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  1. Overpaid and Underworked !!

    Expect another in house exercise in matey voting which will ensure these parasites keep there mates on 50 k a year & lifelong pension rights which pass on to their survivors by the way, Shame of the Island they certainly are ! This undemocratic farce must surely be getting to the point whereby even our elected MHK's must be becoming embarrassed, by the whole pantomime.
  2. Overpaid and Underworked !!

    Yes he did Declan !!
  3. Overpaid and Underworked !!

    Another mammoth session for Leg-Co today, time to implement Lisvane report, ?
  4. The latest big steal

    Yet another indication as to whom is running the Island
  5. The latest big steal

    This intended legislation will allow them to go after your children as well if you listen to it right through.
  6. MLC nominations open

    A grand a week for doing naff all is quite an appealing incentive !! Time to get rid altogether.
  7. Said it before ****************KNOB
  8. Without wishing to appear more of a pedant than you, I am referring to the laughingly called list of alternative suppliers sent out by Gov't after they removed Funding, which consisted of Jack Frost, and Iceland, neither of which offered the same service as Age Concern
  9. MLC nominations open

    £10.G plus a year for your best buddy seems reasonable.
  10. You really are a prize Knob !!
  11. There were originally two available suppliers on the so called list now there is only one, clear enough for you, or cant you count ?
  12. And then there was One,!! Jack Frost goes under, leaving just the off island option from the extensive list of alternative suppliers.
  13. Gravy Train Gets New Engine?

    Simple answer LONGWORTH.
  14. Public 'prepared' to pay for healthcare

    pSorry CM we are NOT prepared to pay for Healthcare, we have paid already.