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  1. How long to Heysham ferry?

    The M6 Toll as much as I hate handing over my dosh is definitely worth the cost especially when under pressure heading for the ferry
  2. Manx Gas MD to resign (?)

    It is my intention to publish the first/initial letter really soon. I have a reason to hold back a little longer but the gloves are off. Gas consumers with me at the driving seat have no chance of progression with this unless I keep it in the public domain. Please forgive me for keeping the subject alive on here. I need all the publicity I can get. :-)
  3. Manx Gas MD to resign (?)

    I'm ok. I stuck a plaster on it. :-)
  4. Manx Gas MD to resign (?)

  5. Manx Gas MD to resign (?)

    I will post a summary letter I wrote to the Committee later.
  6. Manx Gas MD to resign (?)

  7. Manx Gas MD to resign (?)

    I have on behalf of our social media group have sent in two letters since the Committee meeting earlier in the year and summed up our case relating to banding standing charges. The argument is much more involved than just the banding issue now. We are awaiting a decision from the Government and hope for a change. I remain positive.
  8. Manx Gas MD to resign (?)

  9. Car Tax Stealth Tax - Ray Harmer Broken Promises

    I totally agree. I'd love to be able to get a new car. The reality is I simply cannot afford the finance every month. In effect once again the better off that can afford the finance get the better car tax deal and those struggling are hammered with higher rates. It's blamed at emissions. I blame it as unfair.
  10. DED spit the dummy over Airbnb?

    They are a bit in the respect that there are many unregulated/unregistered properties Albert. That said from a standards point of view many will be very good even excellent, however some will be poor. All that is fine I guess providing the guest knows there are no particular standards. That's what makes Airbnb unique. There is a dispute resolution service too. I've not had to use it so can't say much about it. Uber funnily enough tries to use its own regulations. I think this is largely to ensure that the drivers remain self employed as opposed to employed by them although that said I believe a couple of drivers have already won a court case in the UK which backed the drivers claims they were employed. In both Airbnb and Uber scenarios the long term problem is really for the individuals involved in the businesses and not the customers. Airbnb is designed if you like to give a few quid to people that have a spare room, house, villa etc but there simply are no checks done on the local laws. All these non-regulated properties have an effect on registered and regulated properties. With these there has to be a standard to keep the star ratings or even the doors open. Uber in the long term have the intention to introduce driverless cars so I guess that's a good reason to keep all the drivers self employed as it's easier when they make thousands of them redundant. Both however are popular to the customers because largely there are good deals to be had. Is regulation a good thing. It is I think if everyone plays the same game. When some cut costs by not registering their properties for tourism to me it seems unfair at least but also in the long term will reduce standards and possibly the amount of registered properties too. Only time will tell. That's only what I think. As in all cases I may actually be wrong.
  11. DED spit the dummy over Airbnb?

    It's all good mate. Your idea was my original idea so I appreciate your way of thinking.
  12. DED spit the dummy over Airbnb?

    I run a 3 bedroom holiday home on the island. Illegally listed properties on the island or in our case Douglas will probably cause our little business to eventually fail. Because of our ongoing expenses, we find it increasingly difficult to match the prices of illegally listed properties particularly on Airbnb. The reason why really is to do with standards that we must provide and what we can provide for the least amount of money. TT and MGP don't effect us at all but the rest of the year it's really difficult to get bookings with so much unregulated competition. For these advertisers the job in many cases is a hobby and failure wouldn't be a major issue. Running a tourism property correctly of course is a serious time consuming business where failure isn't an option. To summarise all this, I'm in favour of regulation. It's not always about the numbers of property available, sometimes the quality is more important. If anyone is interested my property is "Cooil House" Douglas.
  13. Manx Gas MD to resign (?)

    Just a quick update. The Committee formed by the CM has been up and running for sometime now. I have been in to see them. The opinions of our little FB group regarding Banding Standing Charges have been portrayed and a follow up letter has also been sent in to add additional information. Now it's just a waiting game.
  14. Sure Home Phone and Unlimited Broadband Price Increase

    Overall I cannot fault the service from Sure. Good 4G coverage, good reception and decent enough customer support. They have now released a totally unlimited call, message and data service at £40 a month. I'm on that. Can't fault it either. I have their home 4G service. Decent enough 20+MBPS and discounted price because of I have the mobile. They even threw in a free router for that.
  15. Bus Vannin. More waste/good idea?

    Fair enough.