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  1. Nurses don't need a work permit in the isle of man . It is among the list of jobs that don't need a work permit. I don't think that the newspaper article mentioned anything about a work permit and was mentioning about 'paperwork problems' . Nurses trained outside the EU have to pass qualifying exams to get their registration.
  2. stock market crash

    I wish I had more as well. I had many more last year but sold most of it when the prices hit around 3k and I thought that was the top. Which wallet do you use ? I use Mycelium but are there any others which are better ?
  3. From what I have read it could be as low as 2p per mile if you can get the cheaper off peak electric . Problem is that AFAIK the plug in cars with a petrol engine and an battery with an external charging facility don't qualify for the off peak electric. You need to have a pure electric car for this.
  4. My major issue with the Leaf is that it looks weird. The 2018 model though looks better . Hyundai on the other hand has decided to make its EV look like a normal car .
  5. Some EV's have a portion of the main battery partitioned off (like a hard drive ) for the lights/general electrics etc.
  6. I'm fairly certain that the lower electric tarrif with off peak rates is still available even without a fancy EV . At least this was the case when I used to live in a flat with a electric storage heater for heating/ water . Cheaper rates off peak ( for a few hours mid day and again after midnight to around 0700 hrs from what I remember) Was worth delaying start of the washer dryer and dishwasher to start off after midnight.. AFAIK the lower off peak rate is available from several leccy companies across as well.
  7. The VED is only £5 per year (or is it zero now??? )for EV's even in the IOM. One can argue that its a subsidy as the EV's use the same roads. The problem is that electric cars are still more expensive than a similar ICE car. Without subsidy there will not be any early adopters and without that there wouldnt be scaling and increased use .The average cost price will get cheaper as the production scales up . The VED/subsidy can then be changed at this point. (An example is the Tesla which with the model 3 ) Case in point is the increase in VED for hybrids and other low emission vehicles in the UK from this year.
  8. Is there a separate meter for the car charger?. Off peak electric for the whole house would be excellent if you use a timer and run the washer dryer/dishwasher etc while charging the car ;-)
  9. Very attractive for people with a limited company (more so in the UK) With an EV , though the initial cost is higher , the overall cost of ownership will be far lower over the life of the car . No benefit in Kind tax for a Electric car and that's a straight 20% off the purchase price. Not worth buying new though unless there are very good additional tax benefits). The IOM doesn't give any except the BIK exemption AFAIK , unlike in the UK where you get a few grand off the list price. The Residual values for used EV's are very low. I.e like the old git its better to pick up a 2 year old used car with plenty of life in the battery left for just over a third of the original price. The distances covered in the IOM is perfect for electric cars . Most of us won't commute more than 20-30 miles a day. There are also less parts that can go wrong on a pure EV. Servicing costs are also far less. The bulk of the expense will be replacing the battery. Low or zero VED is a bonus . Most EV manufacturers give anywhere from 60k to 100000 miles warranty on the battery or between 5-8 years lifespan. However the battery just doesn't stop working one day and its a gradual deterioration depending on how well it is looked after . Even half of the official range of the leaf (accounting for battery degradation over time ) will be more than enough for most of us on the island .. I am still not brave enough to get a EV as the only car . Will still have a ICE car as a back up for longer trips across..
  10. I didn't know this either :-( . I am also planning to buy an Electric car and was reading up about it and asking people who know/use EV's. According to my mate most dealers don't understand this as they are mostly used to selling cars with ICE* *Internal Combustion Engine .
  11. What was the mileage?? A mate of mine works in the industry . Unlike cars which run on fossil fuels its better to get a higher mileage EV car if going for a used one of the same production year. Infrequent use and partial charging kills the battery So a 2015 with 20000 miles on it is a better buy than a 2015 with 4000 odd miles on it over 2 years (and was probably used once a week ;-)
  12. Not in English but this is a review of the pizza oven .
  13. My mate has a electric pizza oven. Its called a Ferrari (like the car) and red in colour. The pizza made with it was delicious and perfectly cooked. I don't usually eat pizza but I have to admit that it was very good.
  14. Is this the scheme in which the boiler is leased from Manx gas ?
  15. i thought that there was no standing charge if you only use gas for cooking ? At least that's what I heard from my neighbour who switched to oil for heating and has a gas hob for cooking.