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  1. To the island twice?
  2. That would be twice then
  3. About 3 years ago a mate of mine now deceased who was a so called HNWI and was considering relocating his business from Dorset to the IOM, he had a few meetings with government officials and mhk's, one meeting was with former CM Bell who told my mate that the islands main fianacial burden was with the grossly bloated civil service and that he could find no way to reduce it. During his 20 years? as treasury minister surely he should have forseen a potential future problem and advised accordingly?
  4. Are you a businessman who would gain financially from an increased population? and would you benefit from using cheap imported foreign labour?
  5. Would a better plan be to reduce the number of teet sucking politicians and civil servants?
  6. They new the risks
  7. les, can she dance?
  8. Probably knock the spots off dominos.
  9. Lock all your doors and windows, they will be the burglars, did they have the mayoral chain with them?
  10. He knows a lot about Harleys you know.
  11. Not local but more appropriate?
  12. Perhaps he liked black velvet but preferred separate glasses.
  13. I don't know why it was named the snakepit, it was renamed Porky,s bar after the passing of the renowned cider drinking barman (George Harrison?), it may have reverted back to the snakepit?
  14. Get Phil Gawne Honorary envoy.