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  1. Manx Radio

    No one takes dilligaff seriously though he's just an old has been, Manx radio is like comfort blanket that helps the poor sod cope with the pains of old age. You wank off over Judith Ley ? Explains a lot that, be Horlicks time soon nightee night.
  2. Manx Radio

    News, a working website, video content, local competitions engaging schools and work places, oh and adverts but no where near as intrusive as the way Manx radio do it. They are a radio station trying to be a radio station not some weird attempt at social engineering that Manx Radio is trying and failing to be.
  3. The Growler and the Penis.

    Why, women love big cocks? Oh I see your predicament Mr big hands.
  4. Manx Radio

    Aye, for a bunch of decrepit useless old wrinklees they certainly bone us all.
  5. Manx Radio

    The technology is shit though, the output is just random cuts between cameras and completely pointless mainly because it's radio and let's face it if looks had been a factor in employment you would still be driving taxis, and that's a compliment as what would the rest of them do? Suppose if MR actually ever asked a tough and unexpected question then a close up of the interviewees response might give some insight but as that never happens and all it does is randomly cut to wide or the presenter it's just pointless crap, as for their own version of iPlayer? Embedding YouTube clips in a webpage is not iPlayer.
  6. McVegan - Yay or Nay

    Or you just do things like eat a Mc vegan just so you can start a new thread on Manx forums and subtly drop in the look at me a worldly traveller and all that, what ever happened to the good old days where we could keep the attention seeking to nice shots of near fatal car crashes on the old castletown road.
  7. David's Exciting Day Out

    Thank God you don't post on here more, I take it your spite is aimed at the pleasant retired old man who hangs out there, if you have a problem with him why not have a little chat and sort it out like a real person, rather than tarnishing him as a Manx forums poster.
  8. David's Exciting Day Out

    Nice use of spastic, was that a group decision or just the current user login?
  9. Not much of one, he drives a dacia
  10. 12 pages in and not a squeak or shout from the forum addicted government lickspittle things must really be not well.
  11. Who killed JFK?

    Woody is a complete tool?
  12. Time to get Rid?

    If the internet tells us anything, it is that you are always wrong.
  13. Coast

    Know what you mean, I love looking at parked cars and cars driving past, oh look at that car it's really nice not sure about the colour though.

    All road tax payed for the one cycle lane on peel road, so I enjoy it tax free, stick it fat boys.
  15. Something wrong with the world's thinking

    Sorry, did I miss the whole thing about child porn downloaders getting taken out by drone launched missile attacks?