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  1. Yorkie

    F1 2018

    They haven't refueled F1 cars mid race for a number of years!!
  2. Yorkie

    Tourism And The Cost Of Getting Here.

    Sorry to piss you all off and I know you dont work for the IOM tourist board........ I came to your Island at 17 years old and had a massive time. So have been back many times. My children have also grown up with the IOM experience, but we have given up recently.
  3. Yorkie

    Tourism And The Cost Of Getting Here.

    I have read this forum and tried slightly to join in but gave up a while ago. The way it seems to go is awful and seems very small minded. I used to love holidaying in the IOM but someone suggested just going to North Wales. Guess where we go now?
  4. Yorkie

    Is it time to introduce Graduated Driving Licences?

    "It's nearly 20 years since I had a speeding ticket - it was £40 then if I remember correctly, caught doing 85 on the M62 (along with everyone else, or so it seemed at the time)" If you did this speed on large parts of the M62 now, you along with anyone else doing the same would receive your fine and points through the post very soon. There are variable speed limit boards and cameras over each lane and positioned aprox 500 Meters apart. I try not to travel along it too often, but whenever I do, I can honestly say you do not see anyone doing hardly anything over the posted limit.
  5. Yorkie

    Knife Assault Suspect Arrested In Douglas

    You know something? I have been a lurker of this forum for lots of years, with occasional comments, most of which were derided (surprise). The way this Thomas Jefferson and others spout their anti-English bile sickens me massively, will not help any tourist industry. (Nobody listens? I am.) I have been a “come over” for the last 30 years (along with my wife and boys) because I love holidaying in the Isle of Man. I also have relatives that are “stop overs” too. We do not stop with them when we come to the Island!!! We pay for our accommodation and everything we do whilst on holiday. The negative views on this site are unbelievable!!!! I really must live in the most unbelievably bad conditions here in the UK?? Listening to some of the views on this site, I am a Chav or my children are. I am fat and drink too much (always get something right!) Sponge off the government (UK), smoke, eat Burger King takeaways (cos you aint got one) and when not eating Burger King, it’s Pizza Hut for tea. Fought my way through the masses last week, to pick my oldest child (17) and his mate from the Bingley Music Festival. He had been there all weekend (with his mate on the train) and was still alive? He loved every minute with no trouble. I also managed a superb afternoon out with my 10 year old at The Keighley and Worth Valley railway, on the way to pick them up (from Bingley). (We won’t talk about price comparison for the train line and quality of things to buy/see). The line is 4 and ¾ mile long (granted full size train) and it was packed. 3 Pullman cars serving Sunday lunch, the rest of the carriages full too. (Most folk Volunteers). We here in the UK salute you and bow down to your superiority! I had not realised it was that bad here in the shitty UK. I remember when I was much younger, watching all the young ladies taking their break/lunch on the prom gardens in Douglas. Must have missed them in August when we were last over. I am not in any position to tell anyone how to do what they should do, with regards tourism, I’m not an expert, but I am a tourist!!!!One last shout out for what I would like to call, best “newish” attempt at a tourist business. The Fudge Factory at Ballassalla, (very close to the runway). He spent lots of time explaining his goods (and providing tasters). Superb products and a good MANX product to support.
  6. Yorkie

    Isle Of Man Steam Racket ......at It Again

    Cost us £449 - 3 adults, 1 child plus car, return for 2 weeks begining of August, Saturday mid day(ish) sailings, cabin on way out (from Heysham), reserved seats on the way back (to Liverpool). We did book it some time ago though. It has cost us aprox £1150 for two different 4 star self catering accomodations, one in the South, the other in the West, both less than 150 Meters from the beach. £1600 total plus spends (which is the bit that really hurts!! But the same anywhere). Not cheap, but compared with other options not too bad. Try checking out how much it costs to go to Normandy/Brittany with one of the self catering/camping companies taking your car for 2 weeks, in the summer holidays (eg Eurocamp/Canvas holidays). It can easily rain there too, before someone mentions the weather. We stopped even looking at the costs to fly abroad a number of years back, the prices have just got stupid. So I guess you will have to put up with at least one family of tourists this year, we promise to be quiet and tidy up after ourselves. Yorkie.
  7. Yorkie

    Public Transport - Giving Up Your Seat

    "Having missed the return steam train, we were forced to take the bus - not something we'd done for years. A nice shiny silver bus ride in the sunshine was absolutely ruined by a few grubby filthy haired people and the diarrhetic outpourings of foul language as illustrated too frequently on here." Think me and my family may have got on this bus too if it was about 4 weeks ago and one of the offenders got off at Ballasalla?!
  8. Yorkie

    Tourism And The Cost Of Getting Here.

    We came back on holiday to The Isle Of Man (again), we stopped in Douglas for a week. Loved it! My children would come back every time.(if I could afford it) We came as foot passangers on Mannannan (too many n's there i think) We could not afford to shop in the shops near by where we were stopping (£7.00ish for bottle of wine) and take-aways at least 30% more than at home! (Central Prom) 5 day pass for bus/rail whoooo too pricey. Kids go free with adult,but eldest son now 16, cost £110+. Gotta go some to get your moneys worth and believe me we did try!!! Can I just say what a great night out we had at Onchan Raceway, watching the Stockcars, could not believe how much fun we had!!! Pity you all seem to hate it.
  9. Yorkie

    Solar Panels

    "The main benefit with the electricity part is that it stops the huge and I mean massive, waste of power that is consumed by the mains electricity cables that travel from the power station to your home. Its like if you try and join a lot of extention leads together, the strimmer, say that you connect 100m away from the plug will barley turn round, same sort of thing but on a massive scale." Eh???? What sort of cables do you use over there? If you are getting that much volt drop over 100m it should be 30 degrees in the shade in the middle of winter, with the heat created in all your electrical distribution network.
  10. "It's a five minute (3 minute for Cambon) walk to Squires Gate where you can get a train to Preston or Blackpool North." It would take over an hour and a change of train to get to Blackpool North from Squires Gate.
  11. It is also 4 miles from Blackpool airport to Blackpool North train station (Where the London trains would likely start from).
  12. Yorkie

    Not Mot Again?

    I have put many cars through the UK MOT test and it is always a fully trained MOT tester that has done the test never a "grease monkey mechanic". The last one we had done, the MOT tested called in sick and we had to wait until another trained technician could be brought in form another test centre. It really is not worth any test centre over here bending the rules.
  13. Yorkie

    Things To Do For Visiting Kids?

    What's The carting and Stock cars like at Onchan Park????
  14. Yorkie

    Not Manx

    Maybe posted this twice?? Sorry If I have. I am now 46 years old and been many places on holiday, work, etc, I have been a vistror to your Fine Country for 30 years on and off. Initially as a 17 year old "fool" who knew nothing, but fell in love with you and your land. There were a few more attractions at the time of my 17 Birthday visit, most being the young ladies working in Douglas's hotels! Still since then I have been back again, many times, with partners, wives and children. You live there and I hope you love it, but I really believe you do not understand what you have on your doorstep. I read threads about scrapping the Horse Trams, Stream Trains, Electric Trams Etc, Etc. Etc ???? I am not a stream train "nerd" at all and can fully understand that your transport system needs closely looking at. Trains should run more frequent and not always steam. I know that there is little anyone can do about bringing the price down, where are they going to go to fetch tourists to the island, but when Anglesey can pull the same holidaymakers in that the IOM is trying to, without the (£200 - foot passangers, £500 - with car) where are they going to go ?? We have been to Anglesey for the last few years. We've also been to IOM as well, but only because I and my family love it. it aint going to last very long is it? Especially if they read these forums.