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  1. yootalkin2me


    About time
  2. yootalkin2me

    How much will this cost us?

    I looked at the title and initially thought.....50p at a guess, am I correct?
  3. yootalkin2me


    You should lay off the drugs Max
  4. yootalkin2me

    More argy Bargy over social housing rents

    That is too far, you've attempted to push this over to the negative side and I can't allow it, this was always about right over wrong and the communal sense of it.
  5. yootalkin2me

    Royal Wedding

    Fuck the monarchy, bunch of freeloading Illuminati satanic paedophiles
  6. yootalkin2me

    Police in drugs factory bust

    It's irrelevant when the dam/reservoir was built because the fields have been there for yonks and have probably always had magic mushrooms in them.
  7. yootalkin2me

    Lets Walk and Cycle to Work...Patronising Twaddle

    It's for eleccy bikes too so you don't have to be one of those "I'm so fit and healthy" cycling bores (who are also bedridden for weeks on end with even the slightest cold) to ride one, its like cycling but almost without cycling.
  8. yootalkin2me

    Company submits coffee shop plans

    Damn it, the OP's thread title had me all excited as I thought coffee shop meant as in Amsterdam coffee shop selling marijuana in a variety of forms but no it's another boring coffee shop that sells...well...coffee and maybe some pastries. Btw where the fuck did all this coffee drinking bollocks come from, we're not Italy for fuck sake!
  9. yootalkin2me

    Ribena - Stockpiling

    Again, this is local news how exactly?
  10. yootalkin2me

    Chester Street Car Park

    Barrie is correct, there was indeed an office of sorts at the top of the ramp as you enter the car park from nesr Sam Webb's.And a man did 'take care' of both car parks. 'Twas DoLGE back then too.
  11. yootalkin2me

    Dogshit Map...

    You should try using Vanish, get on yer hands and knees and scrub.
  12. yootalkin2me

    Dogshit Map...

    I like dogs, I just don't like the owners
  13. yootalkin2me

    Police in drugs factory bust

    Ah young sprout, little ye know, I be as old as Methuselah and yet as young as a new born.
  14. yootalkin2me

    Police in drugs factory bust

    What's that got to do with anything?
  15. yootalkin2me

    Police in drugs factory bust

    You say there's not a lot after that but you forgot to mention about getting fucked up on mushrooms up at Sulby reservoir....I bet they did that...or something similar.