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  1. Primary School Development Standards.

    How do you define "useful" in this context? Thanks. By the way, and it may be me of course, but the last time I looked there were quite a few formative years yet to get through post primary school.
  2. Every brexiteer tub-thumper I have ever come across bangs on and on about "sovereignty" and "taking back control of our borders" but everywhere I go on t'interweb the message I get loud and clear is that it's a load of bs. The government set immigration targets that they have singularly failed to deliver on year after year and won't anytime soon. Hence the Windrush shambles. The EU commission can only propose draft legislation. It has to be agreed by the various elected governments. But hell. Blue passports. That you could have had anyway..... This made me smile: https://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/james-obrien/this-brexiteer-admitted-he-was-wrong/ Funny!
  3. Primary School Development Standards.

    I suspect that successions of MHK's and MLC's would disagree with you there....
  4. Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    Of course it depends on your personal preferences and requirements. I also think that LPL is badly served by public transport and that needs improving. However the last time I took the car back to Liverpool I had to call by LPL to pick madam up and to my surprise I found it was a much easier way to get out of the city than my usual route. Who knew....
  5. Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    In the middle of the school holidays, when fares are at their profiteering peak, we can get a return from LPL for £55 - £65 or MAN £70 - £80. Why would you bother with a ferry...?
  6. May is running scared of her own party. What a good call the last General Election was not. So at a time when we have to negotiate the complete and utter horlicks that is brexit we have the worst administration I can remember. You just couldn't make it up.....
  7. Dogshit Map...

    The solution is very simple. YOUR dog can crap in YOUR garden. Sorted!
  8. which is the most unbiased news source?

    Larkhill, Bulford, wherever? You know, an outfit that re-arranges the countryside using HE.
  9. which is the most unbiased news source?

    That's an interesting OPINION of yours Mr C. Unlike every other media outlet Aunty Beeb has to be "balanced" in it's reporting. In business we called it "juggling the monkeys" as it's pretty much an impossible task. Because no matter what they broadcast it's going to offend someone. So when they give factual reports on the state of the nation - food banks, record numbers of children living in poverty, NHS in crisis, social care in crisis, not enough houses being built, rising crime due to police cuts etc etc the UK press call "Foul...!" - the BBC has a left wing bias. Of course, as part of these reports an ambitious sacrificial lamb from the tory party is wheeled out to say "We're giving £zillions to the NHS" whilst blithely ignoring the fact that it' sounds a lot until you realise it's simply not enough to keep the service running.... T'was ever thus...
  10. which is the most unbiased news source?

    OK. Why were you taking your HGV in Salisbury? Genuine question as I clearly got it wrong.
  11. which is the most unbiased news source?

    It's regarded by right-wingers as left wing (particularly in the vast majority of the UK so-called "newspapers") and regarded as right wing by the likes of Len McCluskey. So what's new? PS - what do you thing of Wenger leaving? After all, you took your HGV in Salisbury....
  12. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Ah yes, "patriotism" - the last refuge of a scoundrel....
  13. which is the most unbiased news source?

    A "reds under the bed" story that was exposed during the eighties. To save me wading through that load of old flannel what makes it "newsworthy" 30 to 40 years later?
  14. Spineless or what

    Surely as a Crown Dependency they would have approached the UK Ministry of Justice, who are responsible for such matters, to instruct them on what is what? If they didn't, well, telephone directory down the trousers time. Time for an FOI methinks.