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  1. Racism

    But Judaism is not a race !
  2. International SIM Card Operators

    I have tried almost everything on the market and unless someone else is paying for it , its far cheaper to use a PAYG on arrival. If going on business travel, you can always check if your contact can arrange a SIM for you on arrival ( never been refused from any of the Asian countries ). This includes countries like Myanmar (Burma) and India with Strict KYC rules for SIM cards. If travelling in Europe/US get a 3 network SIM. I have a dual sim phone in which I keep a 3 network SIM and the SIM of the country I am in and it's my travel phone. . Even works perfectly well while I am on the Island . As long as you are okay to call them back it shouldn't be a problem
  3. Plans for lord street

    It says that the multiplex and Travelodge have already been let out .Isn't it good news /positive for this project. Much better than building something and then waiting for tenants . Travelodge will do well as the sea terminal passengers can just walk across the road and reach it . Also great location for tourists as the horse tram is located right around the corner. Steam trains are a few minutes walk away. A better location than premier inn as hopefully some of the rooms will have a sea view.
  4. Manx Radio site when overseas

    I wonder if there is a IP block from certain countries. Some of the UK websites are blocked from the IOM by the way For example Cineworld UK cannot be accessed from the IOM without a UK proxy AFAIK http://www.cineworld.co.uk
  5. Bitcoin

    XRP (Ripple ) is where money has been heading recently.. However it is a centralised currency with a lot of backing from banks etc. rather than a decentralised currency like Bitcoin. The concept of ripple seems interesting. At the moment if money has to be transferred between USA to UK , the fastest possible way to get the money here is by actually getting on a aircraft and flying it in ( Seems ridiculous in this day and age ) Ripple may be able to do it in seconds.
  6. Bitcoin

    Does it have multiple wallets inside?. AFAIK if the coins are in multiple wallets the transaction fee can be high.
  7. What is the point of this for the cost?

    Cars registered in the IOM in the last few years used to come up on the UK database ( my experience was with Aviva car insurance ,) The older car 2005 registered did not come up on this .
  8. Bitcoin

    I sold most of my bitcoins when it reached around £3000 2 months ago. Its over £11698 per bitcoin now. :-(
  9. local costume hire

    Try their Facebook page.Think it has a phone number ..
  10. local costume hire

    http://lmgtfy.com/?q=fancy+dress+isle+of+man Have used the first one on the list a few years ago and they were great. Not sure if they still trade.
  11. What happens when you sell? AFAIK IOM doesn't tax capital gains .
  12. Bullionbypost is great . However they have another business called https://www.gold.co.uk where the prices are slightly lower. The websites are similar and they are both part of the same company Jewellery Quarter Bullion Limited (JQB). Is the Isle of man based gold bullion company still trading ???
  13. I am very annoyed at this article from the daily fail http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5055467/Lewis-Hamilton-avoided-VAT-16-5million-private-jet.html Halfway down the article they have a box in blue which says How people use the Isle of Wight's tax rules to avoid paying VAT They are still confusing us with the Isle of wight ;-)
  14. 4G Broadband

    Are there LAN sockets on the router they supply?.