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  1. VDSL plus 200Mb

    Believe it or not, I am still running on 100Mbps with my Draytek. Trying to get a 'maintenance window' this weekend to coordinate works around PS4, Netflix, Facetime, Instagram and two kids.
  2. VDSL plus 200Mb

    I signed up in December with MT and finally got upgraded this week. I am still using my Draytek 2860AC and that is syncing at 100/30Mbps. Actual is 100/20. I do know the Draytek doesn't support the Annex beyond 100Mbps. I will try the MT supplier Technicolor DGA4130 tomorrow to see how that goes.
  3. Moorehouse Strikes Again

    100% agree. My sarcasm didn't come through strong enough. Any sniff of a corporate tax change, and I believe some larger companies would go quite quickly..
  4. Moorehouse Strikes Again

    Tax. Although if we suggest to companies that they should pay a 'charge' that goes towards health, leisure, sport or Government. It could even be a percentage of profit. (Sarcasm!)
  5. I would guess that is less likely to be caused by something within the broadband network or the broadband connection itself. Most web/content servers have a rudimentary setting to limit a single connection to ‘x’, which is why most browsers launch multiple connections (with the exception of a download). The exception of course is if the ISP has implemented some form of traffic management (I.e. shaping) but usually that’s focused on the aggregate throughput rather than a single connection. I’m not suggesting you’re wrong, merely going from one DSL service to a higher one wouldn’t change that - unless you’re hitting a server limit (x Mbps) or a traffic policy is being applied. FTP download of a Linux distro from a fast mirror would be a good test.
  6. AV Receiver + Speakers

    1 x Onkyo TX-SR309 AV Receiver 5:1 / HDMI (Black) Excellent condition, with remote. 3 x HDMI inputs (for Sky/PS4/Xbox) and a single HDMI output to the TV. No HDMI cables included. Full specs http://www.eu.onkyo.com/en/products/tx-sr309-35373.html 2 x Sony SS-F6000 Speakers (Black, Floor Standing) Awesome sound, look great. Speakers are big - 214.3 mm (H): 949.3 mm (W): 200 mm (D) No speaker grill, speakers in perfect condition. Have a couple of lengths of speaker cable. Full specs https://www.whathifi.com/sony/ss-f6000/overview Smoke free home. Must go as one lot. Collection from Douglas. Will also throw in a passive Philips sub-woofer (black) £185.00 OVNO
  7. Communications Commission - CEO Job

    The two are definitely intertwined. I guess they have to work within the bounds of the licencing/legislative regime (which is argubly political), but equally - their job should be to guide the politicians to implement new progressive policies, and replace the antiquated ones (policies, not politicians) - with a clear end in mind. Whilst the political side is important, the ability to engage, understand and be respected by the the private sector is vital. Being able to apply a level of judgement, in a world where you will get 23 different perspectives, each with their own commercial reasons, biases and nuances - is difficult. Although I guess that is what defines a leader! It is dissapointing to see that there is no real mention of economic growth, promoting competition, fostering innovation or anything that could be deemed remotely progressive. You would hope those elements should fall under the 'implementation of Government policies'.
  8. Round Pound

    Jersey’s approach https://www.gov.je/news/2017/pages/jerseypoundcoin.aspx
  9. Communications Commission - CEO Job

    Everyone is entitled to their views and perhaps I have an optimistic outlook. I don’t think the salary is unreasonable if the person makes an impact and has a clear idea of what they intend to achieve. It’s then a question of value. Also consider whether the framework, policies, strategy, culture and drive from within Government are such that this person can make an impact. Without that, they’re entering into a race with no clear rules, their legs tied and no track markings. All the while, making sure they act responsibly and consider everyone’s interests. Sounds like a difficult job.
  10. Communications Commission - CEO Job

    To be fair, this job is not just a few weeks a year. Anybody in the comms sector should recognise this. Many may question the salary, but that’s merely a question of value. One of the Isle of Man’s main strengths is its ability to legislate and regulate, at least in theory. A progressive communications regime and an innovative approach to licensing and regulation, is an area in which the Isle of Man could carve out a reasonable value proposition. The right person, with a progressive outlook - could make a real impact. The opportunity for a tech proving ground, a refreshing approach to regulation and implementing a framework that means we’re well equipped for the latest internet services. In all cases, there needs to be an appreciation of the island and a bold strategy that will pave a way forward. *If* we can get someone who will do that - then the salary is more than worth it. If we consider the alternative sort of candidate. A benign regulator, more focused on maintaining the status-quo, obsessing over dated legislation or an individual not willing to upset the apple cart - would be a complete waste of money. A dower custodian of communications, toothless powers and with no means to impart change. I hope it’s not the latter.
  11. Ronaldsway Airport

    Spotted this on Twitter earlier:
  12. MT fixed a fault with the incomer to my house. Now syncing at full whack. Safe to assume (so far) that Drayteks work with vectoring. In my case, the deterioration due to the fault coincided with the presumed profile changes
  13. I used to know the range inside out, but I’m a little outdated on the Thomsons nowadays. I would guess the latest models perform equally well and it’s a case that they’ve just got more features. I think the DSL performance gain is because the ISAMs also have Broadcom chipsets, so there’s a level of implicit compatibility. Other routers use Matrox and suchlike, that requires some testing for interoperability. Again, this ‘used’ to be an important factor - which I suspect is still the case. Netgear was always a good bet, but my own experience is their range can be a little random, with some real crap models appearing now and again. I’d take an indication from what MT use, and perhaps even BT. MT were using Fritzbox but if you’ve indicated they’ve dropped them, that could indicate three things; commercially they’re not great (possible), they’re technically inferior (they get great reviews elsewhere) or there’s issues about optimal performance (I.e speeds/compatibility)
  14. Thomson use Broadcom chipsets which are solid. I had the same issues year back with dozens of ADSL customers, everything except Thomson (Broadcom) was dreadful... Something is definitely not right at the moment.
  15. I believe vectoring is definitely active and working There are two factors in my case. I suspect there is some iterative tweaking of DSL profiles (or a change in profiles) and a hard line fault. My guess is the latter is the primary factor here - but I am still waiting for an engineer to look. This is reinforced by the fact my stats are horrendous [ I have no devices except the router plugged in, no extensions, etc. ]