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  1. Manx Radio

    The advert that puts different words to the Madness song "Driving in my Car"... never found out who it is advertising as I switch channels or just turn the radio off to avoid hearing it. Local Radio adverts are bad everywhere but some here are make listening to the radio whilst keeping your temper or sanity, impossible. Having said that, Alex Brindley needs no adverts...
  2. Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    The conflicting information arising from the visitor numbers report is surely worthy of some further investigation. If Cabinet Office has issued a flawed statistical analysis, which has the potential to damage a sector of the economy, this is an error that needs to be acknowledged and investigated. I don't want to hear the usual soothing assurances from Chris Thomas, but some facts would be useful. He assures us consistently that policy should evidence based and based on concensus. Government is all pulling together in Chris' political La La land but here is something that may be flawed evidence that is divisive and damaging. Despite Chris Thomas' insipid monologue of good governance, this looks increasingly like a piece of Cabinet Office fecal matter.
  3. Ramsey Courthouse For Sale

    Giving up your time to be a Commissioner is worthy. However it should be done to serve the local community not push personal agendas and opinions. Nobody should have the ability to spend six-figure sums of funds raised by compulsory taxation on projects of limited or unproven value with impunity. Nationally, or locally. The Ramsey Courthouse expenditure needs to be properly audited and made a matter of public record.
  4. Manx Museum Visitor Numbers...

    Why would anyone be surprised that an organisation, reliant on public subsidy, that is also allowed to count its own visitors without any challenge from those who allocate the money, should exaggerate their results? MNH is a sacred cow in establishment circles, now exposed.
  5. Ramsey Courthouse For Sale

    A vocal minority who happened to be Commissioners with the ability to spend Ramsey ratepayer's money on a whim. Hopefully the ratepayers will remember this next time there is a election. If they can be bothered to vote, of course.
  6. Ramsey Courthouse For Sale

    If the purchase has not actually gone through, RTC should bail out before the building becomes an ongoing revenue budget burden. As Derek Flint said, strong leadership would result in a strong decision to say "we have looked at this again and do not think the expenditure can be justified". I expect that will not happen as politicians at all levels find it incredibly difficult to admit they were wrong and even more difficult still to be strong. The building should be leased or sold to an appropriate commercial concern, if one can be found.
  7. Ramsey Courthouse For Sale

    The purchase was the result of too much sentiment, too much money and not enough common sense. Ideas such as an arts and performance centre would never generate the income to justify the expenditure of purchase and modification and don't meet any actual community need. I suspect that now the back slapping amongst Ramsey Commissioners has long since passed, they are trying to find a reason for buying it and explaining and justifying their irresponsible squandering of ratepayers money. A fair amount of money had already been wasted on this building by DHA, who converted it into a Police Station and built a mezzanine floor in the old court for a purpose they had never identified. They have simply passed on the opportunity to waste public funds onto another bunch of fools, and transferred Ramsey ratepayer's money into DHA coffers in the process. Were the ratepayers consulted properly about this? This is another example of the clumsy, thoughtless and unnecessary expenditure of public money by politicians who for many years had become accustomed to having money to spend rather than money to save.
  8. Government Pension Tax

    Yes, exactly. There was the start of a solution but it was difficult and not very palatable, so into the long grass it was kicked, not once but twice.
  9. Government Pension Tax

    The real solution to Government pension affordability is to reduce the numbers of people in the government pension schemes. This can be done by a combination of reducing the scope of Government activity, contracting out and efficiency savings resulting in an acceleration of the introduction of IT systems. Cleverer people than me could conduct a review to explore all the options. I suggest it is called a "Scope of Government review" However, every time these areas are even approached there is public resistance to "privatisation" and promises from politicians before any review that the review will not mean "privatisation". In addition, some problems, such as Steam Packet prices are met with calls for more Government intervention. The Island needs to move away from the obsession it has with political control and public ownership of services and assets. It is an obsession that inevitably swells the number of people working in the public sector, most of whom will be in the pension scheme.
  10. Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    Does anyone seriously think that putting Steam Packet in the hands of Government (who, DoI?) would result in it being run more efficiently or more properly directed investment going into the fleet? Really? On what evidence could this possibly be based?
  11. Fat Controller to get a grilling...Toy Town Style

    Except our Chief Secretary is another portly eejit pretending to know something he doesn't.
  12. Manx Radio

    I am not referring to anyone in particular and not Stu Peters, whose elderly motorbike I have seen. I am just saying that public subsidy should require public disclosure.
  13. Manx Radio

    Yes, which is why I am asking what the salaries are. As we are helping to pay them, we should know. My guess is that most of the subsidisers would be surprised and might ask questions relating to good value.
  14. New MLC looks to diversify Legco.

    It's a massive step forward. The Boys Club has become a Boys and Girls Club. That's progress for you. Enough to last us another 20 years, probably.
  15. Manx Radio

    A radio station that relies on public subsidy to keep it going, yet the fancy cars in the car park suggest that some of those in charge are doing very nicely out of it. What are the salaries of the top management team? As the public are subsidising them, I think we should know.