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  1. Shouldn't we've closed the road outside the front of Ronaldsway by now?
  2. Considering MT and Sure both charge about £300 a month for their 1Mb symmetric connections I think a Gb connection is going to be silly money.
  3. https://www.manxtelecom.com/about/media/press-releases-2017/3239-manx-telecom-invests-faster-fibre-broadband
  4. I saw them this morning at Guthries about 8:30 but the cyclist ban didn't start until 11am so they should've been well out of the way by then.
  5. No it didn't. It ran freely gathering speed for 200 metres.
  6. Most roads on the island are single carriageways, actually.
  7. Motorbike owners who unnecessarily rev the balls off their bikes for no apparent reason annoy me.
  8. I wish Buster would stop phoning Talking Heads and spouting his crap. I've enjoyed the easy listening and humour at lunch time for years but he's really ruining it.
  9. Chinese granite will be out of fashion by the time this gets done. There appear to be serious mental health issues in the DOI.
  10. Cummal Moore is the one on the promenade. Cooil Ny Marrey is behind it on Waterloo Road.
  11. I wasted 2 hours watching the Foo Fighters on Saturday night. They're so over rated.
  12. When I last had sky about 4 years ago if you had more than 1 sky box (multi room) you had to have them all plugged into a phone line otherwise sky would charge you full price for all boxes.
  13. What change in moderation stance is this? Has there been an announcement about it?
  14. So about 5 days a year then.
  15. There's no racing today.