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  1. Ill informed
  2. Great place for Yogi to get pissed?
  3. Get the drones out!
  4. Almost made my sides split laughing.
  5. So, you get pissed quicker without having to piss so often?
  6. Walrus of glove?
  7. This guy sells a lot of Nikon gear and parts on Ebay so this is likely to be him, suggest you 'ask seller a question' http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-New-Nikon-D300-Rear-Grip-Rubber-Repair-Part-COVER-FREEPOST-UK-Seller-/231379279215?hash=item35df479d6f:g:iUkAAOSwLa9UWELM
  8. https://twitter.com/TweetbeatIOM Are there any cops who didn't get an award?
  9. Postman.
  10. Any job with a uniform if you're Juan.
  11. don't think it would be a great idea to site the tent outside Douglas, it would encourage people to drive there , as we all know drink driving is not good.
  12. Union mills near PO/shop
  13. 020 8980 8143 http://www.inceumbrellas.co.uk/
  14. It might falleth over.
  15. You are probably correct, however, I remember Mike saying (or quoting) the phrase during an interview or article in which he was expressing his dislike of Cronk y Voddy.