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  1. Snap. This made me laugh earlier.
  2. Anyone else playing? Excellent game. Easily up there with the other multiplayer shooter greats (HL Deathmatch, TF, CS, BF1942, COD).
  3. On the occasion I am driving down through the lights from Avondale Road to turn left at the main road, I keep a very close eye on the lights. Once you've gone past the line of no return, and you have the misfortune of being behind someone meandering down, and it's switches to amber, it roughly translates to "RUN, save yourself". I'm never completely sure what will await me at the bottom. I admit, the instances of randomness, traffic confusion and dodgy situations that I've seen there are comparatively low - but they happen, and continue to do so.
  4. It is an excellent facility. I do wish the Government would be a bit more candid in its justification for change. There is no need for the blatant obfuscation through PR when most discernible people understand the issues, the challenges and the solution, however unpopular.
  5. It seems a white car felt the need to scrape its way past my rear bumper on the prom today. Its scratched the paint off but not damaged the bodywork or caused any serious scratches. Can anyone recommend a bodywork shop or mobile outfit? Ta
  6. This is like the Beemanx days! There's a Manx internet throwback.
  7. To be fair to hboy, his statement is not strictly incorrect. I know US carriers/CDMA networks use PRL (Preferred Roaming List) which the phone uses to decide what networks to roam onto. In the 3G/4G world, the equivalent term is known as OPLMNwACT - which is a list of networks programmed into the SIM. ( Disclaimer - this is not my area of expertise!) Obviously a mobile carrier would favour networks that (a) Offer a better quality experience, (b) Have roaming agreements; and (c) Keep the costs down, and margins up. A cynical perspective would be that with Automatic Network Selection the operators would favour those networks that make the most sense commercially. That could be 'best value' to the customer, or 'least cost / maximum profits' to the carrier.
  8. I purchased one last week. DriveClub VR is fantastic, however, it made me feel nauseous for a little while after... London Heist is brilliant, highly immersive and a real showcase. I have Resident Evil and Rush of Blood, haven't had chance to try them yet.
  9. Absolutely. A financial sanction that benefits charities or the less able in society. She forgoes some of her freedom, the children still have a mother and others benefit. I fail to see how anyone wins in the scenario of prison (in this example).
  10. It's for use with TR-69 which is a method that allows ISPs or other approved parties to reconfigure the router remotely. This probably won't be configured but still active and listening (basically a web service). I'd see if you can disable TR-69 or alternatively just make sure the router firmware is kept up to date.
  11. It would be worth checking the channel selection on the router. Also, the fact it has spontaneously started working might suggest the router may have changed its channel (i.e. for those that have auto-channel-selection). I used to have a similar, unexplained issue on a Android tablet.
  12. I purchased our dog (then pup) from the UK. Met the owners (and pup's parents), vaccination information, microchips, paperwork etc. I asked them to purchase a dog carrier in advance (which they did, and I'd pay for). Fairly seamless process. When I got back, registered with the vet and booked a quick checkup.
  13. It is a complex area.... Take a look at these ones
  14. I think there is a wider play here. Sandpiper CI was acquired by a consortium of Ravenscroft and Bailiwick Investments. These are the same people behind the Jacksons development and also the recent acquisition of Prospero. If what you say is true, with Tynwald Mills into their belt, then there's a clear move to grow their influence on the Island.
  15. I've heard good things about this place. Heading out this week to try. Anyone tried it? Shawarma Chicken, burgers, kebabs etc.!/RaZan-219051955188888/