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  1. Ronaldsway Airport

    Spotted this on Twitter earlier:
  2. MT fixed a fault with the incomer to my house. Now syncing at full whack. Safe to assume (so far) that Drayteks work with vectoring. In my case, the deterioration due to the fault coincided with the presumed profile changes
  3. I used to know the range inside out, but I’m a little outdated on the Thomsons nowadays. I would guess the latest models perform equally well and it’s a case that they’ve just got more features. I think the DSL performance gain is because the ISAMs also have Broadcom chipsets, so there’s a level of implicit compatibility. Other routers use Matrox and suchlike, that requires some testing for interoperability. Again, this ‘used’ to be an important factor - which I suspect is still the case. Netgear was always a good bet, but my own experience is their range can be a little random, with some real crap models appearing now and again. I’d take an indication from what MT use, and perhaps even BT. MT were using Fritzbox but if you’ve indicated they’ve dropped them, that could indicate three things; commercially they’re not great (possible), they’re technically inferior (they get great reviews elsewhere) or there’s issues about optimal performance (I.e speeds/compatibility)
  4. Thomson use Broadcom chipsets which are solid. I had the same issues year back with dozens of ADSL customers, everything except Thomson (Broadcom) was dreadful... Something is definitely not right at the moment.
  5. I believe vectoring is definitely active and working There are two factors in my case. I suspect there is some iterative tweaking of DSL profiles (or a change in profiles) and a hard line fault. My guess is the latter is the primary factor here - but I am still waiting for an engineer to look. This is reinforced by the fact my stats are horrendous [ I have no devices except the router plugged in, no extensions, etc. ]
  6. I am syncing at ~20Mbps, down from a respectable 75Mbps - without changing a thing. I have not had a dial tone since last Friday too. Fun.
  7. Just as I finished typing my previous response... I noticed the DECT phone displayed 'Check Line'. On ringing my landline from a mobile as a test... the broadband died.
  8. I did have the Draytek 3.8.5 vectoring firmware installed and it was (until this week) working relatively well at ~70Mbps. With the recent issues, I am now working my way through the four variations of 3.8.4 vectoring firmware. The challenge (as I found yesterday) with swapping firmware is the subsequent reboot... and it not obtaining sync again. To be honest, I haven't needed to raise a support case with Wi-Manx for years. In this instance, their help desk has been very responsive and diligently assisting wherever possible. I think the challenges with vectoring, profiles and compatibility is not just limited to Wi-Manx. The fact Draytek felt it necessary to have four different vectoring firmwares to try is testament to that!
  9. With the recent maintenance work, has anyone noticed a reduction in VDSL2 speeds? I am probably 100m from the ISAM and my sync speeds seems to have reduced from around 75Mbps down to 35Mbps. Nothing has changed on the router/configuration/etc. DSL was actually off earlier today, sprung back into life this evening. Router is a Draytek 2860 - been stellar until recently... and now a lot slower.
  10. Player Unknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG)

    Snap. This made me laugh earlier.
  11. Player Unknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG)

    Anyone else playing? Excellent game. Easily up there with the other multiplayer shooter greats (HL Deathmatch, TF, CS, BF1942, COD).
  12. Onchan Main Road traffic Lights

    On the occasion I am driving down through the lights from Avondale Road to turn left at the main road, I keep a very close eye on the lights. Once you've gone past the line of no return, and you have the misfortune of being behind someone meandering down, and it's switches to amber, it roughly translates to "RUN, save yourself". I'm never completely sure what will await me at the bottom. I admit, the instances of randomness, traffic confusion and dodgy situations that I've seen there are comparatively low - but they happen, and continue to do so.
  13. NSC Large Price Hike

    It is an excellent facility. I do wish the Government would be a bit more candid in its justification for change. There is no need for the blatant obfuscation through PR when most discernible people understand the issues, the challenges and the solution, however unpopular.
  14. Car scuff repair

    It seems a white car felt the need to scrape its way past my rear bumper on the prom today. Its scratched the paint off but not damaged the bodywork or caused any serious scratches. Can anyone recommend a bodywork shop or mobile outfit? Ta
  15. New moderator

    This is like the Beemanx days! There's a Manx internet throwback. http://web.archive.org/web/20010203164500/http://www.beemanx.com:80/forum/default.asp