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  1. Speeding Fine

    If you’re gonna speed at least be smart enough to look out for someone down the road stood wearing a bright green jacket probably next to a brightly coloured car.

    Amen to that.
  3. IOMToday website

    http://www.iomtoday.co.im still works but the others don’t.
  4. Shoprite, the last straw!

    If the toilet tax gets any higher I might start using dog poo bags.
  5. Shoprite, the last straw!

    What am I’m going to bag my rubbish up with now? Do I pay for carrier bags or buy bin liners instead?
  6. Manx Journalism At It's Very Best

    All caused by crap traffic light sequences. Where is Matt these days anyway?
  7. Manx Journalism At It's Very Best

    If you give someone the authority to close the road they will probably close it at their first opportunity to make themselves feel more important. It’s human nature.
  8. Electricity Price Rise

    The UK is at risk of running out of gas in certain areas over the next few days according to the scary media. Hopefully our gas pipeline to Pully power station won’t get switched off.
  9. National Lottery Scratchcards

    Most people buy a scratch card and take it home to see what they’ve won. I just ask the checkout person to scan it before I leave the checkout.
  10. A popular decision

    Why not Dr. Allinson?
  11. Flooding on new roads

    Windy and Brandish don’t flood. Ever.
  12. Eight months? Seriously?

    It’s 50% piss.
  13. is the mountain road shut?

    I generally ignore Road closed signs because they’re usually only there because nobody from the DOI has been assed to remove them yet.
  14. Xmas lights

    Outdoor LED lights are old school this year. Laser is where it’s at now.
  15. Banned from the tip

    Why do the amenity sites show their closing times (usually) as 16:30 but then underneath it says ‘gates close 15 minutes before closing time’? Why not just say closing time is 16:15?