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  1. Home Automation

    @maynragh Are you an iphone and/or an appleTV user? I've recently setup a security camera, lights and switches and geofencing You in the Apple or Android "ecosystem" or other ?
  2. MT slashes UK and EU roaming

    Not for me either Declan, but let's not take this as an opportunity to be happy about something that makes life more convenient ;-) Well done MT ! https://www.manxtelecom.com/personal/mobile/roaming/pay-monthly certainly makes my life easier - might make others too
  3. MT slashes UK and EU roaming

    I just called in to speak to them. On my tariff I get 1Gb of roaming per month in zone 1 and zone 2 "free" (or at least at no extra charge) - that will be plenty for my one or so trips to the UK per month and definitely worth having and saves the faff of using a mifi!
  4. Speeding

    A friend of mine is a traffic officer in the UK, and I've asked him previously about this. He says that if the infraction is minor and he sees a foreign plate (or iom) he has in the past just not bothered, he's done this for both roadside stops and when he has been dealing with Gatsos. The police guidelines for issuing a ticket are 10% + 2 miles an hour - so if it is a 50mph zone, its 57mph for example. The police guidelines for a summons is 76 mph Here are the CPS guidelines - http://www.cps.gov.uk/legal/p_to_r/road_traffic_offences_guidance_on_fixed_penalty_notices/ Car speedos aren't super accurate either, so you may be ok. YMMV etc.
  5. Help Needed with flashing EEPROM

    get in touch with the guys at http://codeclub.im/
  6. Sports Direct IOM

    This thread isn't all about you - although a casual observer could come to that misapprehension.
  7. Kings reach care home.

    I think the level of gearing has got a lot to do with it (in general don't know about this company in particular). If there are no unencumbered assets to secure then this limits the options - even if property conversion is possible there won't be the cash to do so.
  8. Tool Hire

    Isn't that what a community is all about? being polite and helping each other?
  9. Tool Hire

    It's been quite a long thread, how about you post to say how you managed to sort it? Where did you get etc. Might save the next person needing some tools on the Island some time, and would be the polite thing to do after you've received extensive advice and guidance from the forum members.
  10. KSF Depositors Get Back...

    I don't disagree that some of the board members didn't appear to have relevant experience, but I do consider that any system or selection procedure which precluded those with current active sector experience from holding a position would result in less effective governance at the regulator.
  11. KSF Depositors Get Back...

    Your superficially relevant comparison fails to recommend how one can ensure that people with relevant qualifications and industry experience are part of the effective supervision. Comparing policing to authorisation and supervision shows a lack of knowledge of the regulators' role.
  12. KSF Depositors Get Back...

    I'm not saying that it made it OK, I'm just saying how it was. You also do need to consider in a small jurisidiction how you ensure that those on a supervisory or regulatory authority can keep current business domain knowledge if they are precluded from holding positions in that sector. There are well established systems of governance for dealing with and declaring conflicts of interest, and it is my view that if these are correctly applied then this permits there to be experienced members of a board or committee with current sector experience to be appointed, which I think would improve that board or committee's effectiveness and should help make better decisions.
  13. KSF Depositors Get Back...

    Not having access to ones savings for a number of months/years would certainly have been inconvenient. If I was affected then I would have caused a fuss I think.
  14. KSF Depositors Get Back...

    Not correct. One was serving as a Commissioner for the FSC, the other on the IPA - details matter ;-)
  15. Tool Hire

    I'm always happy to help people and be nice ;-)