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  1. Private Jet For Sale

    Your right about the reg... it was registered in Austria to Laudamotion on 27/4/17...
  2. Private Jet For Sale

    If it was registered in the IOM why has it got a "G" reg, not an "M" ?
  3. formula 1 2017

    Apparently he's made $400,000,000 from that phrase !!! Surely that's not right (info from BBC podcast)
  4. There should be a sticker on the underneath which has a windows licence key written on it and a version of the operating system. Which OS does it mention
  5. I buy EE 4G sims in Tesco when across. In August they were selling sims for £1 that had 1Gb of data on. You could just keep buying those instead of topping them up
  6. New chippy in Onchan Precinct

    Went for a sit down meal in Fryers on Tuesday evening and was very happy with the quality of food and the service. There were 5 adults and 2 kids. All our meals were piping hot, freshly made to order. My wife had scampi and actually said she would have been happy with a portion half the size that she was given. I had battered haggis which was very nice. Others had fish or fish bites and there were no complaints. As it was my daughter's birthday we took a cake and candles along with us, checked with the staff that it was OK to have after the meal and they even brought extra plates and serviettes for us. All in all, very good. We shall be back for more of your fare.
  7. Living hope church again - teaching the kids

    You're making Living Hope sound a bit like this
  8. Samphire Closed?

    I agree that the food and staff were exceptional but the only downside was that the way it was furnished it tended to be very echo-y when there were a lot of noisy people in there. Twice we had meals in there when there were large parties in celebrating something and our table of 4 couldn't hear each other due to the noise. Shame it's closed though
  9. St Thomas' to be fed to the lions.

    My daughter is in the largest class at Scooil Vallajeelt, which is 34 strong.(Actually it might be 36 now iirc) Most other classes aren't nearly that size, but I'm not sure just how big they are. Apparently there are in the region of 15 rooms available of which about 9 are currently being used. The school will be given the budget of both schools so will benefit in that respect. New equipment can be purchased, facilities upgraded and socially the kids will benefit by having more people to play and learn with. As previous posters have said, a portion of the kids at St Thomas' are there for convenience of location, not for religious beliefs and so will probably not move to Saddlestone. My wife has spoken to the Head mistress and also to some of the mothers about this at great lengths and , now she has more details, thinks it's a good idea..
  10. Audacity gets a thumbs up from me too
  11. New moderator

    We called him Slim in 1989. I wasn't at the same school as him so I don't know when it was started.
  12. I was on the boat for this crossing and have to say that I didn't think it was too bad. My wife, 6 year old daughter and 20 month old child would beg to differ though. I felt the staff were excellent at looking after the passengers. We always sit upstairs in the Niarbyl lounge and every 10 to 15 minutes members of staff would walk around asking if everyone was OK. Cleaners were constantly on the look out for any "expulsions", including checking the toilets and at one point I asked a member of staff if my family could have blankets as they were getting cold. These were quickly brought to us. Bottles of water were handed round by the staff and the first officer kept everyone informed at all times. I think the SPC staff made an unpleasant crossing far more bearable. Thank You
  13. Have you run a linux update on the laptop recently. It could be that the driver for your wifi is corrupted. Using another pc download another linux live distro , put it onto a USB stick and boot from that.....if it connects to your router then your router and wifi card are ok, the driver is faulty. That's how i diagnose hardware problems on laptops (mouse,keyboard, wifi etc)
  14. Sky tv users

    TBH I haven't really given Plex any sort of chance as my 6 year old daughter has grown up with Kodi and can quickly skip through her library of films and TV shows without any problems. Kodi does everything I want it to do (especially as iPlayer and ITVPlayer are available for it) so I think I'll keep it for the time being.
  15. Sky tv users

    I wish people wouldn't tar Kodi with the pirate brush......... It's the likes of Exodus, Genesis et al that are add-ons for the free Kodi mediacentre software that promote piracy,illegal streaming etc. If kalashnikov created a bonnet-mounted cannon that would only fix onto a VW polo and people used them to massacre crowds you wouldn't blame VW, it's Kalashnikov's fault... I've been a user of Kodi/XBMC/RaspBMC for many years and really don't want it to disappear because of illegal streaming add-ons..