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  1. I am glad they were able to claim for their suncream cost me a fortune when I went away
  2. Surely a woman that has been raped should be head of queue
  3. The World Has Gone Crackers
  4. Who is going to pay?
  5. When I was being given driving tuition by my father 50 years ago (I know ) I was advised to always give a cyclist room to fall off. It is something I have always remembered and it seems far more sensible than anything that requires get a tape measure
  6. And yes I do mean the one he personally hawked round every residence in Jurby
  7. Doubt it laddie did you sign Lenny Dawsons petition to actually get a pub in Jurby?
  8. Bollocks
  9. Congratulations and well done to Manx National Hemorrhage on giving up smoking but there is really no need to become such a sanctimonious prick - bloody hell pretending to cough as you walk by a smoker? Just shows you to be a real pain in the arse. For the record I was a "professional” smoker for 50 years but haven’t smoked in four years and dont think there can be a case made for smoking. Enjoy your better health, extra wealth and greater life expectancy but leave others to make their own choices in life
  10. They are cowboys and do a really shoddy job. If you try to contact them later they will be abusive and then refuse to answer every time you ring. The only satisfaction then is to pounce when you see their van at another address and stop to give them a mouthful, but its only a bit of personal satisfaction, doesn't get the job fixed.
  11. As I remember it wasnt described as a raid (except on Mannin line) but it was stressed that it was a loan. Not heard of anything being paid back
  12. I am what these lads would describe as an old fart but I see nothing wrong here. There is a risk (to themselves) but there is an element of risk in everything, some old buggers have never been, or cant remember being young