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  1. The "liars" at the BBC - dear me, you've been reading far too much Daily Wail.... Le Pen is somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan. But for a while now she has softened the rhetoric to try and fool the simple minded. However with French agriculture getting the most from the CAP, some 18%, and with the most belligerant farmers in Europe I would say Frexit is unlikely.
  2. Hysterical moi? Au contraire... The availability of nutrition, via a food bank or whatever, doesn't mean you have the means, fuel, or impetus to prepare it. Face the fact. Since the Coalition government came to power admissions to A&E for severe malnutrition have risen by over 60%. As you are fond of saying "That's a fact". But in a way you are right. There IS no need for anyone in the UK to be suffering from malnutrition. However they are. Because of the savage cuts in Health and Welfare. But hey, they don't vote tory so fuck 'em....
  3. So what? The important point is that it is true. Whether you believe it or not is an irrelevance. But then you have "previous" do you not? I posted: "And before the usual suspects start piling in with all their usual rhetoric a really awful statistic has recently come to light. Bearing in mind we are a G7 nation and we have food banks, which is bad enough, since the Coalition Government came to power emergency admissions to A&E for severe malnutrition have risen by over 60%. "RISEN BY OVER SIXTY FUCKING PERCENT! FOR SEVERE MALNUTRITION! "Absolutely shameful. "Bastards!" You replied with: "There is no need for anyone in the UK to be suffering from malnutrition, severe or otherwise. That is ridiculous." But true. Typical tory voter. Never mind all the untermensch getting hammered - I'm going to vote with my wallet as per. Don't ever try and claim you believe in "fairness" ever again...
  4. Just so I've got this right. According to you this tory government are only bearing down on the poorest and most vulnerable in our society with appalling legislation like this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-39652791 because the likes of Google operate sound tax avoidance business principles? Errr it may be me but that looks like a smokescreen to me to avoid the unpleasant truth that they are doing everything they can to dismantle the welfare state that hits the poorest in our society. But they don't vote tory so fuck 'em. And you believe in fairness?
  5. Don't waste your time. Woody2 is either deliberately obtuse or just a simpleton, not that I care either way. Been here before I put the clown on "ignore". Unless you have interviewed everyone who voted and made absolutely certain that they didn't lie to you according to woody2 all surveys are "not fact" or whatever. It's just pathetic....
  6. Damn! Rumbled....
  7. However I notice that the upgrade seems to have ditched the extra 15k and returned my post count to a far more realistic 4682.
  8. It always makes me smile when folks have a go at institutions like the police around, honesty, integrity, suitability, motivation etc etc e.g. London's Met have previously been accused of being "institutionally racist" and so forth. Well guess what people. Institutions like the police deliberately have the broadest possible base for recruitment, This means that if the police are racist then UK society at large must be racist. Because the force simply reflects the society from which they are recruited.
  9. Gerard Coyne has been suspended from his position of official for the Unite union for possibly beating Mccluskey in the ballot bringing the union into disrepute. After all, that's Mccluskeys job....
  10. Do you have any sympathy for those at the bottom of the pile being penalised for the actions of those at the top? Face it, those like the disabled being "re-assessed" by Atos and now Maximus can hardly be blamed for the crash of eg RBS.
  11. "It was Unite which posted out Ed Miliband campaign material and the union’s endorsement with the ballot papers, while sadly forgetting to mention all the other candidates." I hope Len Dinosaur Mccluskey fails to get re-elected as well! This is the man who has stated that Labour lost the last election because Ed Miliband wasn't left-wing enough! Hence his backing for Corbyn thus demonstrating his total lack of nous over which candidates actually have a chance of being elected to PM! But no matter because Unite would still be vital to keeping the Labour Party solvent and there's the rub.
  12. Can you change the font size? Otherwise I have to use my readers... Just realised the "font" option has disappeared from the "reply" toolbar.
  13. Don't underestimate the sway Unite leader Len Mccluskey has as a major player/paymaster. This is the Len Mccluskey who during the Labour leadership election actually had printed on the Unite ballot paper that the "preferred" candidate was Ed Milliband! Now I'm not assuming that his VERY undemocratic action ousted David thus guaranteeing Labour being in the wilderness for the last seven years but I'm sure it played a part. With someone like him in the mix I believe anything is possible.
  14. When I heard there was to be a General Election my first thoughts were "Oh God no! Seven weeks of the UK's right-wing press (which is to say pretty much all of it) working themselves up into a feeding frenzy". Expect headlines of "Corbyn in secret talks with Kremlin" and "Saint Theresa of May cures the sick by her very presence" etc etc. (while the NHS cannot due to under-funding by, errr, Saint Theresa of May! ) This morning I couldn't help noticing on the newsstand that The Daily Wail has got off to a flying start with: "Saint Theresa of May Issues Her Cast-Iron Brexit Pledges! "EXCLUSIVE: Tory manifesto will guarantee end of free movement, UK to leave single market and no more meddling by Euro Judges!" Errrr don't the xenophobic thick as pigshit Little Englanders realise that just because it's in the tory manifesto there's just an outside chance it's NOT going to be in the EU agenda? That's the agenda they are going to present to the UK with a "take it or leave it" attitude as there does seem to be something of a paucity of UK bargaining chips. I mean, even if it is in The Daily Wail? Apparently not. So that's their vote safe then.....
  15. So this is the Mrs May who told the scottish munchkin that she couldn't have a referendum because of the distraction and so forth and they didn't know what kind of a deal they would get from the EU etc etc and then she calls a General Election? A tory leader shamelessly going back on their previous rationale! Well, who would have thought it? The UK General Election is being called by May because she thinks the UK needs "stability" and "certainty" and similar which is complete and utter BS because no-one knows how the next 2 years will pan out FFS! Nah, I think my previous is nearer the mark: