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  1. Apologies for asking, but who/what is a HNWI?
  2. Bray Hill


    What’s has been built in the fields behind Douglas Head. Have NASA relocated to the IOM?
  3. Bray Hill

    Unfinished House

    There is a big unfinished mansion in Foxdale which seems to have come to a complete standstill for the past few months. Have the owners ran out of cash?
  4. Bray Hill

    New Development

    Just being nosey - what is being built on the old abatoir site in Tromode.
  5. Bray Hill


    Would anybody happen to know - Who is covering the cost of the new road layout on Cooil Road providing access to the new car dealership being built on private land?
  6. Bray Hill

    Cherry Orchard

    Hello Manxman2000 I have just sent you a pm. Thanks
  7. Bray Hill

    Cherry Orchard

    Hi, Would anybody know of anyone who owns timeshare at the Cherry Orchard in Port Erin. Thanks in advance.
  8. Bray Hill

    Help Required

    Happy New Year to everyone and best wished for 2017. Help Required Sadly we had to say goodbye to our Westie on Christmas Eve. Bailey was 11 years old and born on or around the 8th December (just in the process of locating all his KC papers etc). We know he had brothers/sisters as he was part of a litter of 8. I am fairly certain that we have not bumped into any of his brothers/sisters over the years - but we might have. I am just hoping that someone out there might know of someone/family who has a pet Westie of a similar age, the birthday will have to be a December birthday. The lady who we bought Bailey from had a house in King Edward Close, she actually lives/lived on the Ramsey Road but used the King Edward Road house for the birth of the pups before selling the house. I am enquiring because I am hoping that there might be someone out there who has a brother/sister who might have gone on to have a litter of their own. We are possibly looking for a pup from the same bloodline. I am not posting this on Facebook as I am hoping to keep this as a surprise for the family. It is still early days and feelings are still very raw at out sudden loss but just thought I would start making enquiries. Thanks in advance and all information will be much appreciated.
  9. Bray Hill

    Emmerdale (Farm)

    Have to say - the old timers of this programme will be turning in their graves. These days not a pair of muddy boots in sight, its all about - stillies, hair, makeup, tits and teeth.
  10. Bray Hill

    Tiny Cow

    Did I hear right that the promoter behind the Tom Jones concert is refusing/avoiding paying for the repair to the field used? It seems one of his former business partners has flagged up previously about non payment for services from the same guy!
  11. Bray Hill

    Tom Jones - Nobles Park

    By all accounts he put on a good show. However it appears that it was not a sell out concert so the concert has not maximized its profits on the ticket sales. Nobles Park is absolutely destroyed due to the weather and tractors/wagons etc. required to remove all the equipment connected to the concert. Just wondering if the cost of repair to the Nobles Park field has been built in to the price of staging this concert or has this yet to be taken from any profit earned. Even the clean up of the mud on the car parks (although a good down pour would wash most of this away, but I would imagine that the gardeners who keep the park in tip top condition would not leave it to the rain) would need to be accounted for. The field is in a worse state now compared to the TT a couple of years ago when we had all that rain at the start of the festival.
  12. Bray Hill

    Credit Card Charges

    I thought these charges had been scrapped by the Government/Post Office. I seem to remember a bit of a stink a few years ago when people were having to pay cc charges when booking tickets for the Villa/Gaiety to watch shows. I am going to be purchasing a cherished number plate but if I use my credit card I will be charged 2 per cent for admin fees!! Is this right?
  13. Bray Hill

    Tractor on Douglas beach

    I am sure there has been topics on this before but......... Driving past Port Jack and down on to the promenade, I could not help but admire Douglas Bay. The sea was flat calm (tide half in or half out!), blue skies, no smelly seaweed on the beach, people out enjoying the sunny weather. And then I saw the tractor on the beach, couldn't believe what I was seeing and had to pull over to watch with disbelief! The whole of the beach was flat and gently sloping down to the sea (probably from the slow retreat of the tide). The tractor had no clearing of washed up seaweed and there was no unsightly piles of seaweed stacked up on the beach by the driver of the tractor which is usually the case. The whole of Douglas Bay and the beach was very "picture postcard". So why the hell is Douglas Corporation paying for someone to drive up and down the beach (from sea to promenade and the reverse back down to the sea) with the tractors scoop gently roughing up the smooth sand as he reversed back down towards the sea!! The driver was not clearing, gathering or removing anything just driving up the beach with the scoop up and lowered back onto the sand creating shallow ridges. Is there a scientific reason that might affect the flow of the tide? will these ridges prevent any over lapping when we have high tides? At present we are in the middle of a huge debate regarding the costing of the horse trams and possible relocation. How much is it costing we the tax payer to have this employee driving up and down a beach for what appears to be a complete waste of time. Un fuc*ing believable!
  14. Bray Hill


    My new hero - Inspector Buckett of the Detectives.
  15. Bray Hill

    Tynwald this morning.

    Ham - N - Eggs, Quirky is probably the worst offender but sadly it was pretty much all of them. From the short time I had to listen to Tynwald, not one of our elected leaders could finish a sentence or two without a dozen erm or err peppering their speech! You might say it at least makes them sound as if they are "one of the people", but placed on a world stage where some of them might have to make contact with other elected leaders....................