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  1. joebean

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    And like every other manifesto, a wish list of items, reflecting some personal interests, designed to lure the voter without any real thoughts about deliverability. In short, a load of bollocks which is best ignored.
  2. joebean

    Tim Baker Children's Champion

    You don't need to be appointed as a "Champion" by Howard Quayle to champion the interests of children, or whoever. Politicians should be doing this anyway. As for Tim Baker, he is likely to be exactly what Howard wants in the role of (Some) Children's Champion. He will do the job diligently, stick to his limited remit and not do anything to rock the boat or make anyone in CoMIN feel uncomfortable.
  3. joebean

    Cost of the TT & Festival of Motorsport?

    I am informed that Red Bull have never offered to sponsor the TT and have never been told to "do one". I think Derek just made that up. Obviously, if any sports event has a sponsorship agreement in place this will be a contractual arrangement over a prescribed period. Whilst the agreement is current another sponsor, particularly in the same product category could not be entertained. I would imagine that the TT would take the highest offer at the end of each agreement.
  4. joebean

    Cost of the TT & Festival of Motorsport?

    The costs of healthcare treatment for those transported to the UK depends on the residency of the patient. If the patient is ordinarily an IOM resident the IOM will incur the costs of treatment and if the patient is ordinarily UK resident the UK picks the cost up. EU residents are covered by reciprocal agreements, which may change post-Brexit.
  5. joebean

    TT 2018

    He falls into the politician trap of thinking that he either has to say something about everything, or that the people want to hear what he has to say about everything. He doesn't and we don't. It would help if everything he had to say was well conceived. But it isn't.
  6. joebean

    TT 2018

    From Rob Callisters FB: Such a fitting tribute The 2018 PokerStars Spirit of the TT Award was Awarded to Ryan Kneen and the Kneen Family....... Congratulations I must be the only one who reads the word "congratulations" whilst thinking of why they were awarded it who regards RC as being a complete hypocritical dickhead.
  7. joebean

    Glen Truan Holiday Development

    No, I didn't actually say that. I said I had not made any representation about it one way or the other. For what it is worth, I think the decision was probably right, on balance. If the scheme was that great for everybody there would have been the temptation to go to appeal to further demonstrate the benefits. That does not appear to be the case. But if you wish to believe that a static caravan site on a landfill would bring great benefits to the IOM as a whole, that is fine with me.
  8. joebean

    Glen Truan Holiday Development

    I suggest you actually go and visit it before you dismiss it with inaccurate knowledge.
  9. joebean

    Glen Truan Holiday Development

    So, your logic is that if you ruin some of the environment, you might as well ruin all of it? That sounds reasonable, if you don't really care about it.
  10. joebean

    Glen Truan Holiday Development

    The proposed development was in my neck of the woods but I made no representations about it one way or another. It was far enough away not to cause me particular bother. However, I don't get the assumption that this was a massive investment or that it would bring huge benefits to anyone other than the developer. Essentially it is a mobile home park with a restaurant situated far away, in Island terms from any likely custom, outside of the Park itself. There are proper concerns about the fragile ecosystems in the Ayres which may have been impacted. I read the environmental impact study, commissioned by the developer and was not convinced by it. Those of us who are familiar with the area will also know that it is exposed and, apart from in the current exceptional weather, very windy. The conditions depicted in the artists impressions were not likely to be experienced regularly and my opinion was that the development would have some tourism potential but would probably end up as a low grade residential development. Planners don't always get things wrong and I don't believe they did in this case either. The fact that the bat and ball was taken home so quickly also says something worth considering.
  11. joebean

    TT 2018

    Who said this is what is happening? Just because the investigation wasn't concluded within 5 minutes and the result splashed across the media? It has to be investigated properly and it is right that some consideration is given to what is quite a complex operation, before publication. The fact that this is being done does not necessarily lend itself to the usual hysterical conspiracy theories. Not yet anyway.
  12. joebean

    TT 2018

    Ok, but I think it probably pre-dates the creation of the TT Course by some margin, like a few hundred million years. Is that enough?
  13. joebean

    TT 2018

    Only marshals have the benefit of instant communications to say when the roads are open and, for the benefit of those waiting to go somewhere, the roads are opened in stages as soon as it is safe to do so. Thus, the roads open car is behind the last vehicle on the Course, using it as the TT Course rather than a public highway. For the man and woman standing at their Gate, the Roads Open car is a visible and certain confirmation that it is legal to go on the road. That's why we still have it.
  14. joebean

    TT 2018

    So, Howard Quayle is a great supporter of the TT, according to his sound bite an Manx Radio. Fine, but then he goes on to put TT deaths into some sort of context by using the climbing Everest death comparison. There are some differences between the TT and Mount Everest. First, Mount Everest is a naturally occurring phenomena. It always has been the tallest mountain on the planet and it always will be, every year. It is not created every May by Government for the sole purpose of mountain climbing. It just exists as the planet's highest mountain, there is nothing anyone can do about it and it will always be a challenge to climb it. Second, climbing Everest is not a spectator -driven event with the sole purpose of attracting many tourists to come and watch it and to spend their money on beer and burgers etc. If our Chief Minister wants to defend the TT in the face of racing deaths, can't he ask someone to come up with a more reasoned and relevant comparison? I am not anti-TT; just anti-bullshit.
  15. joebean

    Warty Report Published

    The report does make interesting reading. Most of the indicators that would make the Island an attractive place to relocate to are on the downward slope. No wonder the Cabinet Office, in the shape of CT think the best strategy is to say nothing about it and hope nobody else does either. I am not sure how much longer IOM residents are going to fall for Thomas' nonsense-speak. I am not sure whether he is anywhere near as intelligent as he is rumoured to be but, clearly, he thinks he is a lot cleverer than the rest of us.