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  1. Paypal blacklisting IOM?

    It's ok because soon when everyone who wants to buy, sell or earn money has to accept the mark of the Beast then there'll be no issues....unless of course they don't accept the Mark of the Beast.
  2. Untrustorthy Civil Servants

    I certainly don't recall making any such statement, do you have me confused with another forum member?
  3. Untrustorthy Civil Servants

    From making burgers????
  4. Untrustorthy Civil Servants

    What can i say, I miss the old place. Have you missed me?
  5. Untrustorthy Civil Servants

    But you have given them your information, I would hazard an educated guess that the Government know more about you than you think they do. Despite your protestations in the vain hope that you come across as some kind of rebel who flies under the radar you are well and truly in the system.
  6. Where's Allan Bell

    No one wishes to hassle him, I merely asked a question based on talk at the time of people thinking he would vanish off into the sunset. For my part I very much liked the man, not a saint but a very good statesman and a likeable chap, I personally, wish him the very best.
  7. Where's Allan Bell

    'Where's Wally' but I wonder more 'Where's Allan Bell these days. Did he fly off to retire in the sun or has he remained on Ellan Vannin?
  8. The Men from MARS are back

    This is pretty much 100% accurate. Too much of this goes on, amalgamation of divisions/departments and yet no reduction in management, the upside down pyramid created by dysfunctional leadership.
  9. Need A New Mosque?

    Abraham had many sons, two of which were Ishmael and Isaac, according to Bible 1 Isaac is the forefather of Judaism and Ishmael the forefather of Islam. Ishmael and his mother were cast to the desert by Abraham to apparently die (they didn't), and God asked Isaac to kill Isaac to prove his devotion to God, he was about to do it but then God said "No, stop!". The Jewish and Islamic hatred of each other is born of sibling rivalry and still remains today, ultimately there is hope from non-fundamentalists on both sides that this once good relationship of brothers will unite the two faiths. As we know Christianity stems from Judaism as Jesus was King of the Jews, and Christianity became because of the following of Christ. Fundamentally the Torah and the Quran say the same thing and both sets of people think that they are God's chosen people and that everyone else are essentially infidels, personally I think the whole lot is a pile of shit, but then everyone is free to do and believe as they wish as long as no harm comes to anyone else, although all the aforementioned "Faiths" are extremely sexist, homophobic and every other ist and phobic going and those that believe it would appear to be low in IQ and/or not grown up enough yet to let go of the notion of having an imaginary friend as some children have, but hey, whatever, atleast the hall is getting used. Rad, do you imagine the Muslims are congregating there to plot terrorist attacks against the Foxdale freedom fighters or something akin to this?
  10. Massive Overhaul Of Govt Depts Proposed By Tony Brown

    This Island is going to be what is commonly known as "fucked", house is going on the market and I'm out of here, I would imagine that i'm not alone in my thinking.
  11. Massive Overhaul Of Govt Depts Proposed By Tony Brown

    Government = Politicians & Civil Servants = Bunch of Cunts
  12. Crazy Red Bmw Driver On The Mountain This Afternoon

    No worries....this is my final post ya muppets I've got too much living to do....and no I'm not an angry person, my life is awesome thanks and, funnily enough I'm not a short person either so that pisses on yer stereotyping nonsense losers!!!
  13. Crazy Red Bmw Driver On The Mountain This Afternoon

    Pity we could not direct this comment towards the driver of the BMW. I don`t have any issues but why should I nearly have to stuff my car into the hedge"and potentially lose a life" because of some knob driving ON MY SIDE OF THE ROAD. Well use a different road you twat
  14. [BBC News] Island's bus workers go on strike

    You ain't back pedalling that easily dickhead .... Hboy....would that be short for homosexual boy by any chance....and you are quite correct I ain't back pedalling that easily cos I ain't back pedalling at all...you are obviously ignorant of sarcasm......I just come on here to stir up hornests nests for my own personal entertainment when I'm bored...you toby!!! Anyone who pays any credance to my comments or even entertains me by reacting or responding to my posts is a fool
  15. [BBC News] Island's bus workers go on strike

    Great another government knob-jockey pontificating about how the recession will have no impact on them from the safety of their gold plated job and gold plated pension. Your full of sh*t I'm afraid but it was obvious where yoiu worked from the tone of your initial post - unconcerned, smart arsed, and far too self assured by your own invulnerability to what is happening to everyone else. Some of you are soooo easy to wind up it's hilarious..oh I do have such fun...you need to lighten up, what will happen...will happen and there ain't diddley shit you or I can do about it...so wind yer neck in.......and get an education while you are at it cos you obviously don't understand the written word very well