting point though.
  8. Dogshit Map...

    Yes, to collect it on the return journey and then bin it. No intention of leaving it, just of not carrying it where there is no bin.
  9. Nothing Compares 2 U

    Well, you know why we are wrong - we are all culturally ignorant Philistines.
  10. Dogshit Map...

    Etruscan dogshit in bag people please!
  11. Winnie Mandela...

    You are so right about gangsterism. Northern Ireland was exactly that - each side had its protection rackets far removed from 'the struggle'. It became a money earning struggle. No doubt, there were many who held the idealism, but many more who exploited the situation for their own enrichment. How better to keep it going then a few bombs or knee-capping?
  12. Winnie Mandela...

    Indeed. But that is what terrorists do - shock and fear. The oft used phrase "one man's freedom fighter is another's terrorist" is twaddle.
  13. Winnie Mandela...

    Without getting into the black vs white argument, Winnie was a proponent of necklacing. Wasn't that a punishment meted out to black 'traitors' involving putting a tyre round the neck, filled with petrol and set alight? Sounds like terrorism to me.
  14. Cyber terrorist jailed

    I knew one of them once. He failed
  15. I had another contender connected to this story.