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  1. Woody2 needs to take the right sized wellies next time, then they won't get away nor the sheep.
  2. Your kids will disown you by then anyway after making them spend most of their youth being driven in a Dacia Sandero.
  3. The voice of experience.
  4. just like taxi drivers and removal men.
  5. Woody2 is not that fussy.
  6. They all see cyclists, the physical strength and shear masculine power drawers their eyes and bewilders them. In woody2's case its excites their homoerotic fantasies, it must be an awakening experience to see a powerful yet vulnerable road warrior master the mountain without need for a moped, it must make them look inwards at just how pathetic and weak they really are despite the 22 stone Lemmy crossed with meatloaf lookalike persona they affect.
  7. You really should try wearing Lycra you will love it too much I bet. Anyhow round town I don't wear lycra does not really go with my bmx.
  8. At least one of them could spell, already overly qualified for that line of work here.
  9. It is an odd thing though, given many modern grave markers that are not deemed unsuitable are ghastly overly camp designs with piss poor poetry etc.
  10. Not sure, I worked in government offices once and they had a sign up that said 'you don't have to be mad to work here but it helps' they were all totally mad in a depressed alcoholic self limiting sort of way.
  11. On the plus side by the time they got to the airport they will be convinced that the island is a shithole worse than Aleppo, so they may have second thoughts.
  12. Says the pikey who posts about fairground rides.
  13. Certainly a more beautiful corpse than your fetid splodge.
  14. Cyclists are just like pedestrians but better.