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  1. Deeply held religious beliefs, you mean believing made up stuff? About your most succinct post ever and its still rubbish.
  2. Mr moss was a director of living hope up until he was recently barred from being a director, he is still a pastor so your statement of fact conceals an association with Living hope. I assume the Louis group would only hire those who were believers so are you denying that you are a follower of Christ or do you accept him as your Lord and saviour?
  3. I do hope hooded ram retain the entertainment, we really liked the guy who pukes in his pint, shouts wahey, instantly forgets and proceeds to drink said pint only to then realise its a pint of puke.
  4. Do you believe in the risen Christ, or are you c of e?
  5. Ceefax was first, oracle stole their idea, always been the way, Bushy's was a rip off from Firkin pubs and so on...
  6. I agree its not really essential to give creaking old people hip replacements.
  7. Really?? All whites are purple in his eyes.
  8. Libtard Corbynite.
  9. Back in the day we didn't need to import pissheads to get shitfaced and be found face down on a beach, but thankfully the strength of the TT brand is putting us back on the map for shitfaced lonely old men.
  10. There is a thing called PR and banks have marketing departments who are supposed to have a clue, a simple prize like a donation to a local charity of the winners choice would have increased the PR value rather than this 'oh what an amazing prize, a mere mortal like me could be provide the background photo for a bank poster' .
  11. Tarde is a fan of guzzling Connor's special brew by the bucket.
  12. Trying to catch me out by posting as notwell, I won't buy it you are not woodtarde even if you say you are.
  13. You know he has, though most of them have the good sense to turn him down hence the resentment.
  14. Not really, though I guess the professional would have to bring a pristine turd, and TJ would have to add his personal touch to ensure an accurate re-take, does not sound like much of a prize to be fair.