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  1. I do badminton once a week. Usually £9. Gone up to £10 a court now
  2. Other ferries are operating to Liverpool / Holyhead. Not Heysham. Both the Birkenhead berths are (I presume) occupied overnight. This might have been a good time to use Holyhead after the trial they did the other summer ? Suppose too short notice to get that into place though
  3. Can you please suggest what Plan B you'd put in place ? If the sea is too rough to sail. It's too rough to sail. Full Stop. What possible Plan B can they have.
  4. Isle of Man Constabulary Media Page 14 mins · Officers have just had cause to deal with a number of youths in the Lower Dukes Road area of Douglas who were under the influence of some sort of substance. They were all treated as a medical emergency and have been taken to Hospital for treatment. During the incident damage was caused to vehicles and one of the youths had to be restrained due to his violent behaviour which was caused by the substance taken. In these types of incidents getting persons to medical treatment ASAP is our primary concern. Officers are conducting a full investigation into this matter and a further update will follow.
  5. La Piazza have put a picture of their 'TT Menu' on Facebook this evening which begins Saturday evening It's a cut down version of their normal menu with another £1 - £3 on the normal prices for every single item Dreadful A margharita pizza tonight would've been £7.95... same pizza on the 'TT Menu' is £9.50. Joke.
  6. Just had a 48 hour overhaul... broken 5 days later.. classic
  7. Hello. Yes still for sale
  8. Isle of Man Steam Packet Company 18 mins · Manannan has encountered worse than forecast weather conditions this evening and is currently weather routing for passenger comfort. She is now expected to arrive in Douglas around 00:15 Tuesday morning. 5 hour journey tonight! Bet that's highly pleasant
  9. " James Corrin May be the NHS air ambulance should have brought them home. " These people have to be taking the mick surely!
  10. The latest is: It was not the Airline that stopped them travelling today. It was the Isle of Man Airport that said they could not enter the Island unless they had a Doctors Certificate. (According to one of the mothers on Facebook) A reply was- Buster Lewin -What the Isle of Man stopped our kids, whoever made that decsion has to be shown a clear desk tomorrow. Nobody can refuse our children coming back to their home. I would swing for that person, well not even a person. -- Moron
  11. It's an Android issue. Every time I go to the UK I was getting charged 3 / 4p a day for data I was not using. MT have been looking into the issue for me The only thing they have advised me to do is to create a 'fake' access point name (I've just called it 'Roaming'). And then activate it when I go to the UK / Further afield. My phone is now unable to connect to data no matter what it tries, and I've not had a further charge since doing this. Doesn't seem to a MT problem. They are only charging you for what the network in the UK you are connected to is reporting to them you have used. Not really MT's fault
  12. The Facebook page is ridiculous. It's classic Manx Syndrome. Something has changed so therefore it must be awful. People being critical for the sake of being critical. If people aren't happy with their free taxi they could always call Bridgewater and pay for their own!
  13. Belfast flights already reduced to now starting at £59 .. seems more reasonable
  14. I think even if VanAir are allowed to fly in the UK again if / when their license is re-instated that Citywing would be crazy to restart the contract with them The public opinion of VanAir will have been into the massive negative and would surely affect bookings badly If they get a decent contract in place with a decent operator then they may come out of it all ok
  15. Why are LoganAir considered safer than VanAir ? Because they're British? http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/11632-loganair-pilots-raise-serious-engineering-concerns