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  1. hagar the horrible

    Charging Point At Bungalow.

    Why? so that the Zero race lecky bikes can get a quick boost? https://twitter.com/manx_utilities
  2. hagar the horrible

    TT 2018

    I saw the ad on channel 4 today, my first thought was that it's very late, is there any accommodation available or seats on ferry or planes or are late comers expected to swim across and kip on our beaches?
  3. hagar the horrible

    Ribena - Stockpiling

    Is this local news? more like currant affairs I would have thought.
  4. hagar the horrible

    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy...

    'Out of the frying pan into the fire'.
  5. hagar the horrible

    Fly on the wall

    Tanroagan tosh.
  6. hagar the horrible

    Dog dies falling over cliff

    Get Mr Whittaker out to search in his chopper just as the previous owner of his gaff used to.
  7. hagar the horrible

    Spineless or what

    Ah! but does she ride a Harley?
  8. hagar the horrible

    Vision Nine Contract...

  9. hagar the horrible

    Manx dimwits prezzie bragging in UK media

    The xmas tree and pile of parcels looks like a fire hazard.
  10. Does Turkey have luxurious enough hotels for our representatives to stay in?
  11. hagar the horrible


    Something very dodgy about this coup? I have a feeling the whole thing might have been orchestrated Magabe and his cronies, watch out for the croc.
  12. hagar the horrible

    UK Budget - any impact on the IOM?

    Is prep what us plebs call homework?
  13. When Corbynski becomes UKPM in the next few months we will be made to pay.
  14. hagar the horrible

    MUA in weak financial position

    Shocking and piss poor.
  15. hagar the horrible

    I cannot ignore

    Best wishes John.