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  1. Budget 2018

    I highly recommend that you seek professional help immediately.
  2. Budget 2018

    It was a good budget and all you naysayers can keep your negativity, this Island is continuing on the up and up.
  3. Plans for lord street

    Thanks for that SoS, I shall read reports in full in future.
  4. Plans for lord street

    What would be better would be a Travelodge built on top of a multi storey (at least three storey) car park. This will cater for the parking spaces lost to the building, parking spaces required for guests, parking spaces lost on Loch Promenade and parking spaces allegedly required at the moment.
  5. Plans for lord street

    Rog, IoM Government is massively reducing it's lease agrrements and moving staff to Government owned properties therefore I very much doubt it'll be leasing any part of the development, ergo you are way off the mark.
  6. Ballasalla Bypass

    Or in this case the bypass to disaster
  7. Ballasalla Bypass

    I would have thought that if the light fittings are double insulated and don't have an earth terminal (because they don't need one) then as long as you have a complete eand continuous earthing (CPC) all you need to do is terminate the CPCs at a connector block.
  8. responsibilities?

    That's the problem with national politics on a small island scale, Joe Bloggs knows John Smith MHK or sees him in the pub or shop and has a go about a pot hole because they are too shit thick or lazy to contact the organisation that is responsible directly.
  9. responsibilities?

    Wasn't there a Matt Bawden who used to post on here, had something to do with traffic lights, maybe he still reads MF and could get it sorted out.
  10. responsibilities?

    From my observations of pedestrian crossings, we'll, these new ones, are that the green man comes on for a bit and then goes out, neither green man not red man are shown for a fair few more seconds and the red man then comes on but the red is till to traffic. I think it's to allow people to cross in good time but also to deter people wanting to cross after a certain time. I'm no expert but that's my take on it anyhow. Why doesn't the caller just ring the DOI because I think it's them that do all that kind of thing.
  11. Drink Driving

    I'm not sure I agree, when I used to play Sega rally whilst stoned I was rather really good and got loads of time extensions but when I played it when not stoned i rarely, if ever, got a single time extension and was pretty crap at it.
  12. Drink Driving

    Imagine the scenario: person A drinks four JD and cokes, gets in the car and drives and is driving rather splendidly until person B smashes into themand subsequently person A smashes intoperson C, person B is a 90 year old man who has cataracts and the reflexes of a tortoise in syrup, person C is a monged out housewife who has had a Prozac or two. They all get breathalised and it transpires that person A, who was driving well is the pariah on account that they drank four JD and cokes but their driving wasn't impaired, person's B and C are not prosecuted but person A has a spell at the Jurby Hilton awaiting It seems that justice is served
  13. Brolly Dollies...the end is nigh

    That's barely a coherent statement
  14. Brolly Dollies...the end is nigh

    That's not actually factual though is it, it's based on your own assumptions. You have absolutely no idea whatsoever as to who has called for this change, you may claim to know but you actually don't, you just go along with the general narrative.
  15. Brolly Dollies...the end is nigh

    Death is also associated with speed but you don't see race organisers parading corpses around the fucking start/finish line.