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  1. Spuan strides out

    OK Dilli, your opinion on the above please...?
  2. Spuan strides out

    In order to maintain the "gravitas" of Tynwald (please don't laugh) he should have resigned the morning after the night before. He didn't so the incident went down in infamy as a classic example of a politician with a total lack of any kind of integrity. Actions such as the Falklands complete and utter waste of time and taxpayers money jolly, with associated really really petty claims on x's, have simply underlined this facet of his character. Support him all you like but I suspect you'll never change his attitude towards his electorate.....
  3. Most likely the UK is one of the few places where Appleby won't get laughed out of court. They claim they need to know what of their data has been placed in the public domain. The reality is, of course, that they want to silence the Beeb and the Grauniad. They can only do that by "proving" that none of the revelations are in the public interest. Good luck with that one.....
  4. The IOM is the only place I know of where customs officials get briefed by a bean counter... If my beloved Berliner-style Grauniad (RIP) is to be believed of course. Should be amusing. As thier client base is probably disappearing faster than a priest speeding from a brothel Appleby have stated they are taking legal action - but ONLY in the UK. Now why is that I wonder....?
  5. Trying to defend the indefensible is a waste of time. But to try and claim that what takes place at Ronaldsway would be repeated like for like in any other EU country is just plain daft....
  6. Mere Child Becomes Health Minister

    I would suggest it's somewhat lacking on the leadership front as well....
  7. So you couldn't possibly find a use for some £790m then? How very dull and unimaginative you must be. Got to be at least a couple of hospitals in there I would say.....
  8. Oh come on. You've met me. You know I'm not an angry man. My summary of the situation is 100% accurate. I absolutely hate those who accuse me of having anything whatever to do with "a sleazy little tax haven in the Irish sea" but with the likes of the Appleby revelations it's an impossible position to defend. So face reality and stop trying....
  9. Everybody knows they are all in collusion with one another. Not my fault by the way. I didn't completely whore the entire island to a totally amoral finance sector involved in a race to the bottom. So stop trying to defend them and grab yourself back a bit of self-respect....
  10. No answer was the stern reply....
  11. Weak. In fact. Very weak. Give it up. It's not like everone doesn't know exactly what is going on, now is it....?
  12. Weak. In fact. Very weak....
  13. A quick "back of a fag packet" calculation reveals that the maths make sense as well. The FOI request reveals that some £790m in VAT was "returned" on some 231 aircraft. Which relates to £3.4m per transaction. Which neatly fits with the amount Hamilton should have paid on his jet import in an EU jurisdiction. I noticed, with more than a little amusement, that those two paragons of jet importation VAT, to wit Gladys and Andy Onchan, both read my posts this pm on the Hamilton reality and both deigned to make any kind of reply. I guess in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary in trying to defend the indefensible the law of diminishing returns applies......
  14. Deepwater for Cruise Ships

    Having spent several hours on pole position watching overweight yanks, which is to say most of them, dodging landing bikers to get their shuttle back to the mother-ship I would say that £44 apiece is a massiver over-exaggeration.....