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  1. The R Sole King of Moraceae

    Looks like someone has stolen the king's crown..... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5077575/The-world-s-floating-city-set-2020-build.html his idea was some kind of floating city galleon https://www.moraceae.com/egg
  2. This is a joke...surely

    thanks for that, just trying it now. mmm.... its not really an app, just a website, so a bit difficult to use on your phone as its a bit clunky trying to navigate the map. Not very professional looking either, but workable I guess, I'll give it a go at the weekend.
  3. This is a joke...surely

    where is it? Do you have a link?
  4. the Queen is the single biggest taxpayer in the UK, all her income generated by her estate is taken by the government and then she gets a rebate to cover her royal duties, household and staff. Anyway, she is also the head of state for Bermuda and Cayman, so why shouldn't some of here funds go there also?
  5. This is a joke...surely

    In fact they should offer various bus companies from across the chance to trial it out for a year for free to see if their system can be proved here so they can sell it to other rural areas.
  6. This is a joke...surely

    Actually, its a great idea, but they need uber technology to make it more effective. Then you can download an app and see where the bus is, and also to book a place on it, and to see how long it will take to get to your destination, and the cost. And a central software program to continually work out and update the route for the driver. If they can do that for the north then they can roll it out across the island. And if people know where the bus is, then can either decide to walk or cycle in, or get a taxi, if its going to be too long.
  7. I thought that Britain had moved away from its colonial past? Maybe Vince is just regressing to the empire of his youth? Maybe he should threaten the UK with direct rule if they don't sort out their tax affairs either?
  8. Raymotors goes in to liquidation

    Andrew Paul Shimmin according to the iomtoday http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=36678&headline=Family fall-out causes company collapse&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2017 thinking of making an offer?
  9. Know-it-all Bernard Moffatt speaks out

    Bernard may be all you say, still doesn't make his comments any less true.
  10. Know-it-all Bernard Moffatt speaks out

    Regardless of who said it, he has a point
  11. Tripe -

    its a good point
  12. it would be nice if our government could put out such a measured response, but Howard seems to prefer the uneducated headless chicken route
  13. Age Concern 'shocked' at Meals on Wheels funding blow

    I suspect that is why they are so generous in their donations, and also Neil's point about Meals on Wheels need to ask them for donations is probably true as well. I know the charity scene on the island is very active in seeking donations, and sometimes it is a case of who shouts loudest. So now the government funding has been removed then they need to join this donation chase.
  14. Age Concern 'shocked' at Meals on Wheels funding blow

    I know that the likes of Pokerstars, etc do give a lot of money to local charities, such as Rebecca House, Wish upon a dream, Hospice, etc. so they way your point is phrased is a poor attempt to disparage their charitable agenda. However, you still do have a point, in that "meals on wheels" is not as easy a sell as those charities that provide care for the terminally ill on the island. I know it shouldn't be about which charity is the most worthy, and that their are all worthy, but its easier to raise money for kids who are dying than for a van to deliver food to older people who can't get out as well as they used to.