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  1. Terminal

    Ronaldo Red Card

    Football. What a load of shite.
  2. Is there going to be a weather warning everyday until TT 2019?
  3. I hope you slagged off Manx Telecom on Facebook for the entire 3 weeks before realising it was actually your own fault.
  4. Terminal

    Hi-Fi Dealers?

    Only fossils buy and sell on Manx.net these days.
  5. Terminal

    Bus Crash Birch Hill

    I don’t think we ever got told why the bus crashed into the IOM Bank at Prospect Hill many moons ago did we?
  6. Terminal

    Hosepipe ban

    If you stand on the dam at Sulby reservoir looking down the dry side it’s a hella long way down from the top to the bottom. Is the reservoir side not the same depth? If it is there must be a shit ton of water left in it.
  7. Terminal

    Helpful member of the public threatened with the cops

    I might go and paint these bollards just to see what trouble the guy gets into.
  8. Terminal

    Reflections on TT vs MGP/FoM

  9. Terminal

    Hosepipe ban

    The water from the NSC pool is being distributed to all coffee shops tonight.
  10. Terminal

    Hosepipe ban

    Perhaps Manx Utilities should explain the reason for the hose pipe ban to the people in charge of the Public Sector pension fund.
  11. Terminal

    Manx Radio

    Beth Espey is my ideal woman.
  12. Terminal


    Watch out for those drivers who can’t see you coming, pulling out in front of you at the bungalow then.
  13. Terminal

    More death and destruction

    Is this the last week?
  14. Terminal

    Police Tazer Dog!

    Are you related to GD4ELI? He used to live here but moved away. I forget where to.