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  1. This is all just preaching to the converted its trying to keep the kids engaged so they don't escape the net, have to keep them through the rebellious teen years or they lose them before they can start scamming the 10% out of their first pay packet, it will be a few more years before they can lock them in with the marriage, kids and shit job servicing south africans / ripping of africans so they have to be extra vigilant and employ bearded ladies and overly tatooed men with stupid beards to show they are even more 'down' than everyone else even though it is all just fake.
  2. You lot really don't know your onions.
  3. The reality is I have never failed to get parked just not always easy to see the parks due to bad layout, rip out the bushes and change the flow to one way would make a massive difference to the main carpark.
  4. It should be only accessible before 11.45am with a valid appointment letter, after then ie visiting hours it could continue free of charge to all, this would enable access to those who need to be there and stop those who are abusing the system currently assuming that is the problem.
  5. Aunt Sally?
  6. Cat6 or you are a complete tit, just saving you from 7 more posts of wifi is the devil from Tempus Fruitcake, cause your powerline wifi extender has just made his chat with some lonely Russian oil rig worker or dog kissing weirdo a no go, well it hasn't actually but it might well so stop now!
  7. great skill.
  8. Probably lives in Birch Hill, sure they have to pay Onchan rates up there despite not being part of real Onchan.
  9. Keep on rock'n grandad.
  10. The remnants of dog poo trodden into your bedroom carpets?
  11. Not sure how I came across this but looks like the Howstrake camp is still there for any other manx rappers wanting to shoot a vid.
  12. Looks like a rogue cyclist has been at it again this morning. www.facebook.com%2FIOMpolicemedia%2Fposts%2F1679233102111021 phew, actually no cyclists involved in this one.
  13. You mean pensioners and taxi drivers don't you.
  14. You mean you aren't? Really? who would have thought, you seem so up to speed with everything. My solution would be to produce local content only for online, then we can see every metric possible and none of that expensive radio infrastructure, I am afraid it would probably decimate Manx Radio advertising revenue but then without the expensive radio infrastructure they could manage easily on a reduced subvention.