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  1. Vision Nine Contract...

  2. Manx dimwits prezzie bragging in UK media

    The xmas tree and pile of parcels looks like a fire hazard.
  3. Does Turkey have luxurious enough hotels for our representatives to stay in?
  4. Zimbabwe

    Something very dodgy about this coup? I have a feeling the whole thing might have been orchestrated Magabe and his cronies, watch out for the croc.
  5. UK Budget - any impact on the IOM?

    Is prep what us plebs call homework?
  6. When Corbynski becomes UKPM in the next few months we will be made to pay.
  7. MUA in weak financial position

    Shocking and piss poor.
  8. I cannot ignore

    Best wishes John.
  9. Small Swan chest freezer.

    Whose ringpiece are you interested in matey?
  10. Telegraph article today

    Blah blah blah
  11. Small Swan chest freezer.

    Clean working condition, located Port Erin, delivered Port Erin, Port St. Mary,Colby, Ballabeg. £25 Tel. 834327
  12. Another reason we have no cash...

  13. Another reason we have no cash...

    To the island twice?
  14. Another reason we have no cash...

    That would be twice then
  15. Do we need more people?

    About 3 years ago a mate of mine now deceased who was a so called HNWI and was considering relocating his business from Dorset to the IOM, he had a few meetings with government officials and mhk's, one meeting was with former CM Bell who told my mate that the islands main fianacial burden was with the grossly bloated civil service and that he could find no way to reduce it. During his 20 years? as treasury minister surely he should have forseen a potential future problem and advised accordingly?