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  1. Ahhhhh so that'll be why they import their private jets for "strictly business use" you understand via the IOM.... So that's all right then!
  2. Ah yes. The poor mans "Screws Of The World" now mercifully defunct.
  3. Bit harsh. Calling the Woolster a prole but then he probably wouldn't read a newspaper that was untainted by the owner like The Grauniad....
  4. No doubt all the papers have a copy of the leak but don't expect to read anything about it in The Torygraph, The Daily Wail The Excess, The Current Bun etc etc etc. Your loss.....
  5. Do-Gooders

    Errrrrrrrr because they're full of shit? Back to the days of smuggling - what fun!
  6. Well, who would have thought it...? https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/nov/16/leaked-eu-paper-dents-mays-hopes-for-bespoke-brexit-trade-deal
  7. Untrustorthy Civil Servants

    I've no idea whose sockpuppet you are and at first I thought it must be half-term or whatever. Anyway I read into the concerns that there is insufficient process oversight and the CS/PS have previous. End of.
  8. Untrustorthy Civil Servants

    UK For organisations fines up to £500k and custodial sentences for individuals. https://www.itgovernance.co.uk/dpa-and-gdpr-penalties
  9. Tax avoidance hypocrisy of Guardian Newspaper et al

    From the other thread: "When CP Scott retired from managing and editing the paper in July 1929, he passed control to his two sons. John was manager and Edward (Ted) took over as editor. The death of CP Scott and son Ted within three months of each other in 1932 brought a very real threat to the future independence of the Guardian. The Inland Revenue would claim full death duties, or inheritance tax, in the event of John’s death and would mean the end of the Manchester Guardian as an independent liberal newspaper. To prevent this, John renounced all financial benefit in the business for himself and his family by transferring all the ordinary shares in the company – a stake worth more than £1 million at the time – to a group of trustees. The Scott Trust became the owner of the Manchester Guardian." So he gave up over £1m, a fortune at the time, to keep the paper running. Not a very good tax dodger then. He should have gone to Appleby...." So not exactly "Tax avoidance hypocrisy of Guardian newspaper et al" but rather "Total non-story" unless, of course, you think you can be a tax dodger when you're dead....
  10. Personally I think it has legs. Don't forget Mr Quayle has invited a bunch of UK HMRC bods over to go through whatever. What goes around comes around so I thought it was a bit foolish of Mr Quayle to state on national tv that "those who are seeking to evade or aggressively avoid tax are not welcome" and all the rest of the BS because that may well end up biting him in the rear - an unfortunately large target. Of course it was all bluff and bluster because frankly if that were actual policy, which is what Mr Quayle was pretending it was, Athol Street would be bedecked with lots of signs reading "OFFICE SPACE TO LET" or similar. Disingenuous doesn't even get close....
  11. Would that be Nigel "£350M per week to the NHS" Farage? Well, with his track record totally believable I would say.....
  12. So long, farewell.........

    Not setting the bar particularly high though, is it? I recall her "Mythbusting" circular that started off by stating the pension fund wasn't a Ponzi scheme and then went on to say how current pensions are funded by those in work and contributing to the scheme... Errrrr hang on a minute!
  13. ? ETA - or have I had a sense of humour failure...