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  1. yootalkin2me

    So kfc might be coming to peel road

    McDonald's, Dominoes and now KFC....wow, it's a perfect trio of culinary delights to ensure a healthy diet for all.
  2. September usually heralds the beginning of Autumn.
  3. yootalkin2me

    Popular Rider Critical...

    More than a hint of sarcasm in your post, perhaps?
  4. yootalkin2me

    News content

    She didn't really sell antiques unless o course you count useless old shite as antiques.
  5. yootalkin2me


    And quite rightly so, the Earth is flat. Also, man has not been to the moon, vaccinations are poison and dinosaurs never existed.
  6. yootalkin2me

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    Where's the fun in that?
  7. yootalkin2me

    Monstrous old scrounger

    Regardless of age, these, including the ilk that you mention, are all thieving cunts.
  8. yootalkin2me

    Monstrous old scrounger

    I makes you wonder what the fuck the civil servants at Markwell House, or wherever they are now, actually do?
  9. yootalkin2me

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    Good point...maybe one day all the dinosaurs will be extinct and a younger lot get in and see common sense. This island is too conservative and means far too much with Christian religious dogma.
  10. yootalkin2me

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    Hardly ground-breaking ffs....still a ban on recreational use with THC, which is a breach of human rights, if an adult wants to grow their own marihuana and ingest it then it shouldn't be prohibited.
  11. yootalkin2me

    Popular Rider Critical...

    I didn't write you would miss it, I wrote that if anyone missed it....can you not read English??
  12. yootalkin2me

    Popular Rider Critical...

    Neil.....and just in case anyone missed it from LC you thought ut best to quote him with the video....genius!
  13. yootalkin2me


    I find it odd that there are people who believe anything anyone in a supposed position of authority tell 'em witout any independant critical thought whatsoever.....that's sheeple for you!
  14. yootalkin2me


    I am a firm believer that chem trails, weather modification and air poisoning has happened and is happening but there's fiddly squat we can do about it. Even of you complain who's going to listen, and if they do you'll just be locked as a tin foil hat wearing paranoid conspiracy theorist.
  15. yootalkin2me

    Good job we are not Malta

    No point, itll probably end in a whitewash. Talking of whitewash, can you say putting on a load whites for a wash...or is that racist too?