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  1. I'm amazed that the UK press haven't mentioned all the cuts to police funding since the tories came to power that has degraded their capabilities. I suppose that all the right-wing press owners, which is to say pretty much all of them, probably think that pointing out what a huge and possibly fatal mistake that was would distract the xenophobic thick as pigshit Little Englanders from voting for Saint May of U-Turn (motto: any lie for another term a la Farage, Gove and Johnson).
  2. Ah yes, interment camps. Perfect for recruitment and radicalisation. It's just possible you need to re-think your options....
  3. So if everyone is armed how can you tell the good guys from the bad guys? Of course! What a fool I feel. The bad guys have black cowboy hats and the good guys have white cowboy hats. Which is no more ridiculous than your post. In general UK police officers are not armed. Instead of posting on here you could spend the next decade or so trying to figure out why that is....
  4. You must be new here....
  5. But you are forgetting that the xenophobic thick as pigshit Little Englanders believe every word fed to them. Hence the Daily Wail headline "Corbyn's kick in the teeth for IRA victims!!" when he condemned violence from ALL sides. And they lap it up....
  6. According to Les Francais it seems Abedi had travelled to Syria and had known links to ISIS. Now I thought we were supposed to be sharing intel?
  7. You have to know what it is to lack it....
  8. Well, except for surrounding Mosul where I don't expect there to be any ISIS survivors and tightening the grip on Raqqa where again I expect a fight to the finish. Only time will tell if it makes an appreciable difference. However at the very least radical Islam would have lost it's focal point.
  9. That's terrible! I mean, Take That! Sheeesh.... We go there quite a bit. IMHO the security staff are between a rock and a hard place. Due diligence slows everything down and pisses everyone off with them. But if there is an incident it pisses everyone off with them. Lose / Lose. Anyhow I seem to recall that they are just looking for contraband hooch in a bottle - not a tight-fitting explosive waistcoat.
  10. Worth a read imho: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/may/21/from-tax-to-brexit-tories-do-anything-stay-in-power-theresa-may
  11. Do you actually believe the tripe you post or do you just like winding people up? My guess is both....
  12. Depends on how much Haji Jerky is left. Usual MO seems to be local petty criminal radicalised in either prison or mosque. Or perhaps the first ISIS deployment has got through from Syria/Iraq or whatever. Thats the thing. Our security services have to get it right every time. The terrorist only needs to get it right once.
  13. On the one hand I' m glad ISIS has become a focal point for all the murderous religious fanatics. It's so much easier to kill them all in a target rich environment. On the other hand as their losses mount and with the endgame being played out they will get ever more deperate to retain a "presence" via the only means left open to them - local nutjobs. Even when they are destroyed as an organisation imho you can expect attacks like this to continue. How long for I wonder - forever maybe?
  14. Apparently Beckham showed the acting range that he could of played the part of the stone that the sword was stuck in. But only just....
  15. At least 19 dead. The death throes of ISIS. Murderous vermin.